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29 March 2018

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

We have come to the end of the first term of 2018 and it seems to have come so quickly. It has been a busy and productive term. There have been a multitude of excursions, incursions and events both in and beyond the classroom. Within the classroom, our students have been engaging in a wide variety of learning activities and processes. Parents please ensure that you are using Connect and are monitoring the progress of your child and taking the opportunity to have a chat about what they are up to and how well they are going at school.

Remember it is important to take the time to talk about school with your teenager. Due to many teens spending so much of the day outside the home - at school, in sports, jobs, or with peers - staying connected with them can be challenging for parents and guardians. Expanding social circles are central to the lives of high school students; however parents and guardians are still their anchors for providing guidance and support. Helping your teenager to be a strong independent person and even having fun with them is very important.

We are now in our fifth year as an Independent Public School and we have just completed our latest Business Plan and Workforce Management Plan. Staff and the School Board have worked tirelessly putting together strategies and setting targets that will help our school to develop into a stronger and even better school. You will find our 2020 Business Plan later in this Schoolzine. We encourage you to read this document as it drives the future directions of our school. Included in this plan is the focus on our 3 million dollar STEM centre which will provide a much needed improved environment for our Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

Newton Moore SHS Business Plan

The Business Plan was developed with significant input from the teaching and non-teaching staff and School Board members. As an Independent Public School, Newton Moore Senior High School is shaping the future of our children with a clear vision and purpose focusing on excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Business Plan communicates to all staff, parents and the community the strategic direction of our school and what we want to achieve over a three year period. As principal, I will regularly report to the School Board our progress towards implementing the strategies within the Business Plan as well as the achievement of milestones and targets. Through the development of our Business Plan, we now have a powerful consensus and shared commitment to the future direction of our school.

From the Finance Team

Secondary Assistance – Help with the cost of schooling

The deadline for applying for SAS is fast approaching.

The Secondary Assistance Scheme provides help to eligible families with the costs of schooling. $235 is paid to the school to cover your child’s school fees. $115 is paid to your bank account to cover the cost of uniforms.

To make an application, please bring your Centrelink Healthcare or Pensioner Concession card OR Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession card into the Accounts office and complete your application. Applications close Friday 13th April.

Applications close 13 April 2018.

Deputy Principals’ Update

Behaviour Expectations

Newton Moore Senior High School adopts a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach to student engagement and behaviour. This places an emphasis on explicit teaching and acknowledging of our school-wide expectations (Wellbeing, Respect, Responsibility, Learning.) Our school expectations were developed collaboratively with input from all staff and students. Parents and guardians can help by discussing and reinforcing these expectations with your child.

One of our most important expectations is Responsibility. For our students this includes:

  • Wear correct uniform to school
  • Arrive to school on time
  • Bring required equipment to school

Your support in helping your child meet these expected behaviours is much appreciated.


Why attending school is important

School enables young people to build on their knowledge and skills: each day, each week, and each year;

  • Young people can miss out on basic skills, and may experience difficulties later with their learning;
  • School helps young people build confidence in areas such as communication, teamwork, organisation and social skills;
  • Going to school is a legal requirement; there are fines of up to $1,000 for families.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please contact NMSH’s School Attendance Officer, Leisa Robertson on 9722 2428.

Admin Report

National School Parent Survey 2018

As part of Newton Moore Senior High School’s improvement and monitoring procedures, parents are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the performance of the school via an online survey. This survey is part of the National Schools Opinion Surveys Program which all schools throughout Australia are required to conduct every two years.

The survey will take 5 – 10 minutes and is anonymous.

All parents who have a registered email address with the school will receive an email with the address of the survey and a unique access code (The use of the code is to restrict multiple submissions from the same respondent and can only be used once).

To complete the survey online start an internet browser and enter the supplied address, then enter your code to start the survey.

Go to the website below then enter your code.

Thank you for participating.


Please note, school will be closed on Friday 30 March, Monday 2 April and Tuesday 3 April for the Easter break.

Connect – keep up to date with your child’s learning

There are two ways to access Connect:

  1. ‘Connect Now’ app or
  2. via

‘Connect Now’ App

What can I access?

  • Reminders and notices from your child’s classes
  • Notices from classes and the school
  • Child’s attendance
  • Child’s assessment results
  • Child’s assessment results compared to the rest of the class/course.
  • Past Students Reports
  • Email your child’s teacher
  • Access work your child is doing in class

We recommend that parents log into Connect via every 2-4 weeks to keep up to date with their child’s learning.

What do I do if I don’t have a login?

We regularly send invites (email from ) to parents with a valid email address held at the school. If you cannot find the email or the link has expired please contact Tania Martyn 97222400 or for assistance.

ICT/Technology Report

Y10 Subsidised Laptop Program 2018

Newton Moore SHS is offering a one off opportunity to parents of our students going into Year 10 in 2018, to participate in the Year 10 Subsidised Laptop Program. Participants will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro i5 tablet for use at school and as a take home device for the duration of the three years of schooling. At the end of Year 12 ownership will be transferred to the student and the device kept for future use.

A deposit will be required. More information is provided to parents in the attached. The cut-off date for registering and payment of the deposit is end of Term 1 2018, 13 April 2018.

Please note that the current Upper School student Take Home Laptop program for Year11 and 12 students will discontinue after 2019 once this year’s Year 11 cohort complete Year 12.

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

GRIP Student Leadership Conference

On Thursday the 22nd of March, the Year 10 and 11 Leadership groups went to the GRIP Student Leadership Conference at the Italian Club.

We learnt about many leadership qualities such as contributing positive changes, integrity and transforming our capacity. We learned how we can transform event participation and transform our school pride.

The conference was a fun and informative event and I hope Newton Moore leadership groups will attend again.

Macy Harris

Halogen Leadership Conference

On the 8th of March, the Newton Moore Year 12 Student Executive members and Miss Sabourne attended the Halogen Leadership Conference in Perth. Along with many other schools across Western Australia, they listened to four inspirational speakers, John Coutis, Sarah Jamison, Andrew Embly and Rick Ardon.

We heard their stories of success and their journeys to get there. Every one of them had a different story to tell, but the one that was the most inspirational was John.

I would like to tell you a bit of what John said to us as it touched all of our hearts; I hope it will do the same to you.

The first thing you should know about John is that he has no lower part of his body, from the hips down, he has nothing. Before he had his legs amputated, he had very deformed legs.

This disability made him a target for bullies at school, so he always hid from everyone. But one day, he told himself, “Do you know what? I’m not going to let them drag me down, I am who am. If they don’t like it, well tough luck. So he went to school with his head held high, then the bullies saw him.

They pinned him down on the ground, tied his hands and feet together and dragged him to a bin. They threw him in the bin and set it on fire. They left him to burn to death, but a teacher came and saved him.

She put her life at risk to save his. That story touched all of us. Then he said something else that was very inspirational.

He taught us that no matter what, each and every one of us has meaning and value and no matter how many times somebody puts you down or throws you away, you still have value.

The other speakers were amazing as well, sharing their struggles and journeys, but we all found John the most inspirational out of all of them.

-Kiri Head

Student Services Update

The spare uniform cupboard needs you! (or at least your old uniforms)

Do you have uniforms lying around in a cupboard that your child has grown out of? Our spare uniform cupboard, located in Student Services, is looking pretty bare so we’d appreciate being able to take your spares from you. We can always put them to good use. Students are often provided with items of spare uniform from our cupboard and would greatly appreciate your donations.

If you have a friend or neighbour whose children used to attend our school, would you spread this message?

Parent Teacher Night

On Parent Teacher Night last Tuesday, the Leadership Group donned the blue blazers and assisted with the logistics of the evening. Duties were performed admirably. They greeted and directed parents and provided them with maps to help them navigate the corridors to their interviews.

Our avid Leadership students also kept teachers hydrated and refreshed with bottles of water, tea and coffee.

This was a great experience as students got to meet and interact with wonderful parents and help teachers out.

Overall, it was a great night.

Tonia Gelmi
Wellbeing & Program Coordinator Year 8/10/12
Newton Moore Senior High School

Assembly Awards

Congratulations to Students of the Month

  • Year 7

Annas Atif

  • Year 8

Toree Gilmore

  • Year 9

Asha Seaton

  • Year 10

Brayden Hill

  • Year 11

Laura Birech

  • Year 12

Aaron Copeland

School Nurse

Bullying – No way Day

The national definition of bullying for Australian schools says:

Bullying is an ongoing misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that causes physical and/or psychological harm. It can involve an individual or a group misusing their power over one or more persons. Bullying can happen in person or online, and it can be obvious (overt) or hidden (covert).

Bullying of any form or for any reason can have long-term effects on those involved, including bystanders.

Single incidents and conflict or fights between equals, whether in person or online, are not defined as bullying.

Signs a parent or carer might notice include if their child:

  • doesn't want to go to school or participate in school activities
  • changes their method or route to school or is frightened of walking to school
  • drops in academic performance
  • changes in sleep patterns
  • changes in eating patterns
  • has frequent tears, anger, mood swings
  • takes money from home
  • has unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches
  • loses or brings home damaged belongings or clothes

The signs of possible bullying online can be the same as signs of other bullying, but include other behaviours with phones and computers, for example:

  • being hesitant about going online
  • seeming nervous when an instant message, text message or email appears
  • being visibly upset after using the computer or mobile phone, or suddenly avoiding it
  • closes the screen, or hides the mobile phone when others enter the room
  • spending unusually long hours online in a more tense, pensive tone
  • receiving suspicious phone calls, emails or packages.

March 16 2018 was national Bullying No Way Day. We set up a table with No to Bullying posters, free Bullying No way information cards and bracelets. Lots of the students made cakes, muffins and banana bread in Home Economics, which we gave to students for free to ensure they were aware of this very important day.

Learning Areas


Year 7 science students learning about simple machines enjoyed designing and building their own pulley systems. They also evaluated each other’s constructions using the categories design, workman/workwomanship and load bearing capacity.


Innovators’ Tea Party

Inspiring more young West Australian girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Mrs. Stewart joined The Innovators’ Tea Party on Saturday 17th of March. These people link successful women working in STEM with high school students in engaging, speed-networking events.

The mentors are selected from a range of industries and backgrounds and are passionate about telling their stories and promoting their fields.

Innovators’ Tea Party events are free to all students in Years 10-12. They will be holding another event in Mandurah in May. Here is the link:

T &E

Mr Cullen and Mr Allan’s Year 11 classes have come up with a wide variation of tea trays to meet the design brief, ranging from traditional to more contemporary designs.

The Year 11s, in the meantime, have been making a chessboard using pine and jarrah to create the checkerboard effect. Students have devised different solutions for the frame that surrounds the chessboard.

Of particular interest was Daniel McLachlan’s ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired version where inscribed sections of the frame can be slid in and out, allowing you to play as a ‘Lannister, Baratheon, Starks or Targaryen.

Robotics Programming

Students in the Year 9 Robotics course have been constructing robots in preparation for programming. Students gain valuable experiences in programming fundamentals using a range of hardware and software tools. It makes programming more relevant when you can actually code and see the results instantly through the actions of the robot.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

PBS lessons include a specific format that MUST be followed: “Tell”, “Show” and “Practice”.

NMSHS PBS Behaviour Matrix: PBS Lesson - Expected behaviour



Expected Behaviour


Class time

Stay in class and stay on task


Students were asked the following questions to set the scene for their PBS Lesson

  • Why is it important to stay in class?
  • What happens to your education if you don’t?
  • What is the effect on others around you if you’re not on task?


Students watched a video of teachers role playing a scenario in a classroom where they entered incorrectly and were not on task: One of them even stood up to leave the class!

The video then showed the same scenario being repeated, this time with students’ role modelling the correct way to enter a class and them all being on task. When one student went to leave the class, he was reminded to “stay in class and stay on task” by his peer.


The students were then asked to come up with three tips on how to stay in class and stay on task

(E.g. bring a water bottle to class, eat at Recess, go to the toilet at Recess etc.)

Positive Behaviour Support for Parents in the Southwest

Dr Tim Lewis, international leader of the Positive Behaviour Support framework will facilitate a session for parents on how they can use positive strategies to help their children be more successful at school and at home.

Aboriginal Education


On Thursday the 15th of March, the Coodanup Academy visited for a senior scratch match. Coodanup have been our long-time allies. It was wonderful to have a hit out with them in the lead up to Clontarf Cup on April 5th.

The game was entertaining with excellent skills on show. Our Clontarf Spirit award went to Jackson Hill who played an excellent game, including teammates wherever possible, and encouraging others to do their best.

Thanks to the staff and families who watched and supported our boys.

Specialist Programs


Synergy Schools Solar Challenge

The Synergy Solar Schools Challenge took place at our very own school on Tuesday 20th March. The challenge, which is sponsored by Synergy and STAWA, consisted of the gathering of 14 South West schools who were required to construct and race their very own Solar Cars against each other, competing for a place in the Finals in Perth next month. The two 20m race tracks were constructed early Tuesday morning on the NMSHS tennis courts where racing took place throughout the day. The challenge is based around STEM and the need to make use of renewable energy for the future. The Newton Moore year 8 Engineering class who were involved were commended on their assistance and being positive ambassadors for our school throughout the race day.

Choice Programs

Culture Club

2018 has seen the return of the Newton Moore Culture Club at Monday lunchtimes. These interactive sessions have been presented by our language assistants Pak Anwar and Hazuki Sensei. Students have developed their origami skills and played pop music using angklung, traditional bamboo instruments from Indonesia.

This week, students learned how to play congklak, a traditional board game played in Indonesia. Students had a lot of laughs learning to play. “It looks fun but it’s actually difficult” said Elaine. Anan said “It’s a very traditional game and played in lots of countries”.

Culture Club is open to all students and held every Monday lunchtime in the Indonesian Room (B2).

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

Board appointed members from Community and Industry

The School Board is made up of parents, staff and the school principal. The Board is also encouraged to appoint members from industry and or community groups.

The School Board generally tries to appoint members who can benefit the group. In the case of Newton Moore this may be persons who have a strong background in Science as we are a science specialist school or may be someone with an interest in Vocational Education and or maybe Aboriginal Education to ensure that the unique features of the school are represented.

Board appointed members create a balance to the School Board and provide additional representation and bring with them different viewpoints and ideas.

Community Notices


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