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15 December 2016

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

As the end of the school year approaches, it is a time to reflect and celebrate on the successes and achievements of our staff and students. In 2016 Newton Moore Senior High School has had countless reasons to celebrate. There have been academic, sporting and social success, and many of these you will have read about in our newsletters throughout the year.

In scanning this semester’s reports our students’ academic success is evident. Many of our students have gone above and beyond, challenged themselves and achieved excellent grades. Their commitment to their learning is acknowledged by staff and the leadership team and they are to be commended.

Enrolments for the 2017 school year are going well and it is estimated that we will have around 840 students. It is particularly wonderful to see the number of requests we have had for students to partake in the school’s specialist programs.

As a Principal, I am honoured to work with the staff at Newton Moore Senior High School. They are highly skilled professionals and have students at the forefront of their work. Many of the staff are award winners, Level 3 and Senior Teachers, who are recognised for their proficiencies.

As an Independent Public School we are able to select our own staff and in 2017 we welcome 12 new teachers, who have all been selected based on their expertise and exceptional classroom practice. When selecting staff we aim to get a mix of experienced and teachers in their early years, as this makes our staffing very sustainable going into the future.

Please join with me in acknowledging and congratulating our staff and students on the many accomplishments we had in 2016. We believe we would not have had as many of these wonderful successes without the support of our general school community, parents, guardians, school board, P and C, partners and sponsors. We feel privileged having these wonderful groups working with us and supporting us.

I wish all of the school community, a very safe and happy holiday season and look forward to working together with you again in 2017.

Merry Christmas

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Early Payment of C&C Raffle

Pay your 2017 C&C in full by Friday 31st March and go into the draw to win one of two $500 vouchers (donated by the Newton Moore SHS P&C). For more information contact the accounts office 9722 2419

Up and Coming Dates

1st February

Student’s first day

3rd February

P & C Meeting 7.00pm

Deputy Principals’ Update

Congratulations to our students who have successfully completed another year of schooling.

Semester Two student reports will be issued via email on Thursday 15th December. Please ensure that the school is kept up to date with any changes to your family contact details. The link to your child’s report will remain active for 4 weeks only. Please save an electronic copy of your child’s report in a safe place before the link expires. Parents/guardians who do not have an email address can collect a hard copy of their child’s report on Friday 16th December 2016 from the Administration Centre.

Our students are asked to reflect upon their performance during the 2016 school year and make a commitment towards the progression of their learning during 2017. Congratulations to those students who received awards at our final assembly this week. It is always important to acknowledge and celebrate success.

We would sincerely like to thank all of the parents and guardians for your support of our school and our endeavours throughout 2016. A number of you we have met in course counselling and other parent meetings. We truly value your support and really appreciate it when you ring us to raise issues, ask questions or to pass on positive information about our school.

Newton Moore Senior High School Orientation Day was held on Tuesday the 6th of December. Over one hundred and twenty Year Six students from our local partner primary schools attended on the day from Adam Road, Carey Park, Maidens Park, South Bunbury and Djidi Djidi primary schools. They arrived feeling slightly anxious and left feeling excited and eager to start high school.

The day began with an assembly where Tonia Gelmi (Year Coordinator), Kylie Cattaway (Associate Principal), Deputy Principals Janine Keall and Damian Croxford, and Pippa Herbert (Student Services Manager) welcomed the students and talked about our school expectations:

For the rest of the day, the primary school students attended a variety of classes giving them a taste of what high school is like. At lunch time the Year Six students had the opportunity to play games and win prizes. The students were wonderful ambassadors for their respective schools.

The day was a great success and all the students left with a big smile on their face feeling a little more confident. We look forward to the many Year 6s starting Newton Moore Senior High School next year.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. See you all in 2017.

Admin Report

School Closure Period

The school’s administration centre will be closed from Monday 19th December 2016 for the duration of the school holidays. The office will re-open on Wednesday 25th January 2017. Please note that students start Term One 2017 on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

Uniform Shop Back to School Extended Opening Hours

(access via the administration building)









2016 Knight Magazine

The 2016 Knight Magazine was issued to students during Form on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th. Any students who had paid for a yearbook and were not in Form during that time will have their yearbook posted to their registered address.

Year Group Information

2017 Student Executive

The Student Executive camp for 2017 was held in Perth over the weekend. The camp required the students to split into 2 teams and race around Perth to collect points and complete different challenges. All students were challenged on many levels and ultimately came together as a strong cohesive group that will lead the school’s students next year.

2017 Examinations and WACE Requirements

Students who do not sit an ATAR course examination will not have their school grade for that ATAR Year 12 course count towards meeting any of the WACE requirements.

From 2017, students who do not sit an ATAR course examination and do not have an approved sickness/misadventure application for that course, will not have the grade for the pair of units completed in that year contribute to the calculation of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

This means, the grades for the ATAR Year 12 course will not contribute to the:

  • completion of a minimum of 20 units, including 10 Year 12 units.
  • completion of at least one pair of Year 12 units from an English course (if the ATAR Year 12 course was either English, Literature or English as an Additional Language or Dialect)
  • completion of one pair of Year 12 units from List A (arts/languages/social sciences) or List B (mathematics/science/technology) {depending on the list of the ATAR Year 12 course}
  • achievement of at least 14 C grades or higher, including at least six C grades in Year 12 units.
  • completion of at least four Year 12 ATAR courses.

Previously, the grade for the pair of units completed in that year did not contribute to meeting the achievement standard, but they could count in the breadth and depth requirement.

This is no longer the case.

In addition, students will not receive an ATAR course report.

As a consequence, a student may not meet the requirements to receive a WACE.

We advise consultation with students who may be enrolled in ATAR course/s but who are not requiring an ATAR to confirm that they must sit the examination for that course for it to contribute to their WACE.

Student Services Update

2016 Final Assembly

Final Assembly
Final Assembly
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Learning Support Coordinator

A note from the Learning Support Coordinator…

For this edition of Schoolzine I’d like to introduce you to one of our lovely Special Needs Education Assistants (EAs) Kerstin Paddon. Kerstin began at Newton Moore in her role as an EA in 2012. You will find Kerstin around the school working in classes to support students with a diagnosed disability as well as supporting other students with academic needs.

Here she is working in the Year 9 HASS class:

Literacy Corner

In our final assembly we were proud to present reading awards to our Year Seven and Eight students. In our Powerpoint, presented at the assembly, we used the following song which will become the anthem of the English Department and hopefully the whole school.

Whilst your children should enjoy the joys of summer, one of those joys should always be reading. Help them by asking Santa to give them books, by encouraging them, taking them to bookshops and libraries, reading yourself so that you are modelling that reading is a great thing to do.

Perhaps famous scientist Carl Sagan said it best

“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, the author is speaking, clearly and silently, inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew one another. Books break the shackles of time—proof that humans can work magic.”

Learning Areas


Employer “Thank You” Breakfast

Employer efforts with School based traineeships and work placements were recognised recently at a special breakfast at Panini’s Café (Retravision). The purpose was to acknowledge the valuable support various local employers or partners provided in our Work Experience and School Based Traineeship Programs.

Newton Moore SHS has had great success with these programs which have benefited many students and families who have been involved.


The Water Corporation has created a fantastic opportunity for selected Year 10 students to explore some possible future training options within their organisation. Interested students were invited to attend 2 day work experience program during the last week of December. In 2017 the Water Corporation will be selecting six students for a school based traineeship (paid work for one day per week). Students communicated that they were surprised and impressed with the variety of positions at the Water Corporation and vast duties they do within our community.


Newton Moore SHS is hosting another group of Japanese high school students in Term 1 2017 (from Mar 27 –April 3) and we are inviting families to register their interest to host a student. The aim of their visit is to experience our Australian school and family life and improve their English speaking ability. We are looking for families who have a child at the school to host a student and give them a taste of our “Aussie culture”. Hosting an international student offers many unique opportunities, including the chance to learn about another culture and build life-long friendships.

If you are interested in hosting a student please return the Host Family Expression of Interest Form to the Japanese teacher Ms King.


Newton Moore hosted Netball Specialist school John Forrest SHS, Years 8, 9 and 10, in a "friendly" Netball game whilst they were touring the South West. The standard of play was exceptionally high with the Tour Leader from John Forrest commenting that our teams were on par with the skill level across many Perth schools.

Year 7/8 T20 Blast Cricket Carnival

On the Friday of Week 7, Miss Smith gathered three teams of Year Seven and Eight boys and girls to represent Newton Moore Senior High School in the T20 Blast Cricket Carnival. Students arrived eager and ready to play!

Our Year 7 Boys team was led by Brock Kenny who constantly smashed sixes and fours to make great scores. Our Year 7/8 Boys team was led by Tim Gutterson who played with strength and skill to make some awesome runs. Finally, our Year 7/8 Girls team was led by Tia Holt, who rounded up the girls, encouraging and motivating them to do their best.

Year 7 BOYS Team

Blake Pierce Butler
Josh Pepper
Orion Bunnell
Christian Walker
Dustin Kendall
River Reimers
Byron Billett
Brayden Jones

Year 8 BOYS Team

Jake Dreja
Lachlan Harrington
Kellah Scott
Niko Patterson
Tim Gutterson
Shane Schleeman
Jonah Thornley
Brock Kenny

Year 7/8 GIRLS Team

Tia Holt
Molly Anders
Fern Clark
Aimee Adams
Davana Stevens
Jayde Gadecki
Alex Anderson
Eden Carter

Although our teams didn’t have the best day at Hay Park, our teams demonstrated the highest level of sportsmanship and respect for their peers, opponents and umpires. Miss Smith was extremely proud of all students for participating to the best of their ability and giving it a go!

If you are interested in playing cricket, contact Rachel Norman from WACA- South West Regional Cricket on 0422 939 172 or email at

Miss Smith

T20 Blast Cricket Carnival
T20 Blast Cricket Carnival
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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

There are 7 components to the implementation of PBS. NMSHS has completed Component 1: ‘Leadership’ which was the development of the PBS Team and Component 2: ‘Defining expected behaviour’, where we created the school behaviour matrix. During week 9 the PBS Team were involved in a full day training that covered:-

Component 3: “Teaching expected behaviour”

  • Staff discussed various ways to teach specific behaviours based on the school matrix.
  • Staff were taught how to use the PBS lesson format of tell, show, practise and feedback.

Component 4: “Encouraging expected behaviour”

  • Staff discussed ideas to use as encouragement strategies to be used by all staff with all students in all settings based on the school matrix.
  • Staff were encouraged to use more positive reinforcements than corrections.

Components 3 and 4 will be the focus of 2017. We will begin the year with a poster competition open to the whole school community to assist with the designing of the visuals that will be displayed around the school. Look out for more information that will be given at the start of next year.

Aboriginal Education

Follow the Dream

Hot ‘n Deadly

The Hot ‘n” Deadly Edith Cowan University Health “n” Science activity day was held on the 23rd and the 24th of November, and was an activity day aimed at Aboriginal students in Years 9, 10,11 and 12 within the South West Region. 12 Aboriginal Students from Newton Moore Senior High School attended.

Students were engaged in hands on activities such as:

  • getting ready for theatre (hand washing, gowning and gloving)
  • sports science assessment trial.
  • Fun science and engineering lab experiments
  • Looking through an ambulance and observing a “real life” paramedic activity.

Edith Cowan University provided under graduate students from the respective Health & Science area of study to demonstrate to the high school students the practical aspect of their course and this also provided an opportunity for the students to interact and discuss what is involved to study that course at university.

Students were thoroughly engaged in the two day activity and received a greater awareness of University life and the intricacies involved in studying, both the practical and theory.

We would like to acknowledge the time and effort that Edith Cowan University put in for the preparation of the Hot ‘n’ Deadly Activity Day.

Hot n Deadly
Hot n Deadly
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Specialist Programs


SUBS in School

Recently representative Year 9 and year 10 Engineering Specialist students attended the State Subs in Schools Showcase at Northlake Senior Campus in Perth. We received funding from the Federal Government to purchase a submarine kit and model remote underwater vehicles to build.

Dylan Morris, Aaron Copeland and Blake Gilmore of Year 10 have been constructing the submarine during Semester 2. Construction required problem solving, mathematical, electrical, density and buoyancy theory, as well as soldering skills and the ability to use the 3D printer. The challenges and obstacles faced have added value to the teamwork the boys have developed throughout the project. Dylan made a great impromptu speech about their progress to the hundred plus attendees.

Kage Geyer and Harry Smith picked up many ideas while making valuable industry contacts to enable them to continue with the project in 2017. They hope to have the submarine water tight enough to test in our Barramundi tanks in Semester 1.


Stage 1 - Planning

Stage 2 – Building

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Stage 3 – Testing

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News from Parent Bodies

School Board

The final Board meeting was held on Wednesday 7 th December 2016. The last Board meeting is always a very important one, as the board reviews how the school is going in terms of meeting the targets which were written in the Business Plan. The Board also approves the school's final cash and salaries budget.

The Board play’s a significant role in helping ensure our school is heading in the right direction. The Board members bring their ideas and lend their expertise to assist with our strategic planning and help us develop strong community partnerships.

Board members bring with them lots of skills in areas such as management, finance, procurement, marketing and cultural knowledge and support me as the Principal to strengthen the school’s capacity to meet the needs of students.

Early next year the School Board will be announcing any vacancies which have occurred through board members retiring or end of tenure ship. We encourage any parents and community members who believe they have some expertise to share to consider nominating for future vacancies.