Vision and Values

Newton Moore Senior High School is a school in which students feel safe to be themselves, are challenged in an innovative environment, work as members of teams and are given opportunities to demonstrate leadership and achieve success.

Our school vision is:


“Achieving Today for Tomorrow; Knights of the Moore, we can, we will”


This vision was developed in consultation with staff, parents and students and is an integral part of how we operate. Behind this, are our values of: Inclusivity, Global awareness, Happiness, Teamwork and Success.

As Knights of the Moore, we value:

  • Inclusivity:

    Through tolerance and being considerate of differences.
  • Global Awareness:

    Taking notice and caring about what happens in our local and global environment, taking positive action in the wider world and preparing students for the 21st century
  • Happiness:

    Through enjoyment, respect, sense of humor, awareness of inner well being, fulfilling individual potential and taking on challenges
  • Teamwork:

    By developing trusting relationships through working cooperatively, and a culture of �together we achieve more’.
  • Success:

    By celebrating and recognizing achievements such as attaining personal goals, “having a go”, development of self belief, creativity, quest for excellence and forging ahead.


We are very proud of our students and their achievements, both past and present. For more information about the breakdown of our students numbers, please visit the Student Profile for Newton Moore Senior High School.

Student Executive

The Student Executive in the school consists of the Year 12 students who have been elected by the student body while they were in Year 11. Interviews and then elections take place in Term 3; the elected Year 11 students take up their role as Student Executive members during Term 4 and then complete their time whilst Year 12 students. The elected students attend a leadership camp as Year 11 students. Following this they elect the Head Boy / Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl / Deputy Head Girl. The Student Executive is guided / assisted by the Student Services Centre Manager / Year 12 Coordinator.


  • The Head Boy and Head Girl will represent the student body on any occasion where this is required, i.e. meeting visitors to the school, contacting the Administration of the school, visiting when required, attending ceremonies as needed and community contact, etc.
  • The Student Executive will be responsible for coordinating student opinion by meeting with Form Representatives from each year group and will act as avenues of communication between staff and students. Two members of the Student Executive will have special responsibility for each year group. The Head Boy and Head Girl will link with all years as required.
  • The Executive will also participate in school ceremonies, and organise and conduct school assemblies. They will meet together with the nominated staff and administration to organise student activities and to discuss student affairs. They will be involved in the organization of socials and run, or help run, student activities at lunchtime.


We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff with an extensive array of experience.

The passion of the teachers at Newton Moore Senior High School comes through the range of learning experiences and support programs run throughout the school.

School Board

Newton Moore Senior High School board enables parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school. 

It is the role of the School Board to provide strategic guidance for the school and to effectively oversee and review the schools management and performance.

When making decisions about school programs, the school board incorporates the communities views on what students should know.  The school board provides an opportunity for parents, carers and staff to participate in school decision making.

The Newton Moore SHS board meets six times a year:
Two in Term one
One in Term two
One in Term three
Two in Term four

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School Awards

We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff with an extensive array of experience.

  • 2009 Top Public Schools Award, Newton Moore SHS
  • 2009 Science Horizons Specialist Status given to Newton Moore SHS
  • 2010 Top Public Schools Award, Newton Moore SHS
  • 2010 Finalist Generation One Disparity Award, Aboriginal education
  • 2010 Science and Engineering Challenge Award for South West
  • 2010 Microsoft Pilot School ,Newton Moore SHS
  • 2010 State finalist Newton Moore SHS Science School of the year
  • 2010 Science and Engineering Challenge Award for South West
  • 2011 Worldwide Microsoft Pathfinder school
  • 2011 Top Public Schools Award, Newton Moore SHS
  • 2011 Independent Public Schools Status provided to Newton Moore SHS
  • 2012 Top Carbon Kid Communicator Award, Science NMSHS
  • 2012 Achper Shaped Award Physical education Newton Moore SHS
  • 2013 Engineering Specialist school status given to, Newton Moore SHS
  • 2014 Water Wise School status given

Staff Awards

We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated and talented staff.

  • 2001 National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEITA), Lorraine Ellis
  • 2008 WA Premiers Science Teacher of the Year, Lorraine Ellis
  • 2009 Australian Eureka Science Teacher of the Year, Lorraine Ellis
  • 2009-Shortlisted teacher of the year , Steve Sutherland
  • 2010 WA Premiers Science Teacher of the Year, Lynette Hillier
  • 2010 WA Microsoft Innovative Teacher of the Year, Athena Hawkins,
  • 2010 Microsoft Australian Innovative Teacher of the Year, Athena Hawkins
  • 2010 Curtin Teaching Excellence Finalist Tyril Houghton
  • 2011 Runner up Worldwide Microsoft Innovative Teacher of the Year, Athena Hawkins
  • 2011 Shortlisted Tonia Gelmi Teacher of the Year
  • 2011 Regional Achievement and Community Awards, Athena Hawkins
  • 2011 Finalist Curtin University Teaching Excellence Award. Athena Hawkins
  • 2011 Engineers Teaching Excellence Award, Lorraine Ellis
  • 2011 Curtin Teaching Excellence Award, Athena Hawkins
  • 2012 National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEITA) Tyril Houghton
  • 2012 Beginning Teacher of the year , Sharon Atree
  • 2013 Shortlisted secondary teacher of the year, Athena Hawkins
  • 2013 Shortlisted beginning teacher of the year, Ashley Stewart
  • 2013 Shortlisted beginning teacher of the year, Erin Cartledge
  • 2014 Attained Level 3 Teacher Status, Donelle McInerney
  • 2014 Shortlisted for Teacher in Excellence Award, Donelle McInerney
  • 2014 Attained Senior Teacher Status, Kate Nightingale
  • 2015 Selected as Athletics State Coach by Athletics WA Talent ID (TID) Program, Donelle McInerney
  • 2015 National finalist, CSIRO-CREST nominee for BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Teacher Award - Lorraine Ellis


Newton Moore Senior High School was officially opened 21st October 1966 by the Hon E. H. M. Lewis M.L.A., the then Minister for Education. In the years since, the school has developed strong traditions, both academic and sporting.
The school is named after Sir Newton James Moore, Premier of Western Australia from 1906 to 1910.

He was educated at Arthur Street Primary School in Bunbury before attending Prince Alfred College in Adelaide, South Australia. In 1886 he was apprenticed as a surveyor to Alexander Forrest. After qualifying in 1894, he worked as a contract surveyor in and around the Bunbury area. In April 1898 he married Isabella Lowrie, sister of William Lowrie. In 1899 Moore was elected to the Bunbury Municipal Council, and was Mayor of Bunbury from 1900 to 1904. In 1903 he was also a member of the Royal Commission on Forestry, and during 1904 and 1905 he was President of the Municipal Association of Western Australia. James Moore had a distinguished military history. Further information about Sir Newton Moore can be found at

Sir Newton Moore established himself as an excellent representative of Australia, and his opinion on Empire matters was highly valued by British ministers. After retiring from politics, Moore became President of the British Empire Steel Corporation, a company with interests in Western Australia and Canada. He was also a director of several important companies. He died on 28 October 1936 at a nursing home in London, following surgery.

    Highlights Newton James Moore's military service from 1894 to 1917:

  • 30 March 1894 to 7 March 1895 - Bunbury Rifle Volunteers, enlisted man.
  • 8 May 1895 - Second Lieutenant (Provisional), Bunbury Rifle Volunteers.
  • 19 November 1896 - Confirmed in rank of Second Lieutenant from 8 May 1895.
  • 8 April 1897 - Lieutenant, Bunbury Rifle Volunteers.
  • 1 April 1900 - Captain, Officer Commanding Mounted Half Company, Bunbury Rifle Volunteers.
  • 1 July 1903 - Captain, 18th (WAMI) Australian Light Horse.
  • 10 August 1904 - Major, 18th (WAMI) Australian Light Horse.
  • 13 March 1908 - Lieutenant Colonel, appointed Commanding Officer of the 18th (WAMI) Australian Light Horse.
  • 28 August 1908 - Lieutenant Colonel, appointed Commanding Officer of the Intelligence Corps, 5th Military District.
  • 1 March 1914 - Unattached List
  • 25 May 1915 - Appointed as Colonel in AIF.
  • 2 December 1915 to 21 July 1917, appointed Brigadier General, then Major General as General Officer Commanding AIF Depots, UK.
  • 1918 - Awarded Volunteer Decoration.