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4 April 2019

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

We have come to the end of the first term. It has been a busy and productive one. There have been a multitude of activities and events, both in and beyond the classroom. Within the classroom, our students have been engaging in a wide variety of learning activities and processes. Please ensure that you are using Connect and monitoring the progress of your child, and taking the opportunity to have a chat with teachers, about what they are up to and how well they are going. Connect is our main form of communication with parents and this platform provides lots of opportunities to see how your child is going at any point in the school year. Connect also allows parents to see what type of work and homework your child is receiving.

Previously, I mentioned the importance of attending school each day. Our attendance data shows an improvement overall in attendance rates, which is fantastic. However, there are still some students who are frequently missing school, or are continually arriving late. Please try and support us to get your child to school every day and on time. This is an essential life skill.

We can help children develop resiliency. It involves behaviours, thoughts and actions that can be learned over time. Parents can work with their children to help themselves. This is at the core of building a resilient individual. The following are some tips to build resilience:

  • Make connections - teach your child how to make friends.
  • Help your child by having him or her help others. Children who may feel helpless can be empowered by helping others.
  • Maintain a daily routine - sticking to a routine can be comforting to children.
  • Take a break - teach your child how to focus on something, besides what’s worrying him or her.
  • Teach your child self-care - teach your child the importance of making time to eat properly, exercise, rest and have ‘down time’ to relax.
  • Move toward your goals - teach your child to set reasonable goals and then to move toward them, one step at a time.
  • Nurture a positive self-view - help your child remember ways that he or she has successfully handled hardships in the past.
  • Look for opportunities for self-discovery - tough times are often the times when children learn the most about themselves.

At our school we can support your child by providing Mindfulness sessions run by the talented Mrs McInerny. Your child can also make an appointment to talk to our wonderful student services staff, if they have personal issues which are concerning them.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Ms Ashley Stewart who was one of only 12 educators Australia wide to win the prestigious Commonwealth Bank teaching awards. The prize for this award was $40,000 which will be used for projects and professional learning for staff. This is an outstanding achievement and a great coup for our school.

Please encourage your child to relax and enjoy the vacation break, so that they can return back to school safe and ready for more learning in Term Two.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

C&C Payment Plans

A reminder to parents that Newton Moore SHS is happy to accept payment of your child’s C&C’s in instalments over the school year. If you would like to sign up to a payment plan, please contact the Accounts office on 97 222419 to discuss an arrangement that suits your situation.

Deputy Principals’ Update


The National Assessment Plan - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for Year 7 and 9 students will be occurring in Weeks three and four of Term Two (14 May - 24 May). Prior to taking NAPLAN Online, students, teachers and parents are invited to use the public demonstration tests, to familiarise themselves with the type of questions and related functionalities available in the NAPLAN Online assessment.

Some of the key features include a range of question types, onscreen tools, timers and interactive navigation. Students are encouraged to try all the tests for their year level and to practise the complete range of question formats available in the online assessment.

The demonstration tests cover a sample of possible questions. They do not reflect the full range of literacy and numeracy content or skills NAPLAN Online will assess.

Further information can be found at the NAPLAN website (see below):


What the Law Says

Under Western Australian law (School Education Act 1999), parents must send their children to school unless:

  • They are too unwell
  • They have an infectious disease
  • The principal is provided with a genuine and acceptable reason

You must let the school know within three days why your child is not attending.

Under school law, schools must:

  • Monitor attendance of students
  • Follow up with parents and caregivers on student absences

What Happens when your child misses school without a valid reason?

The following steps will be taken until the issue is resolved:

  • Your school will ask you for an explanation
  • Your school will meet with you to discuss ongoing issues and a planned response
  • Your case will be referred to the local district education office or the Department of Education and Training
  • A School Attendance Panel will be set up to review the steps taken and provide advice
  • In some cases, you will be fined

Support and Help for Families

If your child is reluctant or refuses to go to school, or is missing school without you knowing, there is support and help available. Contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer, Leisa Robertson, on 9722 2428, or your District Education Office on 9791 0300.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help your child catch up on missed work.

ICT/Technology Report

Looking after your BYOD while at school

We are pleased to see many more students bringing their own device (laptop or tablet) to school. The school does not have the facility to provide secure storage for BYOD or other personal items, so students are required to keep their devices secure and protected while at school.

We strongly recommend students use strong laptop bags/pouches and that devices are kept with students at all times and taken into classes.

During HPE classes, bags are kept secure in the change rooms, with doors locked for the duration of the class.

Again, we recommend BYOD devices are covered by your own personal home/contents insurance.

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Year 7 Social

Disco, disco, disco! Wow, the Year 7 students love to dance!! The Student Executive Team helped to run the night and make it the success it was. The students enjoyed the night very much, participating in party games run by the Student Exec. Popcorn and juice boxes were enjoyed by all, even though more popcorn ended up on the floor than in the students’ mouths.

Halogen Leadership Conference

Leadership can be displayed in many different ways

Different people can be leaders, whether they develop into a leader or are a born leader. A leader is one that knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

The Student Executive Team were lucky enough to attend the Halogen National Young Leaders Conference in Perth, on Monday 25th March, 2019. At this conference the team learnt a lot about leadership and life and how to overcome challenges that may arise. The students listened to four incredibly inspiring guest speakers, who shared their stories of leadership and success. The students were educated on goal setting and how working hard to achieve those goals is how they succeed.

Student Services Update

Assembly Awards

Congratulations to Lara Riley who received the National CSIRO Indigenous Mathematics Award.

WAPRES Languages Scholarships

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 WAPRES Languages Scholarships.


Qing Chen


John Carcallas

Long Table Lunch

Congratulations to Newton Moore Senior High school for being a major beneficiary this year from Bunbury Chef Long Table Lunch. Mrs Stirling and Ms Read-Smith sit on the committee and many staff and students volunteered on the big day, to assist in feeding over 500 people.

Staff Volunteers

Student Volunteers

Stephen and Michelle Dennis

Jazman Beggs

June Sheehan

Frank Scibilia

Daniel McDonald

James Truong

Shayne Taylor

Abbi Curti

Ben Dunning

Chef Long Table Lunch has now raised over $1,000,000 for local charities.

Thank you, Bunbury Chef Long Table Lunch, for providing Newton Moore Senior High School with our coffee machines.

We look forward to upskilling our students and assisting them in gaining numerous employability skills for when they graduate from High School.

School Nurse

2019 WA Meningococcal W School Immunisation Program

In 2019 WA Health will conduct a school-based meningococcal vaccination program for students in Years 10. The vaccine protects against 4 strains of Meningococcal disease, including the particularly concerning ‘W’ strain. A single dose of vaccine will be given to students at school.

Consent forms have been handed out to students during Term 1 and vaccination delivered in Term 2. You are encouraged to watch out for these forms and discuss vaccination with your child or children. Please read the forms carefully, complete and sign where indicated and return the form to the school/school nurse. Please contact me if you have any questions about the vaccination program or for further information.

Only those students with parental consent for vaccination will be vaccinated at school.

Any students not vaccinated at school for any reason can be vaccinated at a community health centre. GP’s will not be providing this vaccine to students who miss out at school.

Thank you for your support of this very important health initiative.

Sam Curtis
School Health Nurse
Phone: 97 222400

Learning Areas


Current Certificate II in Business students are utilising our model office to learn new skills that will assist them with employability skills, for when they go job hunting and when they graduate from high school.

Team work, IT skills, office administration skills and collaboration are some of the many skills students will learn, when they study Certificate II in Business in 2020.

The highlights of the course are:

  • Day is treated like an office/work day, as we are together the whole day.
  • Moore Business Services- actually doing office jobs for real customers.
  • Lots of practical work: office, customer service and communication/team building activities.
  • Students work with a resource book.
  • Easy to understand study layout that can be self-paced, or students can follow along with teacher.
  • Guest speakers and competition options.
  • Valuable skills that align with industry to get office related jobs, but also great skills for starting small business, or general life skills.

Community Services Playgroup 2019

As part of the Certificate II in Community Services, students in Years 11 and 12 take part in a playgroup for children aged nine months to four years. Playgroup has been a part of Newton Moore since 1995, and offers the students involved a very realistic insight into working with children.

This term, we established our sustainable vegetable and herb garden in the back of the cottage area. From a young age, our playgroup children are learning how quickly plants grow, how to care and water our plants each week, and, eventually, we hope to pick and prepare our foods for some much anticipated tasting!

Activities also involve preparing sample fruit platters each week, learning about colours of healthy foods, and using our senses to explore new tastes and smells.

If you would like more information about playgroup, or the Community Services course, please contact the school.


Year 7 Geography Trip

Miss Nightingale, Mr Simojoki and some of the Year 7 students had a great time on the Geography trip and visiting the Mandurah Foreshore.

Students spent time mapping the liveability of the foreshore, interviewing people on their opinions of living in Mandurah, and completing a field sketch.

There was lots of hard work involved, but we also found time to eat ice cream and have a game of footy. Everyone had a great time and learnt a lot.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded awards for receiving the most PBS points by demonstrating our school-wide expectations (Wellbeing, Respect, Responsibility, Learning) during Term 1:

Year  7

Lauren Bridge

Year 8

Ashlee Main

Year 9

Haylee Abbs

Year 10

Jessica Snell

Year 11

Cayce-Lee Isaacs

Year 12 

Tristan Tait

Our first reward activity for the House (Arthur, Lancelot, Galahad or Lionheart) with the most PBS points, will be held during Week 10 (Friday, 12th April, Week 10 - Period 5).

There will be games galore, including large physical games, Twister, Dominos, Connect 4, and Circus Games, to name a few.

There will also be computer games, chess, UNO and inside games as well, and tasty Muffins.

The winning House will be announced on Friday, 5th April, Week 9.

Aboriginal Education

Girls Academy

What an amazing start to Year 11! The following girls have signed on to their School Based Traineeships:

Juliann Harvey

Certificate II in Government at the Department of Communities (Housing)

Stephanie Riley

Certificate II in Business at ANZ

Samaya Nannup

Certificate II in Business at Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation

The have all shown that hard work does pay off.


Learning the ropes at Bunbury Port with QUBE

Written by Dan Delaney

Kyle Oliver and Tylar Gallaghan from Newton Moore Clontarf Academy in Bunbury have continued their strong relationship with QUBE and the Clontarf Foundation by signing up for a School Based Traineeship - Certificate II in Stevedoring.

Alongside Programmed, who are the RTO for the Certificate II, Kyle and Tylar will be learning the ins and outs of Stevedoring down at the Bunbury Port two days per week during Years 11 and 12.

This is a great opportunity for the boys to gain valuable experience in the workforce and complete a certificate, all whilst still at high

school. The income they’ll receive is a bonus as well.

Kyle and Tylar are the latest in a long line of Clontarf students that have benefited from the strong relationship between the Newton Moore Clontarf Academy and QUBE Logistics.

In addition, Programmed will be there to support the boys through the process, ensuring they not only gain the hands-on experience at the Port, but also complete all the academic side of their school course work.

From little things big things grow

Specialist Programs

Senior School Science Specialist Scholarships

Scholarships of $250 and $500 are available for educational expenses.

Applications now open, and close on Friday 12th April, 2019.

Submit application and enquiries to:

Mrs Lorraine Ellis
Head of Science
Science Office
Newton Moore Senior High School
09 97222454

Application close 4.00 pm Friday 12th April 2019

Science Horizons

Year 7 Science Horizons

Students have been combining science and technology with their research of the osprey. They have been learning how to present their research, using a program called ThingLink, as well as making a virtual video. They have constructed their own virtual reality headset. It's been awesome fun!

Written by Millah Gray, Riharna Myles and Neve Sawyer


F1 in Schools

NMSHS team, La Vitesse, recently competed in the National Championships of F1 in Schools, against public and private schools from across Australia.

The team raced their F1 cars, experienced booth judging, and networking with other students, engineers and industry representatives.

The team went behind the scenes at the Bosch factory and saw the development of driverless cars, keyless cars and the robotics department.

They also had the opportunity to visit the room, where the live feeds of the racing are done, and learnt how it is done.

Synergy Schools Solar Car Challenge

NMSHS B Team finished 3rd in the Year 8 Synergy Schools Solar Car Challenge, held in March at Newton Moore. Congratulations Team B.

Choice Programs


Year 8 MASH Leadership Camp

From 17th to 19th of March, the Year 8 MASH class went to Busselton for the annual MASH Leadership Camp. It included a range of challenging activities such as walking 14km of the Cape to Cape track, from Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Yallingup. Students also walked to the end of the Busselton Jetty, ran the steep Indijup Sandhills, played beach cricket, and worked on their fitness, through a range of team building and beach activities.

Our camp was supported by Cricket South West (MASH Sponsor) and Rachel Norman helped to develop some leadership and team building skills on Tuesday night.

Thanks to Miss Smith, Mr Rankin and Maddy Obal for allowing us to have such a great time!

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

School Board Reviews the Annual Report

The Annual Report is in its final stages of review. This production gives an overview of our 2018 achievements and highlights and celebrates our successes.

At the Board meeting, the School Board Members each review the report’s content and provide feedback on what should be included.

The Board Chair provides a School Board update, which highlights the achievements of the work of the Board over the 2018 year.

The School Board, and all the work they do, plays an important role in contributing to good school governance, so that school resources are used efficiently and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students.

Community Notices


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