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14 September 2017

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

The research of John Hattie reveals that teachers are the most powerful influencers on learning. It is not an exaggeration to say that a great teacher can change a student’s life. The decisions and actions of a teacher in every moment of every day significantly contribute to the quality of student learning.

At Newton Moore SHS we are very proud of our teachers. They are influential, caring and actively engaged in the passion of teaching and learning.

Our staff has been the recipient of some prestigious awards in the past and this year is set to be another year of acknowledgement.

At the beginning of the year, Ashley Stewart, joined our leadership team. She previously held the position of teacher at our school but returned to us in the role of Head of Mathematics. For her work with inspiring girls in the field of Mathematics she was nominated for one of the National ChooseMaths awards. She was selected as a finalist and was fully funded to attend the awards Ceremony in Melbourne on 31st August 2017. Mrs Kerr, who was on long service leave at the time, happened to be in Melbourne and was lucky enough to attend the ceremony with Ashley. We are so pleased to announce that Ashley won the top award of the evening. She won the Mentoring Girls in Mathematics Award that recognises outstanding achievement in inspiring and fostering the participation of girls in mathematics. She received $10 000 to further develop her skills and $10 000 to support the mathematics program at our school. She is already making grand plans for 2018.

Lorraine Ellis, Head of Science, is a long term serving staff member. She is well known for her fantastic work in initiating and leading our two DET Approved Specialist Programs. Her fantastic work has been recognised in the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science. It is Australia’s most prestigious and highly regarded awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research, research-based innovation and excellence in science teaching. Lorraine has been short listed for the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools and is in the running for a share of $50 000 to further enhance the programs at our school. Award winners will be announced in October.

Furthermore, Jade Warrington, Science Teacher, is a finalist in the WA Premier’s Secondary Teacher of the Year award. Panel members will be visiting our school this term to interview, staff, students, parents and community members before making their final decision. Jade has been invited to attend the WA Education Awards Presentation dinner on 24th November 2017 where she is in the running for a $25 000 prize.

Our teachers do amazing things most days throughout the year to benefit the learning of all students at Newton Moore Senior High School. If you would like to acknowledge a staff member at the school for something small or large please don’t hesitate to share your views via email and we will be sure to pass on your appreciation.

Kylie Cattaway
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Thank you to all our parents and carers who have paid for their students contributions and charges in full this year, or who have signed up for a regular payment plan. The school uses these funds to support the delivery of curriculum programs and this money really does make a difference to the school.

If you would like to enquire about a payment plan please contact the Accounts office on 97222419.

Deputy Principals’ Update

Extra Help

Many of our Year 12s have their ATAR looming and Mock exams even sooner. The last date for withdrawing from a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) examination has expired. Students are reminded that it is a WACE requirement that if they are enrolled in a Year 12 ATAR course they must sit the external exam in that course.

Students who do not sit the final examination for a course will not receive a grade for that course and may not meet the Achievement Standard Requirement for WACE. This means that the course will be deemed to be incomplete and will not be counted for ANY element of the WACE, nor will the pair of units for the Year 12 course appear on the student’s Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA). This is also the case related to attendance and participation in courses with practical examinations (students need to sit both components).


Congratulations to those Year 7 and 9 students who have already met the Year 12 Western Australian Literacy and Numeracy requirements for a West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) by achieving at least a Band 8 in the NAPLAN tests. Individual results were posted to parents on 5th September . NAPLAN provides the school with a good opportunity to compare its performance with other schools and it also provides teachers with an opportunity to review their teaching and learning programs.


Attendance – What can you do to help?

At Newton Moore, we want your teenager to do their very best. To get the best education, they need to go to school every day.

The teenage years are a time for young people to develop independence and find their place in the world, including how they take part in their school life. We know that some children may need extra encouragement to attend school regularly.

By working together, our school community can address some of the reasons why teenagers may not want to go to school.

  • Act early. It is important to understand and work on the underlying reasons why your teenager is not going to school.
  • On average, teenagers need eight to nine hours sleep a night to be healthy and alert.
  • Maintaining a daily routine helps. This may include monitoring internet, mobile phone
  • and television use at night to ensure sleep is not disturbed.
  • Try not to make appointments or take holidays during school time. This can make it difficult to catch up on missed school-work, and cause anxiety about attending school.
  • Don’t let your teenager stay home unless they are genuinely sick.
  • Don’t let your teenager stay home to finish an assignment that is due. Make attendance the number one priority.
  • Set a good example – how you meet your commitments impacts on how they will meet theirs. Teach them that ‘showing up’ to commitments is normal and expected behaviour.

Admin Report

Magpie Breeding Season

The magpie breeding season is approaching. It is not uncommon for magpies to defend their nests and young during spring by swooping intruders. The season may last for six to eight weeks during late August to December.

Steps that can be taken to avoid the swooping behaviour of magpies and other swooping birds which may be a very frightening experience for young children include:

  • Never deliberately provoke or harass a magpie. Throwing sticks or stones usually makes them more defensive. Magpies have good memories and they may continuously swoop a potential aggressor.
  • Avoid areas where magpies are known to swoop. Remember, magpie hostility lasts only a few weeks and they usually only defend a small area of about 100m radius around their nest.
  • Locate the bird and keep watching it when entering its territory. If it swoops, don’t crouch in fear or stop: move on quickly but don’t run.
  • If you are riding a bike make sure you wear a helmet, and dismount and walk through nesting magpie territory.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses or carry an umbrella for protection. Magpies initially attack from behind but can swoop back around.
  • Adopt a confident stance as this can have a strong deterrent effect.

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Youth Advisory Council

This is your chance to become a YAC member! Successful applicants, aged between 12 to 25, will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects which will benefit young people in Bunbury, such as: Youth Connections, SHIFT Festival, the City of Bunbury Australia Day Skyfest Celebrations; TEDx Youth Bunbury as well as supporting youth initiatives.

Fun Run

On the last day of Term 3 students will be participating in the Newton Moore SHS annual Fun Run.

This is a great opportunity for students to be involved in a whole school Physical Education activity. The fun run course is approximately 5km long and includes the area of Hay Park and Newton Moore.

Students are encouraged to dress to impress and get creative with their attire for the opportunity to win great prizes!

Parents are more than welcome to attend at cheer on the students throughout the course!

Student Services Update


With the school holidays approaching it’s a good time to be reminded about some of the mental health support services that are available for students outside of school. If you think that on-going support could be useful then an appointment with your GP is often a good place to start as they can develop a Mental Health Treatment Plan and will refer on to a psychologist.

There are a number of services locally that you are able to contact directly to see if they are suitable for you and arrange an initial meeting. Some of these (but not all) are:

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS): 9722 4300

headspace: 6164 0680
Youth Focus: 6266 4333
AccordWest: 9729 9000
Waratah: 9791 2884

Other people might prefer to speak someone over the phone, or try online counselling. Some of the options for these services are:

Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800 or
Lifeline: 13 11 14
beyondblue: 1300 22 4636

The main things to know are that there is support available and if something is important enough to be bothering you, then it’s important enough to talk to someone about.

Learning Support Coordinator

The ‘Kids Health Organisation’ has the following helpful tips to help parents support their children with homework and study at home:

  • Know the teachers — and what they're looking for. Attend school events, such as parent-teacher meetings, to meet your child's teachers. Ask about their homework policies and how you should be involved.
  • Set up a homework-friendly area. Make sure kids have a well-lit place to complete homework. Keep supplies — paper, pencils, glue, scissors — within reach.
  • Schedule a regular study time. Some kids work best in the afternoon, following a snack and play period; others may prefer to wait until after dinner.
  • Help them make a plan. On heavy homework nights or when there's an especially hefty assignment to tackle, encourage your child break up the work into manageable chunks. Create a work schedule for the night if necessary — and take time for a 15-minute break every hour, if possible.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum. This means no TV, loud music, or phone calls. (Occasionally, though, a phone call to a classmate about an assignment can be helpful.)
  • Make sure kids do their own work. They won't learn if they don't think for themselves and make their own mistakes. Parents can make suggestions and help with directions. But it's a kid's job to do the learning.
  • Be a motivator and monitor. Ask about assignments, quizzes, and tests. Give encouragement, check completed homework, and make yourself available for questions and concerns.
  • Set a good example. Do your kids ever see you diligently balancing your budget or reading a book? Kids are more likely to follow their parents' examples than their advice.
  • Praise their work and efforts. Post an aced test or art project on the refrigerator. Mention academic achievements to relatives.
  • If there are continuing problems with homework, get help. Talk about it with your child's teacher. Some kids have trouble seeing the board and may need glasses; others might need an evaluation for a learning problem or attention disorder.

School Nurse

Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination Program Years 10, 11 and 12

During Terms 2 and 3 the school-based Immunisation Nurses visited all high schools in the Greater Bunbury region to vaccinate Year 10, 11 and 12 students. They will not be visiting the schools again to provide this free vaccine.

If your child did not submit a consent form to receive the Meningococcal ACWY (Nimenrix) vaccine you can book an appointment at a Community Health clinic.

Please contact Immunisation Nurse Janene Naude to make an appointment on 97952814.

As of the 31st August 2017 the Nimenrix vaccination will also be provided free by GPs for teenagers 15 – 19 years of age.

15 Tips for Succeeding on the Day of the Exam:

  1. Wake up early so that you do not need to rush through having breakfast and getting ready.
  2. Check the venue and time of the exam to make sure that you have not confused the day/time/venue.
  3. Have a balanced breakfast and eat nothing risky (probably not the best day to have a super-hot curry!). Bananas are always a good option.
  4. Before leaving home, check that you have everything that you will need – ID, stationery, map to the exam venue, etc.
  5. Head to the exam with plenty of time. A lot of unexpected events can happen on your way there and you do not want to be late!
  6. If there are people around who are panicking, avoid them. They are not doing you any favours!
  7. Go to the toilet before the exam starts. Exams can be quite long and there is no time to waste.
  8. Remember to write your name on the exam paper. You would not believe how many people have forgotten to do it!
  9. Read all the questions carefully before starting and quickly plan how much time to allocate to each.
  10. Start answering the questions that you feel most confident about. There is no need to answer the questions in order.
  11. If your brain freezes, just start writing anything and you will soon start remembering more details.
  12. Don’t spend more time than you planned on a particular section/question or you might run out of time to answer other questions and gain those extra marks! Also, leave any questions that you are unsure about for the end.
  13. Don’t be afraid to ask the examiner if you are not clear on a question.
  14. Use every minute of the exam and if you have time left, review your answers before handing back the paper.
  15. Stay calm, you have done your homework and have nothing to fear!

GoConqr. 28 May 2015, Andrea Leyden

Learning Areas


International Outdoor Classroom Day

Mrs Blackwood’s (Tyrie) Year 7 students celebrated International Outdoor Classroom Day surveying the Newton Moore Wetlands for macro invertebrates.

Students discovered tadpoles, dragonfly larvae, water beetles and other interesting water dwelling species. How lucky are we to have this great learning resource on school grounds!


TAFE Courses 2018 Open Day

Students are invited to go along to Bunbury campus to find out about courses starting in 2018 and how a TAFE qualification can make a real difference to getting a dream job.

There will be lecturers and course information staff available on the day to answer questions and guide you through the application process.

This is a great chance to get the information you need to best plan your education and training for next year.

Speak to a training manager or lecturer face-to-face, see exhibitions of student work, take a tour of a study area you are interested in. If you are unsure what to apply for, there is a quiz to match your personality to a dream career.

For more information contact Course Information Services 9780 7070 or visit our website


As part of their Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways unit ‘Work in a Team’ Sarah Keays, Chloe Randall, Simon Beggs, Cody-Lee Gehan, Mark Eversen and Hayden Collins put together a lesson for Mr Miller’s Year 8 Medieval History class on Wednesday last week. Complete with medieval stocks designed by Mark and made by Simon in Woodwork, as well as a host of props borrowed from Drama, a medieval manorial court drama enthralled the Year 8s, who were willing participants as the accused peasants, witnesses and jury members.

Click images to enlarge


Winter Carnival

On Wednesday the 23rd of August Newton Moore participated in the annual Winter Carnival for Year 9 and 10 students. Well, we couldn’t have picked a better day for the weather to turn on blue skies and the sun.

The school participated in AFL, Soccer, Netball, Basketball and Volleyball. All sides acquitted themselves in the manner we expect from Newton Moore students. The day was successful in many respects with both basketball teams winning their competitions, our strength in basketball has continued over a number of years now. To add to the basketball success, the girls volleyball team not only won A grade but were in a league of their own compared to the other schools, well done girls. Finally, Boys AFL went undefeated throughout the day winning overall.

Volleyball Girls

1st A grade

Volleyball Boys

6th Agrade

Basketball Boys

1st A grade

Basketball Girls

1st B grade


4th B grade

Mixed hockey



6th Agrade


1st B grade

Winter Carnival
Winter Carnival
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Knights Netball

Congratulation to the Year 7/8 NMSHS netball team who won the Division 2 Grand Final on Saturday. They won the game by 1 point! The team is one of four school based teams organised by Ms Sabourne.

The winning team was coached by two mums of the girls, Kate Dayman and Renee Cantwell and team consisted of;

Nyree Finnie

Elaysha Delbridge

Denise Pickett

Caylee Bielawski

Kennedy Tumohe

Libby Pense

Leikahn Anderson

Erina Fenton

Isabella Frances

Keira Dronow

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

PBS lessons include a specific format that MUST be followed: “Tell”, “Show” and “Practice”.

During this week’s PBS lesson, students viewed a video showing examples of what they can do as a bystander; as someone who happens to be there where something is happening.

Expectation: Wellbeing
Desired Behaviour: “Be a positive bystander”

Students were encouraged to be a Positive bystander, someone who takes positive or helpful action, to stop the incident or to get help. Students were encouraged not to be a Negative bystander who is someone who does nothing, or encourages the negative behaviour.

It was also emphasised to students to keep themselves safe when deciding what to do.

Staff will continue to remind students of this ‘desired behaviour’ to ‘Be a positive bystander’ referring to the posters placed on the walls in all classrooms.

Performing Arts

Fantastic Night at the Theatre: Newton Moore wows at Yoh Fest!

Newton Moore’s drama crew were a standout performance at the Brec centre for Yoh fest 2017. Performing their original production “T.V. or not T.V. – That is the Question”, both performers and stage hands showed the fruit of a year’s labour, with a polished production they could all be proud of. Their comedic timing of the cast was seamless, with the crowd in stiches from curtain up to close. Harley Marsh was a standout as Hamlet the cat, a purrfect interpretation of a very clever cat! We congratulate the fantastic effort for Yoh Fest 2017, and wish the crew luck as they wait for the 20th of September to hear if they have made the finals. Good luck, and well done!

Aboriginal Education

NAIDOC Day Celebrations will be held at Newton Moore SHS on Tuesday the 19th of September with language being the theme.

In the morning there will be the NAIDOC Day Assembly which will showcase language, dance and achievements of our Indigenous students.

At the conclusion of the assembly, parents and guests will be invited to attend a Morning Tea which will be held in the Cafeteria.

Students in Yr 7,8 & 9 during Periods 3,4 & 5 will be participating in a number of workshops such as:

  1. Language in Art Activity
  2. Language Workshop
  3. Hip Hop
  4. Cultural Workshop/Activities
  5. Drum Beat – Simon
  6. Dennis Jetta

We are looking forward to the day and invite parents and family members to attend the assembly.

Specialist Programs

Science Horizons

Osprey Project

Over the past four years, Science Horizons students from Newton Moore SHS have played an integral role in a community partnership with the City of Bunbury and the Department of Parks and Wildlife. This has seen two Osprey Nests erected near the Leshenault Inlet Mangrove Boardwalk. Osprey in the area are often forced to nest on man-made structures which may lead to conflict or destruction of these nests. Students have been involved in background research, designing nest models and providing feedback to all parties involved. With the spring weather arriving it provides a great opportunity to go for a walk and see these fantastic 18.5m structures and maybe even spy an Osprey?

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

Relationship with the Principal

As the Principal is the responsible officer for the educational leadership, operations and management of the school, the Board cannot:

  • intervene in the control and management of the school;
  • intervene in the educational instruction of students;
  • intervene in the management of operation of a school fund;
  • discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents;
  • borrow money or obtain funds;
  • purchase property;
  • exercise authority over teaching staff or other persons employed at the school; or
  • performance-manage the Principal or any other Department of Education employee.

Control or management concerns held by members of the school community are to be conveyed directly to the Principal and not through the Board. However, the Principal may seek the Board’s advice on or the Board may address and raise with the Principal any concerns that affect the satisfaction levels generally of parents, staff and students.

Community Notices


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