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24 March 2016

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Principal's Message

This term has been a busy one but also very enjoyable. I would like to let parents know that next term I am on Long Service Leave and Mrs Kylie Cattaway, one of our Deputies, will be taking on the Acting Principal's role. I am looking forward to a holiday in United Kingdom and in the USA. As many of you would be aware, all government employees have been directed to take all accrued Long Service Leave. This means at times staff will be out of the school but please feel confident as we have many great relief staff who can step up and take these roles or staff who can step in and take leadership roles.

Throughout the first term staff have been working diligently to ensure that they are setting high standards and expectations of all students. Through education research it has been found that there are three main ingredients, which help make this happen. Firstly, that students have the ability, talent and skills to undertake a number of tasks. Secondly, it is about the motivation and the desire to engage in learning. Finally, and lastly, it is about attitude and how well you want to achieve. With this in mind we would encourage you to help bring out the best in the students so their potential can be reached. Parents can help us maximise their students' learning success. This includes ensuring that a regular study routine is set in place and by contacting the school at any time if you have any issues or concerns with your child so we can address them.

So far this term I have been very impressed with most students' standards and behaviour. We have been having a real focus this year on positive ways to address the sometimes not so appropriate behaviour. We will be continuing to work on our Positive Behaviour work throughout the year. I have also continued to be highly impressed with near 100 percent of students who continue to abide by the school dress code. Finally just a reminder to parents that our 2016 school Annual Report is available at the end of the term on the school website.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

Up and Coming Dates

21-23 Mar

Band Camp

25-28 Mar


29 Mar

Easter Tuesday – Non School Day

30 Mar

Yr 8,10,12 Parent Night 2-6pm

1 Apr

Clontarf Senior Goldfields Cup

3 Apr


4-8 Apr

Yr 10 Work Experience

5 Apr

ANZAC Assembly

6 Apr

Yr 10-12 Shining Knights BBQ

8 Apr

Yr 7-9 Shining Knights BBQ

Deputies' Report


NAPLAN is a national assessment for Year 7 and 9 students. All students are expected to participate. The test results provide a snapshot of a student's achievement and can assist teachers to identify students who require additional support or enrichment. It also allows the progress of each student to be monitored over time.

All parents should have received a NAPLAN information brochure in the mail from the school but if you haven't please contact the school and ask for another one. There was information ion the brochure that outlined the importance of NAPLAN as well as advice for students seeking exemptions or withdrawals. You can get more information on the NAPLAN testing process by accessing the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website:

Universities, training organisations and employers expect students to have sound literacy and numeracy skills before they leave school. Year 10 students sit online literacy and numeracy tests if they have not achieved Band 8 in their Year 9 NAPLAN tests. Furthermore, students must meet these standards to achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education in Year 12.

The NAPLAN tests are scheduled for Week 3 in Term 2 from Tues 10 May to Friday 13 May. Students will be given opportunities in their English and Maths classes to become familiar with the test format and complete NAPLAN preparation.

LOTE Bonus

Ten percent of a student's final scaled score in a WA Curriculum Council-approved course in a language other than English will be added to that student's Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA). (The TEA is the sum of a student's best four scaled scores in WACE courses.) A new Tertiary Admission Rank for entry to UWA will be calculated based on the improved TEA.

Homework Centre

The Homework Centre operates each week on Monday and Thursday and the hours are 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Homework Centre located in the IRC is staffed with teachers who provide tuition for Science, English, HASS, Mathematics and other specialist areas. Access to resources includes computers, fiction & non-fiction texts, magazines, newspapers, photocopiers and printers. Since it is in a central location, all students are safe while they are on school grounds. The Homework Centre is staffed by teachers who excel in their subject areas, to assist your child at their point of need.

Students while at homework classes may complete set homework for a subject or study in preparation for exams. It is pleasing to note that there is a significant correlation between regular participation in homework classes and good exam marks. We look forward to your child attending.

Admin Update

Easter Tuesday

Easter Tuesday (29th March) is a non-school day for students. Students will return to school on Wednesday 30th March.

The uniform shop will be open from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Early Payment Prize Reminder

Only 8 days to go. Simply pay all your 2016 Contributions and Charges in full by Friday 1st April to go into the draw to win a $500 gift voucher.

We have 2 x $500 gift vouchers up for grabs.

Please come into our accounts office to make your payments or give Michele a call on 9722 2419 to make your payment over the phone. Good Luck.

Bike Security

Students who ride their bike to school need to make sure their bike is secured using a bike lock. The school will not be held accountable for lost or stolen property.

Skoolbag App

The Skoolbag App provides an easy way for us to tell parents and carers everything they need to know about school news, newsletters, events calendar, cancellations, school notices, school information, school timetables, parent sick note forms, school documents and much more.

Please download the free "Newton Moore School" app from and you will be able to keep up to date with school information.

Year Group Information

Once Upon a Time……. We had a Ball!!

Thanks to our amazing Ball Committee led by Ms Erin Cartledge, on Saturday the 5th March we had a ball at the Lighthouse Beach Resort. The theme was "Once Upon a Time..." and it was a very special evening filled with lots of glamour and glitz. Everyone looked fantastic and represented Newton Moore Senior High School with honour.

Our King and Queen of the ball were Brock Olsen and Kirsten Porter. The Prince and Princess were Jan Fromm and Temeika Forrest. Regan Edwards and Laxmi Pankhania were selected as the best dressed male and female while Jaxon Rae received the best dancer award. The best arrival went to Larissa Turner-Burgess and her partner Isaiah Swainson who arrived in a pretty impressive car, a 2015 red Mustang. Mr Marinoni and Ms Jacobs would have like to have taken the car for a spin around town!

Upper School Ball
Upper School Ball
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Year 9 Living and Leading - Kids Teaching Kids program

This term in Year 9 Living and Leading we have been learning about Marine Debris and the effect it can have on our environment and the animals that live within it.

On Tuesday the 8th of March we had Mrs Elward's Year 4/5 class come to Newton Moore to participate in a range of different activities about Marine Debris and rubbish in our environment.

The Year 9 students were in charge of running four activities which involved categorising rubbish, Saving Tangles the Dolphin game, making a dolphin mural, and making our own litter posters. The Adam Road students had a great time, and took away some valuable information to use at their school and within their classroom.

All of the Year 9 Living and Leading students worked well, demonstrating high levels of leadership and communication skills. They should be proud of their efforts!

Meet the Team

Meet the Student Services Team

Mandy May- Student Services School Officer

I have worked at Newton Moore for seven years and in Student Services since 2015. I have lived in Bunbury for twenty one years and prior to that I travelled the world. I spent time in Africa, America and Europe. I have two children, Rebecca and Andrew who both attended Newton Moore and loved the school. My hobbies include reading, going to the gym and walking on the beach.

Kent Rodsjo - Yr 7 and 10 Coordinator

I grew up in New Zealand and studied at Waikato University and Wellington Teachers College. I travelled extensively, teaching in New Zealand, England, Taiwan and South Korea, before deciding to call Australia home in 2001. I was a professional rugby union player for two years in the early 2000s, returned to Australia and headed north to the Kimberley for a number of years. I spent two years in North Queensland working with the Australian Defence Force as a Physical Training Program consultant, before moving to Bunbury in 2013 and have been full time at Newton Moore SHS since July 2015.

Mrs Donelle McInerney- Year Coordinator Years 8 & 11

I am a former student at Newton Moore from 1976 - 1980, House Captain, school Sports Captain, inaugural winner of school Sports Star of the Year. I was the owner of one of Perth's largest health clubs and coach of National Sports Aerobics Champions for numerous years. I commenced teaching at Newton Moore in 1995 and introduced Upper School Dance into the curriculum, culminating in school Performing Arts shows which had over 250 students involved. I have been coaching kids in many different sports for over thirty years and have taken many of them to State, National and International Level. I am retiring in five years and looking forward to travelling.

Tonia Gelmi Year Coordinator Years 9 & 12

I started my teaching career in Broome before going to Lynwood Senior High School and then Collie for five fantastic years. I have been at NMSHS for nineteen years (I think) and am now at the very rewarding stage of teaching the sons and daughters of some of my original students. I grew up on my family's farm of the banks of the Collie River and I still spend as much time as I can out there. My spare time is spent with my family, cooking, reading, eating out with friends, gardening, paddling and fishing.

Justine van Zyl - Student Support Officer

I am South-African born but I spent seven years in Mozambique before coming to Australia with husband and two girls. I started at NMSHS as a casual in the library and progressed through to Student Services. I have the role of Student Support Officer and have been here ever since. A health and fitness junkie -hobbies include watersports, reading, gardening and travelling.

Peta Parsons - Attendance Officer

I have been working at Newton Moore since 2013 as an Attendance Officer. I love working in Student Services with such a Dynamic and hardworking team. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, playing team sports such as tennis and netball and also I love going to the beach and spending time with my three children, family and friends.

Kirsty Jacobs- Learning Support Coordinator

I'm Kirsty Jacobs and I began working as part of the Student Services Team back in July 2015. I began my teaching career out at Boulder Primary School and then moved back home to Bunbury and worked at Brunswick P.S. and then at Maidens Park P.S. For the three years prior to 2015 I worked all the way in the north of W.A. at Wyndham District High School. My diverse role as the Learning Support Coordinator (L.S.C) has me teaching small, targeted groups in literacy as well as developing Documented Plans for students at educational risk, including those with a diagnosed disability. I also develop programs to help staff prepare students for NAPLAN and OLNA and I conduct some small group preparation lessons that coincide with this. I work closely with the Aboriginal Education team to develop upcoming events and offer curriculum support to both academies as required. My underlying goal as the L.S.C. is using my capacity to support the students at Newton Moore to reach their full potential.

Hayley Monaghan - Student Support Officer – Curriculum

My name is Hayley Monaghan and I am a Student Support Officer. I have had the pleasure of working with our students since early 2014. I provide classroom based curriculum support for all of our students. I am also the Online Learning Supervisor for our students who study courses through external schools such as SIDE (Schools of Isolated and Distance Education) and Tuart College. I support the Clontarf Boys Academy and Role Model Girls Academy in the classroom and cook breakfast for them on training mornings. I am also currently working with students to prepare them for the upcoming OLNA (Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment) in March. I am passionate about supporting students from a diverse range of backgrounds and I am proud to be part of a working environment that promotes a culture of inclusivity, engagement and consistency.

Mrs Carmel Edwards

I worked in South Africa as a midwife, then relocated to Australia with my husband and kids eight years ago. I have been working as a Special Needs EA for the last few years, before commencing work at NMSHS in August, as a Student Support Officer in Student Services. I am a busy mum of three, who enjoys spending time with family, and taking my kids to their sporting activities.

Student Services Update

Student Absence from school

Absences affect learning outcomes whatever the reasons for missed days. This includes sickness, school reluctance/refusal and family holidays.

Even where many of the absences are explained and unavoidable, planning between the family and school may be necessary so your child gets the most of his/her schooling.

This planning is often useful to help the school understand any problems or barriers preventing your child from attending school regularly. It may be necessary to review and modify any plans until regular attendance (90% +) at school is restored.

It is important for schools and families to work together when planning for improved attendance to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child's attendance at Newton Moore Senior High School please don't hesitate to contact us at the school on 9722 2400. You can ask to speak to:

  • Attendance Officer: Peta Parsons
  • Student Services Coordinator: Tim Morton
  • Year Coordinator
    - Year 7 and 10 Kent Rodsjo
    - Year 8 and 11 Donelle McInerny
    - Year 9 and 12 Tonia Gelmi

SMS for student absence

When a child is marked absent an SMS is automatically sent to parents/guardians informing them of their student's absence. Parents/ guardians can either phone or SMS to explain their child's absence. It is important that parents/guardians respond to an SMS that has been sent.

SMS can be done 24/7 on this number 0400 207 827

Upper School Ball

Once again a big thank you to the Ball Committee, Ms Cartledge and Ms Gelmi for an outstanding effort. The organising of such an event for 250 students is no mean feat. The food, the décor and the ambience was amazing. Students enjoyed themselves dancing the night away.

Photographs: Callum Busquest and Tyler Gill

US Ball
US Ball
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Learning Support Coordinator

Some students in our school show characteristics of A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and some students have a diagnosis. There are tips that everyone could use to help young people with A.D.H.D. (as adapted from Joanne Steer and Kate Horstmann 2009)

  1. Understanding is the key: Learn about how A.D.H.D impacts on a young person and consider the "why" behind their actions. Their difficulties are genuine.
  2. Adapt the environment around the young person: Ensure tasks are structured and routined and ensure they are short, positive and they can achieve success in them.
  3. Teach skills: Help them develop strategies to maximise concentration, reduce stress, promote organisation and develop friendships and a positive self-esteem.
  4. Make them an active partner: Involve them in decisions and making meaningful and motivating goals and priorities.

School Nurse

Heads up on Helmets

Why your teenager should wear a bike helmet.

  1. Teenagers are less likely than other cyclists to wear a bike helmet.
  2. Half of the teenage cyclists involved in a bike crash risked serious head injury by NOT wearing a bike helmet.
  3. 1 in 4 teenage cyclists who end up in hospital after a bike crash suffer a head injury – a head injury can have lifelong consequences.
  4. Cyclists can reduce the risk of head injury by more than 60% by wearing an approved bike helmet which is correctly fitted and fastened.

It's the law. All bike riders must wear a helmet that complies with the Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZ2063) securely fitted and fastened on their head.

A bike helmet will protect the head only if it is the right size and worn correctly. This means:

Firm fit:

The helmet has a secure fit and cannot move around the head.

Sit square:

The helmet sits straight on the head, not tilted in any direction.

Closed buckle:

The buckle is securely fastened under the chin – check that no more than 2 fingers can fit between the buckle and the chin.

Snug straps:

The straps are not loose or twisted. Adjust straps regularly.

Literacy Corner

Grammar Matters!

Welcome to the second instalment of Grammar Matters! At Newton Moore SHS we explicitly teach grammar and spelling rules to empower our students to be more confident, stronger writers.

How can parents help? In coming issues, Literacy Corner will be a regular feature in which we will roll out some of the basics we are covering in our Year 7 classes. You can talk to your child, help them understand and do simple exercises with them to ensure they understand. Contact your child's English teacher or the English HOLA Lesley Stace at if you would like additional exercises for them to do at home.

Every word in our language is a "part of speech".

Having a common language in our classrooms is important. We teach that there are NINE parts of speech.


A PRONOUN is simply a word that replaces a noun to avoid repeating the noun. For example, you wouldn't write: The boy was late for school because the boy slept in. You would probably write: The boy was late for school because he slept in. In this sentence 'he' is a pronoun because it replaces the noun 'boy'.

Tom sat at the desk and he opened the book. ( he stands for Tom )

It was a maths book. ( It stands for the book )

So 'he' and 'it' are pronouns.

PERSONAL PRONOUNS replace the names of people and things.

They can be:

  • singular (replacing one noun)
  • or plural (replacing more than one noun).

Singular pronouns are: I, me, my, mine, you, your, yours, she, her, hers, he him, his, it and its.

Plural pronouns are: we, us, our, ours, you, yours, they, them, their and theirs.

Pronouns have three different forms.

  • First person is the person(s) speaking (I am tired. We are tired.)
  • Second person is the person(s) being spoken to (You are tired.)
  • Third person is the person(s) being spoken about (She is tired. He is tired. They are tired.)

Learning Areas



Newton Moore SHS has been announced as a part of the TDS STEM Innovation Partnerships program in 2016-2017.

Q. How does this impact our students?

A. STEM skills will be required in at least 75% of future jobs in the next 10-15 years. Students lacking these skills will have an increased risk of being underemployed or unemployed.

Newton Moore's involvement in this partnership aims to ensure that our students are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to successfully engage in further education, training and employment opportunities in a rapidly changing workforce.

Jade Warrington (STEM Coordinator), Janine Mitenko (Mathematics) and Stuart Henden (HOLA Technology and Enterprise)


Traineeships: What are they?

These are generally described as Employment Based Training Programs where there is a strong structured component of formal and informal training delivered in either Off or On-The-Job arrangements with training companies, and where the context of the bulk of this learning is undertaken in the workplace. These jobs have to be managed under the watchful eye of a qualified tradesperson or practitioner or a supervisor with significant industry experience.

School Based Traineeships are arranged as part-time employment programs (1 -2 days/week) plus part-time school as a means of allowing the student to develop real workplace skills, be paid for the work they do and achieve a Certificate II qualification while they complete their in-school program to achieve the WACE and secondary graduation.

If your child is interested in pursuing a career as an Apprentice or Trainee in these areas i.e. Heavy Duty Mechanical, Light Vehicle Mechanical, Metal Fabrication, Mechanical Fitting and Machining, Building & Construction – Carpentry & Joinery, Brick & Block Laying, Grano (Concrete) worker, Roof plumber, Tiler (Roof & Floor/Wall), Ceiling fixing, Plasterer, then please talk to your Careers or VET Coordinator at your school.

T & E

Playgroup 2016 - "Early Knights"

Newton Moore is lucky to be able to run a school based playgroup every year for our Certificate ll Community Services students and has had another great beginning this year. Young children aged 1 - 4 years from the local community and their parents join students for a couple of hours each week to participate in planned activities and have some fun!

This year we have been particularly fortunate as "The Cottage" has undergone some major renovation work both inside and outside to greatly improve our play areas. This has included a fantastic outdoor undercover area and new sandpits for outdoor play. Inside the cottage has had a complete restructure which has brightened and opened up the rooms. Needless to say, students, parents and the wonderful children of playgroup are very excited for the year ahead.

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Aboriginal Education


How do we go about fulfilling our mission statement.

We want to be a part of the boys lives. We mentor appropriate behaviours and we give boys opportunities that they may otherwise not experience. Most importantly we want to create an environment at school which our boys voluntarily attend and eventually graduate.

Everything we do relates back to our mission statement.

All of the activities we organise have an emphasis on 1 or more of our 5 key learning areas.

These are Education, Employment, Well Being, Sport and Leadership.

What happens when one of the boys mess up.

The same process as any other student at school. We support this process 100%. We can provide support when needed.

Year 11 and 12 Leadership Camp

We held our Leadership Camp in Busselton this term to set some goals for our upper school boys and elect our captains for 2016. Most of the boys have set expectations around better school attendance and working towards higher grades in specific subject areas. If you teach any of the upper school boys and would like more info on this please don't hesitate to give the academy a call.

Congratulations to our newly appointed captains for this year:

Year 12 Captain – Tristan Ugle - Year 12 Vice Captain – Lachlan Hansen
Year 11 Captain – Ryan Bennell - Year 11 Vice Captain – Jacob Pickett

Year 7 Induction Camp

This was a great opportunity for our boys to become more aware of the schools behaviour expectations. There have been a large number of issues surrounding a small number of boys within this group. The boys have been getting involved in issues that have had nothing to do with them and are more than willing to comment about other students when it is not needed. One of the key messages we wanted the boys to take away from the camp was that they only need to worry about themselves and try to ignore the small stuff. This is a simple message that we used constantly to remind the boys.

Morning Training

The boys have started training on Wednesdays and Fridays before school. It is a great opportunity to get to know the boys outside of the classroom environment. Feel free to come down at any stage.

Big thanks to Hayley and Kirsty who have been helping out this term.

Cheers Dave, Shayne and Brodie.

Choice Programs

Community Engagement Program

It has been a fast start to the year for students in the Year 10 Community Engagement Program. In preparation for greater involvement within the school and with career and voluntary organisations that provide services to the broader South West region, students have been taking time to think about their own strengths and aspirations, the biological events that have shaped them, families who have helped them grow and people who have inspired them.

Their studies about themselves have included beginning to examine their own physiology. When no one volunteered to be the guinea pig for heart surgery, sheep and chicken hearts fitted the bill nicely!

As the program includes numerous outdoor activities it has been important to establish a base to work and store gear. We have been fortunate to have secured a courtyard for this purpose and students have made the make-over their major project of the term. A total renovation of a derelict shed and previously unattractive corner of the school is well underway.


NMSHS 50th Celebrations

We are starting to gather items for displays on 21st October and have been lucky enough to have a school uniform from Peter Needham, Head Boy 1980, donated to our archives.

The banner pictured below was found carefully stored in tissue in a box in our Archives, but it is not finished. If you know anything about its history, or why it wasn't finished, we would be pleased to hear about it.

If you know of anyone, or are yourself a past student of Newton Moore and have some memorabilia you would be prepared to share with us, please get in contact with Michelle Lathwell: or phone 97222465.