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30 May 2019

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There is unequivocal evidence that it is the quality of teaching that makes the most significant difference to student learning. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) makes the standards for high quality teaching explicit.

Newton Moore Senior High School has a commitment to high quality teaching standards, which is why one of our key school priorities in our business plan is Effective Teaching.

As adults, we reminisce about the great teachers that we had that influenced our lives and made such a difference. I am proud that all Newton Moore Senior High School teachers are doing exactly that. In last year's survey, 88% of parents and 84% of students agreed that the school expects students to do their best.

In our e-newsletters we are including a section called, ‘Teaching Stars.’ This is to showcase to our community our incredible teachers, the work that they are doing, the difference they are making and the commitment that they have. I encourage you to join with me and acknowledge these incredible professionals.

At the time of writing this newsletter article, Year 7 and Year 9 students have just completed four online NAPLAN tests. Year 12 students have completed the Externally Set Tasks (ESTs) and their ATAR exams are looming. Testing is a very big part of schooling and I would like to thank all the students for the efforts they put into preparation and doing their best, during this testing period.

Testing provides parents and teachers with important information about how a child is progressing. There are many reasons why testing or assessment matters:

  • Taking tests are part of life – whether it is passing a driving test, medical tests, etc.
  • Keeping students from testing is not a solution. We all want the best for students and part of this is honestly knowing where students are at in their learning
  • Exams / testing provides an important measure of basic skills
  • Testing allows us to pinpoint areas of improvement
  • Testing takes up only a small percentage of learning time

We have a very busy term ahead, with lots of events, excursions and a tight testing regime. I trust you will enjoy reading the latest and greatest news about Newton Moore Senior High School.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

2019 Contributions and Charges

The 2019 Contributions and Charges Booklet is available in the attachment. This information is also available on Connect in the School Space library. Paper copies will be available from Administration, if you wish to collect one in person, however, paper copies will no longer be posted to all parents.

Unpaid Specialist Program Charges

If your child is participating in one of the specialist programs at NMSHS - Horizons, MASH or Engineering, please ensure that you have paid the program’s compulsory charges. If this is not paid by the time your child chooses their selections for next year, they may be excluded from that program in 2020. Please contact the Accounts office, Ph: 9722 2419, regarding payment of these charges.

C&C Payment Plans

A reminder to parents that Newton Moore SHS is happy to accept the payment of your child’s C&C’s in instalments over the school year. If you would like to sign up to a payment plan, please contact the Accounts office and discuss an arrangement that suits your situation, Ph: 97 222419.

Deputy Principals’ Update

Wear Correct Uniform to School

One of our expected behaviours from the PBS Matrix is, 'Wear correct uniform to school,' which falls under the school-wide expectation RESPONSIBILTY - the focus of the PBS lesson in Week 3.

Our school dress code:

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
  • Assists in building school and team spirit
  • Ensures students are dressed for specific school activities
  • Encourages equity among all students, and
  • Simulates expectations in the workplace.

It also helps keep students and staff safe, by easily identifying possible intruders.


Lower School

  • School shirt (blue) or light blue polo shirt
  • Undershirts (long sleeve shirts worn under the school shirt) black, light blue or white, with no writing, logos or markings.

Upper School

  • School Shirt (white) or white polo shirt
  • Undershirts (long sleeve shirts worn under the school shirt) black, light blue or white, with no writing, logos or markings.


  • School jumper (new or rugby)
  • School track top
  • Any jumper with a hood must be removed and cannot be worn.


  • Black pants, shorts or skirts
  • School track pants or shorts
  • Shorts and skirts must be ¾ length
  • No leggings or denim.

You can help by ensuring your child leaves for school in the correct uniform, and reinforcing the importance of the school dress code.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


There are many benefits of excellent attendance, these include:


Students who attend regularly are more likely to pass reading and mathematics assessments than students who don’t attend school regularly.


For older students, being in school every day gives them a chance to learn more about post-school destinations and scholarship opportunities, and to sit the important exams they need to build a successful academic record.

School Community

Just by being present at school, your child is learning how to be a good citizen by participating in the school community, learning valuable social skills, and developing a broader world view.

Importance of Education

Your commitment to school attendance will also send a message to your child that education is a priority for your family, going to school every day is a critical part of educational success, and that it’s important to take schooling responsibilities seriously.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer, Leisa Robertson, on 9722 2428.

ICT/Technology Report

Looking after your BYOD while at school

We are pleased to see many more students bringing their own device (laptop or tablet) to school. The school does not have the facility to provide secure storage for BYOD or other personal items, so students are required to keep their devices secure and protected while at school.

We strongly recommend students use sturdy laptop bags/pouches and that devices are kept with students at all times, including being taken into classes. During HPE classes bags are kept secure in the change rooms, with doors locked for the duration of the class.

Again, we recommend BYOD devices are covered by your own personal home/content’s insurance as there is no school insurance cover for BYOD.

Teaching Stars

Jess Sabourne

Most recently, Jess has been appointed as the Teacher in Charge of the Arts Learning Area. As the TIC she will lead curriculum and support other teachers to maintain their knowledge and adherence to SCSA requirements. She will also be managing resources and budgets within the Arts Learning Area.

Jess is also the Chairperson of the school’s Positive Behaviour Schools program (PBS).

Congratulations on being a ‘Teaching Star’ in your two key roles in our school.

Meet the Team

Meet the new staff member

Anna Paxton -


Anna Paxton

Area of Teaching/ Area of work


History (past work history)

I worked in Perth at Ellenbrook Secondary College for three-and-a-bit years, after I moved over from Queensland, where I completed my studies.

Philosophy about education

All students should celebrate diversity and learn from each other, as we live in a world that requires communication and global awareness.

Personal Interests

My three fur babies (my horses), reading novels and going to the movies.

Student Services Update

School Nurse

Learning Areas


Year 11 and 12 Workplace Learning

The Year 11 and 12 Vet students are continuing to develop valuable employability skills, while on work experience.

Some of our fantastic host employers are Red Dot, Bunbury City Glass, The Child and Parent Centre, WJD Electrical and D for Dog.

We are very lucky to have such supportive employers in our community, who are willing to host and guide our students.

T & E

Upper school Materials Design and Technology

This year, the Year 11 and 12 Upper School Design and Technology classes have started with a bang, producing quality projects that showcase their practical and creative skills.

In Year 11, students designed and created a wide range of different tea trays, incorporating different styles and joinery.

Meanwhile, the Year 12’s started with a solid timber chessboard that required precise planning and high-quality finishing.

Both year groups have set high standards which they will, hopefully, maintain, when moving onto the next projects.


Slammers visit at Newton Moore!

Thanks to the South West Slammers and Sporting Schools funding, students in our Lower School Physical Education program have been lucky enough to learn some basketball, with the help of Slammers imports, Mak and Tyler.

Miss Smith’s Year 9 class really developed their shooting, passing and dribbling skills over a five-week block, while working with Mak.

We wish the South West Slammers all the best in their upcoming games.

Go Slammers!

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

A big congratulation to Lionheart for winning the term one PBS points competition. Lionheart were acknowledged for their term’s behaviour with a period of fun activities and healthy muffins.

The acknowledgement activity was held on the last day of Term One. What a fun way to end the term! Students were able to enjoy Giant Jenga, Connect Four and Scrabble, computer games and board games.

With Term One done, the PBS thermomotors get emptied, and we start the competition again.

Aboriginal Education

Girls Academy

Year 10 students from Newton Moore Girls Academy attended the Perth Convention Centre Careers Expo on the 16th of May and learned a lot about their career options. The girls were very engaged and broadened their knowledge of potential vocational pathways.

Planning for study, training and careers after high school is an important part of the Girls Academy program, and staff work closely with the girls to help them plan for their future and achieve their goals.

Clontarf Academy

In the coming months, Clontarf Academy members will have the opportunity to participate in a scratch match in Busselton, as part of their NAIDOC celebrations. The senior boys will also participate in Country Week. Currently we have 12 Clontarf boys registered to take part at Country Week, which is a great achievement. Keep up the good behaviour and attendance, boys!

The boys will undertake their annual health check when SWAMS visit us later this term. Parents will receive a consent form in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for this and get it back to us as soon as possible.

Premier Coal

On Tuesday the 7th of May, our senior boys attended a work site visit at Premier Coal, near Collie. They were treated to a tour of the facilities and given information on a career in the mining industry. Local indigenous employees hosted us for a Q&A session, followed by lunch.

It was a great day and the boys got an excellent idea of what a mining career looks like. One of our Year 11 students, Malaki Winmar, has already started work experience, as a direct result of the event.

Thank you to Premier Coal for their hospitality and investment of their time.

Specialist Programs


Subs in Schools

As part of the Engineering course, students participate in the SUBS in Schools program (which is a REA initiative). They design, build and operate large ROVs and submarines. To support their development and knowledge in this area, students had the opportunity to tour ASC, which is a state-of-the-art submarine support and repair facility at Henderson, as well as the Common User Facility part of the AMC. As part of this experience they were able to seek guidance from engineers on site and go on a tour to view the facilities, and had an external tour of a submarine. Gail Manton, from the School Pathways Program, accompanied the group on the excursion.

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

Effective School board

An effective School Board plays an important watchdog role in keeping our school on track, and helping set and review policies that affect your child and our school. The School Board supports the vision and goals of the school.

One School Board member cannot do the job alone. Effective School Board members contribute their unique talents, while collaborating and working as a team with other Board members.

At our recent May Board Meeting we had the opportunity to review our school’s A & E grade data. This data is about ensuring our students are staying on task and working consistently in class. The Board also had a discussion about the school’s Aboriginal Education Programs. The variety of topics, the complexity of our agenda and the outcomes achieved demonstrates the effectiveness of our amazing school board.

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