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31 October 2019

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

In a previous newsletter I shared that Mrs Lois Little, Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer, was nominated for the WA Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer of the Year award in this year’s WA Education Awards. We are pleased to reveal that Lois was announced as the winner of this category at the WA Education Awards on Monday.

We are extremely proud of the work Lois has done for all our students at Newton Moore Senior High School and in promoting the benefits of education as a whole in our school community. Lois’ strength is in building relationships. She has a high level of care and compassion for everyone she works with. Most importantly, Lois has changed the lives of her students and made a lasting impact on their future endeavours. Students speak highly of Lois and the impact that she has on their days at school.

I would also like to congratulate Mrs. Amy King, Languages and Mathematics teacher, on becoming a Level 3 Classroom Teacher. Level 3 Classroom teachers are acknowledged for exemplary teaching practices over an extended period of time. They are experienced, innovative teachers able to role model highly effective practice for their colleagues and mentor pre-service teachers and graduates. It is a comprehensive application process recognising our best classroom leaders.

It is a pleasure to work with such a highly accomplished staff who collectively are providing a first rate education to your children.

Our students have also excelled in the past week with six teams entering the F1 in Schools and Subs in Schools State competitions in Perth. Our students came first in all four categories they entered with the other two teams being awarded second place. I think the phrase ‘clean sweep’ is most fitting in this case. The feedback from the judges was glowing and our school community could not be prouder of the students and the staff that supported them.

Kylie Cattaway
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Contributions and Charges

A big thank you goes out to all our parents/caregivers who have paid contributions and charges in full. We really appreciate your commitment to our school.

There is some misunderstanding in the community as to the requirement to pay the ‘charges’ components of your students C&C’s. Charges are the compulsory component of your child’s education program at Newton Moore, and must be paid in full to ensure the resources that are required to meet the outcomes for that subject are available to your student. The Department of education does not provide funding for this purpose and so the school needs to reallocate funds from other priorities to cover any charges that remain unpaid by parents/carers.

Contributions, although voluntary, do make a huge difference to the schools’ ability to deliver the programs at Newton Moore, and the school greatly appreciates those parents that provide their ongoing support in this way.

Deputy Principals’ Update

One of the key values at Newton Moore Senior High School is inclusivity. We want to see all our students reach their full potential and to have access to quality learning opportunities at school. This means that all students can access and fully participate in learning, supported by adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to their individual needs. Inclusivity is embedded in all aspects of school life, and is supported by culture, policies and practices. We welcome and respond to the diverse needs of all young people and their families.

We have high expectations for all students, recognising that, with the right support, all students can succeed. This commitment means that children and young people at Newton Moore from all social, cultural, community and family backgrounds and of all identities and abilities are welcomed and can fully engage in a high-quality education. It also means a safe and supportive environment, free from discrimination or harassment.

No Voice to Violence campaign

Newton Moore Senior High School is supporting the ‘No Voice to Violence’ campaign. This campaign is the next stage of the action plan against violence in schools.

The Minister’s statement ‘Let’s take a stand together’ includes an action to spark a community conversation about violence in schools.

The campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness of the impact of violence on young people
  • influence attitudes towards sharing violent content
  • motivate parents to support their child’s good behaviour online.

View the campaign website at the link below:


School Attendance

The Law states all children and young people must attend school. Under the law, parents and guardians are responsible for making sure children in their care attend all school days.

Why attending school is important

  • School enables young people to build on their knowledge and skills: each day, each week, and each year;
  • Young people can miss out on basic skills, and may experience difficulties later with their learning;
  • School helps young people build confidence in areas such as communication, teamwork, organisation and social skills;
  • Going to school is a legal requirement; there are fines of up to $1,000 for families.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer, Leisa Robertson on 9722 2428.

Admin Report

Preferred Booklist and Person Items Supplier for 2020 ITEMS SUPPLIER FOR 2020

For the 2020 and 2021 school years, we will be partnering with Ziggies, a Western Australian owned and run company for our booklists and personal items. As our preferred supplier, Ziggies are offering our parents access to online ordering, cheap home delivery or collection at the school prior to start of Term 1, plus good quality products that will support your students through their educational journey at Newton Moore SHS.

Booklists for all year groups for 2020 are now available to parents via our newsletter (attached), from the connect website and for those wanting a paper copy, by collection from the school admin office.

Alternatively, if you are in the metro area you can shop at either of their retail stores at the following address. Tell them you are from Newton Moore and they will be happy to assist with your needs

Canning Vale Store

25B Baile Road,
Canning Vale WA 6155
Tel: (08) 94553717

Joondalup Store

Shop 31, 57 Joondalup Gate,
Joondalup WA 6027
Tel: (08) 93014587

ICT/Technology Report

Looking after your BYOD while at school

We are pleased to see many more students bringing their own device (laptop or tablet) to school. The school does not have the facility to provide secure storage for BYOD or other personal items, so students are required to keep their devices secure and protected while at school.

We highly recommend students use strong laptop bags/pouches and that devices are kept with students at all times, and taken into classes. During HPE classes, bags are kept secure in the change rooms, with doors locked for the duration of the class.

Again, we recommend BYOD devices are covered by your own personal home/contents insurance as there is no school insurance cover for BYOD.

Student Services Update

Newton Moore Stars

Aiyana Morris (Year 9) - Capel Gold Club 2019 Ladies Champion

After 4 days and 72 holes of intense stroke play, Aiyana won the prestigious gold letter Capel Golf Club Stroke Play Ladies Championship for 2019 with a lead of 10 shots against a field of 32 competitors.

Aiyana was presented with the Championship Cup and Medal by her coach Troy Murphy (aka Big Red) who is the PGA professional at the club.

Congratulations Aiyana

Charlotte Mills (Year 8) – 2019 Coaches Award

Charlotte was awarded 2019 Coaches award for her leadership of her team and an outstanding 22 week season and stepping up as the designated point guard, earning her spot in the starting five each week.

Sunday, Sept 22 the team won the Grand Final, they were the only South West Team to make it to a Grand Final for 2019. Charlotte was then announced as Grand Final MVP from both teams who played on the day.

She has recently been selected to represent a Perth team at Dandenong Tournament in Melbourne and is currently training to try out for Nationals selection in October.

Congratulations Charlotte

School Nurse

NMSHS changes to the medication policy.

  • Staff will no longer be able to supply medication to students at school unless it’s under extenuating circumstances.
  • The school nurse will continue to work with students who have physical and mental health concerns as well as health education and promotion.
  • Each student can carry a day’s worth of Paracetamol or Ibuprofen in their bag as long as it is in its original packaging (blister pack) for self-use only.
  • 1g of Paracetamol and/or 400mg of Ibuprofen.
  • The student can also carry 10mg of an antihistamine for allergies or hay fever.
  • If a student requires medication, parents will need to be contacted to deliver the medication or take their child until they are feeling better.
  • Any student that needs to have medication administered regularly at school must have a document plan developed in conjunction with the parents by the school.

Teen Triple P Seminars

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® knows all parents have different needs. That’s why Triple P has many different ways for you to get your parenting help.

Learning Areas


Japan-eze Cultural Club

Japan-eze Cultural Club is a regular event during Friday recess at Newton Moore Senior High School thanks to our Japanese Language Assistant - Aya Sensei. Students get to participate Japanese calligraphy, origami, chopstick practice, sushi making and discover about Japanese festivals.

Visual Art

Six artworks by Newton Moore students are currently on display at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery until the 24th of November. Showcasing the creativity of South West high school students, the Illuka Visions exhibition is an annual event that highlights the quality and imagination of students from over 15 high schools across the South West region.

The talented students whose work was chosen this year were Rayaan Atif, Samia Suraiya, Malachai Bell, Steven Worrigal, Kaed Collard, Franklin Gellatly, Emilio Hart-Woods, Jessica Snell, Asha Seaton and Jackson Hill.

Well done to the students involved. There were no Newton Moore winners this year, but there's always next year!


As part of the Certificate II Business Course, students run a model office called ‘Moore Business Services’. This gives students the opportunity to test out all of their business skills acquired throughout the year including technology use, customer service and time management.

The staff at the school were very involved in outsourcing administration jobs to the students and they completed activities involving booklet production for Phys Ed and English, making signs for next year’s STEM fair and also binding student work for the Childcare class.


Year 7 students have been using their knowledge of Ancient Egypt to construct a museum display showing the beliefs that were held regarding death, funeral practices and the afterlife.


Year 10s and 11s On the Job!

Year 10 and 11 students who got involved in Work Experience at the end of Term 3 had some fantastic and varied experiences in their chosen workplaces.

Students performed placements in child care, hospitality, light and heavy automotive, electrical, education, retail and Community Radio.

Work Experience offers students the opportunity to try out a job before committing to a study path or career in that industry. Under the supervision of experienced staff, students are able to observe and participate in real life work situations, learn new skills and build their confidence in a work setting.

It can also lead to further opportunities in employment, with some students securing traineeships, apprenticeships and paid work as a result of successful placements.

If you are in Year 10 and would like to do work experience during the last week of Term 4 head to the VET Office and talk to Mrs Read-Smith or Mrs Potter.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

During the school holidays coloured posters displaying our school-wide expectations; Wellbeing, Respect, Responsibility and Learning were put in all classrooms around the school.

An important component of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is teaching expected behaviours and these posters, along with our PBS Behaviour Matrix, are an important tool to support this educative approach.

You can help by talking to your child about our school-wide expectations and reinforcing our expected behaviours at home (please click on links below).

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Aboriginal Education


On Wednesday the 16th of October we visited Kmart Park Centre for an employment visit. The boys enjoyed the visit and tour. Thanks Ashleigh for the help and time. Lots of boys took applications and are looking to gain casual employment soon. So far these boys have been successful:

  • Jackson Hill
  • Tyrelle Spry
  • Tylar Gallaghan
  • Kyle Oliver
  • Tyreece Ugle
  • Rebehl Coomer
  • Peter Woods
  • Samuel Hill

Past students include:

  • Harley Marsh
  • Brayden Hill

and at the Eaton store:

  • Seth Gasperi
  • Malaki Winmar
  • Kaed Collard

For most of these boys it's their first ever job. For some of these boys it's the first time someone in their family has had a job. It's fantastic what is happening at Kmart and with our boys. Well done to those boys who have been successful with jobs.

On Wednesday the 18th of September we also visited Coles and on the 11th of September we visited Officeworks. Similarly, we are thankful for these company's efforts and look forward to continuing the partnership into the future.

Boyd Davey | Director
Newton Moore Clontarf Academy

Binjareb Wirrin Cup

On Thursday the 19th of September, a group comprised of Year 8 and 9 Academy students took part in the Binjareb Wirrin Cup football carnival at Rushton Park in Mandurah. The boys competed extremely well against nine other Clontarf academies from around the region, losing just one game for the day and finishing second overall. Kaed Collard received the Clontarf Spirit Award for the Newton Moore Academy. The boys had a great day out, represented both Newton Moore and the academy well and will be excited at the opportunity to go one step further next year.

Steven Jas | Operations Officer
Newton Moore Clontarf Academy

Specialist Programs


F1 in Schools State Championships

Newton Moore had 2 teams in the State F1 in Schools competition, each consisting of 5 Year 9 Engineering Students. The teams are Spark and Power Curve. Following their days of competition Power Curve came First in their division and Spark came second. This is a first for Newton Moore.

Congratulations to both teams. They will be heading to Melbourne for the Nationals.

Subs in Schools

Year 9 Engineering students team of 5 called Sub zero have a ROV sub.

Year 10 and 11 Engineering students Team Orca have a large submarine. We are the only school in this division as it is technically very difficult.

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

Positions on the School Board are held for 2 years before being declared vacant. There are vacant positions in the category of Parent/guardian to be filled for the beginning of 2020.

Please find attached the purpose and functions of the School Board. The Board meets 6 times a year.

If you are interested in being a parent member on the School Board please complete and submit the nomination form below by 14th November 2019.

Enquiries can be made to

Canteen News

Welcome back to the start of Term 4, although a very short welcome back to the Year 12 students, on behalf of myself and all the staff and volunteers, we wish you all the very best on your new journey in life, we will miss you all.

Summer Canteen menu is now available, many new fresh and delicious salad bowls, sandwiches, wraps & fruit salads. Keep an eye out on the daily news letter, as our menu changes daily, remember the easy way to order is by online @ quickcliq. Phone orders or email also welcome.

Breakfast is also still available.

Looking forward to a busy Term 4. See you all at the Canteen.

Kind Regards
Tracey Usher
Canteen Manager
Newton Moore Senior High School
Ph 9795 8620


2019 Battle of the Knights

A bright sunny day welcomed staff and students for the annual Battle of the Knights and the inaugural obstacle course. A fantastic day was had by all participants with the sponge pong relay and ice block relay being most enjoyed. The end of the events tug of war saw the Upper School students try to overpower the staff, but age and experience prevailed with the staff winning convincingly. The overall winners of the day were Arthur.

The obstacle course was planned and set up by the PE department, it was amazing to see students push themselves through the slippery dip, the tyre trail, crawling under the rope wall and then finally being drenched by the Year 12s who were armed with water pistols and water balloons. One Year 7 student said “this is the best day of my life” after being a part of the events.


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