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16 May 2019

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

Welcome back to Term Two. The term started with all the teachers attending professional learning sessions at a number of different schools. This was a great opportunity for teachers across schools to network and share ideas and best practice. From these sessions, teachers come back to school ready to introduce lots of new classroom activities for your child.

I would like to start by using this opportunity to thank the coordinators of the ANZAC commemoration held in the last week of Term One. The commemoration was outstanding, and a reflection of the high standard of events we have in our school. At the Anzac Service we had Terry Barker, Vietnam Veteran, representing Bunbury Returned Services League, as our guest speaker. The poem, ‘Ode to the Fallen’ was read by Seth Kirwan, the National Anthem was led by Brooklyn Sharma and excellent bugler, Molly McInnes.

I am often asked how parents can support or be involved in their child’s education. There are so many ways to be involved. Here are just a few:

  • Join the Parents & Citizens group (PLC)
  • Nominate to be a parent member on the School Board
  • Volunteer at the school canteen
  • Volunteer to be a guest speaker in the classroom (so many parents are working in interesting careers)
  • Help out at whole school events such as the Athletics Carnival, Battle of the Knights, Fun Run, etc
  • Take part in class incursions and/or excursions
  • Attend an international or national school trip
  • Coach sporting teams or clubs e.g. chess, netball, computer
  • Assist with the building /construction of models e.g. solar cars, pedal cars, subs in schools, F1 vehicles
  • Make donations to support special school events
  • Attend school assemblies, parent nights, parent forums or graduation – everyone is welcome
  • Assist at important school events like the STEM fair or NAIDOC celebrations, to just name a few.

We value parent input and you can be involved in your child’s education. Research indicates high involvement of parents means better student educational outcomes.

This term I encourage you to take time to celebrate the many staff and student successes and any recent achievements. We are an excellent school, with great staff, students and parents.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Unpaid Specialist Program Charges

If your child is participating in one of the specialist programs at NMSHS - Horizons, MASH or Engineering - please ensure that you have paid the programs compulsory charges. If this is not paid by the time your child chooses their selections for next year, they may have to reselect a lower cost option. Please contact the Accounts office on 9722 2419 regarding payment of these charges.

C&C Payment Plans

A reminder to parents that Newton Moore SHS is happy to accept payment of your child’s C&C’s in instalments over the school year. If you would like to sign up to a payment plan, please contact the Accounts office on 97 222419, and discuss an arrangement that suits your situation.

Deputy Principals’ Update

NAPLAN Online 2019

The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for students in Year 7 and 9 commences in Week 3 this term.

The schedule for assessments is:

Year 7 and Year 9


Tuesday 14th May

Year 7


Thursday 16th May

Year 9


Friday 17th May

Year 7 and 9

Conventions of Language

Monday 20th May

Year 7


Tuesday 21st May

Year 9


Wednesday 22nd May

There will be opportunities for catch-up sessions from Wednesday May 15 to Thursday May 23, if your child is absent on any of the NAPLAN testing days.

Help your child prepare for NAPLAN online by reassuring them that NAPLAN is just one part of their school program, and by reminding them on the day to simply try their best. Teachers will ensure that students are familiar with the types of questions, and provide support and guidance. Ensuring students are familiar with using devices and navigating through programs is all part of student learning.

For more information about NAPLAN please visit the link below:


The Law states all children and young people must attend school. Under the law, parents and guardians are responsible for making sure children in their care attend all school days.

Why attending school is important

  • School enables young people to build on their knowledge and skills each day, each week, and each year;
  • Young people can miss out on basic skills and may experience difficulties later with their learning, if they miss school days;
  • School helps young people build confidence in areas such as communication, teamwork, organisation and social skills;
  • Going to school is a legal requirement; there are fines of up to $1,000 for families with unexplained non-attendance.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer, Leisa Robertson, on 9722 2428.

Admin Report

Filming young people fighting

It is against the law to create, keep, share or ask for material that shows a young person under the age of 18 being subject to torture, cruelty or physical abuse.

This could include:

  • Filming a young person in a fight
  • Posting or sharing a video of a young person in a fight on social media
  • Keeping a video of a fight that was sent to you by someone else

It is also against the law to help or encourage someone else to participate in a fight.

Under Department of Education policy, school students who film fights involving other students on school grounds must be suspended.

Outstanding Library Books

We have initiated a new process to recover outstanding library loan items. When an item is one day overdue, parents are advised by SMS that their child has an unreturned library loan. They are advised that the student can renew or return the overdue item, or an invoice will be issued. Students are then given five days to renew the items or return them to the IRC. If not renewed or returned, an invoice is generated for the replacement cost of that item.

If you receive one of these SMS’s and, subsequently an invoice, please make every attempt to find the item and return it to the IRC. If the item is returned, the invoice will be cancelled. If the item cannot be located, please make payment to the school, using any one of the usual payment methods i.e. cash, BPAY, EFT or Credit Card.

ICT/Technology Report

Looking after your BYOD while at school

We are pleased to see many more students bringing their own device (laptop or tablet) to school. The school does not have the facility to provide secure storage for BYOD or other personal items, so students are required to keep their devices secure and protected while at school.

We strongly recommend students use strong laptop bags/pouches and that devices are kept with students at all times and taken into classes.

During HPE classes, bags are kept secure in the change rooms with doors locked for the duration of the class.

Again, we recommend BYOD devices are covered by your own personal home and contents insurance.

Teaching Stars

2019 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellowship winner - Ashley Stewart

Congratulations to Ashley Stewart, recipient of the 2019 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Fellowship. Inspired by a passion for promoting Women in STEM fields, Ashley uses STEM, problem-based learning and Spatial Training to drive improvement in mathematics at Newton Moore.

Senior Teacher Award

Congratulations to Stephen Dennis and Amy King on achieving Senior Teacher status. Senior Teacher status recognises teachers for demonstrating commitment to their role and participating in professional learning throughout their careers. This status supports the retention of experienced teaches and their commitment to leadership and mentoring roles in the school.

Senior Teachers provide mentoring, supervision, professional support, counselling and guidance for new and student teachers regarding classroom performance, curriculum implementation and resourcing school development. They also help develop curriculum and contribute to whole school planning and priorities. Well done to these two wonderful ‘Teaching Stars.’

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

GRIP Conference

On Friday the 29th of March, Newton Moore's Year 10 and 11 Leadership Team attended the GRIP conference at the South West Italian Club. This day-long excursion focused on what it means to be an effective school leader, and the presenters shared with us the tools we can use to better lead in our teaching context. It was a great opportunity and a lot of fun as we got to mingle with school leaders from all over the South West.

Meet the Team

Meet the new staff

Steven Jas - Clontarf


Steven Jas

Area of Teaching/ Area of work

Operations officer in Clontarf Academy

History (past work history)

Returning to work after studying at university

Philosophy about education

Spend time working out the things you enjoy and are passionate about and set goals to work towards

Personal Interests

Playing/ watching sport, spending time with family and friends

Student Services Update

ANZAC Service - Bunbury

Newton Moore was represented at the recent Bunbury Anzac service which saw thousands of people take part in the annual parade or as spectators. The number of people that attended shows how proud as a nation we are of our forefathers, who fought to preserve what we have today.

Representing the school were Executive Members Seth Kirwan and Jacob Rogers.


The School Board has approved the addition of plain black undershirts to the school uniform. This means that students will be able to wear a plain black shirt under their school shirt.

However, if the shirt sleeves have markings or writing, students will need a uniform pass and it may affect their good standing.

A copy of the policy is below

Student Dress Policy:

Our school dress code:

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
  • Assists in building school and team spirit
  • Ensures students are dressed for specific school activities
  • Encourages equity among all students, and
  • Simulates expectations in the workplace.


Lower School

  • School shirt (blue) or light blue polo shirt
  • Undershirts (long sleeve shirts worn under the school shirt) black, light blue or white, with no writing, logos or markings

Upper School

  • School Shirt (white) or white polo shirt
  • Undershirts (long sleeve shirts worn under the school shirt) black, light blue or white, with no writing, logos or markings


  • School jumper (new or rugby)
  • School track top
  • Any jumper with a hood must be removed and cannot be worn


  • Black pants, shorts or skirts
  • School track pants or shorts
  • Shorts and skirts must be ¾ length
  • No leggings or denim

Physical Education

Students must have a change of clothes (shorts/trackpants and plain top) for Physical Education. NMSHS Physical Education t-shirt is available from the Uniform Shop and is to be worn only for Physical Education

Lower School Leadership Students in Action

Lower School Leadership Students assisting at the Upper School Parent Night.

Student Executive Fundraiser for Motor Neurone Disease “The Big Freeze”

In Term One the Student Executive raised money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Students donated money to see their favourite teacher have an icy bucket of water thrown over them.

A big thank you to all staff who participated in the MND big freeze fundraiser. The response from the students and staff was amazing. Together as a school we can help make a difference in the fight against Motor Neuron Disease.

Learning Areas


On Wednesday, the 20th of March, Lara Riley, Amber Mell, Jeslyn Scheache-Odine and Stephanie Riley, accompanied by Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Murphy, set off on an adventure to the World Science Festival in Brisbane, Queensland. After a myriad of car, plane and taxi rides, they arrived in beautiful Brisbane. They set out to explore the city, walking many kilometres and climbing many flights of stairs well into the evening.

Their first full day at the Festival saw them exploring the NASA exhibit at the Museum of Queensland, attending a live recording of scientists discussing Global Warming, in awe watching sea turtles hatch in front of their eyes and inspired to create art using heat in Sparklab. Feeling curious, they explored the Queensland library, where they discovered an Indigenous Cultural Centre rich in history.

On Friday, they were lucky enough to listen to four engaging scientists and the stories of how their ideas came to fruition. A common theme inspired them - follow your passions and never stop, no matter how difficult the road may seem. The students were able to explore so much more over those days and really appreciated the opportunity to go on this adventure.

A huge thank you to Mrs Stewart, for making this amazing experience possible.

Also thank you to CSIRO, BHP, Queensland Museum and AMSI, for providing sponsorship.

Thank you to the Queensland Police, who donated indigenous designed water bottles. And finally, thanks to Mikaela, our chaperone. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone.


Workplace Learning Students – Off to great start!

The Year 11 and 12 VET students have started off the year with enthusiasm, attending many interesting and varied work experience placements as part of their Workplace Learning Program.

Workplace Learning allows students an opportunity to try out a number of employment industries, to get a taste of some of the work they might like to pursue in their future careers, with the added bonus that all hours they perform go towards their school grades. Under the supervision of experienced staff, students are able to observe and participate in real life work situations, learn new skills, and build their confidence in a work setting.

Exposure to workplaces can also lead to further opportunities in employment, with some students securing traineeships, apprenticeships and paid work, as a result of successful placements.

Some of the industries students are currently gaining work experience in include; Building and Construction, Automotive, Retail, Education, Child Care, Sport and Recreation, Horticulture, Animal Care, and Administration.

Automotive School Based Apprenticeship

Year 12 VET student, Blair Forrest, has secured a School Based Apprenticeship - Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology - with Bunbury Toyota.

Blair initially engaged in work experience with Bunbury Toyota, as part of the NMSHS VET program. As a result of his hard work and commitment to the placement, he was offered the opportunity to continue with them as a School-Based Apprentice.

With the support of an external Registered Training Organisation, and Apprenticeship Network Provider, BUSY at Work, Blair will be studying the automotive trade, while working at Bunbury Toyota two days a week.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Blair to continue with his school studies while commencing an apprenticeship. He will be gaining valuable experience in the workforce, and working towards Year 12 graduation. It sounds like a win-win situation for Blair and we wish him all the best with his SBA.


Japanese Exchange Partnerships

Since 2015, we have participated in a sister-school exchange partnership with Kawanishi Hokuryou Senior High School in Japan. This relationship sees students from Newton Moore SHS and Kawanishi Hokuryou SHS having the opportunity to travel to and engage in learning in a foreign country. In 2016 and 2018, Newton Moore SHS students travelled to Japan to enjoy the wonders of Japanese culture, family life (through homestay) and attend school. We offered the same experience to our Japanese peers each alternate year, since 2015.

Students will have the opportunity this year to participate in this reciprocal exchange partnership. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of approximately twenty Japanese students from our sister-school, to participate in a week-long homestay from 25th July to 4th August, 2019, while attending school at Newton Moore SHS. In return, we are offering an opportunity for our students to travel to Japan during the Term Three school holidays in 2020 (26th September to 9th October) – dates to be confirmed).

If you are interested in participating in this program, as a hosting family and/or potential Japan Study Tour participant, you are invited to attend a Parent Information Evening on 21st May 2019 in the Japanese classroom (B3) at 5:30pm.

If you are unable to make this meeting and would like to register your interest, please complete the attached form and return to Mrs. King in the Languages or Mathematics Office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. King via phone 9722 2400, or email

T & E

Izaiah and Zane practise with the new drone as part of the Year 10 Multimedia course. The drone is capable of taking photos and video that they can use for their upcoming film production.


Newton Moore Star

Aiyana Morris

Congratulations to Aiyana Morris (Year 9), a member of the Royal Perth Golf Club Girls Junior Pennants Team, who recently won the 5th round of the 2019 GolfWA Junior Girls Pennants competition. Aiyana was also the inaugural winner of the ANZAC Day Digger Cup Perpetual Trophy in 2018.

Aiyana started playing golf in 2013 and has been a handicapped golfer since 2016. She currently has a 9.1 handicap.

Athletics Carnival Champion and Runner Up Champions

Newton Moore Senior High School Athletics Carnival Champion and Runner Up Champion Winners.

Congratulations to our champions!



Runner Up Champion

Year 7


Jacynta Bartylak (67 points)

Ranielle Eltagonde (47 points)

Makayla Hart (47 points)


Basil Hart (67 points)

Leon Kickett (54 points)

Year 8


Amalee Martin (70 points)

Katherine Tickenoff (53 points)


Anthony Hansen (73 points)

Jayden Mell (72 points)

Year 9


Haylee Abbs (85 points)

Josie Curtis (61 points)


Liam Vardy (60 points)

Aaron Roche Kavanagh (56 points)

Year 10


Rylei Stalteri (62 points)

Latarah Little (57 points)


Brayden Jones (89 points)

Dustin Kendall (50 points)

Year 11/12


Casara Hill (69 points)

Rachelle Brown (64 points)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Reward activity

Aboriginal Education


I would like to welcome our new Operations Officer, Steven Jas, to Newton Moore Senior High School. Steven started last week with Clontarf and he comes to us from a varied background including psychology and counselling studies, AFL and local employment. Steve is a Bunbury boy, currently playing league with the Eaton Boomers. We are very pleased to have him join the Foundation and be part of our wonderful school.

Boyd Davey | Director
Newton Moore Clontarf Academy

Specialist Programs

Congratulations to the 2019 Scholarship winners. Thank you to our valued sponsors for helping our students achieve today for tomorrow.

Science Horizons

Year 9

Elaine Rayco


Year 10

Molly McInnes

Simcoa Operations

Guiliano Cantoni, Bunbury Leschenault Rotary Club Year 11

Lachlan Harrington

Bunbury Leschenault Rotary Club

Year 12

Hitomi De La Viga

NMSHS Parents & Citizens Association

Year 12

Shenaye Witnish

NMSHS Parents & Citizens Association

Engineering Specialist

Year 9

Anand Purnanand


Year 10

Abby Curti

Simcoa Operations

Year 11

Gabriel Francisco

NMSHS Parents & Citizens Association

Year 12

Kage Geyer


Engineering Specialist Indigenous Scholarship

Year 9

Jacob Ozies


Year 9

Peter Woods


Choice Programs


MASH Melbourne Trip 2019

During the April school holidays, 34 students from the Year 9 and 10 MASH classes attended the MASH Melbourne Sporting Tour with Miss Smith, Mr Hayward and Mr Rankin.

Students experienced the ANZAC Day and St Kilda vs Adelaide AFL games, and the Eureka Skydeck at night. Students also had the opportunity to explore Flemington Racecourse, the MCG, Rod Laver Arena and the National Sporting Museum.

The Bike Tour around Melbourne included visiting the Shrine of Remembrance, and learning about other significant landmarks throughout Melbourne.

Students also attended the Victorian Institute of Sport, where they met Paralympian, Mitch Gourley, learnt about Sport Science and explored the facilities.

Lots of pasta and pizza were consumed for dinner at the Spaghetti Tree and La Porchetta. We finished the tour off with shopping at Queen Victoria Markets and the DFO’s.

Moore Academy of Sport (MASH) Trials for 2020

2020 MASH trials will be held on the 18th June, 2019, 3:15 - 4:30pm.

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

Our canteen is in desperate need of Volunteers to be able to continue supplying students and staff with great food. Any amount of spare time, on any day, would be greatly appreciated. Pop on in to the Canteen or call Tracey on 9795 8620.

Welcome back everyone, our Canteen is an important part of the school, supplying nutritional healthy food for your children, ether a recess or lunch. We encourage all the children and staff to order lunches either over the counter or On Line and register at the link below.

It’s very easy. We have our new winter menu now available at the Canteen or on line. We also cater for special dietary needs.

School Board

Why be a member of the School Board?

Being a member of the School Board can be a rewarding role and you have the opportunity to contribute greatly to the success of our school.

Members of the School Board include the Principal and staff, some very supportive industry representatives and, of course, parents. We like to ensure we have diversity of representation on our Board and so we have in the past capped members.

Ensuring diversity contributes to the effective school governance and leads to better informed decision-making, new ideas, opinions, solutions, and stronger connections with the school community.


Whole School Athletics Carnival

2019 winners of the Whole School Athletics Carnival were Lionheart

Congratulations to all students for their great participation and comradery, and to Ms Smith and the PE department for organising a fabulous day.









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