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25 May 2017

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Principal’s Message

Effective schools, like other effective organisations, need to have a clear vision, concise plans, support of staff, students and community and a commitment to focus on improvement. Newton Moore Senior High School staff members are collaboratively putting together ideas, information and strategies for our new business plan 2018-2021. We welcome any ideas and thoughts from our parents. In the next few weeks we will be discussing the new business plan at the School Board and at the Parents and Citizens meetings.

Strong communities have strong schools and Newton Moore Senior High School is just that. Our top priority is for every student to be a successful student and to achieve their best. We know our staff are committed to going above and beyond in providing opportunities beyond the classroom. We are proud of the fact that we open our doors to all students and that our school is representative of the cultural and gender mixes of our community.

Promoting the successes of our students has been a priority in 2017. I trust you have all noticed our new look newsletter. We are also in the process of launching our new website. We continue to keep information on our Facebook relevant and recent and we love to highlight student successes at our assemblies. It is through these communication sources where we will celebrate and profile our students’ success, community support and partnerships. We are also continuing to focus on ensuring our good news stories are getting published in the local papers. We encourage you to help promote the good news stories. If you know about any the successes of any of our students or past students please let us know so we can promote and celebrate their successes through our various communication avenues.

Once again this newsletter is full of the wonderful stories and projects about our students, I would encourage you to read and celebrate with us. There are some new and exciting projects happening including “Lead Language program”, “STEM project and trials” and our most recent international tour to Singapore for our Science students. None of these programs would be possible without the support and commitment of our staff.

I find the team of staff at Newton Moore Senior High is unwavering in their dedication, determination and desire to provide students incredible learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

C&C Early Payment Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the C&C Early Payment Prizes, Maryann van der Hayden and Travis Thorp.

Country Week Payments

Payments for 2017 Country Week are now closed and the teams are being finalised. Unfortunately, a number of students have missed out on attending this year’s event due to not meeting the payment deadlines. Please be advised that, for future years, you can make small payments towards the event from early in the year. This money can be held in credit against your student’s C&C account, and then be applied once the final Country Week pricing is set. This can take the pressure off having to meet the high cost in a short timeframe. Discuss with the accounts office for more information 97222419

Up and Coming Dates

29th May

Year 11/12 Exams

Year 11/12 Tuart College Exams

LOTE Practical Exam

31st May

Lower School Leadership Skills

Year 10 SW Careers Expos

Mums and Nanas Lunch

2nd June

Year 9 Engineering Challenge

Deputy Principals’ Update

OLNA results – March round

OLNA results have been mailed to parents this week. Teachers are using detailed reports from the March OLNA assessment to provide additional support to students who will be sitting one or more OLNA assessments in the next round in August. Year 10 students are being supported in their English and Mathematics classes whilst Year 11 and 12 students are being supported in their study period (Tues Period 1 or Friday Period 1). Please contact the school if you have any questions about your child’s OLNA results.


Year 12 EST (Externally Set Task) – General and Foundation classes (Week 4/5)

We are approaching the end of the EST testing window for 2017. Students who have been absent and still need to complete an EST are asked to see Mrs Tania Martyn or Mrs Kylie Cattaway to arrange for these to be completed before Friday 26th May 2017. The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) has set Friday as the last day for assessment. ESTs are compulsory and are worth 15% of a student’s overall result for the course.

Year 10 Examinations (Week 5)

Year 10 examinations start this week. Students are completing a range of one and two hour examinations. Outside of scheduled examinations, students are attending their normal classes.

Year 11/12 Semester 1 ATAR Examinations – (Week 5/6)

The Semester One Year 11 and 12 ATAR examinations will be held from Thursday May 25, 2017 (Term 2, Week 5) through to Friday June 2, 2017 (Term 2, Week 6) at NMSHS Performing Arts Centre (PAC).

The majority of our students have returned the signed consent form and received their personalised examination timetable. Student personalised examination timetables must be brought to all examinations. .


At Newton Moore, we want your teenager to do their very best. To get the best education, they need to go to school every day.

The teenage years are a time for young people to develop independence and find their place in the world, including how they take part in their school life. We know that some children may need extra encouragement to attend school regularly. By working together, our school community can address some of the reasons why teenagers may not want to go to school.

Do you need to let the school know if your teenager will be away from school?

Yes, you need to let the school know the reason why your teenager is going to be or has been absent from school as soon as possible.

Don’t feel the need to ‘cover up’ the reason for your teenager’s absence. This reinforces that you are taking over when things are difficult. Be honest so we can work with you and your teenager to improve their attendance. Having information about why your teenager is missing school helps us plan for their return, and to work out whether we can provide any further help to you.

There are numerous ways that guardians can contact the school if their child is away.

SMS: 0400 207 827
Phone: 9722 2429
Or your child can bring a note into Student Services.

Admin Report

Skoolbag is a mobile app that communicated directly to parent smartphones. It provides access to key school information via one single Communication Centre for both parents and students. It is an ideal way to send out alerts, updates on school events, latest newsletters and other important documents.

iPhone users: Search for Newton Moore SHS in the App Store on your phone, PC or MAC and install

Android users: Search for Newton Moore SHS in the Google Play Store on your phone, PC or Mac and install

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Positive Behaviour Points

We would like to thank 2 local businesses who support our PBS rewards program throughout the year, Subway Parks Centre and Dominos Dalyellup. These businesses provide vouchers that our students can win for displaying our school values. Two lucky winners this term were Joel McCracken and Seth Kirwan.

Student Services Update

Moore Super Stars

Year 11 student Emily Jones has been selected for the State basketball team. She will be travelling to Canberra to compete in the National Championships in May.

Good Luck Emily

Year 10 student Rex Kennedy has been selected to represent WA in a competition in Malaysia throwing the Javelin, Discus and Shot put in July.

Good Luck Rex


Teens and Depression – Why Teens Are More Vulnerable, and the Risk Factors Parents Need to Know About

During adolescence, our teens will go through more changes than at any other time of their lives. Nothing will stay the same – their friendships, their bodies, their brains, their place in the world and the way they make sense of it. For many of them (and us!) there will be times it will feel confusing, exhausting and stormy.

There is so much that happens during adolescence that has the potential to widen the door just enough for depression to slip through and find its way to our teens. They will have friendship changes. Their drive to experiment with their independence will see them feel a pull away from the warmth and protection of their family. They will experience massive brain and body changes. As with all generations of adolescents, they will also be the first to have to negotiate many technological, global and social changes with much of the vulnerability of children, but with the world expecting them to behave like adults.

Next issue we will look at why adolescents are more prone to depression. You can also find more information at the following link

Learning Support Coordinator

The Year 7 Specialist Writing Class (LAN) spent first term working through an explicit teaching program directed at Persuasive and Narrative writing. The aim of the program is to help students improve their general writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. At the completion of the NAPLAN last week, the group celebrated by stuffing their faces with fairy bread and juice.

School Nurse

Whooping Cough (also called: Pertussis)

A highly contagious respiratory tract infection that is easily preventable by vaccine. Besides a cough that sounds like "whoop", symptoms include a runny nose, nasal congestion and sneezing.

  • Preventable by vaccine
  • Treatable by a medical professional
  • Spreads easily
  • Requires a medical diagnosis
  • Lab tests or imaging often required
  • Short-term: resolves within days to weeks
  • Can be particularly dangerous for infants.
  • Treatment includes antibiotics.
  • Stay at home until 5 days after antibiotics.
  • Recommended that pregnant women receive the vaccine between 28 – 32 weeks.

How it spreads

  • By airborne respiratory droplets (coughs or sneezes).
  • By saliva (kissing or shared drinks).
  • By skin-to-skin contact (handshakes or hugs).

Consult a doctor for medical advice

2017 WA Meningococcal School Immunisation Program

In 2017 WA Health will conduct a school-based meningococcal vaccination program for students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The vaccine protects against 4 strains of Meningococcal disease, including the particularly concerning ‘W’ strain. A single dose of vaccine will be given to students at school.

Consent forms will be handed out to students during Term 2 and vaccination delivered in Term 2 and 3. You are encouraged to watch out for these forms and discuss vaccination with your child or children. Please read the forms carefully, complete and sign where indicated and return the form to the school/school nurse. Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions about the vaccination program. You may also contact me on the number below for further information.

Only those students with parental consent for vaccination will be vaccinated at school.

Any students not vaccinated at school for any reason can be vaccinated at a community health centre. GP’s will not be providing this vaccine to students who miss out at school.

Learning Areas


International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C)

This year we had three teams compete in the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C). The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C) is a team-based mathematical competition for Australian secondary students. Newton Moore SHS was 1 of 7 schools in Australia to have 3 teams competing in the challenge.

Operating in teams, these students worked collaboratively to solve a problem by devising and applying an original mathematical model. The problem this year was: creating an algorithm that suggested the best place to hold a meeting where jetlag would be minimised and overall productivity would be maximised.

Constrained to a period of five consecutive days working in class time and after school in their own time, teams unpacked the given problem, hypothesised, tested, and developed a working solution, before preparing and submitting a report on their solution to the Australian judging panel. The best two solutions in Australia will progress to compete against the other participating countries on an international level. Judging will take place in June and we look forward to those results.

Congratulations to the following students on their participation:

Robert van den Dolder
Dylan Morris
Aaron Copeland
Sheiskha Albaicite
Bonnie Cook
Dayna Walton
Dale Luke
Alec Barber
Lachlan Mason

Knockout Chess Tournament

There will be a Knockout Chess Tournament being held in the IRC during lunchtimes during Week 8.

Nominations will open soon, so students need to keep an eye out for the posters around the school which will give them all the details.


Support for Year 10’s to make some decisions.

Students have recently been involved in doing a Career Voyage computer activity where they were matched up to possible jobs. Through Term Two, Year 10 students are being given the opportunity to explore their career pathway through Health, English, Maths, Science and HASS classes. Students will complete most of the lessons/activities after Year 10 exams. A special ‘Career Week’ will be the focus for most of the Career Education lessons in Week Six of Term Two.

Aims Of The activities will be to;

  • Give students the opportunity to clarify their interests, skills and values,
  • Allow students the opportunity to examine a range of career pathways,
  • Provide students with realistic experiences in relation to pathways and the world of work,
  • Develop job seeking and keeping skills of students,
  • Give students a reason to succeed, and
  • Allow students the opportunity to analyze, plan and implement career decisions.

Students will be completing booklets that will be collected for them to keep as support for when they make their choices for subjects. Towards the end of this term parents and students will be invited in for a subject selection counselling meeting for students to pick some options for 2018.

WA Police Force training

North Metropolitan TAFE will be commencing Cert III Police Studies in Semester 2, 2017. The course prepares participants for a range of career opportunities including West Australian Police, customs, immigration, parks and wildlife etc. More details on the link below.

Aboriginal Education

Girls Academy

Sorry Day 26th May

Each year Girls Academy Newton Moore holds activities for its students leading up to Sorry Day on the 26th May. Sorry Day is a very important day for our community as it gives people a chance to come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities.

Some of the activities includes making native hibiscus flowers, talking about the history of Stolen Generations, watching the 2008 Apology by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and inviting our family members in to share their stories with us.

The five petal native hibiscus was chosen by members of the National Stolen Generation Alliance to symbolize the scattering of the stolen generations and their resilience.

This flower was adopted because it is found widely across Australia and it is a survivor. Its purple colour denotes compassion and spiritual healing.


Woodside Cup Leadership Camp

Kayden Drage-Hill looking to enter the 50m arc at Domain Stadium in the curtain raiser for the Dockers Bombers game

Ryan Bennell clearing from defence at Domain Stadium in the Curtain Raiser for the Dockers Essendon game.

Steve Irons jpg – Thomas Worrigal, Mason Garwood and Ryan Bennell with Steve Irons, Federal Member for Swan

Specialist Programs

Science Horizons and Engineering 2017 Scholarship Winners




Year 9



Aiden Doak

Year 10 Engineering


Shachar Eyal

Year 9

Science Horizons

Ecoedge Environmental Pty Ltd

Wyatt Goff

Year 10 Science Horizons

Ecoedge Environmental Pty Ltd

Jecinta Jaarola

Year 11 Science Horizons



Harley Marsh

Year 11 Engineering



Alec Barber

Year 11 Engineering


Bonnie Cook

Year 11 Science Horizons

Bunbury Leschenault Rotary Club

Emmason Tucker

Year 12 Engineering


Taylar Barbera

Year 12 Science Horizons


Tamzin Turrell

Year 12 Science Horizons


Jan Fromm

Choice Programs

Coding Club

Newton Moore SHS would like to start a coding club. This club would run over lunch or recess over four days during the week. We are looking for students and staff who are interested in learning the language of coding. We would be utilising CoderDojo WA for this coding club.

CoderDojo WA is a network of coding clubs (Dojos) throughout Western Australia. Dojos provide fun, free and social open learning environments where young people can meet others with similar interests, develop 21st century skills and build creative projects of their own choice using digital technology.

Students who are interested should see, Mrs. Stewart (Head of Maths)

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

Canteen new winter menu is now available. It includes gluten free options, soup and other hot food options.

Community Notices