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2 March 2017

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Principal’s Address


Principal’s Message

At Newton Moore Senior High School we really value feedback and questions from parents. In past parent surveys you have told us that one of the things that make our school great is our staff, and their responses when dealing with your child. At our school the staff are fiercely proud of the school they work in, and are committed 100% to our students. I have had the privilege of witnessing the positive interactions between staff and students in the classroom and yard. It is so nice when I hear students talk about their favourite teacher, or favourite subject.

To go with the exceptional teachers, we also have some wonderful programs in our school. The variety of programs we have is extensive. These programs offer lots of opportunities for our students from sporting and academic, to social and emotional programs. There is a program to suit every child’s needs. Examples of our schools unique programs are the Science Horizon, Engineering, MASH (Moore Academy of Sport and Health), Clontarf and Role Models.

Parents and guardians this year, I ask for your support in two key areas: attendance and uniform. It is imperative that we all work together in setting our expectations for attendance and uniform early.

We trust when we contact you regarding your child being out of uniform that you will support us by ensuring your child is appropriately dressed for school. The school does, on occasions, have access to second hand uniforms or you may be eligible for a uniform subsidy through the accounts office. Our school is really proud of our school uniform and we believe wearing uniform, creates a sense of pride.

We also know that regular attendance at school is very important. We understand that on some occasions your child may be away from school because of illness but we need to be notified when these absences happen either with a note or phone call. There is an expectation at our school that a student will be at school on all occasions unless sick and that parents try to coordinate all holidays or other events during designated school holidays.

We trust your child is enjoying their first few weeks of school and I look forward to catching up with you at the Meet & Greet BBQ for Year 7 parents and the two parent nights we have scheduled this term.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Unpaid Upper School Charges

Upper School charges are not an optional payment. The school works very hard to encourage our parents to support the delivery of great programs and learning outcomes to our students. Collection of these amounts continues to be challenging despite us offering many payment options, and the opportunity to sign up to payment plans and make small regular payments over the school year.

Unpaid 2016 Upper School charges will be referred to a collection agency at the end of Term 1. If you have any unpaid 2016 charges you still have time to pay these costs before the information is referred to debt collectors.

Up and Coming Dates

6th March

Labour Day Public Holiday

7th – 10th March

OLNA Writing

7th – 24th March

OLNA Numeracy and Reading

9th March

Year 9 HASS Excursion to Fremantle Prison

10th March

Upper School Ball

13th March

Act, Belong , Commit Expo

16th March

Year 9 Indonesian Martial Arts Incursion

20th-21st March

Band Camp

22th March

Year 7, 9 and 11 Parent Night

Deputy Principals’ Update

Year 11 and 12 Take Home Laptop Computers

Many Year 11 and 12 students have taken up the opportunity to borrow a school laptop computer.

Students must bring their computer fully charged to school every day, maintain and take care of the computer at all times.

Students need to renew the borrowing period of the laptop by the completion of each term at the Information Resource Centre (IRC) and return the computer when they have no further use for it, at the completion of Year 12 studies or if they leave school.

If students don't want a Take Home computer they must bring their own device, fully charged each day.

Students are required to follow the policy and guidelines in the Device Usage Policy. Students who fail to honour this agreement will have to return their ‘Take Home’ device.

What are the benefits of NAPLAN testing?

  • Standardised testing such as NAPLAN help schools set priorities and focus their attention on improving student outcomes in relation to other students.
  • Schools can evaluate the effectiveness of intervention and support programs implemented and adjust accordingly.
  • Detailed analysis of the results help teachers determine individual students’ areas of weakness and can help plan to address these.
  • Helps in selecting students to target for low literacy and also for academic extension consideration.
  • Results can help students make decisions about subject selections and career pathways.
  • Students can transfer interstate more easily.
  • Research into general patterns and trends can take place.
  • Results can be used to determine areas of need for National and State funding.

Connect Notifications - Year 11/12 parents

Want to reduce the number of Connect Notifications you are receiving?

Parents are able to choose to receive notifications (1) via email, the (2) Connect Now app or (3) not at all. Instructions to change your settings/preferences are included in the document below.

Parents who do not wish to receive email notifications may wish to have notifications sent to the Connect Now App. This way they can browse through the notifications and log into Connect only when they want further information. You will find the Connect Now app flyer also below.

Alternatively, parents can choose to not receive notifications at all and manually log in to Connect on a regular basis to monitor their child’s learning.

I hope that this information is useful in managing Connect to suit your needs. As a school, we are keen to ensure Connect is successful so if you have any further questions or suggestions for improvement please don’t hesitate to contact Tania Martyn (

If you are a Year 11 and/or 12 parent and have not signed up for Connect please phone or email

Tania Martyn ( To access Connect the school must have a valid parent email address on record.

Admin Report

Skoolbag Mobile App

Skoolbag is a school to parent communication tool for mobile phones. This School Mobile App provides schools with an easy way to tell parents and carers everything they need to know about school news, newsletters, events calendar, cancellations, school notices, school information, school timetables, parent sick note forms, school documents and much more.

Skoolbag is available for iPhones – Go to the App Store, Android phones – Go to Google Play and Windows based phones – Go to Windows Store.

Search for Newton Moore and the app should show up. Click install.

If you have Skoolbag installed on your phone and you find it not working, it may be because a new version has been released.

Go to the app store for your device and search for the app. When found it should say update. This will download the latest version to your phone.

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Combined Universities Talk

Representatives from Western Australia’s leading Universities visited the school last week to inform and discuss all tertiary study options to our Year 12 students. Students were given the latest information on all courses and pathways available to them.

Meet the Team

Meet the new teaching staff

Amber Boyd

‘I’m Amber Boyd and I’ve been a teacher for 3 years, first at Merredin College and then at Carnamah District High. Previously I’ve been teaching a majority of my classes in the Science department so this is the first year I’ve been teaching fully in the area I was trained to, Health and PE. I watch as much sport as I can on TV and live, and play soccer. I have a very active dog named Nacho who I spend a lot of my time with. I am excited to be in Bunbury and to be working at Newton Moore.’

Peter Adams-Shawn

I’m Peter Adams-Shawn, Network Support Officer. I’ve several years’ experience working in IT both in education and corporate sector. I haven’t always worked in IT though.

I’ve got quite a bit of experience working with children having previously worked as a foster carer and as a school hockey coach. I also played and coached hockey at an elite level both in the UK and Australia. I retired a few years ago.

Sandwiched between my IT career for the past 10 years I’ve run a photography business, mainly wedding photography. My work is internationally renowned and has been featured by hundreds of media outlets all around the world including the Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan. I’ve taken a step back from wedding photography as I want more weekend time to spend with my wife and enjoying the South West.

Despite being born and raised in God’s own County (Yorkshire) I’m a life-long Liverpool supporter. I mainly read (well listen to) economics and marketing books (lots of them). Saying that I have a penchant for the classics and science fiction. Edgar Rice Burroughs being one of my favourite authors. Music wise I don’t listen to much but I do love Ludovico Einaudi whose music I try to play (poorly) on the piano.

Kayetana Gaden

Hello everyone. My name is Kayetana Gaden and I am a Home Economics Teacher. I have a background in the Hospitality industry and I started my work in the Education sector 12 years ago as an Education Assistant and Home Economics Assistant. When the youngest of my four children started school, I decided to commence university so I could share my love of cookery and hospitality with others. I look forward to the year ahead at Newton Moore Senior High School and hope to meet you all soon.

Tiffany Leeder

Hi everyone, my name is Miss Leeder. I am fairly new to the teaching profession, but not new to Newton Moore. I completed Years 8-12 here, and was lucky enough to have some of our current staff as my teachers. I went to Murdoch University for 4 years, studying English and Creative Writing alongside my teaching degree. It is great to be back as a teacher and I am looking forward to working with the rest of the amazing English staff to deliver some exciting programs this year.

Byron Engelbrecht

Hi, my name is Byron Engelbrecht. I am the new Mathematics teacher at Newton Moore Senior High School. I grew up in South Africa and have been in Australia for a year and a half now. Before moving to Bunbury I spent a year teaching Mathematics at a school 50 km outside of Kalgoorlie. My fiancé and I are very happy to be on the coast again. I love my fishing and try to get out as often as possible to wet a line. I also enjoy getting out for a run and filling my lungs with fresh air. I am looking forward to my time at NMSHS.

Andrew Mercer

I'm Andrew Mercer, a maths teacher at Newton Moore SHS. I have lived all across WA from Halls Creek in the north to Peaceful Bay in the south. This is my first time living in Bunbury, and I'm very excited to explore and learn about the surrounding area. My hobbies are jogging, camping, reading and studying Japanese. I am looking forward to participating in the school community.

Student Services Update

Learning Support Coordinator

Some students in our school show characteristics of A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and some students have a diagnosis. There are tips that everyone could use to help young people with A.D.H.D. (as adapted from Joanne Steer and Kate Horstmann 2009)

  1. Understanding is the key: Learn about how A.D.H.D impacts on a young person and consider the “why” behind their actions. Their difficulties are genuine.
  2. Adapt the environment around the young person: Ensure tasks are structured and routined and ensure they are short, positive and they can achieve success in them.
  3. Teach skills: Help them develop strategies to maximise concentration, reduce stress, promote organisation and develop friendships and a positive self-esteem.
  4. Make them an active partner: Involve them in decisions and making meaningful and motivating goals and priorities.

School Nurse

Year 8 Immunisation

Parents and carers of Year 8 students: Please note on Tuesday 22nd March, Year 8 students will receive their FREE immunisation. Year 8 students will need to have returned their signed consent form. The immunisations in Term One are HPV and Varilrix (Chicken Pox).


Parents of all students with allergies/anaphylaxis, please make sure your child carries an up-to-date Epipen with them at all times.

Update Contact Information

Please also make sure that all current contact numbers are correct in case of an emergency.

Any enquiries, please contact one of our school nurses, Sam Curtis or Louise McDonald on 9722 2425.

School Sores (impetigo)

Impetigo is an infection of the skin caused by bacteria that can live on the skin, in the throat or nose without causing a problem. Sometimes they start to cause an infection such as impetigo, sore throat or other infection. The school nurse can examine your child if you are concerned but you will need to visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Literacy Corner

Do you know what Parts of Speech are?

Do you know how many Parts of Speech there are?

Do you know your subject from your predicates and your conjunctions from your prepositions?

The trick to good parenting is to stay one step ahead…

To help you stay one step ahead of your beloved child, stay tuned for the first instalment of Literacy Corner in the next instalment.

Learning Areas


Year 7 Science

Recently students in a Year 7 Science class were looking at the concept of mass versus weight. As they continued to pour 250ml of water each time into a bucket, they would then measure the length that the elastic band stretched, recording it in their table. Anticipation built while the elastic band continued to stretch, eventually holding 4750mls of water! It finally stretched so much from the weight of the water it snapped and the bucket fell to the ground inside the bigger bucket scaring some of the students.


Moore is Happening with Vocational Education and Training in 2017

Opportunities keep presenting themselves and students are making the most of things. 2017 at NMSHS has started well for VET students with the cohort of Year 11s and 12s showing they have a great work ethic.

The following are just a snapshot of events and activities occurring in the early part of the year

  • The Water Corporation has initiated the availability of 6 School Based Traineeships that will commence in April. Connor Gadeche, Mariah Yarran, Iziah Humphries, Catelyn Gray, Jayen Farrant, Tia Tuoro attended work experience last year and were successful at their interviews. They will get paid for the days in the workplace with the Water Corporation, while they complete a certificate in water operations. What a sensational opportunity!
  • The Building and Construction students are being ‘tested’ before they are sent out on the worksites. Apart from obtaining the Whitecard they are showing their work ethic with some school projects. Their ‘employability skills’ are put to the test while doing some important tasks across the school. Gone are the days when school was 5 days a week in classroom. These students are training with Cert II B&C as well as out on a work site one day a week.
  • ‘Moore’ qualifications on offer. We are proud to say we have had the highest number of School Based Trainees – with over 30 in a workplace getting paid one day a week and undergoing a certificate training related to their job. Some include Business, Stevedoring, Community services, Retail, Automotive, Building and Construction, Individual Support, Sport and Rec. Newton Moore Senior High School has had great support from businesses and employers in the local community in setting up School Based Traineeships. School based traineeships involve students being employed in an area that interests them one day a week while they attend school three days a week and SWIT one day a week. Students have training so they can develop their skills and they work to obtain a Certificate II in the related industry. It is an excellent way to help students build a positive future in varied areas of employment.

What are the benefits for employers?

There are many benefits to employers from putting on a school based trainee, such as:

  • Potential employees receive industry standard training in customer service, policies and procedures through the Certificate II delivery by training organisations at no cost to the business.
  • Government incentives are available to help cover the costs of employing a school based trainee.
  • Direct and easy access to a pool of keen young people who want to study, train and develop skills.
  • Ability to secure young, committed and stable employees.
  • Moore opportunities – 2017 sees the largest number of NMSHS VET students engage in South Regional TAFE in their 2 days per week program. Students have a wonderful opportunity to access free qualification training due to the support of our regional TAFE. Over 40 Year 11 and 12 students are accessing a variety of courses that include Cert II Conservation and land management Cert III IT, Cert II Heavy and Light Auto, Cert IV Enrolled Nursing, Cert II Retail, Cert II tourism, Cert II Kitchen Operations.

Schooling has changed. However, the way Newton Moore SHS operates the VET offerings is allowing amazing opportunities for our youth.

Water Corporation School Based Trainees with their families, staff and program representatives


2017 WAPRES Asian Language Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the WAPRES Asian Language Scholarships. They are Jan Fromm (Indonesian) and Michelle Hazledon (Japanese). Both students have chosen to study Languages at an ATAR level and will receive $250 to assist them in their studies. Thank you to WAPRES for their continued sponsorship of these awards.

Remember, all ATAR Language students receive a 10% bonus on top of their ATAR score!

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

We have recently become a PBS school. What does this mean? PBS is a particular system, now used in many schools in Australia and internationally, which aims to improve student academic and behaviour outcomes.

In these articles we’d like to keep you informed about our journey as a PBS school.

The science of behaviour tells us that students aren’t (of course) born with bad behaviours. It also argues that students don’t learn better ways of behaving when given undesirable consequences. However students do learn better ways of behaving when behaviours are directly taught and practised followed by frequent positive reinforcement.

As a PBS school we understand that we need to teach students how to be successful and behave responsibly at school. We need to teach socially acceptable ways of behaving just as we teach students how to spell or do fractions.

There has already been a lot of team work and consultation happening here at NMSHS. Our school has a revised “Behaviour Matrix” listing our four expectations (Well Being, Respect, Responsibility and Learning) and it includes a number of desired behaviours grouped under these headings. These have been handed out to all students and are being displayed all around the school for staff and students to become familiar with.

The next step is to teach these desired behaviours on a regular basis and encourage the school community to have a common language to use when addressing behaviour expectations.

Aboriginal Education

Girls Academy

Newton Moore Girls Academy is an initiative of Role Models and Leaders Australia. As 1 of 29 Academies across Australia, the only Academy in the South West, we are a high school based program that uses sport, mentoring and extra-curricular activities to increase engagement, participation and achievement at school.

Program activities are designed with emphasis on the ‘Big 4’ objectives to:

  • Increase school attendance
  • Advance academic and personal achievement
  • Improve year 12 graduation rates and
  • Facilitate post school transition planning

This year Girls Academy continues with me as Program Manager mentoring our Year 11 & 12’s, Development Officers Cass Pipe mentoring our Year 8 & 9s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays and Gayle Narkle mentoring our Year 7 & 10s on Monday & Thursdays. We will also be supported by Prac Placement student Amanda Tibbits who is completing her dual diploma in Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Health as well as her Psychology Degree.

Our start to the year has been positive with almost 30 girls and their guardians attending meetings with our mentors and signing up for the Academy Program. We are working on signing up the remaining 40!

This year Academy staff will be focused on individual academic progress. Our mentors will make contact with you next week to offer support with classroom engagement, monitoring homework and assignment submission for Academy members.

To build a strong relationship or establish a rapport, we welcome all staff members visit our Academy or join in with activities. Every Thursday our Fitness and Breakfast program is on from 7am-8am, Wednesdays we have our ‘Groove in the Moo’ Art Project at lunch times and Thursday after school. We also provide resources and space for homework classes Monday- Thursdays.

South West Multicultural Festival

Semester One leadership girls attended the South West Multicultural Festival. They represented the Academy and the greater Noongar community by leading the flag parade. There were over 40 nations represented during the parade. The girls then stayed back and tried out the food trucks and watched the performances. It was a great night.

Specialist Programs


Newton Moore Students attend F1 Championships

The teams are just finishing setting up booths. They had a hectic day with registration and scrutiny followed by a Pressure Test where they are quizzed on their design. The standard of some teams would rival professional event trade booths!

Newton Moore winning opening race of competition, Dayna Walton, Year 11 from Cosmos vs Rapid Progress, Ethan College Vic

Girls beaten in second race, by Wesley College WA. Both times were faster than in the first race, which Cosmos from Newton Moore won.

Choice Programs


The Moore Academy of Sport (MASH) offers talented sportspersons the opportunity to combine elite coaching and competition with a highly regarded academic program.

Click images to enlarge

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

How to add credit on the online canteen home page

Why race around in the morning trying to find some cash to give to your child for their canteen order? Or looking for their key card when they can’t remember where they put it?!

Save yourself this hassle by signing up for the online canteen and add credit to your online canteen account as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Tap the ‘ADD CREDIT’ tab on the home page
  2. Select an amount by tapping the arrow and selecting the required amount
  3. Select payment method and complete the remaining prompts

When using a credit card or debit credit card there is a very helpful feature for entering your card number. Simply tap the ‘card number’ box and an option to ‘Scan new card’ with a picture of a camera comes up. Tap this and then a rectangle appears asking you to ‘Line up your card with the frame’. When you do this your numbers from your card will automatically appear in the require box. (You can always add the details manually if you wish)

HINT: Don’t be like me. The first time I used this feature I placed the card on top of the frame and took me awhile to work out you hold the card in FRONT of the camera and place it further from the phone until the card fits in the frame!

NMSHS QuickCliq user

School Board

Welcome to our new staff board members:

Jessica Moore

Jessica is a music teacher and has been at Newton Moore Senior High School since 30th January 2006.

Athena Hawkins

Athena is a science teacher and has been at Newton Moore Senior High School since 30th January 2006.

At the last Board meeting the Board discussed the up and coming IPS Review. The Board members also had the opportunity to look at our Secondary Achievement data. The board members encourage you to make contact should you wish to have any items to place on the agenda for the next meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 15th March at 5:30pm.

Please note the link below is an application for parents to nominate for the 2017-2018 parent vacant positions.


World’s Greatest Shave

Newton Moore Senior High School are helping to beat blood cancer by taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave!

Please sponsor us to give Aussie families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need. You will also help fund vital research so more people survive blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma.

You may not know it but blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. Every day another 35 people will be diagnosed.

Marlene Tyrie will be shaving Jasmin Buckley-Smith’s head on the 17th of March at lunchtime in the grassed courtyard. This is Jasmine’s 4th time shaving her head and raising money. She currently has a 70cm long pony tail. Jasmine will be donating her hair to the Australian Alopecia Foundation.

The boys on the Student Executive will be selling wax strips to wax their legs and raise money as well.

No matter how much you give, it’s an extraordinary way to make a difference.

Community Notices