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5 March 2020

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

I want to congratulate all students who attended the School Ball on Saturday 22nd March. The feedback on their behaviour and attitude with which they approached the event has been very positive. I have enjoyed seeing the photo slideshow on display in the Administration office. There was such a variety of outfits with everyone looking stunning in their chosen attire.

It is that time of the term when students will have completed or will be completing their first assessment for the year. Results from these assessments will provide families with an indication of how their children are progressing although they do not provide the full picture. I encourage families to attend our two parent evenings on Tuesday 24th March and Tuesday 31st March. Tuesday 24th will be a less formal events where families will be able to move between Learning Areas gaining some key information and talking with teachers. The Year 7 Information evening and Student Disco will also be held later that evening. Parents will need to make appointments through our PTO system for the parent evening on Tuesday 31st March where they will be able to book short meetings with individual teachers.

I would like to encourage families to stay connect with everything that is happening at Newton Moore Senior High School through Connect, our website, Facebook and emails. If we do not have your up to date email address please email us at or phone 9722 2400.

Kylie Cattaway

From the Finance Team

Allowances to help with the cost of schooling – Secondary Assistance for your eligible students.

The Western Australian Department of Education provides an allowance to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs. The allowance consists of two components:

Clothing Allowance

$115 paid directly to the parent or the school

Educational Program Allowance

$235 paid directly to the school

Eligibility Criteria

Parent or Guardian must hold one of the following cards:

  • Centrelink Family Health Care Card
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card (blue card issued annually)

Parent/guardian must be the holder of a card that is valid some time during first term. The only exception to this is when a student holds their own health care card and has been declared independent by Centrelink (e.g. living away from home). In this instance, a letter of confirmation from Centrelink needs to accompany the application.

Education Program Allowance/Secondary Assistance Scheme

Successful applicants will have the Program Allowance of $235 paid directly to the school to reduce the contributions payable by the parent/guardian in Years 7 –10 and the course charges in Years 11 and 12.

Clothing Allowance

The Clothing Allowance of $115 is paid to the parent/guardian or the school, based on the applicant’s request. If payment to the parent/guardian is requested, the payment will be deposited into the parent/guardian’s bank account. Payments made to the school will offset any charges on the students C&C account.

Abstudy Supplement Allowance

This funding of $79 supplements the Centrelink Abstudy Fees Allowance and is available to parents holding a Centrelink Pensioner concession, or Family Health Care card or Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner concession card. Payments are made directly to the school and are applied to the student’s contributions in Years 7-10 and charges for Years 11&12.

How to Apply

Secondary Assistance and Abstudy Supplement forms are to be completed at the school in Term 1 of each year. Bring your bank details and eligibility cards in to the Accounts office and make your application before the end of Term 1.

Deputy Principals’ Update


How can I help my child prepare for NAPLAN online?

Help your child prepare by reassuring them that NAPLAN is just one part of their school program, and by reminding them on the day to simply try their best. Teachers will ensure that students are familiar with the types of questions, and provide support and guidance. Ensuring students are familiar with using devices and navigating through programs, are a part of student learning.

For more information about NAPLAN please visit the link below:

Student absence at the time of an assessment

At the beginning of the year all students are provided with a Course Outline and Assessment Outline for each course they are studying. This provides a guide as to when assessment tasks will be conducted during the school terms. Students will be given notice of upcoming assessments, to adequately prepare.

It is important to note that the school has a penalty system in place for late assessments. Please see below.

  • One school day late ‐ 10% deduction
  • Two school days late ‐ 20% deduction
  • Three or more school days late ‐ 30% deduction

When an absence is deemed acceptable by the school, penalties will not apply. Acceptable absences occur when:

  • an absence is due to unplanned sickness, injury or significant personal circumstances, AND
  • a parent/guardian contacts the school on or before the day of the in‐class assessment task or due date for submission of an out‐of‐class assessment (SMS is acceptable), OR
  • either a medical certificate or a written explanation (email and SMS are acceptable) is provided to the school on the day the student returns to school (if it hasn’t been provided earlier).
  • an absence is approved by the school prior to the absence.

Supplying school work for absent students

On occasions, we receive requests for school work to be provided to students who are absent from school. In these circumstances we aim to minimise the workload of staff whilst providing enough support to assist students with their learning. We apply the following principles:

  • Upon request, staff will provide school work designed to avoid the student falling behind in their studies for absences of three or more days.
  • Requests are to be made through our Student Services department providing a minimum of two days’ notice.
  • Staff will provide work:
    - in line with the classwork the student will miss OR
    - provide guidance as to other study the student could be doing (i.e. revise the parts of the digestive system, read two articles in the newspaper and write key points).
    -‘Busy work' will not be provided.

Staff are not expected to provide work during avoidable absences such as family holidays.

It is always preferable that the student collects the work from the teacher directly. When this is not possible, work will be delivered to Student Services for collection or emailed to the person requesting the work.

Furthermore, students are provided with a Course Outline and Assessment Outlines for all their subjects. These contain content being studied with many of these including text book references. This provides further support for students to keep up with their school work, when absent from school.

Students in Years 7 and 9 have being given a NAPLAN Online - information for parents and carers sheet to take home.

This information can also be seen in the link below.

Parent Evening Information

March 24th

3:30 – 6:00

Parent Evening Year 7 - 12

6:00 – 6:30

Year 10 Information

Year 7 BBQ

6:30 – 7:00

Year 7 Information

Year 7 Social

7:00 – 8:00


March 31st

3:30 – 6:00

Parent Evening Year 7 – 12

Bookings made through PTO from Week 7


We want to make sure all children get the best education possible which is why attending school every day is so important. Western Australian law stipulates that schooling is compulsory for children and young people aged from 6 -17 years.

School participation will help your child develop important skills, knowledge and values to further their learning and participation in the community. Attending school every day also helps your child develop crucial social and emotional skills such as good communication, resilience and the ability to work in teams.

Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives.

Did you know:

  • missing half a day of school each week equates to one month of missed learning each year
  • the attendance habits set by children when they first start school continue throughout their school life
  • if children miss half a day of school each week between Pre-primary and Year 10, they would miss almost one full year of learning
  • learning is cumulative – if children miss a day, it is harder for them to catch up.

You can help by arriving and collecting your children on time; making sure they get nutritious meals and enough sleep; and making appointments with doctors, dentists and specialists, and making holiday plans during school holidays and not during the school term.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) lesson in Week 3 was about our school-wide expected behaviour 'Follow instructions and participate fully in all school activities' - that is 'no opt out' which comes under one of our expectations from the PBS Matrix; LEARNING.

We have high expectations that all our students fully participate in all subjects each day.

This means:

  • completing all tasks in class.
  • completing all homework.
  • answering questions (if students don’t know, they 'have a go').
  • trying their best in all assessments.
  • contributing fairly to group tasks and discussions

You can help by reinforcing these high expectations with your child at home, ensuring homework is completed and having regular contact with your child's teachers.

Homework classes run in the IRC (Library) on Mondays and Wednesdays until 4 pm, with teachers scheduled to provide help if required. The Library is open until 4 pm Mon-Thurs for students to complete their homework with assistance from teachers.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Admin Report

Uniform Shop – Operating Hours

Uniform Concepts is on site at Newton Moore Mondays and Thursdays, 11am – 2pm. If you need to contact the manager Lisa call her on 9270 4664. Cash and EFTPOS welcome, no cheques.


Effective 3rd March 2020, the Minster for Education and Training Sue Ellery has suspended all school-related travel except travel to the USA, Canada and New Zealand (provided that this travel does not go through Asia). In addition, I want to assure our community that the School continues to keep a close watch on Health Department alerts.

Australian Government advice:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) current advice is as follows:

  • China – do not travel.
  • There is a heightened risk of sustained local transmission or significant outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Northern Italy, Iran, Japan, Mongolia and South Korea – exercise a high degree of caution.
  • Australians travelling overseas are encouraged to regularly review the Smartraveller website

The school encourages all staff and students to maintain good health and hygiene practices, advise the school and self-isolate for 14 days when returning from countries identified by DFAT (see above) and remain at home when feeling unwell.

ICT/Technology Report

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

A Guide for Parents

Newton Moore Senior High School provides a comprehensive Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure to support learning in the digital age. The school provides internet access and extensive wireless coverage across the whole school.

It is our expectation that students from all year groups bring their own device to support learning in our school. BYOD means you can bring an appropriate laptop or tablet to school and use it in classes and for study purposes.

What to buy?

Required / Recommended Technical Specifications:

  • Antivirus software – Required.
  • Wi-Fi, 802.11ac wireless protocol – Required.
  • Battery life-at least 5 hours of battery life – Recommended.
  • USB ports – Recommended.
  • Minimum screen size-at least 9.7 diagonal inches – Recommended.
  • Windows 10 – Recommended.
  • Minimum 8GB RAM – Recommended.
  • Minimum 256GB hard drive size – Recommended.
  • Keyboard-inbuilt or external keyboard – Recommended.

Other Considerations

  • Easy portability-what weight/size can fit into your child’s bag.
  • A bag which is suitable for carrying and protecting your child’s device.
  • Sturdiness-is the device going to withstand daily use, in and out of a bag, to and from school.
  • Warranty period.
  • Processor capacity and memory-consider what software/applications are needed.
  • A backup hard drive so your child has a backup copy of the work they store on their device.
  • Price-affordability is important to the family budget. Don’t get talked into buying a device that has features that won’t be used. Devices in the $400-$1000 range are adequate for most student’s needs.

NOTE: Smartphones are unsuitable for learning activities because of their small screen size.


As personal property is not covered under the school’s insurance, we STRONGLY recommend that any BYOD device is covered fully under your own personal house/contents insurance arrangements. When purchasing you may also wish to consider buying an extended warranty.

Connecting to the School Network

The use of BYOD devices on the school network carries with it certain obligations and responsibilities of the student to operate the device in line with the school ICT Resources, BYOD, Mobile Phone and Online Services Acceptable Use Agreement for Students.

Wellbeing Coordinators Report

2020 Year 12 Leavers Jackets

For the first time ever, Year 12s got the much anticipated Leavers Jackets on day one of Term One and they looked awesome! A very big thank you to the huge Leavers Jacket Committee and Mrs McInerney for making this happen!

Meet the Team

Meet the new staff


Cole van-Overdijk

Area of Teaching

Lower Secondary Science


I worked at Carnarvon Community College from 2016 until 2019. I also do a lot of voluntary work with Busselton Surf Life Saving Club.

My Philosophy

I think education is an amazing opportunity that we are very lucky to have access to in Australia. I believe hard work beats talent and that there is always something new to learn no matter what.

Personal Interests

I enjoy swimming, snorkelling, surfing and camping (always with my dog).


Sufi Indha Akbari

Area of Teaching

Indonesian Language Assistant


English tutor from Primary School until English for businesses.

My Philosophy

The future won’t change if you don’t act now.

You’re responsible for every decision you make.

Personal Interests

Learning cultures and customs.

To learn, share and teach.

Student Services Update

Combined Universities Visit

Representatives from all of Western Australia’s major Universities visited NMSHS on Wednesday the 19th February 2020. The Year 12’s received some awesome information and now have a better understanding of what they need to do over the year ahead if they are planning to go to University.

Edith Cowan University Award

On Wednesday the 19th of February Miki Knuckey was presented with the 2019 Edith Cowan University Award by a representative from the University. We congratulate Miki on this very prestigious award and thank her so very much for her contribution to our school and the wider Bunbury Community! The Edith Cowan University Award is awarded to a student who demonstrates Edith Cowan University’s core values of integrity, respect, rational inquiry and personal excellence.

Off and Away All Day

Students must be congratulated for following “Off and Away All Day” with mobile devices. There have been some noticeable changes in the yard since the rule started this year, the biggest ones being the amount of noise that can now be heard when walking down the hallways during break times. Students are talking, playing games and interacting with each other the way nature intended, by using their voices.

There have been some teething problems but students have accepted responsibility and put their phones off and away when instructed. One point of improvement for students is the use of their phones to pay for food at the canteen. Students must remember that they cannot pay with any device at the canteen when purchasing food. Bringing a card to pay or pre ordering online are the recommended ways of overcoming this issue. To order online follow the link below. Once you have created an account you will be able to order and pay for meals online.

School Nurse

It is so important to drink lots of water every day.

Young people aged 9 – 18 need to drink at least 2 – 2.5 litres a day.

Learning Areas


Upcoming Mathematics Competitions

The maths department promotes maths outside the curriculum to extend and engage students in the possibilities and application of the maths they are learning in class. We have two up and coming competitions to look forward to during Term 1.

The first competition to be held is the Mathematics Modelling Competition (IM^2 C), where four of our Year 10 students will take part in a number of real-world mathematical scenarios, the team will work for several days using freely available material (from the web and other sources). At the end of this time, the team presents a report on their solution.

Real-world problems require a mix of different kinds of mathematics for their analysis and solution, and take time and teamwork. The IM²C provides students with a deeper experience both of how mathematics can explain our world and what working with mathematics looks like.

Mrs Murphy’s Year 8 students will be taking part in the Australian Problem Solving Mathematic Olympiad, this will run from March through to September. The programs are unique in that they focus on the students' ability to solve mathematical problems in a creative manner - as opposed to simply reaching a solution using a prescribed method.


Workplace Learning Students – Off to great start!

The Year 11 and 12 VET students have started off the year with enthusiasm, attending many interesting and varied work experience placements over the past three weeks as part of their Workplace Learning Program.

Workplace Learning allows students an opportunity to try out a number of employment industries to get a taste of some of the work they might like to pursue in their future careers, with the added bonus that all hours that they perform go towards their school grades. Under the supervision of experienced staff, students are able to observe and participate in real life work situations, learn new skills and build their confidence in a work setting. Some of the industries students are currently performing work experience in include Building and Construction, Automotive, Retail, Education, Child Care, Sport and Recreation, Hospitality, Animal Care, IT and Administration.

This exposure to workplaces can also lead to further opportunities in employment, with some students securing traineeships, apprenticeships and paid work as a result of successful placements.

Three of our Year 11 students Charity-Rose Ryder, Tia Holt and Georgia Pepper (pictured) have recently been successful in securing an Aboriginal School Based Traineeship through ATC Work Smart, with the Western Australian Country Health Service. All three girls performed work experience at the Bunbury Hospital and have been offered the traineeships as a result of their hard work, enthusiasm and suitability to the job. This means they will perform one or two days a week of paid employment whilst also studying a Certificate II in Business.

Well done girls, congratulations!!


A highlight for our Year 12 ATAR psychology students was going to ECU Southwest campus to watch a presentation on learning theories from the education team from Perth Zoo. The team demonstrated how they used classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning to train animals and increase desired behaviours.

Aboriginal Education


Wheelchair Basketball

On the Friday the 21st of February, the Year 8 Newton Moore Clontarf boys were able to participate in wheelchair basketball during academy time.

As part of a series held in Bunbury during February, the opportunity came about for the group to travel to the Southwest Sports centre and experience basketball in a way they hadn’t before.

The boys took part in a session led by three time Paralympian medallist Brad Scott. The students began by practicing the basic operational skills of the chairs before participating in a full court game. Many of the boys immediately showed great ability and skill with a high level of passing and shooting that was translated to the scoreboard.

Although challenging at times, the attitude and enthusiasm shown by the group lead to an enjoyable session. To finish up Brad spoke to the group who had developed an appreciation for the level of skill involved and some of the challenges faced by others. The boys had a great time with plenty of laughs.

A big thank you to Brad for organising this opportunity and running the session. The boys were able to take a lot from it and enjoy themselves in the process.

Year 10 & 11 Leadership Day

On Wednesday the 12th of February, the year 10 and 11 Newton Moore Clontarf Academy students travelled to Busselton to take part in a leadership day. The boys spent the day at the Forrest Adventures high ropes course and completed a series of obstacles, zip lines and base jumps.

The day was designed to bring the boys together and highlight the importance of leadership as an upper school student and explore the expectations and mindset required for the last few years of school. The boys were really tested at times and were able to overcome challenges both individually, and through helping each other. Two students, Jacob Ozies and Steven Worrigal managed to complete all 6 stages of the course.

Former Academy member Eli Hill came along and spoke to the group about the importance of application as a senior and completing school. After the high ropes course the group travelled to the Busselton foreshore and spent the remainder of the afternoon swimming at the beach. The group had a great day out. A big thank you as well to the Forrest Adventures team that hosted our academy and assisted the boys throughout their time at the course. The boys developed skills and understanding from the day that can be applied to their lives going forward.

2020 Year 12 Leadership Camp

The 2020 Yr. 12 Leadership Camp took place in Bunbury and was a great success. The aim of the camp was to continue building the student’s capacity to make the transition from school to work, to set goals for the year, and to reinforce the value of employment.

The camp included many activities including dinner with Clontarf partners, team challenges, goal setting, an employment workshop and community activities.

Specialist Programs


Scitech Beyond the Beaker at new STEM centre

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

Newton Moore SHS Canteen is open breakfast, recess & lunch, we take orders over the phone, via email and online. We are still continuing with the Summer Menu and at recess we have an assortment of yummy goodies: hot, cold, fresh and delicious.

The P&C run canteen is in great need of your help. We have an AGM commencing on the 24th March, all executive positions will be up for election: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Please come along to find out exactly what the Canteen does to add value to your school.

We don’t just feed the staff and children, we sponsor many scholarships, so without support of staff, parents and students, our Canteen doors may be forced to close, and we certainly don’t want this to happen.

Come along to the AGM meeting 24th@7pm in the Staffroom. Wine and nibbles will be provided.

Bring your neighbour, bring a friend, we need your help.

Tracey Usher
Canteen Manager
Ph 9795 8620


Newton Moore Senior High School 2020 School Ball

On Saturday the 22nd of March the Year 11 and 12 students at NMSHS had a ball! The 007 themed ball was held at the Lighthouse Beach Resort and was attended by over 120 students. All in all, it was an awesome night with amazing food, lots of dancing, prizes and great company.

As usual, the standard to behaviour was impeccable! Thanks to all who contributed to this awesome evening. Especially the very hardworking Ball Committee: Juliann Harvey, Juniper Kearney and Storm Hornby. The ladies worked very well with Mrs McInerney this year to change it up a bit! The buffet format cocktail dinner was a huge success!

Belle and Beau of the ball

Ocean Ekland and Tyreece Ugle

Best Dressed Year 12 Couple

Alex Anderson and Taine Lottering

Best Dressed Year 11 Couple

Dustin Kendall and Kate Estrella

Best Arrival

Nahla Staveley and Hudson La’Brooy-McIver

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