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17 August 2017

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

The Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) has certainly gained importance in our community. Achievement of the OLNA standard is a key component of Year 12 WACE attainment towards which all our students aspire.

As a school, we have adopted a strategic approach with our students, to develop the skills required to be successful in OLNA. Our Year 11 and 12 students have been allocated to rotating groups focusing on each component of the OLNA during their study class. Our Year 10 teachers have identified key patterns of skill development and have incorporated learning opportunities, to address these skills, into their curriculum delivery. We continue to work with our Year 7, 8 and 9 students to develop the skills required to reach their potential in NAPLAN. Achievement of Band 8 in NAPLAN 9 prequalifies students in components of OLNA therefore it is a great advantage if this level is reached.

In Week 8 and 9 of this term our students will be sitting OLNA again. It is important that our Year 10, 11 and 12 students pay particular attention to their attendance at school and apply all their effort to revise the skills taught in OLNA groups to give themselves the greatest opportunity to meet the standard. This is of particular importance to our Year 12 students as this is their last opportunity to sit OLNA during their secondary schooling.

Our staff work hard to give students every opportunity to succeed. Where we are unable to offer learning during class time, our staff are always willing to provide these opportunities outside of class time. Our Chess Club, run during break times, is well attended and is working towards the National Chess Competition held in Melbourne later this year. Coderdojo is a recent addition to our break time activities and is already showing popularity. Our afterschool homework classes have been recently expanded to include specific learning opportunities for our English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. I would like to acknowledge and thank our staff for their dedication to our students.

We are well into winter and some days have been quite cold. We are seeing more students arriving to school in hooded jumpers which are non-uniform items as approved by the School Board. Students are permitted to wear layers of white or light blue under their school shirt to keep warm should they not have a school jumper or jacket. Please work with your children to adhere to the school dress code.

Lastly, I would like to extend my congratulations to the following high achieving students in our community whose achievements do need special mention.

Patrick Farrant (Year 12) for being invited to the 2017 National AFL Draft Combine.

Malachai Bell (Year 7) for being selected into WA’s 12s Basketball team travelling to Adelaide for the National competition.

Kylie Cattaway
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Student take home laptop program

Parents and students are reminded that the student take home laptop issued to eligible Upper School Students remains the property of Newton Moore SHS.

Students are expected to follow the requirements of the agreement, keep the laptop in good working order and return it immediately should they leave school.

Failure to do so will result in recovery processes being implemented and may include the parent being invoiced for the cost of a replacement computer. These accounts, if unpaid, can be referred to our debt recovery agency.

Deputy Principals’ Update

This term has seen an emphasis on teaching expected behaviour, which is the third essential component of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

The seven essential components of PBS are:

  • Leadership which includes the school principal and a team that is representative of the school staff. The team leads the school through a process of developing and gaining consensus on beliefs, expectations and procedures
  • Defining expected behaviour by establishing our school-wide expectations (Wellbeing, Respect, Responsibility and Learning) and our PBS Behaviour Matrix.
  • Teaching expected behaviour through explicit lessons
  • Encouraging expected behaviour through our acknowledgement systems
  • Essential classroom practice than maximises learning and minimises inappropriate behaviour
  • Responding to unproductive behaviour consistently
  • Ongoing monitoring through the use of behaviour data

You can help by talking to your child and reinforcing our school-wide behaviour expectations.


Attendance at Secondary School

At Newton Moore Senior High School, we want your teenager to do their very best. To receive the best education, they need to go to school every day.

The teenage years are a time for young people to develop independence and find their place in the world, including how they take part in their school life. We know that some children need extra encouragement to attend school regularly. By working together, our school community can address some of the reasons why teenagers may not want to go to school.

Some common problems you may have getting your teenager to school:

  • They won’t get out of bed in the morning.
  • They go to bed late at night.
  • They take a long time to get ready in the morning.
  • They haven’t done their homework or are avoiding a test or assignment.
  • They are watching television or playing video games before school.

What will staff at Newton Moore Senior High School do to help?

  • Offer relevant and culturally responsive learning opportunities to engage students.
  • Monitor every student’s attendance and work with you to overcome problems affecting your teenager’s attendance.
  • Talk with you about involving support staff such as school psychologist, chaplain, Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer and other agencies.
  • Talk with you about local services that may also be able to help such as headspace….

Admin Report

Skoolbag Mobile App

Skoolbag is a school to parent communication tool for mobile phones. This school mobile app provides schools with an easy way to tell parents and carers everything they need to know about school news, newsletters, events calendar, cancellations, school notices, school information, school timetables, parent sick note forms, school documents and much more.

Skoolbag is available for iPhones – Go to the App Store, Android phones – Go to Google Play and Windows based phones – Go to Windows Store.

Search for Newton Moore and the app should show up. Click install.

If you have Skoolbag installed on your phone and you find it not working, it may be because a new version has been released.

Go to the app store for your device and search for the app.

When found it should say “Update”. This will download the latest version to your phone.

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Allira Hanczakowski

On Thursday, the 3rd of August 2017, Allira Hanczakowski, a former Newton Moore Senior High School and Maidens Park Primary School student graduated from The University of Western Australia. She received a Degree of Master of Translation Studies (Italian) with Distinction. Allira also delivered the Valedictory Address on the evening, representing all of the graduates from the Arts, Business, Law and Education faculties.

This is a remarkable achievement as Allira has commuted from Bunbury to Perth throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. At the same time she has represented Australia at 7 World Championships for Artistic Rollerskating, with her last World Championship performance in September of 2016. However, Allira has no intentions of slowing down. She is about to apply to undertake a PhD with the goal of translating a novel and undertaking linguistic and translation theory research.

Allira also intends to keep travelling the world. She first visited Italy in 2009, when she was 16 years old after forming a friendship with an Italian exchange student who her family had hosted in Bunbury. This was part of the NMSHS student exchange program with the Maria Montessori Language School in Marina di Carrara. This amazing school is situated in a perfect part of world on the Italian Riviera. Since falling in love with Italy in 2009, Allira travels to Italy once or twice a year and continues to visit this original host family. She studied abroad in Milan for 6 months in her undergraduate studies, did volunteer work in Turin teaching English in a high school in between degrees, and carried out a translation internship in Sicily as part of her postgraduate studies.

We have asked Allira to visit our school to speak to the Leadership students and to be part of our Graduation Ceremony in 2018, if she is in Australia.

Congratulations to Allira and her family. We are extremely proud of this former student.

If you have brothers, sisters or friends who have attended NMSHS and have achieved outstanding things that they are happy for us to share, please encourage them to contact Tonia Gelmi at the school via email, We would love to share their story with a recent photograph if possible.

Year 8 Living and Leading

This term the boys have been doing some renovations on the Clontarf Academy room. Whiteboards, pin up boards, old pictures and a lot of dust have been removed. The boys have been working out which tools are best to remove screws and Velcro from the walls.

Now the walls are clean, the boys will be measuring the walls to apply the new boards and add new changes. Pop your head into Clontarf to see the changes over the next few weeks!

Miss Smith

Tyreece Penny removing
the pin up board

Joseph, Rebehl and Errol helping
to remove the pin up boards

Rebehl removing the
Velcro from the walls

Leroy, Tyreece, Barry, Errol, Joseph
and Jaymen helping to clean up
the Clontarf Room.

Tyreece Penny removing the pin up board

Joseph, Rebehl and Errol helping to remove the pin up boards

Rebehl removing the Velcro from the walls

Leroy, Tyreece, Barry, Errol, Joseph and Jaymen helping to clean up the Clontarf Room.

Student Services Update



Procrastination is when we make a decision to avoid a task even though we know there is a negative consequence to that decision. Something that pretty much everyone does at some point. People procrastinate for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because they feel like they shouldn’t have to do something just because someone told them to, or they don’t think they should be spending time on things they don’t enjoy, or they feel like they don’t have the energy to do it, or sometimes it’s because they don’t think they are able to do the task, or that it will end badly and they will fail. Procrastinating might make you feel better in the moment, but it usually ends up with an even bigger pile of things that need to get done. So what can you do to make some changes?

Clarify - Make a list of what needs to be done. Identify what’s most important. Estimate the time you need.

Time limits – Set a time limit that you can tolerate and stick to it (even if it’s just 5 minutes to start with).

Pick your time – When are you most productive? You won’t be at your best if you start a task right before bed time.

Pick your place – Where are you most productive? A room full of noisy people watching TV is probably not the best place to try to do a task requiring concentration.

Use reminders – Find out the best way to remind yourself of your task. Are you a sticky note person? Does a reminder in your phone work better?

Reward yourself – Plan a reward for when you complete a task or stick to a time limit. Encourage your behaviour change!

Schedule your time – Use a timetable to fill in the commitments you already have so you can see where you have free time to work on tasks

Learning Support Coordinator

Do you find that you’re great when it comes to reading, but you struggle with the writing component in your homework or study sessions?

You may find the following list of computer software and assisted technology (recommended by DSF (Dyslexia SPELD Foundation) useful:

It is useful to learn keyboarding skills for work presentation. The use of laptop computers or portable word processors such as the Alphasmart can be very useful for students who have writing difficulties. Notebooks, Mini Laptops, and UltraPortables are lightweight and have a long battery life. iPads are also lightweight and have a built in keyboard as well as email facilities.

  • There are many portable eBook readers (e.g. Cool-er, Kindle DX, the Nook, and Reader PRS-700) as well as digital bookstores which utilise wireless connectivity to enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read eBooks, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media. They are lightweight and some eBooks have the text to speech facility.
  • Voice recognition software (e.g. Dragon NaturallySpeaking) can also be a very useful tool to help transform oral expression into written expression.
  • Touch typing programs such as Easi Keysi and UltraKey are useful to build up typing speed. Many free typing programs that would suit adults or older students are available online.
  • Pulse SmartPen records and links audio to what you write, which can then be played back or uploaded onto your computer. It is useful for when taking notes in lectures or meetings and note taking can include diagrams that can be emailed to friends etc.

School Nurse


  • Electronic cigarettes work by delivering nicotine and/or other chemicals to the user via an aerosol vapour.
  • Other names include: e-shisha, e-cigars, e-pipes, e-Hookas, hookah-pens, vape-pipes and e-cigs.
  • E-cigarettes come in many different colours; flavours and can look just like pens.
  • Under Australian poisons law, the sale, possession and use of nicotine in the form of an electronic cigarette is against the law.
  • WA prohibits the sale of products that are designed to resemble tobacco products.
  • E-cigarettes can be bought online and mailed to your address.
  • 01 August 2017 a ban on the sale of all electronic cigarettes to people under the age of 18.
  • E-cigarette use is growing at a significant rate globally, particularly among young people.
  • Short and long-term health impacts of using e-cigarettes remain unknown.
  • Inhaling anything other than fresh air can cause damage to lungs.
  • With an e-cigarette the user is inhaling liquid that has been converted into a vapour.
  • Products currently on the market have not passed through the strict evaluation process, so their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Learning Areas


Year 12 Physics

As part of the Electromagnetism Unit, the Year 12 Physics students have been researching how simple motors work. They then built their own functioning models which they were assessed on. Several designs were made and they were great functioning models using simple materials which they found around their homes. The motors will be on display at the STEM Fair.

Year 12 Physics
Year 12 Physics
Click images to enlarge


On Sunday the 13th, Newton Moore SHS Jazz Band performed for the WA School Jazz Festival playing 'Blue Train', 'Chameleon' and ‘Don't get around much anymore'.

The students played really well. Particular highlights were Samantha Morgan’s vocal work in Don't get around much and Bonnie Cook got a special mention by the adjudicator for her excellent solo in Blue Train. This is the first time in at least 11 years that we have taken the Jazz Band to this Festival. It was a great day with such a good vibe.

Thanks to Alf Mungioli for driving us up to Perth. Thanks to Jayden Williamson for working so hard with the students to lift the band to such a high standard. Catch the Jazz Band performing at the local Queens Cup Competition on the 25th of August at Busselton SHS (Jazz night starts at 6pm).

Technology & Enterprise

The Year 8 Media students have been creating their own stop-motion animation films. Each film depicts a proverb such as “The early bird catches the worm” or “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s been great to see all their creative drawings, stories and use of animation techniques.


Here is how to get the Employment Advantage

We recently purchased a program called Employment Advantage for Year 11 and 12 students. It is a five module, structured program that provides participants with essential knowledge of how to secure employment. There is no cost involved for students and it is easy to complete.

The Employment Advantage Program contributes to a student’s West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students who complete it are credited with one whole unit (5 points). VET students will be provided time to complete the modules during their allocated private study class time or during Workplace Learning time. All other students may be able to access the activities during study periods. Students have been provided with instructions on how to enrol and complete the modules.

The following Modules form the extensive part of the Employment Advantage program.

  • Module 1: Develop Optimism and Motivation in Job Search
  • Module 2: Enhance Personal Presentation and Interview Attire Skills
  • Module 3: Create Work Prospects
  • Module 4: Get the Job You Want
  • Module 5: Develop and Apply a Positive Work Ethic

We pride ourselves on providing support for VET students to develop their employability skills through the programs and activities we deliver across Senior School.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to call me on 9722 2451.

Alf Mungioli
VET Coordinator
Newton Moore SHS

Year 10 and 11 students – School Based Traineeships with Active for 2018

Collect the Expression of Interest Form from Mr Mungioli before school or lunchtime this week.

Information on how to apply is located on Get Work\CAVE\2017 Active SBT applications – students need to go to the link and copy the document.

Students wanting help with the scanning of information for the application can join Mr Mungioli in S3 lunchtime Friday 18th August. We can submit the application that day.

Active are now advertising for positions on their 2018 School Based Traineeship program.

The Traineeship provides students with a hands-on learning opportunity to support people living with disabilities to live a full and active life. To be successful students will need to have commitment to the program and a passion for the disability sector. A mature approach and willingness to mix with people from diverse backgrounds is key, along with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.


Interested students can apply using this link: School Based Traineeship - South West and complete the online application form.

It will help students if they see Mr Mungioli so he can arrange for all the necessary info below *** to be scanned for students and apply on-line at lunchtime in S3 Friday 18th August.

Students are required to attach the following documents to their application:

  • Expression of interest Form which includes: ***
    - SCSA Number;
    - Parent / Guardian consent;
    - School endorsement from Principal, Deputy Principal or VET Coordinator; ***
  • Most recent School Report with Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) Results; ***
  • Resume with the 2 x Employment or Community related referees (include contact phone numbers and email addresses); ***
  • Certified colour copy of photo ID ***

Further information about the program is located on our website: School Based Trainee Information Website. There is a great video on this site for people to view.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get experience, get a qualification while getting paid, help graduate Year 12 with a great qualification.

Closing date for applications is 25/8/2017

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

PBS lessons include a specific format that MUST be followed – “Tell”, “Show” and “Practice”.

NMSHS has now delivered their second PBS lesson:

Expectation: Wellbeing
Desired Behaviour: “Seek appropriate resolution when experiencing conflict”

A conflict situation from Dr Zeuss was shown to the students on YouTube (“Dr Seuss’ The Zax). The ‘Restorative Question Model’ was then used to show the students how to diffuse the conflict they just watched along with time for them to practice in class with a student being a ‘Mediator’ giving feedback on each of the students work and success of using the restorative questions.

For the next two weeks staff will continue to remind students of this ‘desired behaviour’ and give opportunities for students to practice, reminding them there is a way to resolve conflict appropriately.

Aboriginal Education

Girls Academy

Year 11 Work Experience

One of our Girls Academy objectives is to prepare students for transition into the workforce. Throughout the year Academy staff work closely with Mrs Potter (VET Co-ordinator) to ensure placement, paperwork and pre-placement interviews take place.

At the end of Term Two Year 11 students Jade and Casey were successful in securing work experience through South 32 and Department of Parks and Wildlife.

With a few nerves and an early start to make it to Worsley on time, both students loved their work placements. Jade and Casey said they were very grateful to South 32 Worsley and the Department of Parks and Wildlife for giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge in these industries which gave a clearer understanding of the pathways they will pursue in the future.


South West Basketball Carnival

On Friday the 4th of August, the South West Academy hosted the South West Basketball carnival at the Leschenault Leisure Centre. The Junior school competition drew teams from Albany, Katanning, Coodanup, Collie and South West. The competition was hotly contested with the final between the South West/Katanning combined side and Coodanup with the South West/Katanning side coming out on top.

MVP and Spirit of Clontarf awards from the South West Sides were given to:

South West 1:
MVP: Cody Bell
Spirit: Waylon Hill

South West 2:
MVP: Troy Bennell
Spirit: Jaymen Dann

South West/Katanning:
MVP: Steven Worrigal
Spirit: Kyle Oliver

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the day and behaviour and attitude was brilliant throughout.

A huge thank you to Shayne Taylor and Brodie Kenworthy for organising and hosting the carnival.

Boyd Davey.

Employment Forum

On Tuesday the 8th of August, the South West Academy hosted its annual employment forum at the Koombana Bay Sailing Club. Senior boys got a taste of working life by interacting with guests from the local business community and Academy Alumni. Boys had the opportunity to discuss financial literacy, mental health, legal safeties and conducted mock interviews. It was an encouraging time for all in attendance as we showcased the successes of our academy and encouraged our Year 12's to finish the race. A big thank you to Mark Skehan our employment officer and our local partners from Iluka, Headspace, ANZ, Bunbury Police, AWDC, Perkins and the Water Corp who all had important and active roles in the day.

Choice Programs


Newton Moore SHS Coding Club is on in the IRC on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes. Student are utilising CoderDojo WA for this coding club. CoderDojo WA is a network of coding clubs (Dojos) throughout Western Australia. Dojos provide fun, free and social open learning environments where young people can meet others with similar interests, develop 21st century skills and build creative projects of their own choice using digital technology

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

School Board Purpose and Values

Purpose: All School Board decisions will be made to benefit the academic, social and emotional education and development of our students.



  • Making credible and justifiable decisions
  • Acting in the best interest of the school community
  • Acting with honesty and transparency


  • Realising shared goals
  • Working in partnership
  • Sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus


  • Seeking new ideas and opportunities
  • Striving for continuous development


  • Making decisions consistent with the values and purpose of the Board
  • Following through with our commitments
  • Doing what is right


  • Being open to other points of view
  • Valuing diversity of opinion and cultural background



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