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14 May 2020

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

I would like to acknowledge and thank our school community for working collaboratively and positively with us during recent times. Together, we have navigated new territory and discovered new learnings along the way. I’ve been strongly supported by our employees who have approached their roles with professionalism and flexibility keeping our students’ needs and strong school operations at the forefront of every action they take. I have never been prouder of how our team, regardless of the role they hold in the school, has supported each other and adapted to meet the need.

The beginning of Term 2 has brought with it a level of normalcy combined with cautiousness. A significant proportion of our students have returned to face-to-face teaching with those students Learning from Home being supported. I will keep our school community informed of further changes as they occur.

It is important to recognise that some of our young people will transition seamlessly through this change, whilst others may struggle. They will be looking to family and the school to keep things in context and help ease their transition. We ask parents to be vigilant in looking for signs of struggle whilst reassuring and supporting their children to access both academic and pastoral care support provided by the school. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions or would like additional support.

Kylie Cattaway
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Contributions and Charges

The contributions and charges for 2020 are being finalised in the next couple of weeks. The school is currently not posting accounts to parents, however payments may still be made via the usual payment methods. If you require a copy of your account, please email the accounts office on the address listed below and it will be emailed to you.

Payment plans are available, please contact the accounts office to make arrangements, these plans are flexible to suit parents’ and families’ individual needs.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact Michele in the accounts office on the email address listed below or call 9722 2419 between 8am and 3.30pm any week day.

The accounts office email address is

Deputy Principals’ Update

E-Safety and COVID

In addition to children's physical and psychological safety it is important to consider other safety concerns that children may be confronted by, including eSafety. Children will be online more than ever this year and parents are strongly encouraged to go the website below for specific advice regarding COVID-19 including an online safety kit and safety booklet, guidance relating to media, misinformation and scams, and webinars for parents and carers. We have incorporated the topic of esafety into PBS lessons at the school and teachers will be reinforcing the important messages of online safety.

Year 10 examinations

The Year 10 exams will be held in Week 6, from Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th June. In preparation for these important exams, it is essential that your child spends time revising the Semester 1 content as advised by their teacher. The grades achieved in these exams will be an indicator of used to support the upcoming subject selection process, where students will be picking their subjects for Year 11. Personalised exam timetables have been given out to all students. If your child has not received a timetable, please ask them to come to the admin office to get their copy. Please take time to read the information contained on the timetable with your child, to ensure that they have the knowledge and understanding of the conditions and equipment required for the week.

Year 10 subject selection – time to start thinking!

HOLA’s and specialist teachers will be visiting classes over the coming weeks to talk to students about the options and pathways available at our school in Year 11. Finding out which subjects support them to achieve their future goals is vitally important, so please encourage your child to research and discuss career and further education opportunities both at school and at home.

Further information regarding the subject selection process will be in the next newsletter.

Year 11 and 12 examinations

The Year 11 and 12 ATAR exams will begin in Week 6, commencing on Wednesday 3rd June through to Thursday 11th June.

Students can collect their personalised examination timetable from Tania Martyn in Administration from Monday 18th May (Week 4). This timetable must be presented to supervisors at every examination. Attendance requirements during the examination period are shown below.

  • General and VET students
    - Attend the normal school timetable during the examination period.
    - Are to attend the Media room in the IRC for Study lessons.
  • Students studying 4 or more ATAR courses are:
    - Not required to attend school during the examination period
    - Required to wear school uniform to examinations.
    - To bring their personalised examination timetable to all examinations.
  • Students studying 1-3 ATAR courses
    - Attend the normal school timetable during the examination period.
    - For morning examinations are not expected to attend school the day prior to and the day of their scheduled examination(s). For afternoon examinations are not expected to attend the day of their scheduled examination(s).
    - Are to attend the Media room in the IRC for study during all timetabled ATAR lessons or Study lessons.
    - Are to wear school uniform to examinations.
    - Are to bring their personalised examination timetable to all examinations.

If you have any questions about the 2020 Semester One Examinations please contact Kate Nightingale, Deputy Principal, by phone, 9722 2400 or email

Year 12 University applications

The impact of COVID-19 has led to universities making different arrangements in relation to the Year 12 application process and the marketing of their courses. Physical visits to universities are currently not possible, but there are information sessions being delivered via online platforms (such as WebEx) to find out about courses and application processes. If your child is considering applying for any university course, it is advisable to check the university website for the most up to date information.


As of Wednesday 29 April, public schools have been open for all students whose parents/carers choose to send them to school. Students at school have been taught a face-to-face program and timetable. Year 11 and 12 students have been strongly encouraged to attend to learn in classrooms as they are at a critical point in their schooling. There will be a review of these arrangements in the lead up to Week 4 (18 May) and any adjustments will be made based on the best health advice.

We are committed to ensuring all students are safe, supported and able to continue their studies, whether at school or at home. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns or questions – in relation to learning at home or at school.

If your child is not attending school, please ensure the school is aware of this by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer, Leisa Robertson on 9722 2428.

New Procedure – Arriving late to School

The following procedure commences Mon 18th May – Week 4:

  • Before 9am - Go straight to class. Students do not need to sign in at Student Services
  • After 9am – Must sign in at Student Services
  • Any students who have a legitimate reason should still go to Student Services with their parent or note excusing them for being late.

It is vital that students arrive on time to class as the start of the lesson is often the most important. Not only because attendance is done then but this is when the instructions about learning and content is delivered. A student who is just 5 minutes late will miss out on this which will directly influence how much rich learning is able to be done.

Student Services will closely monitor those arriving late to school so interventions can be put into place to help those students arrive on time.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) for families

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is our school-community wide framework for supporting the wellbeing, positive behaviour and engagement in learning for our students. PBS interventions can be particularly helpful when events disrupt normal routines – events like the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The link below will take you to support for families and carers on how to use PBIS (positive behavioural interventions and supports) to continue to support their students’ social and emotional growth and minimise behavioural disruptions in the home.

Admin Report

Parent information – Student Declaration and Permission online (Year 12)

All Year 12 students are required to complete SCSA’s Student Declaration and Permission online. Students are requested to complete this process online by the end of Term 2 2020.

Student Declaration

Students will need to declare that they are aware of the requirements to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and for sitting the ATAR course examination. Please refer to the Year 12 Information Handbook available on the Authority website at the link below.

Prior to ticking the declaration box for online submission, one of the requirements is that your child has discussed their permission responses with you. Please refer to the link above for this information.

Student Permission

All students will be asked to give permission for the following:

(a) Release of their name should they win an award
The School Curriculum and Standards Authority award winners are published in the media and on the Authority’s website, if permission to do so, has been given by the student.

(b) Use of school work for creating support materials
The Authority is seeking permission for the use of the school work produced during 2020 e.g. assignments, projects, portfolios, test and school-based exam responses.

(c) Use of examination responses (written and practical)
The Authority is seeking permission for the use of:

  • ATAR course written and practical examination responses (copyright owned by the student); and
  • images and sound recordings of the student in photographs, audio recordings and audio visual recordings that are made during the ATAR course practical examinations (copyright owned by the State of Western Australia).

Your child will be encouraged by the school to discuss each of the above questions with you prior to completing the Student Declaration and Permission online. If your child is under 18 years of age and has not discussed their responses with you, they will not be able to proceed further with their submission. This procedure ensures that your child cannot complete the Student Declaration and Permission unless they click on ‘Yes’ to the condition ‘I have discussed my responses to the above questions with my parents/guardians’.

Please note: Students will be required to complete the Student Declaration and Permission when they log in to the student portal before they can gain access to other important information such as their course enrolments, examination timetable/s and results.

Further information on Student Declaration and Permission is available on the Authority’s website via link below.

Wellbeing Coordinators Report

Year 7 Amphitheatre

Over the holidays builders moved in to upgrade the Year 7 Amphitheatre by installing limestone blocks and some landscaping. Previous to this work being completed the area was retained by concrete pavers and was untidy. The area is now usable all year round and provides a great area for outdoor classroom activities.

Seen here are Year 7 students, Lily, Alyssa, Abbey, Max and Jasmin enjoying the new area at lunch.

Student Services Update


Year 11 and 12 Workplace Learning

Many of our Year 11 and 12 students have returned to work experience this term as part of their VET program.

Some of our fantastic host employers are Woolworths, Civilcon, Munchkin Manor Child Care, Einoncliff Park and CCR Site Services.

We are very lucky to have such supportive employers in our community who are willing to host and guide our students. WE extend a warm thank you to our employer partners.


Home Economics

Our Home Economics Department is excited to be running practicals again. We have added a few extra hygiene measures to ensure everyone’s safety and will be providing disposal containers and cutlery, so no BYO containers at the moment. Some of our first practicals of the term include Chicken Pot Pies, Pasta Bake and Risotto.

We are also back selling staff coffees again, Monday Recess and Wednesdays before school, to continue refining our students’ skills. Again, additional hygiene practices have been implemented, including the students wearing gloves.


Welcome Back

Wonderful to have students back at school in Term 2!

Year 7s are continuing to study the topic of Liveability by completing an inquiry into the liveability of their local area.

Year 8s are finishing off the geography unit Changing Nations by writing an essay on the consequences of urbanisation.

Year 9s have begun an inquiry into the tourism industry as a part of the Geographies of Interconnections unit.

Year 10s have begun their inquiry exploring the impact of conflict on wellbeing as they round out the Geographies of Human Wellbeing unit.


Sporting Schools Athletics Sessions with our Year 7’s.

Last term our Year 7 Physical Education classes were lucky to receive expert coaching from Bruce and Ute from Athletics Australia. Students learnt correct techniques when running, jumping and throwing and worked hard to develop their skills in all aspects of Athletics. Without funding from Sporting Schools, these sessions would be unable to run. Thanks to Bruce and Ute!

Aboriginal Education


Dinner Challenge

Newton Moore Clontarf staff put a challenge out to the boys last week to cook dinner for their families and send in a photo of them cooking and enjoying it after. We supplied the food for the boys with the choice being either Honey Soy Chicken and Rice or Spaghetti Bolognese. Whilst dropping the food off it was a great opportunity to catch up with the boys and see how they’re doing through these tough times. The boys responded fantastically with 20 boys accepting the challenge and asking when the next challenge will be.

Choice Programs


BBA Most Valuable Player Award

Year 9 Hannah McNaughton receives the MVP Award for the BBA U16B Girls. Hannah is a great representative of our MASH program here at Newton Moore and we couldn’t be prouder!

Well done Hannah!

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

Breakfast and Winter Menu

Welcome back to Term two.

The Canteen is still here to serve you 5 days a week for breakfast, recess and lunch, now serving our amazing winter menu. Please remember to order online for convenience or at the counter no later than recess.

If you are in need of any catering we are only too happy to help.

The Canteen is in need of volunteers - any day, any amount of time as it greatly helps the canteen to run effectively. We would be very grateful for any time you can give.

Looking forward to a great Term 2. Pop on in and say hi, support your Canteen and remember the more support you give, the more sponsorship we can contribute to your child’s school.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open Mondays and Thursdays, 11-2pm, for phone orders and student pick up only.

Uniform Concepts can be contacted via email or by phone 9270 4664 to place an order.

School Board

Our Board Members

The School Board is made up of parents, staff, the school Principal and an Executive Officer and also appoints members from industry and or community groups to provide advice and bring different viewpoints and ideas.

The Board Chair is selected by its members. I would like to thank and congratulate Lyn Farrell (Dean, Edith Cowan University – South West Campus) who was reappointed to the position of Board Chair at the most recent board meeting.

The Board is essential in supporting the Principal in the governance of the school. The board contributes in many ways some of which are listed below.

  • Advisory role to the Principal
  • Promote the school in the community
  • Endorse the school financial management processes
  • Contribute to the school’s business planning and reporting processes
  • Participate in the selection of a new Principal

Our School Board is well balanced and representative of our community. Its current members are:

Community / Industry Representatives

Andrew Templeman – General Manager, Doral Mineral Sands

Lynette Farrell (Board Chair) – Dean, Edith Cowan University

Kelly Stone – Branch Manager, Bendigo Bank

Craige Sell – Principal Consultant

Parent Representatives

Dr Atif Sharif – Electrical Engineer, Overflow Industrial Pty Ltd

Christy Ashworth – Paediatric Audiologist, Department of Health

Lois Little – Aboriginal Education and Islander Officer, Eaton Community College

Staff Representatives

Kylie Cattaway - Principal

Jacqui Read-Smith – VET Coordinator

Jodie Falconbridge – Head of Learning Area - English

Ashley Stewart – Deputy Principal

Michelle Waywood (Executive Officer) – Manager Corporate Services

Byron Engelbrecht – Head of Learning Area - Mathematics

Community Notices

Talking Careers with your Teens

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) has published online 10 Ideas to help parents talk careers with their teens.

“Teens are influenced by parents when considering career pathways. Research both in Australia and overseas, has found that parents are one of the most commonly consulted and influential sources of career information and advice for young people” (CCIWA)

This guide provides career coaching information for parents and promotes encouraging teenagers to engage in career exploration to let them find out the pros and cons of a particular occupation for themselves, as opposed to telling them. This helps young people to develop career management skills required to navigate the future world of work.

Share this valuable resource with your parent community so they can help their young people to be self-aware of what their interests, skills, abilities and values are and to find their motivators for long term success.


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