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21 June 2018

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

It has been a great first semester and it is exciting to see the many successes of our students in the many difference contexts. The positive reputation of our school is a true reflection of the culture we have established and continue to enhance.

Like any school, we occasionally have to contend with some inappropriate behaviour from our adolescent students. This is very much a part of the learning and maturing process. At our school, we have excellent processes in place to deal with this when required in a timely and educative manner. Thankfully our Student Services team and all staff work tirelessly to ensure we have an environment which will never tolerate poor behaviour and it is very much a case of an isolated incident from time to time. Our school is a Positive Behaviour School which means we focus on trying to consistently reward good behaviour. Most recently all the staff did some professional learning on dealing with students who have experienced trauma as part of our Positive Relationships priority. Parents and guardians can be assured the culture of respect, high standards and expectations are alive and well at Newton Moore Senior High School.

I want to take the opportunity in this Schoolzine to remind parents that we support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device Policy) and we strongly encourage parents to investigate students bringing their own technology devices to the classroom. Educational research overwhelmingly supports the use of technology with successful learning. With our 2018 booklists we provided a list of recommended devices that we strongly encourage parents to investigate buying for their children.

Semester One reports will be distributed on 28th June via email and Connect. These reports are a great mechanism to get feedback on your child’s progress so far. The comments we supply are generic because now with ‘Connect ‘, parents have access to regular feedback on how their child(ren) has gone on individual assessment pieces for all subjects. For parents and guardians this is important, immediate information on your child’s progress. We strongly encourage you to discuss with your child how they are going and we ask you to find out what you need to do to support your child so they can make further, continual improvements.

It has been a fantastic first semester. I would like to thank the whole school community for their efforts.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Unpaid Specialist Program Charges

If your child is participating in one of the specialist programs at NMSHS:Horizons, MASH or Engineering, please ensure that you have paid the program’s compulsory charges.

If this is not paid by the time your child chooses their selections for next year, they may be excluded from that program in 2019. Please contact the Accounts office on 9722 2419 regarding payment of these charges.

Graduation Ceremony

The Year 12 Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday 15th November. The cost for students to attend this event is $25. This payment is compulsory if your graduating student wants to attend.

Please make payment for this event to the Accounts office using any one of our usual payment options.

Payments can be made to the school via the following methods:

Bank Transfer

Account name:

Newton Moore Senior High School



Account #:



Student name, Graduation


School Biller Code:



Your child’s unique student number listed
on all invoices and statements


Please call the Accounts office on 9722 2419 with your credit card details.

At the office

Cash, Cheque and EFTPOS

Deputy Principals’ Update

Communicating with Parents

There is plenty of evidence that shows positive communication between parents and teachers helps to improve academic performance. Ongoing communication with your child’s teacher or other school staff is essential to make sure they can tailor their approach and work with you to get the best results from your child.

Week 9 arrangements – Year 11/12 students

During Country Week, Year 11/12 classes will not run as usual. Students will be arranged into study groups and supported by teachers to access and complete work prepared by their classroom teachers. Work packages will be stored in the Library of each Connect class they are enrolled in. Students are expected to attend school (if they are not attending Country Week) and should have their school issued laptop or BYOD device with them to access the work.

All students, whether attending Country Week or not, are expected to complete the work prepared by their teachers by the beginning of Term 3.


School Attendance – Truancy

Truancy is when children leave home for school, but then do not attend. Children who truant may be trying to impress their friends, trying to gain attention, or they may be angry because of school or home problems. Truancy may occur when there are learning problems or bullying at school. Children who truant usually try to hide it from their parents.

What parents can do about truancy

Parents or guardians have an obligation to see that their child attends school, and can use the following as a guide:

  • If it has just started, try to find a cause. Think about what else was happening in the child's life when it started.
  • Parents can talk to Student Services if their child is truanting.
  • Let the child know that you believe that going to school is really important.
  • If truancy continues, there needs to be a meeting at school to address the issue
  • If your child is skipping lessons, certain days or certain teachers, Student Services can help to see what pattern is emerging, and put strategies into place to minimise the risk of truancy occurring.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer Leisa Robertson on 9722 2428.

Admin Report

Connect – School Space

We have now opened School Space in Connect. School Space is a central communication tool designed primarily for school‐parent communication although we have given access to students as well.

Log into

All notices we post in School Space will be stored there and can be browsed or found using the search function.

Connect – Accessing my child’s assessment results

Log into

Select the My Children Tab and Assessment Outlines underneath your child’s name.

Connect – Notifications

Are you receiving too many email notifications from Connect?

Your notifications can be changed/managed to suit your own personal preferences. Access the My

Connect tab and select Notifications to make changes.

Managing your Notifications

If you would like to minimise the number of email notifications that you receive select the My

Connect Tab and then the Notifications Tab (as above)

  • Classes tab: Untick under Notices ‘A new notice is created’ for each class that is listed. Each class has a drop down arrow.
  • Spaces tab: We recommend keeping ‘A new notice is created’ ticked in spaces so that you receive alerts regarding whole school notices (alerts can be via email or the Connect Now App – see below).

Alternatively, you can receive notifications via the Connect Now App rather than email. If you have downloaded the App to any device and logged in using your username and password you will have the option of directing your notifications to the app (instead of email) or both. The view will look like this.

‘Connect Now’ App

What can I access?

  • Reminders and notices from:
  • Classes
  • School Space
  • Notices from Classes and School Space
  • Attendance
  • Assessment results
  • Assessment results compared to the rest of the class/course.
  • Past Student Reports
  • Email your child’s teacher
  • Access work your child is doing in class

ICT/Technology Report

A reminder that all Year 11 and 12 students need to bring their laptop computer to school each day (either the computer they have loaned from the school or their own device).

Students must renew their school Take Home Laptops at the Information Resource Centre before the end of term. Renewal can be done before school, recess and lunch, after school or during Senior School Time.

Students in all years are strongly encouraged to bring their own device to school each day.

Please note the school Take Home computer program will not continue beyond 2019. All Year 10 students will need to have their own device for Senior School next year, which will need be brought to school each day.

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Parenting at the speed of light #7 Cyberbullying – What to do

Cyberbullying - What to do

Determine if it is truly serious and if it is more emotional for you than for your child. Is it happening repeatedly, and is it more than kids teasing each other or just being mean once?

If you can identify the bully, notify the school as it is more than likely happening at school as well.

Remind your child that they are loved and supported so they know that they can speak up when things go wrong online and feel safe doing so.

Make sure your child knows not to retaliate in any way as their bully is waiting for a bite back from them. By not retaliating they are taking the power away from their bully.

Encourage your child to take a break from being online to reduce stress and anxiety.

Make sure you know how to help your child block their bully and how to report the abuse to the app or site that it is happening on. Facebook allows you to block or unfriend in the app, Instagram allows you to hide inappropriate comments and block follows in the app. This way the negative comments will be filtered before it is even seen, and the bully will not get the response that they are hoping for. There is no way to report Snapchat bullying or harassment via the app you have to fill out a form on the Snapchat website.

Take screenshots, date and time stamp them, report the abuse to the site that the offending content is posted on. If the offending content is not removed within 24-48hrs file a complaint via the link below.

If the bullying contains threats of harm or child pornography, report immediately to your local Police. Make sure that you ask them to document your complaint and ask for the “Event number” a number they will write on a little card for you. If you have reported to General Duties Police make an appointment to speak to the Youth Liaison or School Liaison Officer at the earliest opportunity – they will ask for the event number so they can follow up.

Remind your child only to connect with people that are friends in real life and check to make sure their social media apps are set to private so they have complete control over who is connected to them.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

University of Notre Dame Events

A Day in the Life of a Uni Student - Friday 6 July

Year 10, 11 and 12 students are invited to Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus for A Day in the Life of a University Student to experience what student life at Notre Dame is really like! Visit our campus, take part in lectures and activities, enjoy a tour of our town university, and meet current students and academics.

1-on-1 Advice Sessions - July 9-July 13

Considering your uni options but unsure of the right degree for you? Book in for a 1-on-1 advice session at the Fremantle Campus during the July school holidays. Speak with our advisors about degrees that align with your strengths and interests and how to apply.

Notre Dame Open Day - Sunday 19 August

Kick-start your Uni journey at the Notre Dame Open Day. Enjoy the atmospheric Fremantle campus, check out the facilities, enjoy music, food and games and get involved in the festivities.

University Open Days 2018

22 July


ECU Joondalup

28 July


Murdoch University

29 July


Curtin University

12 August


ECU Mount Lawley


19 August


Notre Dame University

26 August


ECU Southwest

Meet the Team

Meet the new VET Coordinator

I have worked in the VET sector as a Cooking lecturer for the past eight years. Previously I was a chef who lived in the UK and USA for many years. I was looking for a change where I was still able to mentor, guide and help students who have chosen the VET pathway. I am excited to be part of the Newton Moore Team, and I look forward to offering our students some new and exciting opportunities that will hopefully assist them when they finish school.

Student Services Update

Assembly Awards

Congratulations to Students of the Month for June

Year 7

Ebony Gowland

Laureli Bryan

Year 8

Toree Gilmore

Denzil Carr

Year 9

Tauv Castleton

Year 10

Aiden Doak

Tyler Gallagher

Year 11

Cassara Hill

Year 12

Banshima Sinwech

These students have been nominated by more than one staff member for the positive contribution they make to their own learning and the culture of the school.

Learning Areas


Host Families Needed

Newton Moore SHS is hosting Japanese high school students (Term 3) and we need your help to give them a taste of our Aussie culture.

Hosting is as simple as involving the student in your daily routines such as walking the dog, kicking a ball in the park, enjoying a BBQ, and even helping out with chores! These simple things we enjoy are often the highlights of their trip.

The students will be in home stay placements stay for 17 days, from 29th July to 14th August.


In Humanities and Social Sciences, our Year 7s have been completing research on natural disasters and the cause and effects of two floods that occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Brisbane, Australia.

Both of these floods occurred on the same day, and we have been looking into the devastating effects and how they differ. The students have enjoyed finding information about another country.

Give A Damn, Give A Can

This group of amazing Year 8s took on the challenge set by Student Services to see what they could do for the local Foodbank. They managed to donate over 100 cans of non-perishable items to the annual Rotary appeal.

Students understood that what they were doing was going to make a difference to those who were in need in the local Bunbury area, and enthusiastically they did their best to raid their parents pantries at home and bring in as many cans as they could to help out.

To say thank you for the effort they put in, Mrs McInerney from Student Services organised a pizza lunch for the class. The students were very happy with this, but said they would be happy to help out even if they didn’t get the lunch at the end.


Genetics – Vegetable People

Year 10 students in Science have been learning about Genetics. To model the inheritance of characteristics they made vegetable people out of onions, potatoes, carrots etc. This activity teaches students about random distribution of genetic material and dominant and recessive characteristics. It was a very “hands on” and tactile method that engaged the students in a fun way with an otherwise fairly theoretical topic.


Year 11 Biology students have been looking at cells and the transport of nutrients and wastes across the cell membrane. Of particular focus was the surface area available for the exchange of these materials. Utilising technological equipment (Data loggers and the ‘Multilab’ computer program), students manipulated temperature probes, to graph electronically, the change in temperature of hot water over time, of objects representing different surface area volume ratios.

Year 12 Biology students have been focussing on Homeostasis (maintaining a relatively stable internal environment regardless of changes in the external environment). They were investigating how changing the amount of surface area of an organism, compared to their volume, would affect the amount of heat lost to the environment. Using identical shaped glassware filled with hot water students recorded the temperature changes over 20 minutes to see which shape lost heat quicker and related this to real life examples in different environments.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

This PBS Lesson had a focus on appropriate student behaviour at the Canteen.



Expected Behaviour


Break times

Line up and wait patiently at the Canteen

PBS lessons include a specific format: “Tell”, “Show” and “Practice”.


Students discussed how they behave when ordering food in different contexts:

E.g. At a restaurant, At Maccas or at a food truck at an event like the Bunbury show.


Students completed a questionnaire ticking if the listed behaviours were ‘appropriate’ or ‘not appropriate’ when purchasing food (see ‘Menu’ below).

Students were also shown some of the benefits like:

  1. The Pre-ordered food queue will ALWAYS get served first! So pre order your food (before school) for recess and lunch.
  2. You can order your food ONLINE! You can even order it weeks in advance!


Students were asked if they could help the Canteen ladies out by making some signs to hang in the Canteen (see poster information below), this would help students to practice how to line up and wait patiently at the Canteen.

Aboriginal Education

Girls Academy

Girls Academy members have been training for a new competition against other Girls Academy programs. The girls have been getting up early on a Thursday to be at training at 7.15am. Their commitment, even in the freezing cold mornings, has been impressive.

The girls are training to play AFL against various other Girls Academy teams at the Coastal Cup. This competition is new this year and will be held in Mandurah during Term 3.

News from Parent Bodies


Canteen – change in opening hours

The canteen will not be open for breakfast service from Thursday until the end of term. We will still be open for recess although will only be serving PRE-ORDERED lunches during the lunch break. Students can pre-order at recess or online.

School Board

School Board members have an important role and as such they need to be highly professional representatives. School board member’s creed:

  1. acknowledges their role and responsibilities in relation to the school board
  2. agrees to maintain confidentiality, act professionally and with integrity whilst a member on the school board, and
  3. agrees not to disclose information obtained from the school or as a result of the school board.

All new School Board members have an induction session to go over the board requirements.

Community Notices


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