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20 August 2020

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Principal’s Address

Principal’s Message

Well, Term 3 is ticking along nicely and we are now already into the middle of the term.

The Minister of Education, the Honourable Sue Ellery, and other dignitaries will be visiting the school on 26th August to open the newly finished STEM centre. This new facility is an outstanding addition to our school. Our thanks go to Michael Douglas, a previous school Board Chair, and the other Board members for their persistence in ensuring that our dream of having our own STEM centre became a reality.

We are now on to the downhill run for our Year 12 students. This is the last term of their secondary education. Families often bear the brunt of the stress of this busy period, but please remember support is always available. The partnership between parents, students and teachers is essential for students to be able to be, and do, their best. I encourage you to follow your child’s progress and be in contact with their teachers, have discussions with your child about what they are doing in class, and check in through Connect to see where things are at and what activities they have been engaged in. Most importantly, they should be studying every night if they have final year exams. Our aim is to always have all students graduate but they can only do this if they submit and finish all the required work.

Throughout the second half of this year, we continue to have some building and facility upgrades and improvements. We have an extensive machinery and equipment upgrade happening in the Design and Technology area, we have a yarning circle being designed and created in the centre of the school, and we were successful in getting some funding for shade sails which will be placed in areas where they are needed across the school.

This semester, the Exec and I will be leading the school in determining our strategic direction and school targets for the 2021-2025. We are looking at doing a five-year Business and Workforce Management plan. At this stage, the two key areas of “Belonging” and “Academic” have been identified for the Business plan. We will also be designing a new look Workforce Management plan. Behind these key documents are other, more detailed, operational plans. We are very excited about our future directions and thank those who have, and will continue to be, part of our collaborative planning.

Finally, because of COVID, the school review has been postponed. We have continued as a school to self-reflect on our practices and all sections of the school will be renewing their operational plans. We will be finalising and reviewing all the work we did as part of our 2020 Business plan.

Together we can be a very positive influence in our young people’s educational journey.

Please enjoy this edition.

Susan Kerr
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Contributions and Charges

A big thank you goes out to all our parents/caregivers who have paid contributions and charges in full. We really appreciate your commitment to our school.

There is some misunderstanding in the community as to the requirement to pay the ‘charges’ components of your students C&C’s. Charges are the compulsory component of your child’s education program at Newton Moore, and must be paid in full to ensure the resources that are required to meet the outcomes for that subject are available to your student. The Department of Education does not provide funding for this purpose and so the school needs to reallocate funds from other priorities to cover any charges that remain unpaid by parents/carers.

Contributions, although voluntary, do make a huge difference to the schools’ ability to deliver the programs at Newton Moore, and the school greatly appreciates those parents who provide their ongoing support in this way.

Win a $100 Ziggies voucher to use for 2021 booklists

To be in the draw to win a $100 voucher to use at Ziggies for your child’s 2021 booklist, simply pay your contributions and charges in full by the end of Week 1, Term 4.

We have eight vouchers available and these will be drawn after the closing date of 16 October 2020.

Deputy Principals’ Update

OLNA (Years 10-12)

Round Two of OLNA commences in Week 7 of this term. In order to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) students must pass all three components if they have not already pre-qualified in Year 9.

Students who have not passed some, or all of the tests, will need to sit the appropriate test during this time.

OLNA testing will be held at the following times:


Monday 31st August to Wednesday 2nd September

Numeracy and Reading

Monday 7th September to Friday 25th September

In preparation for these tests, teachers will be supporting students to improve specific literacy and numeracy skills. We recommend that students and parents access the SCSA website for further information, practice and example tests.

Year 11 & 12 ATAR Students – The importance of study

The time for commitment to a regular Home Study program is right now, from today. 15 to 18 hours per week has proven to be necessary for most students. When examinations loom, students will need to step this up a bit further.

Home Study includes:

  • All set homework and assignments.
  • Completion of summary and study notes on the work covered during the day, over a week, or over a longer period of time.
  • Completing drafts and plans for discussion.
  • Practising of past examination paper questions.
  • Working on major projects.
  • Wide reading and viewing.
  • Skills practice.
  • Use of the revision and study guides recommended by your teaching staff.
  • Preparation for tests and examinations.
  • Set reading and extension reading.
  • Organising files and coursework.

In Senior School Time students will be working through study techniques. Encourage your child to talk to their teachers if they are unsure about any of the work that they have been set.


At Newton Moore Senior High School, we want your teenager to do their very best. To get the best education, they need to go to school every day. The teenage years are a time for young people to develop independence and find their place in the world, including how they take part in their school life. We know that some children may need extra encouragement to attend school regularly.

By working together, our school community can address some of the reasons why teenagers may not want to go to school.

Some common problems you may have getting your teenager to school:

They won’t get out of bed in the morning.

They go to bed late at night.

They take a long time to get ready in the morning.

They haven’t done their homework or are avoiding a test or assignment.

They are watching television or playing video games before school.

What can you do to help?

  • Act early. It is important to understand and work on the underlying reasons why your teenager is not going to school.
  • On average, teenagers need eight to nine hours sleep a night to be healthy and alert. Maintaining a daily routine helps. This may include monitoring internet, mobile phone and television use at night to ensure sleep is not disturbed.
  • Try not to make appointments or take holidays during school time. This can make it difficult to catch up on missed school-work, and cause anxiety about attending school.
  • Don’t let your teenager stay home unless they are genuinely sick.
  • Don’t let your teenager stay home to finish an assignment that is due. Make attendance the number one priority.
  • Have clear expectations about after school jobs, and make sure work does not impact on their ability to get to school each day or interfere with study.
  • Encourage extracurricular activities such as sport and creative activities. They can help your teenager develop positive relationships and experience success, which can help them feel more motivated.
  • Monitor your teenager’s attendance and learning at school. Periodically check with their teachers and year coordinator to find out how things are going.

If your child is not going to attend school, please let the school know by calling 9722 2429 or sending an SMS to 0400 207 827.

If they miss a day, it is important you talk with their teachers to find out how you can help them catch up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance please contact NMSHS’s School Attendance Officer, Leisa Robertson on 9722 2428.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

PBS point tally from the start of the school year until now;









Which House will win the end of term rewards activity?

The race is on.

Students, remind your teachers to give out PBS points.

ICT/Technology Report

The WA Department of Education’s tips for parents to help your children be safe and responsible online users.

Stay involved

Closely monitor younger children’s internet use.

Try to keep the computer in a shared or visible place in the home.

Be aware of how your child uses the internet and explore it with them.

Proactively guide

  • Help your child understand that what they say and do online is important.
  • Encourage your child to learn about online safety with fun resources from the eSafety website, like Hector’s World, Zippep’s Astro Circus and #GameOn.
  • Talk to your child about personal information and why it is special, and remind them how it can be used to identify or locate them.
  • Bookmark a list of favourite sites you are comfortable with your child visiting and teach them how to access this list.
  • Consider using filters to help manage your child's online access.
  • Support positively.
  • Advise your child not to respond to any negative messages and to report any hurtful messages they receive to you or another trusted adult.
  • Teach your child that there are ways they can deal with material that worries or frightens them – this includes immediately telling a trusted adult of any concerns or uncomfortable material, and teaching them how to close a web page or turn off a screen.
  • If your child shows any concerning changes in behaviour or mood then talk to them or seek professional support – Kids Helpline provides free, confidential online counselling for young people, and your school may also be able to help.

For tips on how to help you support your teenagers to become safe and responsible online users or to report offensive or illegal content visit the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website.

Wellbeing Coordinators’ Report

A and B Grade Average Lunch

On Wednesday 5th of August, the following Year 11 and 12 students were invited to have lunch with the Principal and Deputy Principals after receiving outstanding results in Semester 1 2020.

Year 12

Year 11

Charlene Guipo

Darcy Beacham

Macy Harris

Janae Cole

Madelyn McDonagh

Bronte Geyer

Ella Williams

The lunch was held in the T &E Conference Room. Many thanks to the NMSHS canteen for providing the chicken wraps and dessert.

We would like to congratulate these amazing students on their awesome Semester 1 results and wish them similar success in Semester 2.

A and B Grade Average Lunch

Student Services Update

School Nurse

Healthy Bones Action Week | 17-23 August 2020

Learning Areas


Year 10

Year 10 Students developed their understanding of Mitosis (cell division) through a collaborative group activity. They had to draw the stages of Mitosis and then arrange themselves in the order that the stages occur. It was a terrific team effort!


Year 10 Work Experience

Week 10, Term 3 offers an exciting opportunity for all Year 10 students to engage in Work Experience.

Work Experience allows students an opportunity to try out a number of employment industries to get a taste of some of the work they might like to pursue in their future careers. Under the supervision of experienced staff, students are able to observe and participate in real life work situations, learn new skills and build their confidence in a work setting.

This exposure to workplaces can also lead to further opportunities in employment, with some students securing traineeships, apprenticeships and paid work as a result of successful placements.

Some of the industries students have performed work experience in areas including Automotive, Building and Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Child Care, and Administration.

As a Year 10 student, you are required to locate your own work placement. All placements for Year 10s must be identified and information given to the VET Office by the end of Week 6 (28th August 2020) so we can organise the required paperwork.

Please come to the VET Office to collect a Work Experience Details Form to complete for your placement, and to talk to Ms Read-Smith or Mrs Potter regarding this opportunity.

Year 10 Work Experience


First Aid Course

On Thursday 30th July, students from the Year 11 and 12 VET courses participated in Senior First Aid classes.

The course covered all aspects of DRS ABCD action plans and emergencies from anaphylaxis to sprains and strains.

Students who successfully complete the course will receive their St John’s Senior First Aid Certificate.

Faye and Charlene practice using spacers during an asthma attack.

Chest compressions during CPR.

Holly, Marni and Chianna placing a patient in the recovery position.

Students carry out CPR on infants.

Year 11 Baking Challenge

On Tuesday 4th of August, the Year 11 Food Science and Technology students got to show off their skills in a Baking Challenge. Mrs Gaden and the guest judges, Mrs Potter and Miss Hughes, had a difficult decision picking the winners as all the products were fantastic. After careful considered the winners were announced:

First prize

James Truong and Frank Scibilia

Second prize

Tia Holt

Third prize

Cooper Allen, Jay Maslin and Toby McNaughton

Year 11 Baking Challenge

Visual Art

Year 9 Album Covers


Interschool Cross Country

On the 4th of August, Newton Moore’s Cross Country runners in Years 7-10 headed to Bell Pasture Seeds for the Interschool Cross Country Competition. Over 15 schools were in attendance, and students completed either a 2.5km (Year7-9) or 5km (Year 10) race, which included running through grass fields, muddy paddocks and jumping over hay bales.

Well done to our Year 10 girls who were the overall team winners of their age group: Keira Dronow, Josie Curtis, Melina La Rosa and Paris Marshall. Everyone gave it their best, and had lots of fun!

Well done to all runners!

Interschool Cross Country

Aboriginal Education


Bangdagang Farm Visit

Two of our Year 12 boys had the privilege of visiting Bangdagang Farm at the link below just out of Donnybrook. This property is a $30 million project run by Perkins Builders. The property includes 27 toilets, 3 dining halls, an outdoor pool, an indoor heated pool, 14 bedrooms and plenty more. Perkins were kind enough to host two prospective apprentices from the Newton Moore Academy on a fully guided tour. Unfortunately, we weren't able to take photos on the property, but you can click on the link above to get a feel for it.

Thanks to Jodie, Jeremy, and the team at Perkins for a fantastic experience, and for building into the lives of our young men.

Qube Visit

On Wednesday 5th of August our senior boys visited Qube at the Bunbury port. We were treated to a tour of Berth 3 and a firsthand look at the cranes they use to load and unload ships. Qube have been a long-time partner and supporter of the Foundation, taking on two boys each year on traineeships in stevedoring. It was great to see the boys engaged and asking questions about the operation.

Qube Visit

Specialist Programs

Science Specialist Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who have received the 2020 Science Specialist Scholarships. A big acknowledgement and thank you to our valued sponsors who have invested in our school.

Science Specialist Sponsors and recipients




Year 10 Science Horizons


Jack Boyle

Year 10 Engineering Specialist


Carl Mitchell

Year 11 Science Horizons

Giuliano Cantoni Bunbury Leschenault Rotary Club

Bronte Geyer

Year 11 Engineering Specialist

Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd

Huang, Shaofeng (Simon)

Year 12 Science Horizons


Holly Dybala

Year 12 Science Horizons Indigenous


Lili Hood

Year 11 Science Horizons Indigenous


Amber Mell

Year 12 Engineering Specialist


Gabriel Francesco

Choice Programs


New Mash Uniforms

2020 has seen the inclusion of new uniforms for our Moore Academy of Sport and Health (MASH) students in Years 7-10.

The new items include long and short sleeve T-shirts, MASH singlets, and new and improved male and female shorts.

Thanks to our Year 9 models, Felix Archer, Kent Placente, Amalee Martin, Saxy Gunnell and Thomas Simmonds.

New Mash Uniforms

Year 8 Water Polo

In our Year 8 MASH class, students have started a five-week block of water polo at the South West Sports Centre. Working with David O'Connor from Bunbury Water Polo Association, students are learning the skills and strategies of the game. It is a new challenge for these athletes, but they are enjoying the experience and having fun!

Year 8 Water Polo

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

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Brekky Wrap

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