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19 March 2020

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

As the situation with the COVID-19 continues to evolve our school is establishing plans and responding to advice with the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, students and families in the forefront of our minds.

The school, and me as Principal, are well supported by the Department of Health and the Department of Education with regular updates and support. Families can view communications from these agencies by accessing the links below. I encourage you to remain informed through these sites. With so much information being communicated in society I will only communicate to families, important key messages not reflected in this information. Our school communication will be delivered via email, with urgent messages being delivered by SMS. A test SMS was sent on Tuesday 17th March to confirm the contact details held at our school for your enrolled student. If you did not receive a message please update your contact details by phoning 9722 2400, emailing or SMS 0400 207 827.

Other reputable information can be found here:

Please monitor your own well-being and look out for others. Access accurate information and support those showing signs of anxiety or concern. Exercise remains an important part of physical and mental health for everyone. Explore ways to do the things you enjoy in different ways to support those self-isolating and implementing social distance practices (for example: change a coffee catch up to a face time call).

Kylie Cattaway

Deputy Principals’ Update

Schools Assessment Policy

Just a reminder to all students and parents to access the school’s assessment policy. Below are the key responsibilities for students, parents and staff.


Student responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the student to:

  • attempt all in-class assessment tasks on the scheduled date and submit all out-of-class assessment tasks by the due date.
  • ensure that all work submitted for assessment is their own original work and acknowledges that it is,
    - not prepared or substantively contributed to by another person.
    - any work that is copied, paraphrases or summarises the work of others is acknowledged.
  • maintain an assessment file (stored at school) for each unit/pair of units studied containing all written assessment tasks. Students will have regular access to the file during class time but require written parent permission to remove the file from its location of storage. If a file of work is unable to be presented when requested by the Authority this could negatively impact on the student’s final result.
  • maintain a good record of attendance, conduct and progress (a student who is absent from a class for five lessons or more per term is deemed to be ‘at risk’ of not achieving their best possible result). Poor attendance could result in the course being deemed ‘incomplete’ and final results not being awarded.
  • initiate timely contact with teachers concerning absence from class, missed in-class assessment tasks, requests for extension of the due date for in-class or out-of-class assessment tasks and other issues pertaining to assessment.
  • inform their teacher immediately if topics within classwork or assessment tasks cause distress or challenge cultural beliefs.

Parent/guardian/caregiver responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/caregiver to:

  • communicate and work proactively with the relevant staff members to maximise opportunities for their child to succeed in their learning.
  • provide a suitable, well lit study/work area at home.
  • encourage their child to complete all set work and develop a good homework and study schedule.
  • ensure their child attends school and avoids unnecessary absence (family holidays or birthdays are unnecessary absences).

Teacher/school responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the teacher to:

  • develop a teaching and learning program that appropriately delivers the current Authority syllabus for the particular unit or pair of units.
  • develop and enter into Reporting to Parents: Assessment Outline, an assessment outline that is a comprehensive sampling of the syllabus content.
  • before teaching begins, provide students with an electronic copy (or hard copy) of:
    - the NMSHS Lower Secondary Assessment Policy (electronic copy saved in Connect – School Space)
    - the Authority Syllabus for the pair of units which includes grade descriptions.
    - the course outline showing the sequence of content and approximate timeline for delivery.
    - the assessment outline showing:
    * the approximate timing, type and general description of each task.
    * the content on which each task is based.
    * the weighting of each assessment type and each assessment task.
    * ensure that all assessment tasks meet the Authority’s Principles of Assessment (refer to the WACE manual), that is: fair, valid, reliable and discriminates between differing ability levels.
  • provide students with timely and regular assessment feedback and guidance.
  • provide students with assessment tasks using the NMSHS template.
  • maintain accurate and up-to-date records of student achievement.
  • meet timelines for assessment and reporting.
  • consult parents when students are underperforming, working at a D/E grade level or at risk of achieving a VET qualification
  • ensure internal comparability of each course through the use of same assessment outline and marking methods.


School Attendance – Truancy

Truancy is when children leave home for school, but then do not attend. Children who are truant may be trying to impress their friends, trying to gain attention, or they may be angry because of school or home problems. Truancy may occur when there are learning problems or bullying at school. Children who truant usually try to hide it from their parents.

What parents can do about truancy

Parents or guardians have an obligation to see that their child attends school and can use the following as a guide:

Parents or guardians have an obligation to see that their child attends school, and can use the following as a guide:

  • If it has just started, try to find a cause. Think about what else was happening in the child's life when it started.
  • Parents can talk to student services if their child is truanting.
  • Let the child know that you believe that going to school is really important.
  • If truancy continues, there needs to be a meeting at school to address the issue
  • If your child is skipping lessons, certain days or certain teachers, student services can help to see what pattern is emerging, and put strategies into place to minimise the risk of truancy occurring.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance, please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer Leisa Robertson on 9722 2428.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

At our first assembly I talked about our four school-wide PBS expectations; Wellbeing, Respect, Responsibility and Learning - with a particular emphasis on Wellbeing.

I acknowledged and thanked all our students for the positive start to the year, and especially for your cooperation with our new mobile phone policy ‘Off and Away all Day’. Thank you to parents and guardians too for your support with this new policy. It has been great to see so many students physically active, playing games or socialising face to face before school and at breaks - this is important for mental health and well-being.

Well-being means feeling healthy, happy or successful. When we are mentally healthy we can cope better with the normal stresses of life, work more productively and effectively and make a positive impact on others.

Here are 5 simple things your child can do to improve your well-being and happiness.

Connect and build positive relationships with others -family and friends, classmates and teachers.

  • Be active
  • Keep learning
  • Help others

Take notice of how you are feeling and enjoy the moment

For Year 7 students there has been a particular focus on 'Wellbeing' in Week 6, as part of their transition program.

The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) focus in Week 6 was around our school-wide expected behaviour 'Complete all work and submit on time ' - that is 'no opt out' which comes under one of our expectations from the PBS Matrix; LEARNING.

We have high expectations that all our students complete all work and hand in when required, so you and your child can get feedback on what they have done well and areas for improvement.

You can help by reinforcing these high expectations with your child at home, ensuring they know when assignments are due, and using organisational tools like a diary.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Admin Report

We are continually reviewing our school activities to achieve the same or similar outcomes whilst minimising the spread of COVID19 for our community. We have decided to hold a ‘Remote’ Parent Evening, that is, without parent and carers visiting the school, at the times below as previously advertised.

Tuesday March 24, 2020 (Year 7 – 12)

3:30pm – 6pm phone interviews

Tuesday March 31, 2020 (Year 7 – 12)

3:30pm – 6pm phone interviews

Parents have been sent an email inviting them to book appointments through the PTO system. Parents will need a valid email address held by the school to complete their bookings online. If you are having trouble making bookings or would prefer we complete these for you, please contact us on 9722 2400.

Teachers will receive a list of bookings and will make phone calls to families at their chosen time to provide individual feedback on student progress so far this year.

This has meant that our Year 7 BBQ, Year 7 Social and Year7  and 10 Information Evening will not be going ahead. Information will continue to be shared via Connect.

The ability to make bookings will open through PTO from 4pm Friday 19th March.

Wellbeing Coordinators Report

International Women’s Day Breakfast

On Sunday 8th March two of our student leaders, Mikisa Knuckey and Taine Lottering, attended the International Women’s Day breakfast at the Mercure Bunbury Sanctuary Resort.

The guest speaker this year was Graham Edwards AM who spoke about his life story, his experiences in Vietnam (where his legs were amputated after he stepped on a landmine), and his life after the war in politics.

Head Boy Taine Lottering and Head Girl Mikisa Knuckey


Surf Life Saving Championships

On 29 February 2020 Melina La Rosa Year 9 represented the Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club at the SunSmart WA Surf Life Saving Country Championships at Ocean Beach in Denmark.

She won a Gold medal in U15 Female Beach Sprint, U15 Female Beach Flags and Youth Mixed Beach Relay. Melina has worked hard training 6 times a week for this event and was looking forward to taking on the best of them in the SunSmart WA Surf Life Saving State Championships in Scarborough on 28 -29 March.

Congratulations Melina!

Meet the Team

Meet the 2020 Student Executive

The 2020 Newton Moore Senior High School Student Executive are a very small but strong group who hit the ground running this year. The Executive have already represented the school in Perth at the Halogen Leadership Conference on Monday the 9th March. Taine and Mikisa attended Zonta’s International Women’s Day Breakfast on Sunday the 8th March and have been asked to represent the Youth of the South West at the Bunbury ANZAC Day Service on Saturday 25th April 2020.

Head Girl: Mikisa Knuckey

Mikisa has been at NMSHS school since 2015 as a year 7. She has represented the school at Country Week in 2018, 2019, for soccer and netball. Mikisa has been a part of Science Horizons, MASH and specialist music programs. She represented NMSHS in Melbourne at the Australian Science Fair, and won CREST in 2019. Mikisa science, sport and music.

Head Boy: Taine Lottering

Taine has attended Newton Moore Senior High School since 2015, he has represented school in; 2017 bridge building, multiple science excursions, multiple interschool athletic carnivals, Country Week 2018, 2019, Subs in Schools States and nationals as well as leadership excursions, involved in Engineering and Mash programs, 2 times crest award winner. Obviously enjoys sport and science.

Deputy Head Boy: Aiden Doak

Aiden has been at Newton Moore for five years. He has been in the Engineering specialist program for all five of those years. He competed in the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition, The Subs in Schools program at the state level as the Team Manager and Graphic Designer, and at the National Competition in Sydney as the Graphic Designer. He has been student of the year twice, in year 9 and year 11. Aiden’s hobbies include riding his bike, working on cars, playing games, playing with my dog and editing videos occasionally. After school Aiden would like to either become a fitter-machinist or become an automotive or robotic engineer.

Student Executive: Lachlan Harrington

Lachlan has been a part of the science Horizon as well as the MASH program since Year 7. He has also participated in the school band program for three years. He was invited to Melbourne in 2019 to represent the school and WA at the ‘Australian Science Fair’. Lachlan has played hockey outside of school for many years which has allowed him to develop teamwork and leadership skills. He has also participated in Country Week three times for both hockey and volleyball. Lachlan’s interests outside of school include music.

Student Executive: Angelo Simms

Angelo attended Newton Moore Senior High School since 2015. He has represented Newton Moore at Country Week as part of the media team in 2019. He also participated in the 2017 and 2018 F1 schools State championships. He has attended various leadership excursions and was part of the lower school leadership programs. Angelo has been a runner up and winner of the Crest award and a member of the Newton Moore engineering program.

Halogen Young Leaders Conference

The student executive group travelled up to Perth for the day to attend the Halogen Young Leaders Conference. The group arrived in Perth around 8:30AM and went to the Perth Convention Centre. Here, around 2,500 students gathered to learn vital leadership skills from experienced leaders in the community. Inspirational guest speakers included:

John Coutis, a man who was born with a physical disability and later had his lower half amputated. Since then, he has overcome many challenges including bullying and has even become an ambassador for Asics.

Eamon Sullivan, an Olympic swimmer throughout the 2000’s, represented Australia in many tournaments, including the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Despite many injuries he persevered winning gold medals at multiple meets. Since retirement from swimming, he has started 9 successful businesses and become a father.

Dayna Hooker, professional AFLW player for the West Coast Eagles Football club. She became a mother at the beginning of her career, and the beginning of AFLW. After only 5 weeks of recovery, she was able to participate in the draft, and got drafted for the Fremantle Dockers. Since then, she has successfully juggled parenthood, her career and even further studies in business.

Lachlan Smart, an incredible young person who became the youngest solo person to circumnavigate the world in a plane. At the age of 15/16 he began fundraising for his journey and had to overcome many people who didn’t believe in him. Despite this, at the age of 18, he completed this task despite the challenges he faced in many countries.

The conference provided valuable leadership advice for our leaders, which they are putting to good use in our school environment. We were also able to communicate with leaders from other school, providing vital contacts for future affairs.

We would also like to thank Justine Van Zyl, and Kelly Keegans for coming on the trip with us. It was a memorable trip in which we learnt a lot and had fun.

Written by Miki Knuckey and Angelo Simms

Student Services Update

School Nurse

COLD and FLU season is coming..

Learning Areas


Synergy Solar Car Challenge

Twenty-six teams from around the district descended upon the new Newton Moore SHS STEM centre to participate in the annual Synergy Solar Car Challenge last Tuesday. This is a highly competitive engineering challenge where students have one hour to build a solar powered car. They then race the cars to see who will make it through to the next round.

Newton Moore entered two talented teams, one from Science Horizons and one from Engineering Specialist, who took home third and fifth place respectively. Each team demonstrated their strong collaborative and STEM skills. It was wonderful to see many Newton Moore students popping by to show their support and cheer for their school friends.

Kurtis Martin, Jordan Brady,
Riharna Myles,
Amy Barron (L-R)

Nyree Hood, Tyson Veale,
Sebastian Matthews and
Taku Tarupuwa (L-R)


Numeracy Week

This year the Maths and English department will be running Literacy and Numeracy Week during Week 8 of Term 1.

During this week students are encouraged to take part in a range of activities, during recess and lunch throughout the week.

The Maths department will be running the following activities - Makey Makey, QR code hunt, Spatial Races, and Probability and chance games.

More information is to come about the Literacy activities on offer.


Coffee Program 2020

Year 10 and 11 students have been learning barista skills and part of this course will include sales of coffees to staff.

We are offering our students current knowledge and skills by giving them an opportunity to learn barista skills on our coffee machines. This is a great employability skill for young people with many establishments in Bunbury requiring the skills of trained baristas.


Upper school Materials Design and Technology

The Year 11 and 12 Upper School Design and Technology classes have started on their respective projects, completing design tasks and initial practical process’s. The Year 12s are currently finishing chessboards manufactured from jarrah, pine and meranti with all looking ready for use!

Year 11s have started production of their tea tray designs discovering that sometimes the simplest designs can be the most difficult. We’re looking forward to the end results, they all look quite different and they should be happy with their efforts so far.

The Year 9 Design and Technology class have taken to their task of the footstool and are currently 2/3rds the way through. There have been some interesting variations of leg designs made by students and we should see some excellent products in the coming weeks.


Year 7 Mandurah Liveability Excursion

Fifty Year 7 students travelled to Mandurah Marina on Friday 13th March to collect data and participate in activities for their upcoming Liveability inquiry.

Geography and History Competition

The Australian Geography competition will be held for Years 7 – 10 on 31st March. Newton Moore will provide the opportunity free of charge for students to participate in this event to encourage student interest in geography and to reward student excellence.

Newton Moore will also be running the Australian History Competition in early June for Years 7 – 10.

Aboriginal Education

Girls Academy

International Women’s Day

Monday 9th March Girls Academy celebrated International Women’s Day with a breakfast. We had students, families, community members and staff attend. Leandra Healy gave a very inspirational speech.

Stephanie Riley & Juliann Harvey, Jess Storey along with Soroptimist International Bunbury had the privilege of attending the annual Zonta International Women’s Day breakfast on Sunday 8th March. This included key note speaker Graham Edwards AM who gave an inspirational speech about living his life with a disability and all the adversities he overcame.

2020 Induction

This year’s induction to the Girls Academy including a day at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery doing a workshop with Tahlia Bennell. This also included a cultural walk to the beach where the girls drew inspiration for their art work. Day 2 was lots of team building at Xcape The Cape.

Follow the Dream

The Follow the Dream Program is up and running for 2020. The program which provides after school tutoring support for Aboriginal students from Year 7 – Year 12, from Monday – Thursday. Currently 36 students are attending, and enjoying the opportunity to be supported by the teaching staff at Newton Moore SHS.

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen and P&C News

So glad to see some new friendly faces coming to the Canteen.  We love seeing the new Year 7s. Welcome to our great high school.

I would like to thank everyone personally for their support, whether it be purchasing lunches or the catering requests that we have been receiving. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any matters I can help with. Looking forward to a great Term 1.

Also please, please, please come along to our P&C AGM which is on the 24th of March @7pm in the staffroom, wine and cheese provided!

Each year the following positions are vacated and we are keenly looking for new people to join.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Our P&C has very members at present although have a very important job of running our school canteen. With our canteen manageress, Tracey, on board it could not be easier to be a part of our lovely committee.

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