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5 May 2016

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Principal's Address

Principal's Message

During Term Two, whilst Susan Kerr is on Long Service Leave, I have the pleasure of fulfilling the role of Principal at Newton Moore Senior High School.

I would like to thank also Ms Tonia Gelmi and Mr Luke Marinioni who accompanied the Student Executive on ANZAC day. I would like to thank Cameron Kendall (Head Boy) and Kasey Hunt (Deputy Head Girl), who laid a wreath on behalf of Newton Moore Senior High School in memory of the many men and women who fought and died for Australia and New Zealand.

Term Two is full of student activities with numerous excursions and camps providing genuine and enhanced learning opportunities. The term finishes with one of the biggest events for students in Years Ten to Twelve, Country Week. I would like to thank staff for volunteering their time to ensure excursions and camps are well planned, supervised and meet Department of Education requirements. Excursions and camps can only occur because of the good will of staff. Newton Moore Senior High School has a dedicated staff that is strongly committed to providing fantastic educational experiences.

I would like to remind parents of the requirements for your child to maintain a position on a Country Week team as outlined in the Information Pack. Students needs to pay particular attention to maintaining ninety percent (90%) attendance at school and ensuring all assessment tasks are completed or submitted. Attending training and maintaining their Good Standing is also important. These requirements are put in place to ensure that students are in a good position to manage a week away from school whilst maintaining success with their academic studies.

The two School Development Days (pupil free days) at the beginning of this term provided a great opportunity for our staff to network with other schools in the region. On Tuesday 26th April all staff from Newton Moore Senior High School and Bunbury Senior High School (and some staff from other local secondary schools) discussed the evidence contained in unnamed student work that indicated the level of achievement for that student. Staff were expected to defend their point of view against the grade related descriptors issued by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority with the ultimate goal of establishing consistency in assessing students' work. This practice is well embedded in education whether in an individual school, between local schools or within the state and is an important part of our work.

The National Assessment Programme Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) will be conducted in Week 3 of this term for Year Seven and Nine students. NAPLAN provides a 'snap shot' of a student's achievement and is only one part of a bigger picture of student achievement.  As a school we track individual and group performance giving us a clear indication of what is working well and what could be improved upon. Our teachers incorporate many strategies within their curriculum delivery to familiarise students with the testing style of NAPLAN and develop the core skills that are essential to learning at their year level. This ultimately supports students to approach NAPLAN with positivity. The best way for you to prepare your child for NAPLAN is to ensure he/she has a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast before school.

Kylie Cattaway
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Early Payment Raffle Winner

Newton Moore Parents & Citizens (P & C) Association kindly donated 2 x $500 Retravision gift vouchers as our our 2016 Early Payment Competition. Parents who paid all their fees and charges for 2016 were eligible to win.

The winners were drawn by the Finance Committee on 6th April. Congratulations to our lucky winners, the Humphries Family and the Jones Family.

P & C President, Kim Wallis, winner Enid Kelly (representing the Humphries family) and Newton Moore Manager Corporate Services, Sarah Bible.

Up and Coming Dates

10-13th May

Yr 7 & 9 Naplan testing

11th May

Clontarf Senior Game

16-17th May

Clontarf Y10 Camp Kellerberrin

30th May

Yr 6 Information Evening

Deputy Principals Report

Year 7 2017 Parent Information Session.

Current Year 6 parents are invited to the Newton Moore Senior High School Year 7 2017 Parent Information Session.

When: - Monday 30th May 2016
Where: - Newton Moore Senior High School Performing Arts Centre
Presentation: - 6:00pm – 7:00pm

The Parent Information Session will include the following:

  • An opportunity to meet the Principal and other key staff at the school including the Year 7 Coordinator
  • Information will be provided about the curriculum delivered
  • An explanation of our school's Specialist Science Horizon and Engineering Programs and the High Performance Sports Program
  • Information will be shared about how the social and emotional needs of your child will be catered for during their years at Newton Moore SHS
  • An opportunity will be available for parents to ask questions to the staff of the school.

This event is an opportunity for you to get some information about how Newton Moore Senior High School will successfully cater for the needs of your child in 2017.

We look forward to meeting you at this very important presentation!

Mrs Keall
Deputy Principal


The school provides many formal and informal opportunities for parents to find out about their children's progress at school.

Some of these include:

Reports on student performance

Schools provide reports to parents to inform them of their children's progress. All schools are required to provide parents with a written report on their child's performance twice a year.

School annual reports

All schools must publish a minimum set of information for parents and the community to read.

This publication must be accessible on the school's website. The information includes:

  • distinctive curriculum offerings
  • extracurricular activities
  • staff development priorities
  • social climate of the school, including pastoral care programs
  • strategies used for involving parents in their child's education
  • reading, writing, and numeracy results for Years 3, 5 and 7 must be published, including the average score for the school
  • a range of information about the performance of Year 12 students from the previous year


Our school often communicates information about specific issues relating to a student by way of a personal letter, usually sent home with the student. Parents are encouraged to make a personal appointment at a mutually convenient time with any staff member to discuss relevant issues and concerns.

Parent-teacher nights

Our school hold these nights at the start of the year to discuss class or year programs with parents. There are also other opportunities, such as parent-teacher interviews to talk about issues or concerns, and to ask how children are performing and progressing at school.


As NAPLAN assessments draw nearer, a number of our Year 7 and 9 students may be struggling with anxiety, which can affect performance. The attached information produced by Andrew Fuller, an Australian Clinical Psychologist, is extremely useful for families and students, regarding how to best prepare for NAPLAN.

Admin Report

Outstanding effort: Louise Bradford - Badminton

Louise Bradford has achieved outstanding success at the Australasian Badminton Tournament, being part of the State team which won Silver. She also achieved personal success being awarded the Val Nesbitt Trophy, the first time ever for a Bunbury Player. The trophy is awarded to the player who exhibits the highest standards of sportmanship, personality, court demeanour and player ability.

Louise Bradford being presented with the Val Nesbitt Trophy

Outstanding effort: Samantha Russell- Public Speaking

Samantha Russell (winner of Child of Courage Award in 2015) was a guest speaker at the recent International Women's Day morning tea, run by the SW Women's Health Institute. Samantha represented herself and Newton Moore outstandingly and her speech was greeted with a standing ovation.

Samantha Russell speaking at the International Women's Day event

School Bus Services – Temporary Travel Permits

If a student wishes to travel on an orange school bus in which they are not authorised to travel on, a written request from their parent or guardian will be required. In order for this request to be processed, South West Coach Lines ask that the below listed information be provided via email: no less than 24 hours prior to planned travel.

  • Name of child requesting travel
  • School bus number/service in which child will be travelling on
  • Pickup and drop-off location
  • Guardian/parent contact details
  • Contact number for receiving adult

Please note: travel on these services are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Meet the Team

Meet the Aboriginal Education Team

James Skoda

I have been the Follow the Dream Coordinator since 2012, after being involved in Vocational Education and Training for 10 years. I found the Follow the Dream position thoroughly enjoyable and most importantly greatly rewarding, as I interact with many positive students who want to aspire academically and altruistic tutors who want to assist in student achievement.

Personally, I am approaching 50 years of age (well a few more years to go), I have 3 boys, going onto 13, 11 & 9 respectively, who enjoy their sport, electronic devices and going crabbing. I enjoy 2 out of the 3. My main interests are soccer, which I am still playing, cricket, listening to ABC radio sports talk, and watching sport on TV

All that being said, I see myself as a happy person who is positive and fortunate to be a job that I enjoy a great deal.

Dave Barbour -Director - South West Academy

Clontarf Foundation

I am a Bunbury boy and ex-student of Newton Moore. I have been working at Newton Moore SHS on and off since 2003. During 2011 and 2012 I moved to Derby DHS as the Director of the Derby Academy. Late last year I was appointed in my new role here and am looking forward to working with our young men over the next few years.

Go the Kaardas!!

Brodie Kenworthy - Operations Officer South West Academy

Clontarf Foundation

I am originally from Derby however I completed my schooling at Guildford Grammar School in Perth. Previous to working at Newton Moore I was an Operations Officer at the East Kimberly Academy in Kununurra. The move has been a big change from living up north, but it has been a positive one. I am looking forward to continuing to get to know the boys at Newton Moore and hope that there are some great years to come.

Shayne Taylor - Operations Officer South West Academy

Clontarf Foundation

I have been working with Clontarf for 4 years, from Carnarvon to Bunbury. Having graduated from Newton Moore Senior High School (NMSHS) and a being a proud Noongar man, my aspiration in life is to give back to the community and working at NMSHS and Clontarf allows me to do so.

I enjoy coordinating programs such as camps and football matches. Assisting the Clontarf boys to learn and develop their skills as young men is something I endeavour to do.

Michelle Woosnam - Program Manager

Girls Academy

I was born in Port Hedland. My grandparents on my Mum's side are Stolen Generation and I am very proud of my Nyoongar and Banjima heritage. I have lived in many towns and finally settled in Bunbury 15 years ago. I have two teenage children.

Outside of school I am involved in all aspects of Softball from playing, developing the club and coaching.

I have been working in the Girls Academy for 4 years. I have always wanted to make a difference I love my job especially when I see the girls achieving their academic and personal goals.

Te Wairimu Pomare - Development Officer

Girls Academy

I am originally from New Zealand, a small town called Gisborne. Western Australia has become a second home to my family and me over the last 4 and half years.

I have been working with the Girls Academy for 3 years. Previous to working at Newton Moore Girls Academy I was an Administrator in the New Zealand Army.

My passion is to see young girls achieve and strive to their potential and develop their skills as a young woman. I look forward to seeing girls graduate and become successful young ladies in the future.

Cass Pipe - Development Officer

I was born in Collie and after several years studying and working in Perth I returned down south to raise my family. I now have two young children.

I have recently completed my Youth Work qualification. As a part of this qualification I was required to undertake a work placement. I was fortunate enough to be able to complete this time at the Girls Academy. It was such a positive experience that when a permanent position became available within the academy I was quick to apply. I have undeniable passion for this group of young ladies and I'm extremely excited to see where this new position takes me.

Student Services Update

What is a Shining Knight?

A Shining Knight is a student that has achieved 90% plus attendance, less than 3 lates to school and class within a term, has less than 3 negative behaviours for the term and has no unexplained absences. These students are then rewarded with a certificate, which is presented at year meetings, are invited to participate in an end of term sausage sizzle.

Year 7 Diary Tips

Friends - Teamwork

Nearly everything we achieve in life is with and through people, side by side and face to face. Being able to build rich and caring relationships with other people is an essential lifelong habit to cultivate in our students.

There are many dimensions to consider when establishing rapport with others, and students need to learn these by explicitly being taught them; parents can't do it on their own. They include:

  • Living and learning collaboratively and cooperatively with other people.
  • Living by giving.
  • Focusing on mutual respect; everyone is special – expect it and respect it.
  • Appreciating others and their thoughts to learn from them by asking 'tell me more'.
  • Listening with their eyes, their ears and their heart; being fully present.
  • Being true to themselves; respect the person they see in the mirror.
  • Building empathy for others' feelings, needs and views; being positively mindful.

The acquisition of these personal attributes will enable students to build healthy and respectful relationships with others. A close knit and harmonious friendship group provides students with opportunities to enjoy leisure activities, study, share good and not so good times together; a desirable lifelong disposition. It is all about assisting them to develop their Emotional Intelligence and Relationships and Optimism element of wellbeing.

A beneficial lifelong disposition for students to build into their lives is to learn how to mix with and accept people of all age groups, differing cultures and backgrounds and in a variety of situations, ranging from family, school friends, employers, fellow workers, teachers, to competitors in sporting competitions.

Learning Support Coordinator

Oppositional Defiance Disorder (O.D.D.) is described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behaviour towards authority figures which goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behaviour. O.D.D. children may present as negative, defiant, unable to take "no" for an answer, deliberately annoying others, easily annoyed themselves or blaming other for all that goes wrong. The you person's behaviour often disrupts their normal daily activities, including activities within the family and at school.

Key Strategies for Supporting Students with O.D.D.:

  1. Choose your battles. As soon as you find yourself in conflict ask, "Is conflict going to resolve or escalate the situation?"
  2. Try distracting the young person to something else in a calm manner.
  3. Try to catch the child doing lots of "great" things and praise them when this occurs.
  4. Never take what they say personally.
  5. Remember that strategies may wear out quickly and when they do try something new.
  6. Young people with O.D.D. have a strong resistance to change. Any changes can cause a lot of anxiety so look at strategies to help them manage their anxiety.

School Psychologist

Sexual and Gender Diversity

Newton Moore Senior High School prides itself on being a safe and effective learning environment and workplace. Recognising (LGBTI) lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and other sexuality, sex and gender diverse students and staff in the school community is important in responding appropriately to their needs.

It is a fundamental right of every child and young person to feel safe in their school environment and every employee to feel safe in their workplace. The Department of Education requirements for supporting LGBTI students outlines that, "It is essential that students are appropriately supported and the school is sensitive to the young person's needs."

Miranda Gerson
School Psychologist

School Nurse

Teen Fitness

Finding it hard to fit in fitness? Just getting through a day of school and after-school commitments can leave most of us wondering where to find time — and if all the running around we do counts as exercise. It does but if it's the only exercise we get, it's usually not enough.

What more should we do? First, teens should do 60 minutes or more of physical activity every day. Most of the activity should be moderate to vigorous aerobic activity. Aerobic activity is anything that gets your heart going — like biking, dancing, or running. Then take a few minutes for some strength training. There are exercises that help build muscle to boost metabolism and keep joints working well. Flexibility is the third component of well-rounded exercise. Check out yoga as one way to stay flexible.

There are strength-building exercises you can do at home. There's no need for special equipment, expensive gym fees, or lots of time. Just check with your doctor, PE teacher, or coach first to be sure the exercises are OK for you.

Literacy Corner

Grammar Matters!

Welcome to the fourth instalment of Grammar Matters! At Newton Moore SHS we explicitly teach grammar and spelling rules to empower our students to be more confident, stronger writers.

How can parents help? Literacy Corner is a regular feature in which we roll out some of the basics we are covering in our Year 7 classes. You can talk to your child, help them understand and do simple exercises with them to ensure they understand. Contact your child's English teacher or the English HOLA Lesley Stace at if you would like additional exercises for them to do at home.

Every word in our language is a "part of speech".

Having a common language in our classrooms is important. We teach that there are NINE parts of speech.


Adjectives are words that give colour, shape, size, sound and feeling to nouns. Their job is to paint clearer pictures of nouns. Using adjectives makes your writing more powerful.

Adjectives often come before the noun.

In the following example the nouns are underlined, the adjectives are in italics:

We were having a great time at the local beach until my younger brother trod on a broken bottle and gashed his right foot. The deep cut needed six stitches. The worst news for my little brother was that he would have to miss an important game.

But we can also place adjectives after the nouns we want to describe. For example: A man rushed into the room, his face flushed and angry.

Parents of Years 8-12 students may find it interesting to ask their teens about their understanding of these concepts! Often, when we've taught them in recent years, students have claimed "But I learnt this in primary school." Of course they did. But if they were applying these understandings to their writing, we wouldn't be re-teaching grammar and students' sentences (and their marks in English) would be perfect!?

So far we've looked at: nouns, pronouns, articles and adjectives. Next issue's topic will be VERBS. Now we're getting serious!

Learning Areas


Principal Sue Kerr is currently on Long Service Leave travelling around the globe. During her time in the USA she visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, one of many great experiences she will have on her trip and one greatly envied by all in the Science Department.

Principal Susan Kerr at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington


NMSHS School Athletics Champions 2016

Year 7 Girls

Year 7 Boys

Runner Up

Amelia Adams

Brayden Jones


Cailin Frazer

Brock Kenny

Year 8 Girls

Year 8 Boys

Runner Up

Alexander Anderson

Kade Loo/ Cody Bell


Peppa Trowles

Year 9 Girls

Year 9 Boys

Runner Up

Bailee Stalteri

Jaxon Sawyer


Tanisha Anderson

Thomas Fraser

Year 10 Girls

Year 10 Boys

Runner Up

Catelynn Gray

Tison O'Hare


Emily Jones

D'Lo Cotton

Upper School Girls

Upper School Boys

Runner Up

Georgia Denehey

Michael Trowles


Lauren London

Tobi Horton

Winning House: Galahad

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Aboriginal Education


Goldfields Cup

On Friday the 1st of April a group of boys accompanied by Shayne Taylor and Scott Arthur headed to Kalgoorlie to take part in the annual Goldfields Cup football carnival. With a large number of academies travelling to compete in Kalgoorlie the competition was fierce, and the Southwest boys were up to the task.

All three games went down to the wire, however unfortunately after being narrowly defeated by 2 points in the first game; the South West boys missed out on a final appearance. Although there was no trophy on the bus ride home, the boys still brought back a sense of achievement and pride in their performances on a big stage, against some of the best Clontarf has to offer.

Throughout the carnival all competitors played with courage and in the spirit of the game. The South West academy would like to thank the other academies that provided their own players to make up the difference in the undermanned team; this is an example of the true Clontarf spirit.

Choice Programs


On Sunday, the 3rd of April our Year 8 MASH class departed Newton Moore to go on the Year 8 Leadership MASH camp in Busselton. Altogether there were 23 of us including 19 students, 2 teachers, Miss Smith and Mr Rankin and two parents, Mr Clark and Mrs Gadecki. This camp purely consisted of laughter, fun, hilarious games that Miss Smith came up with, and many more team and group building activities. After our departure from school, we headed to Xscape at the Cape where we participated in activities such as the Jungle Mountain, Gold Mine Maze and the extra bouncy Trampolines. Not to forget the Mini Golf where Mr Rankin tried to show off his amazing golfing skills. Overall I think the trampolines were the class favourite. We then left to go back to the camp and unpack all of our stuff. We stayed at a quiet and cosy camp that was directly on the beach!

On Day 2 we had a healthy breakfast and packed our backpacks in preparation for our Cape to Cape walk, 14 kilometres from Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Yallingup. For me this was the overall highlight of the camp because of the fantastic scenery. By the time we reached Yallingup we had dodged a few rain showers, and were all pretty tired and sore. That night we had hamburgers for dinner and Miss Smith had organised a game night. Unfortunately my team lost; by a lot…

Day 3 was our final day on camp, and Miss Smith sure had a challenge for us… The Indijup Sandhill Run, which is basically running up and down sand hills until you can't feel your legs (they are the steepest sand hills I have ever seen!). After a few runs up and down, we headed back to camp to collect our gear, and then went to the Busselton Jetty where we had lunch, played some games and enjoyed our time before we had to head back to school where our families were waiting.

We had the best time on camp and can't wait for our next adventure!

Mikisa Knuckey

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NMSHS 50th Celebrations

50 years of service to NMSHS

Not only is Newton Moore SHS celebrating its 50th Anniversary but also Sue Vesnaver, one of our founding staff members who started work at Newton Moore SHS in April 1966 in the Home Economics department. Sue has passed on many skills to three generations of students, including essential housekeeping skills such as cooking, cleaning and economy in the household budget. Sue has never been one to waste even a moment and many students have also learnt knitting, crochet and life lessons, with many a laugh along the way.

The students and staff of Newton Moore, past and present thank Sue for her 50 years of faithful service.

50 Years of Service: Sue Vesnaver

In 1966 they officially opened Newton Moore's doors
To the Principal, students, teachers and many more.
Assistants were needed they had sent out the call
For very special people, who would give it their all.

Sue Vesnaver rocked up, qualifications in hand
Passed all the tests, they thought that she was grand.
She said I can do anything, I'm really, really keen
The kitchen is my domain, in there I am queen.

I can organise, order, keep it spick and span
Show kids the best way to clean the pots and pans.
They will learn how to mop up the flour and the butter
And their pantries will be tidy, without any clutter.

No washing machines then, tea towels all done by hand
No fancy vacuum cleaner, just a broom and dustpan.
Scrubbing brush and Lysol, to clean the walls and doors
Then down on her knees, madly polishing the floors.

If she had a few moments, a good reason for sitting
Was to take out her crochet or continue her knitting.
Students would hang around, while learning the craft
They'd be chatting about life, and having a great laugh.
Hundreds of wooly jumpers, socks and much more
Came out of the kitchen of old Newton Moore.

Home economics, under Sue, has been very economical
Her savings, her hoarding, has been astronomical.
The things at the back of the freezer are historical
Ice creams dating back to1987, make Tucky hysterical.

For 50 years, Sue has looked after Newton Moore's kids
The mothers and the fathers, and now their grandkids.
She is part of our history, engraved in our memories
The longest serving member of our community, our family.

Today as we look back with gratitude and pride
Upon the fifty wonderful years that you've spent by our side.
May every memory you have of things you've seen and done,
Help make this Golden day a happy one for you, Sue, and everyone.

Gwen Stapleton

Thank you for 50 years of faithful service from the students and staff at
Newton Moore Senior High School 7/4/2016

50th Anniversary Display material

Whilst delving into the archives looking for items for our displays we have come across some amazing historical treasures, including an album that we believe was presented to Sir Newton Moore in 1910.

If you have any items that relate to the history of Newton Moore, the man or the school, we would appreciate being able to display them during our anniversary celebrations.

Community Notices