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26 February 2016

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Principal's Address

Welcome to our second edition of the Schoolzine. We have had some fantastic feedback from our first edition so we trust you will enjoy reading Newsletter Number 2. As you would be aware Newton Moore SHS is a very dynamic school. In fact we are a very different school in 2016.

We have:

  • 20 additional students making us 815 in total
  • 13 new teaching staff members making us 69 in total
  • A successful launch of our new bomber jacket and school jumper
  • New surfaces on two of our basketball courts
  • A new upgraded Child Care cottage and a large new undercover area
  • Most of our Year 11 & 12 students participating in the take home laptops program.
  • A new upgraded classroom for our Japanese language program.

I am pleased to be able to say that the school year has started off positively and our students should be commended on the way in which they have commenced. At our most recent whole school assembly, I reiterated to all students that success doesn't just happen in Year 12. It means our Lower School students need to get organised with their studies right away and not take their foot off the pedal. In fact to get improved results we need every student in our school to do their best on every assignment, to get personally organised and have well organised files, to use class time effectively in every lesson and to seek teacher assistance when there are gaps in their understanding.

The Year 7 students have made a terrific transition to a secondary setting and they are working to establish a positive reputation across the school. They are attending (on average) 96% which is very impressive. The challenge is for students to maintain this great start throughout the rest of the year.

In addition to the positive start to the 2016 year, other recent data that reflects positively on our school and the work of our staff includes:

Our Year 12 results continue to be consistently good particularly our graduation rate.

Parent, student and staff Satisfaction & Opinion survey responses from last year indicate increased confidence and satisfaction in a wide range of measures of school effectiveness

Our selection again as a Teacher Development School in the sciences for Engineering and Science Horizons.

Our win as a STEM School of the Year for the Governor's Award.

As I have said previously we are a GREAT School. We have many successes in academic, sporting and social activities. We are highly regarded because of our respectful tone and focus on students as individuals. Importantly, we have exceptional staff who excel at their job.

Again welcome to both parents and students for the 2016 school year. I am looking forward to working with you all to make sure that students have the best, positive school experiences and learning.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Secondary Assistance Scheme

Health Care / Pension / Veterans' Affairs Card Holders can apply for the WA Department of Education Secondary Assistance Allowance ($115.00 clothing allowance and $235.00 Educational Program Allowance paid directly to the school). Your Secondary Assistance Application will be completed in the Admin Office and needs to be done by Thursday April 7th 2016 to be eligible for payment.

Please contact Michele in the Accounts office on 9722 2419 between 8am and 4pm daily if you have any questions regarding this application.

Important Up and Coming Dates

25th February 2016

GRIP Leadership – Upper School Students

25th - 26th February 2016

Clontarf Senior Leadership Camp

2nd March 2016

Year 7 Parent night and Welcome BBQ

2nd March 2016

Year 7 School Social

3rd March 2016

Year 7 Induction Camp

5th March 2016

School Ball

Deputies' Report

Want to know about the OLNA?

Some students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are about to sit the OLNA. You may have heard about it, but are not sure what it means to your child.

OLNA stands for the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment, which some students will need to demonstrate they have achieved the required standard of literacy and numeracy for their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). The School Curriculum and Standards Authority awards the WACE at the end of Year 12 to students who have met all the requirements. You can find more about the requirements on the SCSA website at .

Some students prequalify for the literacy and numeracy requirement through their performance in the Year 9 NAPLAN test. We will inform you whether your child needs to sit the OLNA, which is held in March and September each year, starting in Year 10. This means students will have up to six opportunities before the end of Year 12 to demonstrate the standard.

The OLNA has three components – reading, writing and numeracy. The reading and numeracy components comprise 45 multiple‐choice questions; the writing component is an extended response of up to 600 words. Students are allowed 50 minutes for the reading and numeracy components and 60 minutes for the writing. The table below provides a quick guide to each component.




Number of Questions


1 (600 word limit)

Question type

Multiple choice

Open ended


Online point and click

Typed online


50 minutes

60 minutes


Randomised 1 of 3 forms

Randomised 1 of 2 forms


Extra time, pause, coloured background and higher quality images

To prepare our students for the sorts of questions they can expect and to familiarise them with the online assessment software, we provide access to practice and example tests on a secure website. The link to the secure website for practice and example test is available on the Authority website at under Senior Secondary > Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment > Students, parents and carers.

For students with disability, we have guidelines to help set the appropriate adjustments for equal access. Information about disability adjustments is available on the Authority website under Senior Secondary > Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment > Disability adjustments.

If you want to know more, go to the Authority's website and look under Senior Secondary > Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment. There you will find more information, answers to frequently asked questions and a brief video. You can also send questions to .

Admin Update

Meet the Board

Newton Moore Senior High School board enables parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school. It is the role of the School Board to provide strategic guidance for the school and to effectively oversee and review the schools management and performance. Please take the opportunity to read a little about the board members:

Michael Douglas BA(Hons), LLB, LLM(Dist) Chair - Newton Moore SHS Board (2012-2016) – Community Representative

Michael has been the Chair of the School Board since 2012, when Newton Moore became an independent public school. As an alumnus, Michael feels strongly about contributing to the institution he went through. After beginning his career as a litigation lawyer, Michael is now an academic at Curtin University. He teaches commercial and international law subjects, and researches media law issues, at Curtin Law School.

Susan Kerr M.ED.Admin.B.Ed.Dip Teach, Principal - Newton Moore SHS (2003-2016)

Susan has been the Principal at Newton Moore SHS for the last 13 years. She is very passionate about the school and strongly acknowledges the importance of having strong partnerships with the whole school community. She really enjoys being part of the School Board as she gets to hear a variety of perspectives from Industry, higher education, parents and staff about the directions they believe the school should focus on going into the future.

Lyn Farrell – Dean of Edith Cowan University – Community Representative

Lyn Farrell is currently the Dean of the Faculty Regional Professional Studies at Edith Cowan University's South West Campus in Bunbury. Prior to this, she was the Managing Director of the Pilbara Institute, a position she occupied for some three years. Lyn has a particular passion about the benefits of higher education and a focus on providing learning pathways for people from diverse backgrounds. She has spent most of her adult life living and working in regional parts of Western Australia.

Jodie Schroder – Dep. of Training & Workforce Development – Regional Network Coordinator – Community Representative

Jodie currently works for the Department of Training and Workforce Development in the role of the Regional Network Coordinator for the South West Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre. She has experience in the government, not for profit, construction and engineering industries; She strives to drive reconciliation through cultural inclusion and to help bridge the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, through education and opportunity, whilst also supporting communities. She is also a member of the NMSHS Girls' Academy advisory group, the South West Workforce Development Alliance and numerous youth and community groups.

David Miles –Vice President Sites Services and Marketing - Community Representative

For the last 3 years David has been the Vice President for Site Services and Marketing at Simcoa. His role is diverse and includes marketing, sales, HR, community relations, safety, environment, security and purchasing. Prior to this, he was General Manager of Marketing and Administration at Simcoa for 13 years.

Michael Wainwright – Parent Representative

Michael Wainwright is currently self-employed. Previously his training was in safety management in the Coal Industry. In 1991 he started a small business that provides fire equipment sales and services specialising in mining and harvesting. He has been a member of the Newton Moore Senior5 High School board for 8 months. He is married with a child in Year 11 at Newton Moore Senior High School. He is very passionate about education and believes that a good education will make a difference to any child.

James Oliver - Newton Moore – Parent Representative

James has been working at Newton Moore Education Support Centre (NMESC) as an Education Assistant since February 2013. While at NMESC he has been coordinator of the MULTILIT literacy program, a PBS committee member and has worked with students in work places as part of the workplace-learning program. He is an active member of the State Emergency Service (SES) in Bunbury, serving as a Team Leader, Equipment Officer, Peer Support Officer and a member of the Vertical Rescue team.

Christopher Walton Mayfield, OAM – Parent Representative

Chris Mayfield, OAM, enlisted into the Australian Regular Army in August 1988. His service in the Army culminated in a distinguished 26-year career within senior leadership positions and representational appointments overseas. He assumed the position of Director Business Development at the South West Institute of Technology WA, where he is responsible for aligning regional strategic growth to training development initiatives.

Mal Neill, Self Employed – Parent Representative

Mal has worked in various local government recreation centres for numerous years,and has recently returned back to operate his own business which operates within the Agricultural sector. Having attended Harvey Agricultural High School, he knew he enjoyed the industry but has taken 25 years to get back to his grass roots. New technology has made this an exciting time to be involved in agriculture. He enjoys many sporting activities such as orienteering and triathlons and looks forward to the assisting with the opportunities and challenges Newton Moore Senior High School presents now and in the future.

Sarah Bible - Manager Corporate Services – Newton Moore SHS –(ex-officio)

Sarah has been part of Newton Moore SHS for 12 months. Sarah's background is finance. Sarah was a bank manager for 15 years in Margaret River, Albany and more recently Bunbury. Sarah and her husband Paul have settled in Bunbury and really love the community spirit. In her 12 months at Newton Moore, she has witnessed the commitment the school and staff have to the students as a whole and feels proud to be part of a school that truly makes a difference in our young adults. It's an exciting and innovative place to work and she looks forward to 2016. Sarah has two grown children, Ellen and Luke and two grandchildren, Mia and Archer.

Damian Croxford - Deputy Principal - Newton Moore SHS – Staff Representative

Damian has been Deputy Principal at Newton Moore SHS since being appointed in Term 3 2015. Prior to this appointment he has had a wide range of experience as a teacher, Head of Learning Area, Student Services Manager, Program Coordinator and Deputy Principal in both secondary and primary school settings. He is passionate about education and has been impressed with the school's focus on creating positive classrooms and support for all students.

Jacqueline Barber - Science Teacher - Newton Moore SHS – Staff Representative

Jacqueline has been a Science Teacher at Newton Moore SHS since 2013. She teaches Upper School Physics and Engineering Studies, along with Science and Specialist Engineering classes. In addition she is a Teacher Development School Coordinator for Science which involves designing and running professional learning for Science teachers across the state. Jacqueline has always been passionate about every student being given an equal opportunity to learn and progress to the best of their ability.

Erin Cartledge - Humanities and Social Science Teacher - Newton Moore SHS – Staff Representative

Erin has been a Humanities and Social Sciences teacher at Newton Moore Senior High School for 6 years. She has been involved in a variety of different learning areas including Health and Physical Education, Aboriginal Education, Dance and Art. Erin has a keen passion for sport being involved in coaching Country Week teams in hockey, basketball and netball, and is now the Country Week Manager. Erin loves the classroom environment that she has created for her students to share her passion for History and Geography.

Science News

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – Teacher Development School

Congratulations - Newton Moore SHS has been selected to be a Teacher Development School (TDS) for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We are now part of an elite group of schools that will be showcasing and sharing best practice and we will have the opportunity to attend some innovative professional learning. Well done to the STEM team.

Year Group Information

BBQ evening for Year 7 Parents and Students

On Wednesday 2nd March at 5:30pm we will have our first meeting with our Year 7 parents. The afternoon gathering will give us the opportunity to meet new parents, to provide a quick overview about our school and to introduce key people whom parents can contact should they have any concerns or questions.

Following the BBQ, our Student Executive members will be conducting a school social for our new students. The students will rock and bop the evening away. Please have your child return their permission slips to Student Services by Friday 26th Feb.

Scholarship Applications

Year 7 - 12 Scholarship Applications for the Science Horizons, Engineering Specialist and Science Indigenous scholarships are due on Monday 29th February. Spare application forms are available from the Science Office in E block.

The Year 7-9 Leadership Group

The Year 7-9 Leadership Group will be finalised next week. On Wednesday the 9th of March the group will spend an hour with a former student, Mr Joel Standley who will speak to the students about leadership and realising their full potential by sharing his story. The students will have their lunch provided before spending the afternoon doing activities with the Senior Leadership Group.

Year 12 NAPSA combined university visit

Representatives from all five Universities (Notre Dame, Edith Cowan UWA, Murdoch and Curtin University) visited NMSHS last week. Students had the opportunity to attend an informal drop in session on Tuesday 16 February and a Year 12 Presentation on Friday 19 February. The students took the opportunity to talk to the presenters and collect more specific information on the courses and universities that interested them.

Student Services

Keep our School Clean in 2016

Taking part in "Keeping Newton Moore clean and tidy in 2016" means for all that we are responsible for picking up our own rubbish. Let's keep the school clean and tidy by using the bins provided and throwing our rubbish in them. It makes our environment feel and look better and we can enjoy our surroundings more.

Collectively we can all make a difference. Parents can you please remind your child on how we want our school environment to look 'clean & tidy'.

Assembly Awards

Congratulations to Students of the Month

  • Year 7 - Barry Narkle
  • Year 8 - Tyrone Hogg
  • Year 9 - Shachar Eyal
  • Year 10 - Kody Burges
  • Year 11 - Sarah Keays
  • Year 12 - Cameron Kendall

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

New basketball – netball courts

After a slight delay due to the extreme weather conditions we experienced in January, the new basketball-netball courts were ready for use from Monday 15th February.

Mental Health Week 14th-18th March

We will be kicking off the week with our Act, Belong, Commit Expo at lunchtime. This year will be bigger and better than last years, so you are all in for a treat. We have more stall holders and more activities for you all to participate in to promote healthy mind and body. During the week at lunch time there will be fun activities all over the school, keep an ear out in the Daily Notices, for what's on where. Not a week to miss out on!

Foodbank Breakfast Club

Our school is very fortunate to be involved in the Foodbank Breakfast Club which provides breakfast for students each Wednesday morning from 8.25-8.40. Upper School Food students are involved in producing various treats each week that are passed around outside the canteen area. Fruit is also usually available every day in Student Services. Remember: having a good breakfast every day is important to good learning and health.

Students enjoying a Foodbank Breakfast

Music News

Welcome back to all Music students and a warm welcome to our new Year 7 Music and Instrumental students, who are participating in the School of Instrumental Music (SIM) program for the first time. The SIM teachers in 2016 are Arwel Jenkins, Malcolm Toft and Stacey Smart. Most of our students have had a first meet and greet with their SIM teacher and have been given their timetable for their SIM lessons. All SIM students will participate in band rehearsals Thursday morning from 7:30 in the PAC. If parents have any questions about the Music program or SIM lessons, they should contact our Teacher in Charge of Music, Jayden Williamson on 9722 2461

Vocational Educational Training (VET) Update

VET Students Achieving Today For Tomorrow

Click images to enlarge

Newton Moore SHS is supporting students to start their "training" today to achieve for tomorrow.

Year 11 students have been showcasing their work ethic and attitude with a range of "work projects" around the school. As the majority of Year 11 VET students will soon be out on work placements one day per week, they have been put through some interesting scenarios to prepare them for the world of work.

We invited Courtney Ugle (ex Newton Moore student), who is now a Group Field Officer for South Metro Youth Link, to provide an employer's perspective to ensure students understand what is expected in the workplace.

Some of Courtney's valuable messages included "Make the most of every opportunity. Although things may be difficult to deal with at times, you have the control to improve and be successful. Be smart about social media – it can impact on your ability to obtain or keep a job."

National Business Worldskills Newton Moore SHS student representative

We have incredibly skilled students at Newton Moore SHS. Kirsten Jarvis recently won the GOLD MEDAL at the Regional Worldskills Business Competition. The competition was set to challenge young participants to complete a series of demanding tasks, to industry standard, and under pressure. Students were assessed and judged by three industry personnel.

Kirsten has now been invited to represent Western Australia (Newton Moore SHS and Bunbury) at the National Business Worldskills Competition in October in Melbourne. If she is successful, it is likely that she will represent Australia in an International field. This is surely going to reflect well for her resume!

Kirsten puts her success down to her hard work, opportunities to be involved in Certificate II in Business at NMSHS as well as the valuable opportunity to spend one day a week in the workplace for work experience to obtain REAL Industry experience. In 2016 Kirsten is also expanding her skill set – she (and two other students at NMSHS) have enrolled in a Certificate III Financial Services course.

NMSHS entrants in the Wordskills Competition

Nursing WA Health

This is a great work experience opportunity

WA Health invites Year 10s to explore how GREaT nursing can be

Year 10 students who want to get a taste of hospital life as a nurse or midwife are invited to apply for a free, hands-on work-experience program in a public hospital.

The GREaT (Get Real Experience and Try) program, run by WA Health's NurseWest, offers students throughout Western Australia exposure to nursing/midwifery as a career by providing a full week of practical work experience in a clinical setting.

Applications for the 2016 round are open until 18 March for both public and private school Year 10 students throughout Western Australia. Approximately 200 placements will be available from Term 2 onwards.

For more information email NurseWest on or apply online via the link on the careers page of the WA Health website.

Students can see Mr Mungioli about this for more information. He can be found near the Uniform Shop normally before school or lunchtimes (not during class times or Form).

Health News

Year 8 Immunisation

Parents and carers of Year 8 students: Please note on Tuesday 22nd March, Year 8 students will receive their FREE immunisation. Year 8 students will need to have returned their signed consent form. Immunisation term one is HPV and Varilrix (Chicken Pox).


Parents of all students with allergies/anaphylaxis, please make sure your child carries an up-to-date Epipen with them at all times.

Update Contact Information

Please also make sure that all current contact numbers are correct in case of an emergency.

Any enquiries, please contact our school nurse, Sam Curtis or Louise McDonald on 9722 2425.

School Sores (impetigo)

Impetigo is an infection of the skin caused by bacteria that can live on the skin, in the throat or nose without causing a problem. Sometimes they start to cause an infection such as impetigo, sore throat or other infection. The school nurse can examine your child if you are concerned but you will need to visit a Doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Canteen News

Volunteers needed

The Canteen Committee would like to invite you to assist the Parents and Citizens Association by volunteering in our canteen this year.

The canteen offers a before school, Recess and Lunch service. Flexible working hours are offered, and your time is greatly appreciated.

All volunteers are provided with morning tea and lunch and your student/s will receive a complimentary canteen voucher for your service.

Please contact the canteen manager Jenny on 97958620 or email to be included on the roster.

Online ordering

Canteen orders are able to be placed using the online ordering system. You can view the current canteen menu online, place the order and pay for it by PayPal, Credit Card or Direct Deposit. Students who have placed their order online queue on the right hand side of the canteen counter and will find the service very quick.

Students are still able to place lunch orders directly to the canteen and will pay for breakfast and lunch orders at the canteen.

Visit to sign up. It is a free, safe service and a convenient way for you to order and pay.

Food bank breakfast club

Our school is very fortunate to be involved in the Foodbank Breakfast club which provides breakfast for students each WEDNESDAY morning from 8.25-8.40. Upper school food students are involved in producing various treats each week that are passed around outside the canteen area. Fruit is also usually available every day in Student services. Remember, having a good breakfast every day is important to good learning and health.