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19 October 2017

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

Newton Moore Senior High School is focused on providing every student with an opportunity to succeed.

Recently we said goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2017 at the final Year 12 Assembly. These assemblies are always filled with laughter, tears and hugs which is evidence of the strong bond and supportive relationship developed between the staff and students over the years. A special thank you goes to Ms McInerney who has been supporting these students throughout Years 10-12 in the role of Wellbeing Coordinator.

The next step for many of our Year 12s is their WACE exams and/or to start looking at TAFE options or employment. It is also not long until I will have the honour of presenting the graduates from the Class of 2017 with their graduation certificates at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre. Well done to all these students who have achieved success. For some it is university entry and acceptance into the course of their dreams.

The most important success however, I believe, is that each student has achieved over their time at our school is the confidence, the skills and the experiences to be active members of the community. This is an important time for the Class of 2017 and congratulations to parents, families and guardians who helped these students achieve success. Your support is extremely important.

This time of year is also a time where as a school we engage in self-assessment and planning for the 2018 school year. The focus is firmly on improvements. The decision making is driven by data. The purpose is to continue to focus on student success. Being an Independent Public School brings flexibility along with increased accountability to our families and community. To this end, we were, at our most recent School Development Day, busy providing input and compiling the newest Business Plan for 2018 – 2020.

Finally a special thank you to Mrs Cattaway who looked after the school in my absence and Ms Herbert who stepped up as Deputy Principal - both did a wonderful job. It is nice to be back.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

C & C’s

Thank you to all our parents and carers who have paid for their students’ contributions and charges in full this year, or who have signed up for a regular payment plan. The school uses these funds to support the delivery of curriculum programs. This money really does make a difference to the school.

If you would like to enquire about a payment plan please contact the Accounts office on 97222419.

2018 Booklists

Final updates are being made to next year’s booklists. These will be published and available to parents early November 2017. The online ordering cut-off date will be Friday 8th December 2017 with a view to home deliveries being made from Monday 8th January 2018. Orders can also be dropped off at the school and we will forward them to our supplier on your behalf. Campion Education also have retail stores in Malaga and Willetton in Perth, for families who regularly travel to the metro area.

Deputy Principals’ Update

As a parent or carer you play a vital role in your child's learning. Building positive relationships between home and school plays an important part in our students' education. Effective communication is the key to the success of these relationships. Working together in a partnership (student, parent and teacher) provides the best opportunity for successful outcomes. Please discuss any queries or concerns with a teacher or Wellbeing Coordinator, for example:

  • attendance
  • engagement
  • academic progress
  • social or emotional well being
  • behaviour
  • homework
  • assessment

We are committed to responding promptly and helpfully to your enquiries, concerns, suggestions and positive feedback.

National Assessment Program Science Literacy (NAPSL) Pilot Study

The Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has nominated Newton Moore SHS to participate in the National Assessment Program Science Literacy (NAPSL) Pilot Study. The Year 10 Science Horizons students were one of approximately 64 groups from across Australia selected to participate in this study, which was held on Tuesday 17th October.

NAP Science Literacy has been administered to Year 6 students in Australian primary schools since 20013. In 2016 Ministers of Education agreed the assessment would be extended to include Year 10 students.

The NAP Science Literacy Program is based on a new assessment framework aligned with the Australian Curriculum. The NAPSL Pilot Study is a set of computer-based tests designed to evaluate potential assessment items which are under consideration for inclusion in future Science Literacy tests.


At Newton Moore SHS, we want your teenager to do their very best. To get the best education, they need to go to school every day.

The teenage years are a time for young people to develop independence and find their place in the world, including how they take part in their school life. We know that some children may need extra encouragement to attend school regularly.

By working together, our school community can address some of the reasons why teenagers may not want to go to school.

What can you do to help?

  • Act early. It is important to understand and work on the underlying reasons why your teenager is not going to school.
  • On average, teenagers need eight to nine hours sleep a night to be healthy and alert.
  • Maintaining a daily routine helps. This may include monitoring internet, mobile phone and television use at night to ensure sleep is not disturbed.
  • Try not to make appointments or take holidays during school time. This can make it difficult to catch up on missed school-work, and cause anxiety about attending school.
  • Don’t let your teenager stay home unless they are genuinely sick.
  • Don’t let your teenager stay home to finish an assignment that is due. Make attendance the number one priority.
  • Set a good example – how you meet your commitments impacts on how they will meet theirs. Teach them that ‘showing up’ to commitments is normal and expected behaviour.

What will staff do to help?

  • Offer relevant and culturally responsive learning opportunities to engage students.
  • Monitor every student’s attendance and work with you to overcome problems affecting your teenager’s attendance.
  • Talk with you about involving support staff such as school psychologist, chaplain, Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer, Student Wellbeing Leaders and other agencies.
  • Come up with an attendance plan with you and your child to support them to increase their attendance at school.

Admin Report

Important Information for Year 12 Students

ATAR examinations

Students enrolled in an ATAR course MUST sit their SCSA organised ATAR examination. Students who do not sit their exam will be deemed as not having completed the course and their school result will not count towards WACE achievement. It is important that all students try their best in the examination as poor performers can negatively affect the results of other students.

ATAR written examinations will be held from 1-21 Nov 17. The generic SCSA examination timetable is attached. Students must collect their Personalised Examination Timetable from Mrs Martyn in the Front Office. The personalised timetable must be taken to every examination.

Most examinations will be held at Hay Park – Hockey Stadium (NMSHS and Manea students only) with other examinations (Engineering Studies, Drama, Indonesian and Music) being held at Bunbury Catholic College. Please ensure the examination timetable is read carefully and that students attend at least 30 mins prior to the start of the examination.

All students are required to read the Year 12 Information Handbook. A link is included below. This document contains pertinent information about ATAR examinations, what is required of you as an examination candidate and what can lead to examination breaches.

Please note that if you are unexpectedly sick or a significant event leads to a student being unable to attend the examination or perform poorly in the examination candidates must submit a Sickness/Misadventure form with supporting evidence to SCSA. This must be received by SCSA no later than 4pm on 22 Nov 2017. Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee a concession. A link to the form is below but can also be found on the SCSA website under special provisions (link below).

More information about ATAR examinations can be found here:

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Kylie Cattaway or Mrs Tania Martyn at the school.

SCSA Student Results

SCSA will release student results online at the following link from Tuesday, 19 December 2017. To log on, students will need their student number and other personal identification information.

All Year 12 students are advised to update their details with SCSA to ensure that a personal email address is used. This will avoid issues where school email accounts close prior to the release of results.

Folios of achievement will be distributed to students in January 2018.

We wish all our students all the best with their examinations, further training and/or employment.

Connect – Year 10,11 and 12 Parents

Connect is an online tool that provides parents with live access to information relevant to your child’s classes, individual assessment results, teacher feedback, attendance data and current and past school reports. Parents can access Connect on any internet enabled device at the links below. Notifications can be received via email or the ‘Connect Now’ app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Parents can adjust their notification preferences to suit their individual needs.

All Year 10, 11 and 12 parents have been sent their login access (P number and password). This email is titled ‘Connect Account Created’ from If you have not provided the school with a current email address, need your password reset or have any difficulties please feel free to contact the school administration (Tania Martyn) on 9722 2400 or via email for assistance.

Wellbeing Coordinators Report

2018 Student Executive

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected to the Newton Moore 2018 Student Executive:

2018 Newton Moore Student Executive

Bonnie Cook

Jack Harrington

Cullen Herbert

Kiri Head

Emily Jones

Harley Marsh

Mitchell Potts

Jenna Poyner

Zac Rankin

Jade Riley

Emmason Tucker

Robert Van Den Dolder

Adam Anderson

Justin Gemmill

Mental Health Week – October 16-20

In recognition of Mental Health week a number of events were held including a Youth Focus talk and a Mental Health Expo.

Mental Health
Mental Health
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Student Services Update



When you’ve done well at something, do you believe your success is because you have some natural ability in that area? Or do you believe your success is due to the effort you’ve put in?

Your answer to that question gives an indication about the kind of mindset you have – a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset.

If you have a fixed mindset, where you believe that your success is due to the natural ability you have, what happens when you don’t succeed? What sort of thoughts do you have about yourself? About your ability to succeed in the future? How does it impact your motivation to keep trying?

Alternatively, if you have a growth mindset, where you believe that your success is due to your effort and your abilities can grow and develop, what happens when you don’t succeed? Do you feel like you’re in control of the situation? Do you believe that you can change the amount of effort you put in and that will have an impact on your success?

Basically, a fixed mindset tells us that our ability is innate, and then when we struggle it makes us doubt how good we are. In contrast, a growth mindset tells us we can improve our ability, so a struggle simply shows us what we need to work on.

A growth mindset is associated with being more persistent and resilient when facing challenges and being more motivated to work harder to overcome those challenges, because you believe within yourself that you can do better.

Some simple ways to start developing a growth mindset include:

  • Accept imperfections (avoiding situations means you’ll never get a chance to overcome them)
  • View challenges as opportunities (this is a chance to learn, grow, and improve)
  • Accept that “failing” is actually learning
  • Reward actions not traits (praise what people are doing, not who they are)
  • Use “yet” (struggling just means you’re not there yet…but you can be)

Learning Support Coordinator

This term can be a challenging one, both physically and emotionally for teenagers, due to the intense work load of school, assessments and tests.

Parents can support their young person by encouraging them in the following ways:

  • Create a quiet space for homework to be completed. A place free from disruption and fully stocked with supplies (pencils, pens, paper, stapler, tape, calculator, etc.) is ideal.
  • Communicate with students about their homework, and what large projects and tests are coming up.
  • Keep a family routine concerning dinner, homework, and TV.
  • Remember that intrinsic motivation leads to greater creativity. Allow students to try a variety of activities in order to find their true interests.
  • Encourage students to keep trying when faced with a challenge. Remind students that parents and teachers are available to provide extra help.
  • Encourage children to read if they want to improve their scores in assessments and tests. The best way to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary is to read a lot.
  • Help children set realistic goals and work toward them systematically. Also, no matter what the goal (making a sports team, improving academic grades, or learning a new skill) remind children that the journey is as important as attaining the goal.
  • Allow adolescents some freedom yet, stay involved in their lives. We all learn through experience and sometimes failure is the best teacher.
  • Praise adolescents for their contributions to family, school, and community. This conveys a belief in their accomplishments and helps to build a positive self-image.

School Nurse

Learning Areas



Pizza Day

On the 22nd of September a small group from the Year 11 Skills for Work class worked together to create and deliver delicious pizzas that raised money for our Chaplain.

With the help of teachers and students, we were able to complete the day happily and successfully despite the hard and challenging obstacles.

The four students who participated on the day were, Abbey Baker, Banchima Sinwech, Alec Barber and Rhiarn Hogan. Abbey and Banchima were in charge of putting together the pizzas and preparing the ingredients we needed. Alec and Rhiarn were dressed as our favourite Super Bros. Mario (Alec) and Luigi (Rhiarn) were in charge of getting the pizzas to their designated stomachs on time and making sure everyone was having a good time.

Mr Mungioli, our supervisor, was in charge of handling the pizza ovens and making sure everything was moving smoothly and confirming that everyone who was receiving a pizza was satisfied with the taste.

Thank you to the staff who ordered pizzas. We hope that you enjoyed the day and our homemade pizza.

Rhiarn Hogan

Pizza Day
Pizza Day
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Construction Training Fund Scholarships

A fantastic opportunity for current Year 10s.

Students who do apply must have their application endorsed by the school. The students who progress through to the interview stage will have their endorsements checked.

If a student is exploring one of the opportunities below they must inform Mr Mungioli by Wednesday 25th October (he is normally available before school, lunchtime or afterschool). Interested students will then be supported to complete the online application on Thursday 26th October or Friday 27th October.

They are looking for the best students entering Year 11 in 2018 who are keen to start a career in WA’s building and construction industry!

The Construction Training Fund (CTF) is offering up to 200 (value up to $10,000 each) Scholarships across the following VET qualifications:

  • Certificate II Building and Construction - Trades Pathway (52824WA) – this would be great for any student wanting to access great training in a trade related to Building and Construction.
  • Certificate II Building and Construction - Construction Business Pathway (52825WA) - a wonderful opportunity to allow students to experience the business and development side of a building and construction company (house plans, drafting, customer relations, office work, design etc).
  • Certificate II Plumbing (52700WA) – a wonderful opportunity to get your foot in the door in the field of plumbing


Year 7-9 Lightning Carnival

Year 7-9 Lightning Carnival
Year 7-9 Lightning Carnival
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Visual Art

Congratulations to the 5 students currently exhibiting artwork in the Visions Art Exhibition. 105 works were selected from 18 schools in the South West. Students whose works were selected are - Asha Seaton Year 8, Stephanee O'Neil Year 10, Prue Gaddi Year 10, Bryson Fitch Year 10 and Shachar Eyal Year10.

Congratulations to Bryson Fitch who was awarded a Highly Commended (Year 10 Level)

The exhibition runs until 19th of November, at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries and it is a bold, bright and refreshing array of artworks selected from Year 7 to Year 12 students. Entry to the exhibition is free.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

There are 7 components for the implementation of PBS – School wide Behaviour Management:


1. Leadership (Forming a PBS Leadership Team)


2. Defining expected behaviour (Developing a Behaviour Matrix listing desired behaviours)

In Progress

3. Teaching expected behaviour (Delivering PBS lessons to all students on a regular basis)

To DO Next

4. Encouraging expected behaviour

5. Engagement Strategies

6. Responding to unproductive behaviour

7. Ongoing monitoring

NMSHS is progressing with our PBS journey. Students are currently involved in PBS lessons on a regular basis. We are now at the stage of addressing the requirements of Component 4 which is to develop a continuum of encouragement strategies used by all staff with all students.

It is not about removing what we are doing. It is about reviewing what works and the generation of new ideas, bringing them all under the one ‘umbrella’ for all staff to use.

Last Monday NMSHS staff were given an overview of Component 4 and were then asked to do an ‘Acknowledgement Audit’ where they list down what each of them do to acknowledge student behaviour. The PBS team will collate this information and with future staff and student feedback a school wide acknowledgement system will be developed.

To be effective, a school wide system should include

Category One

Free and Frequent

All staff use every day in all school settings

Category Two

A menu of reinforcers
Short Term

Awarded occasionally
Individual or whole class

Category Three

Strong and Long Term

Term or yearlong types of recognition

Aboriginal Education


Newton Moore SHS held its NAIDOC Day celebrations on the 19th of September. This year’s theme was “Language Matters”. The day commenced with our NAIDOC Assembly. It was an opportunity to highlight achievements and activities of the Aboriginal students at our school. Welcome to Country was undertaken by Phyllis Bennell. The assembled group were also entertained by students from Djidi Djidi Primary school who undertook traditional dance. Jade Riley and Peter Woods were awarded male and female Aboriginal student of the year.

Through periods 3, 4 & 5 students in Year 7,8 & 9 were involved in a number of activities and workshops such as Language through Art, Noongar Language, Noongar Cultural, Elder’s Talk, Drum beat and Hip Hop. During Lunch students were provided with kangaroo stew and damper, which went down very well. There was also entertainment by hip hop artists ‘busting some moves’.

Congratulations to those who assisted in organising the day and to the students for their engagement in the activities.

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Specialist Programs


F1 in Schools

Newton Moore is one of 17 schools competing in the 2017 F1 in Schools State Championships at North Lake Campus. We have two teams, Carbon 5 in the Professional class and Gladiators in the Development class.

Our 2 teams busy setting up their presentation booths.

Portfolios and cars have been submitted and are being scrutineered.

Carbon 5 racing against Alpha

Discussing ideas and time management

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

Annual Open Board Meeting

In Week 3 Term 4 at 6:00pm in the Newton Moore Senior High School Conference Room there will be an open Board meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, interested parents and school community members can ask questions about the role of the Board. We look forward to meeting any parents who may wish to attend. Please send any RSVPs to

How often does the School Board meet

Newton Moore Senior High School Board meet 6 times a year. The Board’s Terms of Reference (which specifies the size of membership, objectives and functions of the Board, accountability requirements, role of the chair and rules of operation) are available to any interested parents or community members at the open board meeting.

Community Notices


Sync Calendar

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events