The Arts Learning Area

arts1Newton Moore SHS is committed to offering students every opportunity to explore and develop their potential in The Arts. The Arts promote lifelong learning through the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It promotes visual literacy, enabling students to analyse and interpret the meaning of complex visual imagery that permeates the media and popular culture, while cultivating imagination, self-expression and creativity. The Arts has many specialisations that are detailed below.


Dance develops students’ confidence and self-esteem. Students participate in a wide range of performances throughout the year and are given the opportunity to audition for special projects. Skills are developed in a range of styles including contemporary, jazz, hip-hop and ballet.


Drama students create a range of diverse performance pieces for live audiences. We frequently enter competitions such as The Youth On Health Drama Festival and present whole school musical theatre productions in our Performing Arts Centre. Students study the theory of movement and voice in order to devise their own dramatic pieces. The verbal and non-verbal communication skills developed in Drama enhance students' overall self-confidence and independence.


Music students can enjoy and participate in a very active and highly successful Music Program. The schools’ Concert Band, Jazz Band and Vocal ensemble provide students with many opportunities to participate in music making outside of the usual class music program. Tuition is available on Woodwind, Percussion and Brass  instruments through the Instrumental Music School Services.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts students enjoy Art and Design, Craft and Design and Sculpture. Many Visual Arts students are heavily involved in projects across the school leaving permanent displays of their work for the school to enjoy. Our onsite kilns allow students to play a part in developmental stages of their work from beginning to end. Visual Arts allows creativity to be released. The school has developed media art bringing technology into the visual art classroom.