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28 February 2018

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Important Reminder
Friday 2nd March is a School Development Day
(Student Free Day)

Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

The school year has commenced with a flurry of activity. The Health and Wellbeing Coordinators have taken the opportunity to meet with each year group and reinforce important messages. These messages include the need to fully engage in classroom activities, appropriate classroom behaviours and how this helps them in their studies, wearing appropriate school uniform and, importantly, the need to attend school every day and to be punctual. Punctuality is particularly importantly every day and this year we do not start with Form but rather students move directly into classes.

Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learn new things at school each day. Missing school puts them behind. We all want our students to get the best possible education. The building blocks for a great education start with students coming to school each and every day.

Our students develop good habits by coming to school every day. These are the very habits that are necessary to succeed after school in the workplace or in further study. Being absent from school can have a big impact on students academically and socially. It can affect their test results, progress and WACE attainment. Just as importantly, it can affect their relationships with other students and lead to social isolation. There is no safe number of days for missing school. Each day a student misses puts them behind and can affect their educational outcomes.

We recently had our first whole school assembly. It was such a pleasure for me to be able to acknowledge our very important leadership team, the Student Exec, and in particular recognise the leadership qualities of the 2018 Head Girl Bonnie Cook and our Head Boy Zac Rankin. This year, we have slightly changed the structure of our executive leadership team. Now every student has a title and a specific role. We also have the two new members on the Student Exec, the ESC Head Boys. Later in this newsletter you can see photos of our leadership team and a brief overview of what their new roles are.

At the recent assembly I again spoke about the importance of why we need our students to stay on task and give their best. The focus of my presentation was on how to be a “wise learner”. This presentation was encouraging students not to be just a good student, someone who is in class on time, someone who hands in their work and someone who does their homework. I am looking for more than this. I am looking for someone who can be a wise learner, who is inquisitive, not afraid to ask questions, who gives more than a hundred percent. We have high expectations of the students at Newton Moore. We have recently introduced a mentor program to support those students who need that little bit more encouragement. A focus for our school will always be ensuring that our students can be the best they can.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach

Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Early C&C Payment Prize

Newton Moore SHS P&C has kindly donated two $500 gift vouchers for the 2018 early payment prize draw. To go into the draw, pay your child’s 2018 C&C in full by 13 April 2018.

C&C Payment Plans

A reminder to parents that Newton Moore SHS is happy to accept the payment of your child’s C&C’s in instalments over the school year. If you would like to sign up to a payment plan please contact the Accounts office and discuss an arrangement that suits your situation. 97 222414

Deputy Principals’ Update

Parent-Teacher Interview Evenings 2018

Newton Moore Senior High School will be holding the following Parent-Teacher Interview Evenings for Semester 1, 2018.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Tuesday March 13, 2018

3:30pm – 6pm

Years 10, 11 and 12

Tuesday March 20, 2018

3:30pm – 6pm

We run two Parent-Teacher Interview Evenings to maximise opportunities for parents to access all of their children’s teachers.

We would encourage all parents and guardians to attend this evening so that you can obtain valuable information about how your child is progressing at school. Interviews will be approximately 7 minutes duration.

Parents are required to pre-book their interviews using the internet-based booking system Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO) which can be found on the NMSHS website, on the “Our School” tab, under “Downloads and Links”. Using this system you will be able to book the interview times that suit you best from any internet-connected computer. If you do not have access to a computer or have trouble making the required bookings, please contact the school’s reception staff on 9722 2400 or visit the Administration area of the school. Mrs Gwen Stirling will help you to make interview bookings.

You will be able to start making bookings from 4pm on Monday 26th February 2018.

National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)

NAPLAN is an annual national assessment of all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All students are expected to participate in the testing. They will be assessed in language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation, reading, writing and numeracy.

The test schedule is:

Tuesday 15 May

Language Conventions, Writing

Wednesday 16 May


Thursday 17 May


A pamphlet with additional information about the NAPLAN has been sent to all parents with students in Years 7 and 9.


Just a reminder that if you are visiting the school or picking up children, in the interests of safety, please do not park in the bus bays on Knight Street.

Parents are also reminded not to park or drive through the Staff Carpark because of dangers to students.


School Attendance – Truancy

Truancy is when children leave home for school, but then do not attend. Children who are truant may be trying to impress their friends, trying to gain attention, or they may be angry because of school or home problems. Truancy may occur when there are learning problems or bullying at school. Children who truant usually try to hide it from their parents.

What parents can do about truancy

Parents or guardians have an obligation to see that their child attends school, and can use the following as a guide:

  • If it has just started, try to find a cause. Think about what else was happening in the child's life when it started.
  • Parents can talk to Student services if their child is truanting.
  • Let the child know that you believe that going to school is really important.
  • If truancy continues, there needs to be a meeting at school to address the issue
  • If your child is skipping lessons, certain days or certain teachers, Student Services can help to see what pattern is emerging, and put strategies into place to minimise the risk of truancy occurring.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer Leisa Robertson on 9722 2428.

Admin Report

School photos

In 2018 the school will no longer be having a photography company coming in to take individual or class photographs.

In past years the take-up of purchasing photos has lessened and the time to coordinate and time out of classes no longer warranted us continuing this practice.

There will however be photos taken of our Year 12 group and the Student Exec in recognition of this being their last year at school and they may want a photo for memorabilia.

Knight Magazine

In 2018 the school will not be producing the “Knight Magazine “. Instead a special Year 12 Schoolzine newsletter addition will be produced.

All parents will be able to obtain a free edition of this special newsletter if the school has your email details.

The newsletter will provide a comprehensive journey of the Year 12 students’ last year at school.

Connect Year 7-12

In the last newsletter information was provided about the benefits of Connect. Hard copy information was also included in the mailout to families last week.

All parents with a valid email address were emailed an invite to register for Connect on Friday 16th Feb. The email would have come from If you cannot find the email, please check your junk mail before contacting Tania Martyn 97222400 or for assistance.

Parents who have already been issued a login (Pxxxxxxx) and password from our school or another WA government school will not receive an email. You can continue to use your existing login details to access the system. If you would like your password reset please contact Tania Martyn 97222400 or for assistance.

Manage your Connect Notifications

If your child’s teacher has set up classes in Connect or if you have multiple children you may find you are receiving a number of Connect notifications. You can manage these by clicking tools.jpg (top right) in the main screen and in each of your child(ren)’s classes. Notifications can be set differently in each location.

ICT/Technology Report

Skoolbag App No Longer in Use

Newton Moore SHS is no longer using the Skoolbag App and this service will be discontinued. We are now using Connect.

BYOD-Bring Your Own Device

Newton Moore SHS encourages students from all year groups to ‘Bring your own device’ to support learning in our school. BYOD means you can bring an appropriate laptop or tablet to school that is:

  • easily portable
  • has at least 5 hours of battery life
  • can easily connect to school WiFi
  • provide access to MS applications
  • have antivirus software
  • a screen size of at least 9.7 diagonal inches
  • inbuilt or external keyboard

Smartphones are unsuitable for learning activities because of their small screen size. There are many affordable models available on the market and the attachment includes some examples.

Y10 Subsidised Laptop Program

A number of Year 10 students have already signed up for the Surface Pro Subsidised Laptop program. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss the deadline for payment of the $500 deposit which is the end of Term 1 2018, 13 April 2018.

Once the deposit is paid, the item is ordered. Students should receive their device within a week. Participants will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro i5 tablet for use at school and as a take home device for the duration of the 3 years of schooling, and at the end of Year 12 ownership will be transferred to the student and the device kept for future use. More information is provided to parents in the attached.

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators’ Report

Year 7 Welcome BBQ and Social

All Year 7 parents/guardians/family members are invited to the attend the Welcome to School Afternoon and BBQ, March 13th 3:30 – 6:00pm.

You will be introduced to the staff and taken on a tour of the school by the Year 12 Executive and afterwards receive a free sausage sizzle, fruit and drink.

At 7pm, the students can attend the social in the Performing Arts Centre concluding at 8.30pm. Contact Student Services if you haven’t received your information slip.

2018 Student Executive

Head Boy

Head Girl

Program Captain

Program Captain

Zac Rankin

Bonnie Cook

Robert van den Dolder

Emmason Tucker

House Captain

House Captain

House Captain

House Captain

Jack Harrington

Kiri Head

Cullen Herbert

Emily Jones

House Captain

House Captain

House Captain

House Captain

Harley Marsh

Jenna Poyner

Mitchell Potts

Jade Riley

ESC Head Boy

ESC Head Boy

Justin Gemmill

Adam Anderson

The roles of our executive are slightly different in 2018

Head Boy and Head Girl

The student leaders in the school are expected to be ambassadors who embody the school values. They must be approachable, reliable and trustworthy with high expectations of themselves and others. The school leaders take an active role in all aspects of the school community and work with others to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is the most prestigious and significant position in our school.

  • Be a good role model to other students.
  • Represent the school at major events.
  • Make public speeches on important occasions and at school major events.
  • Create a link between the students and the school staff.
  • Be an ambassador who embodies school values.
  • Taking an active role in all aspects of the school community.

Program Captain

The role of Program Captain is to assist in promoting events throughout the year at Newton Moore SHS. The role encompasses encouraging students to participate in events such as the school play, music events, NAIDOC, STEM fair and school socials. The Program Captain will also liaise with the staff that are organising these events, to help in promoting these to the school community.

  • Be a good role model to other students in the school.
  • Assist in promoting events throughout the school.
  • Encourage students to participate in whole schools events.
  • Liaising with staff to help organise events in the school community.

House Captains

The role of a House Captain is to encourage all students to participate in House activities, such as the Athletics Carnival, Battle of the Knights and Fun Run. The House Captains will support staff that are coordinating the events. At the events the House Captains will take an active role in marshalling students, encouraging house spirit and participating events.

  • Being a good role model for all students in our school.
  • Encouraging students to participate in house activities.
  • Support staff in helping coordinate house events.
  • Taking an active role in all house activities.

Meet the Team

Meet the new teaching staff

Rebecca Giangiulio

Prior to joining Newton Moore Senior High School I worked as a Centre Supervisor of Crisis Services with Lifeline WA and as a Community Mental Health Worker with Ruah Community Services; my main background and interests have been in complex trauma, and suicide and non-suicidal self-injury prevention and intervention.

Dean Mercer

I grew up in Pinjarra until I moved to Perth for university. I studied Geophysics for a year until I realised the promise of a six-figure salary wasn’t worth having to do Maths every day! I then switched to English teaching and haven’t looked back. I’m the first person in my family to graduate university and they’re all very proud. I am extremely grateful to Newton Moore Senior High School and the English Department for bringing me on board this year. I look forward to working with everyone this year.

Madelaine Abbott

I am a Graduate Teacher from Curtin University. I completed my practicums at Australind Senior High School and Bunbury Grammar. This is my first placement! My undergraduate degree was in Graphic Design and Creative Advertising. After finishing that, I decided that career wasn’t for me, and tried managing high end fashion stores. I again decided it wasn’t for me, before finally doing what I should have done all along, teaching. I grew up in Australind and I love the South West, so can’t wait to put down some roots here!

Jethro Barraclough

I am a Graduate Teacher from Murdoch University. I completed my practicums at Lakelands Senior High School and Comet Bay College. This is my first placement. I have moved to the South West with my partner. I am very excited to be working here at Newton Moore Senior High School and I am enjoying working with my classes.

Student Services Update

Assembly Awards

Most Positive Start to 2018 Award

Year 7

Kirralee Hart

Year 8

Ella Thorp

Year 9

Jeslyn Shaeche-O’Dine

Year 10

Luwana Fleming

Year 11

Mark Beggs

Year 12

Cody Brodderson

Subject Awards - Year 11 Semester 2, 2017

Congratulations to the following students:


Student Name


Aaron Copeland


Bonnie Cook


Aaron Copeland


Bonnie Cook


Jack Harrington


Brooke Finnie


Zachary Rankin


Aaron Copeland


Laura Harris


Niamh Byrne


Hailey Burrows


Aaron Pratt


Aaron Copeland


Ella Smith


Dylan Morris


Shinae Starr

Learning Areas


Parent/Caregiver Math Sessions

I am happy to announce the start of our parent/caregiver Maths sessions.

These sessions will run after school on a Wednesday from 3pm – 5pm in the IRC at Newton Moore.

You can come in each Wednesday if you like or just once if that is all you need.

There is no need to book in, just rock up. You can come through the front office and sign in at the IRC with myself (Mrs. Stewart – Head of Mathematics).

These sessions will be run by myself and are for you to:

  • Find out about the maths your student is doing in any year level
  • Find out about how you can help them at home with their Mathematics and study
  • Find out more about NAPLAN (Years 7 and 9)
  • Find out more about OLNA (Years 10 – 12)
  • Ask any questions you may have about Mathematics
  • Anything else that you may need to support your child in the Maths classroom

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at 08 9722 2457.

Ashley Stewart
HOLA Maths


Information for all VET students who have TAFE or a work placement on Fridays

Friday the 2nd of March has been designated a School Development Day (SDD) which means the school will be closed for students attending this campus.

However, students who are attending a TAFE course, or other offsite programs will still be required to attend these classes on Friday 2nd March. The TAFE campus is not closed on this date and will still be delivering their curriculum. Students need to attend these classes so they do not fall behind in the content they will be covering.

Students who have a work placement on Fridays must also attend as employers are expecting students at their worksite to complete their required hours.


Anwar Fadila

Tabik pun!

That’s the greeting in my local language, Lampungnese. Like Bali, Lampung is one of thirty four provinces in Indonesia with its own local language, culture, and signature foods. My name is Anwar Fadila, Indonesian Language Assistant from Lampung province on the island of Sumatra. I come from a very small village and I am the first person from my village to attend university. Becoming an Indonesian Language Assistant has been my dream since 2015 when two of my friends were accepted in this program.

I learnt that by becoming a language assistant, I can assist Australian students to learn my national language, but also promote the diversity of Indonesian culture especially from my province, Lampung. Indonesia is not only Bali, Lombok, and Flores (where you can find Komodo dragon).

Indonesia has 34 provinces, more than 17000 islands, more than 300 ethnicities, and more than 700 local languages. For the year ahead, I want to introduce Australian students to the real Indonesia, to have a ‘tour’ from the easternmost of Indonesia, Sabang, to the westernmost, Merauke.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to act as an ambassador for my country, to learn more about Australia and promote Australian culture upon my returning to Indonesia, while strengthening mutual understanding between the two countries.

Hazuki Sodejo

Thank you for your generous welcome. I am Hazuki Sodejo, from a north island of Japan. I have traveled Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne and Uluru before I arrived in Bunbury.

This is the greatest opportunity for me to live and work in such a beautiful city. I have been really looking forward to working at an Australian school and since I started I have been impressed by the students’ energy.

I hope lots of students have the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and become interested in some aspects of foreign cultures this year.

Japan Study Tour

Newton Moore SHS students from Year 7 to 11 have the opportunity to visit Japan on a language and culture study tour during the September/October School holidays. As part of the tour students will visit our sister-school, Kawanishi Hokuryou SHS and students can now register their interest in the tour.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Where is NMSHS at with the implementation of PBS (Positive Behaviour Support)?

Staff continue to systematically teach expected behaviours as a routine part of the school day. This has used the same methods as teaching academic skills, through modelling, practise and feedback. Lesson plans have been written and teaching schedules for lesson deliveries have been organised.

Along with all staff teaching regular PBS lessons the PBS Team is reviewing staff feedback on NMSHS current ‘acknowledgement systems’. This is because staff not only teach and model expected behaviour, but must also watch for and provide regular feedback to students about their behaviour progress.

Aboriginal Education


Senior Leadership Day

On Friday the 9th of February we took our senior boys on a leadership day to Forest Adventures South West. We kitted up then scaled trees, conquered zip lines and bungee jumps and put up with Shayne Taylor's jokes. The purpose of the day was to challenge the boys mentally and physically to illustrate the job ahead in completing senior schooling. A great day was had by all.

Senior Leadership Day
Senior Leadership Day
Click images to enlarge

Indigenous Seasons Artwork

Hi my name is Kyle and this is Cody and Troy.
Last year we created a mural to represent the 6 Noongar seasons.
We were inspired by the work of a group of Year 7 boys, who as part of their STEM project, led by Mrs Murphy, created an edible indigenous garden.
Mrs Murphy helped us to get funding from Bunnings to carry out our project. We presented our design to Mrs Kerr and along with Glen we created our mural.


Follow the Dream

Australian Indigenous Netball Championships

Leikahn and Tanisha attended the Australian Indigenous Netball Championships in Gold Coast, Queensland from the 2nd to the 7th of January. They stayed at the Tallebudgera Recreation Center. Tanisha played in the Under 16s team and Leikahn played in the Under 14s team.

Leikahn Anderson

Initially I only tried out because my sister was trying out and I wanted to join as I love playing netball. I was so excited to find out that I had also made the state team. I felt so excited to represent my state as I have never been outside of WA before or even been on a plane. In the morning we trained before we checked in to our room. The older girls played a scratch match. We checked into our room and had a look around the place. Over the next couple of days we played against the other states. We had trials for All Australian team. Unfortunately I didn’t make the team but hope to make the State Team next year and be given the opportunity to trial again. Overall my team finished fifth. We only lost four games including the finals. It was an amazing experience. I would love to be given the opportunity to do it again one day.

Tanisha Anderson

I was very passionate about going to Queensland to represent my state in netball as I thought I would never get the opportunity to do so. I was very excited and felt privileged because I have tried out for state netball many times and never made it to the second round. I couldn’t wait to go to the Gold Coast because I knew it would be one of the best experiences of my life. We arrived in Gold Coast on the 2nd of January in the morning and we went to the Tallebugera Recreation Center where we stayed for the whole week. We had to wait around for a while until we could check into our rooms so we went and got ready for training. We just did a light training session because we didn’t have any games till the next day and we did a few scratch matches to get us ready for our games against the other states. The rest of the week we had our games and trials for the All Australian Teams. Overall my team finished third with only two losses out of nine games. I’m so happy and can’t believe that I made the All Australian Budgies team. I have the privilege to not just represent my state but now I get to represent Australia as well.

Choice Programs

Languages Culture Club

Languages Culture Club
Languages Culture Club
Click images to enlarge

Drama Club

Students interested in joining Newton Moore's brand new Drama Club, please see Miss Leeder or Miss Keegans for an enrolment form.

Drama Club will meet on Wednesday afternoons from 3:10pm - 4pm commencing Week 5.

The focus will be on theatre sports, as well as developing performances for YOH-Fest and the Arts Showcase.

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

Community-based partnerships are important. The School Board can play a significant role in helping form strong partnerships.

Working in partnership with the community and industry can improve learning outcomes for students as they are exposed to a wider range of experiences and opportunities.

Some benefits include:

  • encouraging parents and carers as partners in education;
  • enhancing the visibility and reputation of your school;
  • contributing to feelings of school pride;
  • offering the opportunity to support special projects;
  • being guest speakers in classes;
  • enhancing the provision of resources and facilities;
  • encouraging community involvement in school events and activities;
  • building networks within and beyond the school community which strive to develop a culture of enterprise.

Community Notices



Sync Calendar

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events