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15 February 2016

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Principal's Address

Newton Moore SHS has started the year with much excitement and enthusiasm. We have had 850 students commence and the excitement from them all has been tremendous. This year we are going to have an online digital newsletter called Schoolzine. We trust you will enjoy the new format and appreciate the additional photo galleries and broader spectrum of stories.

Well the term started with students settling straight back into their normal routine after the holiday break. We also have some new staff starting in 2016. Further details about these staff can be found later into this newsletter but I would like to take the opportunity now to welcome them all to our wonderful school.

As always a focus for us is ensuring that we provide the best possible education for your child. We pride ourselves on the way we individually cater for each child's needs, interests, ability and aptitudes. We like to offer the best service to all our students and parents.

The School Board continues to play a significant role in our school. We are lucky this year to have two new parent representatives on the School Board - James Oliver and David Mayfield. One of our new staff representatives is Damian Croxford, our new Deputy Principal. We also have coming up soon our P and C AGM on Tuesday 15th March 2016. I would like to encourage parents to attend this evening as this group are an important conduit to finding out information about our school.

Later this term parents can access a copy of our 2015 Annual Report on our web page. Copies are also available of our 2015-2017 School Business Plan. These documents are important as they provide valuable information about our school and allow parents to see our progress in meeting our achievement targets.

It has been an extraordinarily smooth start to the year thanks to the cooperation of parents, students and staff and it is the result of the exhaustive planning we undertook at the end of 2015 and during the 2016 break. Finally I want to wish every member of our school a successful and enjoyable 2016.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Be in the draw to win one of two $500 gift Vouchers

To be eligible for this draw, simply pay your 2016 contributions and charges in full by Friday 1st April 2016.

One entry per student paid for (2 students fully paid is 2 entries)

All contributions & charges must be paid in full i.e., compulsory charges, voluntary subject charges and approved voluntary requests.

Payments can be via:

  • BPay/EFT to school bank account
  • Cheque/Money order via the Post Office or Accounts office
  • Credit card over the phone, Accounts Office or post
  • Cash/Debit card at the Accounts Office

All payments including internet and Bpay must be in the school bank account/Accounts office by 3.30pm Friday 1st April 2016

  • Drawn Friday 8th April 2016
  • Winners notified by phone.

Prize kindly donated by the Newton Moore Senior High School P & C Association.

School Board Meeting Dates for 2016

Term 1

Wednesday 17th February 2016

Term 1

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Term 2

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Term 3

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Term 4

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Term 4

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

P & C Dates for 2016

Term 1

Tuesday 16th February 2016

Term 1

Tuesday 15th March 2016 - AGM

School Development Days for 2016



Term 1


28th January 2016

Term 1


29th January 2016

Term 2


26th April 2016

Term 2


27th April 2016

Term 3


18th July 2016

Term 4


10th October 2016

Term 4


16th December 2016

Student School Term Dates for 2016



Term 1

1st February 2016

8th April 2016

Term 2

28th April 2016

1st July 2016

Term 3

19th July 2016

23rd September 2016

Term 4

11th October 2016

15th December 2016

Deputies' Report


It is important to be at school every day

To get the most out of a good education, children need to go to school every day.

School attendance has a major influence on educational outcomes.

Students who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve better results at school and are more likely to complete their schooling.

Parents can make it easier for their child to attend school by having a positive attitude to learning and education.

It is important that from the first day of school parents set an expectation that their children will be at school every day. Missing an average of five days of school a term adds up to missing a full year of schooling by the end of Year 10.

It is important to remember that all Australian states and territories have legislation in place that requires parents to ensure their children attend school.


This has been a very important week for our Year 7 students – their first week in high school. To support Year 7s in their transition into secondary school we have been running an Orientation Program for all Year 7 students. Sessions include School Processes, Information Technology and Library Organisation, Being Prepared, Respect, Bullying and Diary Use. We have reinforced with all students our school-wide behaviour expectations:

  • Be prepared
  • Be courteous
  • Respect others' rights and property
  • Let others learn

The school has been supporting Year 7 students with a consistent routine of lining up in two straight lines before entering classrooms quietly at their teacher's instructions – just like they did in primary school. We have also a special 'Year 7 Area' which is located in and around our Amphitheatre which is exclusively for Year 7 students.

At our Year Meeting on Friday I commended students for their adherence to the school dress code, attendance and positive behaviour in their first week at school and our expectation that this will continue throughout the year.

2016 Year 7's Induction


Most Year 11 and 12 students have taken up the opportunity to take home a school laptop computer.

If your student would like a Take Home laptop they need to return the usage agreement to the IRC, signed by parents/guardians.

Students must bring their computer fully charged to school every day.

Students with attendance less than 50% will not be able to get a Take Home computer until they are regularly attending (90%+).

If students don't want a Take Home computer they must bring their own device, fully charged each day (Year 11 and 12s won't be able to get access to IRC computers).

Students must follow the policy and guidelines in the Device Usage Policy. Students who fail to honour this agreement may forfeit use of their 'Take Home' device and access to the Internet and / or school network.


Talk positively about attending school and learning
Help your child get into a routine for getting ready to go to school stress-free
Help your child to get ready for school in the morning
Talk about the positive social aspects of the school environment:

  • Friends
  • Favourite classes
  • Favourite teachers

Year Group Update

Year 12 Parent Information Evening for the 5 Universities

There will be Public Parent Information Evening for the 5 Universities on Tuesday 16th February at the ECU South West Campus. The evening is an excellent opportunity for parents to learn about courses, alternative entry pathways, application processes, how much it will cost, and what to expect from university. Parents that would benefit from attending the evening, it is a great opportunity to be able to speak with all of the WA universities in one place!

Year 11 Leadership Form

In 2016 the Year 11 leadership students will be taking on the task of mentoring the Year 7 students. The Year 11 students will spend time every week promoting students character strengths, wellbeing elements, developing their thinking capabilities, gathering data through all senses, exploring habits of the mind and expanding their thinking tools.

The Year 11 students spent 3 days on camp late last year fine tuning their leadership and mentoring skills in preparation for their new roles this year. This innovative program will see a building of the living, learning and thinking powers of our younger students.

2016 Year 11 Leadership Group

New Staff

Damian Croxford

I'm Damian Croxford, Deputy Principal at Newton Moore SHS. Before coming to Bunbury I have had wide range of experience as a teacher and school leader in both secondary and primary school settings, including Head of Learning Area, Program Coordinator, Student Services Manager and Deputy Principal. My teaching experience is primarily in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences, including Geography, History and Economics. I am passionate about education and look forward to the year ahead, working collaboratively to make a positive difference in the school community.

Jayden Williamson

Hi, my name is Mr Jayden Williamson. Prior to teaching at Newton Moore, I have previously been teaching with the Instrumental Music School Services as a percussion teacher, relief instrumental teacher, and relief classroom teacher. My role at Newton Moore will be classroom music teaching for Semester One, and Ensemble Director for the course of the year. I look forward to teaching and inspiring many young musicians.

Catherine Mason

My name is Catherine Mason. I have come to NMSHS after teaching the past few years in Kalgoorlie. I am looking forward to teaching with the fantastic staff in the Mathematics department at NMSHS. I am a Level 3 teacher.

Alastair Allan

I am a D&T teacher who has spent 28 years in the Building & Construction industry both as a manufacturer and a trades lecturer. I am passionate about the industry and the direction it is heading and hope to help as many students as possible, be exposed to this enjoyable and rewarding field.

Tom Quaife

Hi everyone, my name is Mr. Quaife. I am the tall teacher who loves sport and fitness. I play football and compete in Athletics. I am originally from Australind and went to ASHS for my Year 8-12. Mr. Hayward was my Year 8 & 9 P.E teacher as well! I went to Murdoch University for 4 years studying sport science & teaching. I will be a part of the Health & Physical Education team for 2016 developing fun and active lessons for all my students.

Jacqueline Brown

My name is Jacky Brown and I have been teaching for 16 years. Before I became a teacher I was a Veterinary Nurse for about 10 years. As a Teacher I have travelled with my husband and children to a number of towns teaching at various schools in Perth, Broome, Alice Springs, Karratha, Geraldton and Esperance and have now settled in year 7, 8 9 10 Science and Upper School Human Biology. I will be assisting with the Chess Club on Thursday lunchtimes to either teach students how to play or enjoy a game. I currently play netball and enjoy taking our Labradors to the beach.

Martin Dickson

I have come to NMSHS from Harvey SHS to teach English and HASS. A large chunk of my teaching career was spent in Singapore where I taught English and History in local schools. My intensive interests include scuba diving, traveling (particularly around South East Asia), sky diving and attending music concerts and festivals. This year I hope to start learning about oenology. I am excited to be here at NMSHS and look forward to a fulfilling year.

Kelly Keegans

Prior to teaching I was a professional writer. I also worked as an advocate for people with disabilities. But then I moved into education as it is my true passion. I moved from York to Bunbury three years ago for a sea-change. I love living in this community. In my free time, I love to read. I bake to alleviate stress! I am also mad enough to go on long runs and enjoy running half-marathons.

Timothy Morton

I am the new Student Services Coordinator at Newton Moore SHS. I have spent the previous four years at Broome SHS and Margaret River SHS working in a variety of roles. The staff and students at Newton Moore SHS have been amazing and very welcoming. I am excited about my new role and look forward to building new positive relationships with staff, students and parents over the coming years. My wife and I love our new home in the South West. We love travelling and experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. I also enjoy fishing and surfing, but unfortunately I am not good at either. Football team: Eagles.

Advice to students: You will miss 100% of the shots you never take… Who dares wins!

Student Services Update

Our school dress code:

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
  • Assists in building school and team spirit
  • Ensures you are dressed for specific school activities
  • Encourages equity among all students, and
  • Simulates expectations in the workplace.


Lower School

  • School shirt (blue) or light blue polo shirt
  • No singlets, black shirts or grey shirts
  • If the student is wearing a shirt under their polo shirt it can be white or light blue

Upper School

  • School Shirt (white) or white polo shirt
  • No singlets, black shirts or grey shirts
  • If the student is wearing a shirt under their polo shirt it can be white


  • No black or grey jumpers
  • School rugby jumper (based on year group)
  • School track top
  • Light blue or white jumper
  • No logos or hoods


  • Black pants, shorts or skirts
  • School pants, shorts or skirts
  • Shorts and skirts must be ¾ length
  • No leggings or denim

Physical Education

Students must have a change of clothes (shorts/trackpants and plain top) for Physical Education. NMSHS Physical Education t-shirt and shorts are available from the Uniform shop and are to be worn only for Physical Education

Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success (FTD:PFS)

The Follow the Dream program for 2016 will be commencing in Week 3 of Term 1. Along with the 8 schools involved in 2015, the program is likely to see Harvey Senior High School, Harvey Agricultural College and Manjimup Senior High School become involved, and reap the benefits of the tutorial sessions for their Indigenous Students.

The program also wishes those Year 12s who graduated 2015 the best for 2016 and beyond in their further education, training and employment. The destination of those Year 12s have seen them either attain Traineeships at business such as Iluka (Business Administration,) Mechanical Apprenticeship at Bunbury Toyota, A School Based Traineeship which has articulated into full time employment at the ANZ Bank, entrance into TAFE in a Diploma in Beauty and a Pre-Apprenticeship in Hairdressing and finally entrance into ECU Joondalup studying a Degree in Criminal Justice. Congratulations to you all.

Continuing on from 2015 is the initiative in partnership with Edith Cowan University, Bunbury Campus for Indigenous students, the Uni Choice Program, The program aims to raise awareness of Higher Education opportunities in Australia's South West for secondary school students and their families, and is designed to show that a tertiary education pathway is well within reach of many students.

Again in November of this year, as in previous years, a group of Year 8s will be involved in an excursion to the UWA Discovery Day. Great hands on activities which are very engaging and the day is also informative, detailing to the students courses on offer, direct entrance pathways and alternative entrance to the UWA courses, and the support mechanisms at the University.

If you have any questions about the Follow the Dream program please feel free to contact Mr James Skoda, Program Co-ordinator on mobile 0477 931 008 or email

Girls Academy

Founded in 2004 by Olympian and champion Basketballer Ricky Grace, the Girls Academy Program is the leading provider of school-based programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls in Australia

With 12 Academies across Australia, Girls Academy at Newton Moore is the only one in the South West.

Girls Academy has 4 main objectives;

  • Increase school attendance
  • Advance academic and personal achievement
  • Improve Year 12 graduation rates, and
  • Facilitate post-school transition planning

Our Newton Moore program uses mentoring and extra-curricular activities to increase engagement, participation and achievement at school during form, recess, lunch and after school. Some of the activities already planned for 2016 include an Induction Camp at Camp Mornington, Zonta's International Women's Day Breakfast, Girls NEEDAC Cricket Competition at Hay Park, Sausage Sizzle Fundraisers, Groove in the Moo Volunteers, Basketball Showcase, ECU Dreaming, Homework classes and NAIDOC

Last year we held a walk to launch our new logo and motto. Our logo is a graphic representation of a traditional indigenous symbol used to visualise women communicating. Our motto is "Develop a girl, change a community".

Almost quadrupling in numbers since starting in 2008 we now have 75 girls enrolled. The Academy is located next to Student Services with Michelle Woosnam as the Program Manager, Lois Little working 2 days a week as Development Officer and Te Wairimu (Wills) Pomare 3 days a week as the Sports Development Officer.

Academy staff look forward to another year of developing our girls providing with some amazing experiences and help those girls to achieve their goals.

From the Chaplain

Luan Hall here, I am your school Chaplain. I am here at school 5 days a week. I coordinate many of our social and emotional wellbeing programs within the school as well as being available to support students and families with other issues that may arise. This term I will be running Mindfulness sessions at Recess for all students.

Mindfulness helps you to control your thoughts and also helps in focusing on what is happening in and around you right now. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. Appointments can be made by contacting Student Services or you can ring my direct line 9722 2407.

Science Horizons & Engineering Update

Year 7 & 8 Science Horizons and Engineering students participated in STEM workshops presented by Engineers Without Borders and Robogals.

The workshop's aim was to increase the social awareness of students about the world that we live in and to inspire them to make a difference through science and engineering. Students learnt engineering concepts behind buildings and bridges, like tension and compression as well as choice of materials; their activity involves building a paper bridge with simple materials. The Robogals workshop saw students learn how to program robots and participate in a challenge activity using their newly learnt skills with the robots. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated.

Science Horizons and Engineering students
Science Horizons and Engineering students
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