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28 May 2020

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

Term Two is well under way with our operations mostly back to normal. Our Senior School (Year 10-12) students begin examinations very soon and our teaching, learning and assessment programs from Year 7 through to Year 12 are now back on track.

Later this term you will receive your child’s Semester One report. We have not made any significant changes to the report structure for this semester although due to the recent disruptions we will not be reporting student attendance.

At the beginning of Term 2, the government announced a state-wide Pupil Free Day on Tuesday 28th April. As this was one of our school’s planned School Development Days this has now been rescheduled to the last day of term, Friday 3rd July 2020. These changes are reflected in our online school calendar. The School Development Days for the remainder of 2020 are:

Term 2

  • Week 10 – Friday 3rd July 2020

Term 3

  • Week 1 – Monday 20th July 2020

Term 4

  • Week 1 – Monday 12th October 2020
  • Students finish Thursday 17th December 2020

In the next newsletter I will provide information about our Parent Survey. This survey is completed every 2 years. The 2020 survey will have additional components designed to provide more clarity and direction for our school. The information we receive is highly valuable to us and will help shape our school directions, therefore I would like to encourage all families to put some time aside to share their views and help us to move forward together.

Kind regards,

Kylie Cattaway
Newton Moore SHS

Premier Mark McGowan and Don Punch MLA Visit

It was a pleasure to have Premier Mark McGowan and Don Punch, MLA, visit our new STEM centre on Friday. Arriving after school hours, they enjoyed a tour of our facilities and viewed the fantastic work our students have been busy creating.

They noted the large number of awards our school brought home from the state and national Subs in School and F1 in Schools competitions this year and last year. These awards stand proudly in the foyer of A block.

From the Finance Team

Contributions and Charges

A big thank you goes out to all our parents/caregivers who have paid their child’s fees in full. We really appreciate your commitment and ongoing support to our school.

School fees are made up of Contributions and Charges. Although Contributions are voluntary, they do make a huge difference to the school’s ability to deliver its learning programs. Our school provides learning programs that consist solely of Contributions however, there are a number of courses your child may choose that attract Charges. Charges are compulsory and must be paid by families.

When school fees are unpaid, the school then must reallocate resources from elsewhere to make up the shortfall. The Department of Education does not provide funding for this purpose.

We encourage all parents to support our school and your child’s learning through payment of Contributions and Charges.

Deputy Principals’ Update

Year 10 Subject Selection

The Senior School Handbook is now available for students, parents and carers to download from the school website 2020 Senior School Handbook This book contains information to help students choose an educational pathway at the conclusion of Year 10.

To support families, there will be an information event on 10 & 11th of June from 6pm to 7pm, delivered online via webex, a software that is very easy to access and use.

It will include information about the WACE and WASSA, ATAR and VET pathways and the course selection process. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions by typing a question or using your voice should you wish.

How do I access the online event?

An e-mail will be sent to all parents on the 2nd June providing a link to join. A PowerPoint presentation will be available to view during and after the presentation. All participants will be mute upon login and it is recommended that participants turn their video off during the event. Our presenters can assist participants with this once they are logged in.

If you have any questions, please contact the school on 9722 2400.

Year 12 – University pathways

Due to the impact of Covid-19, universities are actively promoting early offer programs to students in Year 12. Please encourage your child to contact the University that they are interested in applying for to find out how to apply. Further information is below.


Full information about ECU’s Early Offers is available on the our website below:


Students will be able to apply directly to Murdoch from 8.00am on Monday 18th May 2020. The link to apply can be found at the link below:


If you have already chosen your course and want to apply using your year 11 results, you can apply through TISC from 18 May 2020


Will be providing offers based on predicted ATAR scores from the end of Year 11 or Year 12 if available

ECU Virtual Information Evenings - Year 10, 11 and 12 Students

ECU’s School of Science will be hosting virtual information evenings about their university courses and later their virtual Open Day!

If you are considering a university pathway that could find you studying at a university in areas of interest, jump online and get answers to your questions.

June 25th – Register here for Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Data Science, Marine Science, and Physics

1st July – Register here for Computer Science, Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security, Information Technology and Security and Intelligence

9th August – ECU Open Day information -


Schools are safe and open for learning!

The State Government committed to a review of learning arrangements ahead of Week 4. As a result of consultation and review of current arrangements, combined with the latest health advice, a further easing of restrictions in public schools was implemented. From Monday 18 May, all Western Australian public school students will be required to return to school. The State Government is investing in additional teachers to support those students who for medical reasons will learn from home and specialist staff will be employed to help students reconnect with their school.

Support for students who cannot attend school for medical reasons during COVID-19

Students who cannot attend school due to them, or a family member having a chronic medical condition, or a compromised immune system during COVID-19 can access support. Please contact Leisa Robertson, School Attendance Officer, on 9722 2428 to find out more information.

If you are having difficulty getting your child to attend school, please make contact with Leisa Robertson, Attendance Officer, 9722 2428 to discuss options and develop a plan.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) lesson in Week 4 was about our school-wide expected behaviour 'Engage online with people you know and trust' which comes under our expectations of RESPONSIBILITY.

Here are some tips to help your children be safe and responsible online users:

Set the ground rules

  • Establish rules about the types of content or information your child should report to an adult – for example, telling you about any swearing or bad words they find online.
  • Set rules to make sure your child knows what information they can share or post online and the websites they can visit. This includes telling a trusted adult before posting any personal information online, including for competition entries.
  • Encourage your child to use the same manners and communication they would use offline, and remind them it’s okay to report others who aren't being nice.

Stay involved

  • Closely monitor younger children’s internet use.
  • Try to keep the computer in a shared or visible place in the home.
  • Be aware of how your child uses the internet and explore it with them.

Proactively guide

  • Help your child understand that what they say and do online is important.
  • Encourage your child to learn about online safety with fun resources from the eSafety1 website, like Hector’s World2, Zippep’s Astro Circus3 and #GameOn4.
  • Talk to your child about personal information and why it is special and remind them how it can be used to identify or locate them.
  • Bookmark a list of favourite sites you are comfortable with your child visiting and teach them how to access this list.
  • Consider using filters to help manage your child's online access.

Support positively

  • Advise your child not to respond to any negative messages and to report any hurtful messages they receive to you or another trusted adult.
  • Teach your child that there are ways they can deal with material that worries or frightens them – this includes immediately telling a trusted adult of any concerns or uncomfortable material and how to close a web page or turn off a screen.
  • If your child shows any concerning changes in behaviour or mood then talk to them or seek professional support – Kids Helpline5 provides free, confidential online counselling for young people, and your school may also be able to help.

To help you support your teenagers to become safe and responsible online users or to report offensive or illegal content visit the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website.

Further information about cyber safety for students can be found here:

Admin Report

Student Feedback

At Newton Moore Senior High School, we believe that feedback for students and parents should be meaningful and given in a timely manner. The expectation for all our teachers is that feedback is given for assessment work, explaining what has been demonstrated and what is required to improve.

At the end of this term, your child will receive a Semester One report. This report will include grades, information about attitude, behaviour and effort and a brief comment about the work that has been covered. These end of semester reports provide a summary of achievement for your child over the semester and is a progress report. The end of year report provides a finalised grade.

We encourage teachers and parents to communicate directly throughout the year, to discuss any concerns and give feedback. CONNECT makes it easy for parents to contact teachers by email and keep in regular communication should they wish. If, after communicating to your child’s teacher you still require further information, or want to discuss issues further, please contact the relevant Head of Learning Area.

Semester One reports will be published on CONNECT and emailed to parents in the last week of term (Thursday July 2). Please ensure that your families current contact information is held by the school.

ICT/Technology Report

Support for low income family to connect to the NBN at home

NBN is providing funding to support low-income family households with school-aged children, who do not currently have an active NBN connection at home. This funding will help phone and internet providers create more affordable offers to connect eligible families during Term 2. To access these offers contact internet providers and ask for special COVID-19 deals. The participating provider will help determine if you are eligible for assistance. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Looking After Your BYOD While at School

We are pleased to see many more students bringing their own device (laptop or tablet) to school. The school does not have the facility to provide secure storage for BYOD or other personal items, so students are required to keep their devices secure and protected while at school. We strongly recommend students use strong laptop bags/pouches and that devices are kept with students at all times and taken into classes. During HPE classes, bags are kept secure in the change rooms with doors locked for the duration of the class.

Again we recommend BYOD devices are covered by your own personal home/contents insurance as there is no school or government provided insurance cover for personal items.

Student Services Update

Year Meetings

We have begun holding Year Meetings again although with a little difference. Student Services is now delivering video presentations of the Year meetings with a bit of fun and the prize wheel thrown in! The recorded meetings are shown to students in their classrooms and uploaded to Connect for parents to view.

If you are a winner please come to Student Services to collect your vouchers. Video link ups will be held in Week 5, 7 and 9 this term.

School Nurse

Year 10 Immunisation Term 2 2020

Forms have been given out to students for the Meningococcal W Immunisation to be given at school in June.

Please sign the form, even if you are electing not to have the immunisation and return ASAP to Student Services. This will help us to ensure everyone has received the information and have an opportunity to receive the immunisation.

If you do not have a form or have lost yours, please collect one from Student Services.

Any queries please contact the program coordinator Shelley Paterson 9795 2845.


Nurse Sam

Learning Areas


TAFE Student Progress

NMSHS wishes to acknowledge and thank South Regional TAFE for facilitating the progression of our students Juniper Kearney and Storm Hornby towards completing their School Based Traineeships. Juniper is undertaking a Certificate III Hospitality and Storm a Certificate II Kitchen Operations. This unique arrangement came about after both students were unable to complete units from their School Based Traineeship in the workplace. We really appreciate the support South Regional TAFE has extended to our students.

We were able to take a peek at our students completing Certificate II Kitchen Operations, Myke Felipe, Frank Scibilia, James Truong and Storm Hornby in action at the TAFE kitchen last week.

We are proud that our students are ‘Achieving Today for Tomorrow’.


Year 10 Mirror Design

Year 10 Design and Technology students have been designing and making a Duchess Mirror complete with drawer. The mirror frame and base is able to be laser etched for aesthetic enhancement. Anthony Ladhams and Jack Boyle are photographed here displaying their almost complete mirrors. Once they have completed assembling their drawers they will commence designing their next project, a Portable Storage Holder.

Visual Art

Year 12s are working hard on their surrealist portraits.


Australian Olympic Change Makers

Rex Kennedy (Graduated in 2019) and Shanti Riches (Year 11) attended the Australian Olympic Change Makers program in Perth during Term 3 last year. Rex and Shanti are both excellent ambassadors for our school, representing Newton Moore in the highest regard. This exciting new opportunity celebrates and brings together young leaders in sport who are ‘making a difference’ in their school or local community.

We are so proud of Rex and Shanti, and the role they play in representing our great school!

Aboriginal Education


Let the games begin!

The boys have been participating in some fun, competitive activities during lunch times. We started off by having a knock out golf-putting competition which was won by Diego Abraham. The second competition we ran was an AFL handball game that ended in a tie between Destyn Romeo and Basil Hart with Destyn coming out on top after a sudden death shootout. The third competition was an AFL longest kick. Our lower school boys competed against each other whilst the senior school boys did the same. Our lower school winner was Basil Hart with a kick of 40.8 meters and our senior school winner was Tyreece Ugle with a massive kick of 43.5 meters.

Fun Times

Choice Programs


Trials for 2021 Year 7 Students

The Moore Academy of Sport and Health (MASH) trials for 2021 Year 7 students, will be held in June 2020. Please see the flyer below for full details or contact Teagan Smith ( by email with any questions.

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

Avoid the queues……no cash no problem……order your favourites online at your canteen!!

Details of how to register and use the system can be found here How do I order online?

Here are the current menu’s, nice hot yummy food:


Community Notices

Life Hack Sessions

City of Bunbury are running seven short sessions to help young adults develop key life skills.

Youth Advisory Council Applications

Are you between the ages 12 to 25? Do you reside in Greater Bunbury region (which includes the shires of Harvey, Dardanup and Capel)?

The Youth Advisory Council are encouraging passionate young people with ideas, initiative and a desire to represent the Bunbury youth on the official committee of the Bunbury City Council to nominate themselves at this online application form before 4pm Thursday 18th June.

To encourage creativity and allow young people to showcase their unique flair, there is the option to upload a file (such as video or art) as their response to the application questions.

YAC’s vision and mission are:

  • Vision: Celebrating and advocating young people and their communities.
  • Mission: We challenge expectations and assumptions, activate places and spaces, and empower young people to have a voice.

If you have any questions or like to discuss, please feel free to contact us on 9792 7129 or email


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