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25 March 2021

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Kaya and Welcome

Once again, this has been a fully packed term with excursions, incursions and lots of structured learning in classrooms.

A particularly big thank you to our Student Services team, including the Program Coordinator for Student Services, our Wellbeing Coordinators and Student Support Officers, and to other specialist staff who continue to support our positive culture within the school and who work so hard to care for our students.

Their work with our students is exemplified by all they do, including the wonderful activities that are organised such as lunchtime activities, social skills classes, the Harmony Day events that were held through Week 7, and our end of term reward events.

The end of the term is approaching and we are really looking forward to the Athletics Carnival. It is particularly wonderful seeing all the students in their house colours and dressing up for the event. These whole school events are a very important part of our school culture.

I trust you will enjoy the holidays with your children, and we look forward to communicating with you again early next term.


Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin,B Ed.Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Contributions and Charges

There is some misunderstanding in the community as to the requirement to pay the ‘charges’ components of your students C&C’s.

Charges are the compulsory component of your child’s education program at Newton Moore, and must be paid in full to ensure the resources that are required to meet the outcomes for that subject are available to your student.

The Department of Education does not provide funding for this purpose and so the school needs to reallocate funds from other priorities to cover any charges that remain unpaid by parents/carers.

Contributions, although voluntary, do make a huge difference to the school’s ability to deliver the programs at Newton Moore, and the school greatly appreciates those parents who provide their ongoing support in this way.

Lower School Deputy Principals Update


NAPLAN readiness tests - Years 7 and 9

22 March – 1 April

NAPLAN Years 7 and 9

11 May - 21May

Information, preparation tests and support materials can be sought from:


Senior School Deputy Principals Update

Senior School exams – Term 2

Next term sees the start of the Semester 1 exams. It is important that students begin planning their study schedule in the run up to these important tests.

Exams will occur between the following dates:

Year 10

Week 6 & 7

Friday 21 May 2021 to Friday 28 May 2021

Year 11 & 12

Week 6 – 8

Monday 24 May 2021 to Tuesday 8 June 2021

Externally Set Tasks

Year 12 students taking General courses

Term 2

Week 4 and 5

10 -21 May 2021

If you have any questions about the 2021 Semester One Examinations please contact Kate Nightingale, Deputy Principal, by phone, 9722 2400 or email

Year 10 – Semester One Grades Count!

A reminder that applications for courses at school and at TAFE are based on Semester One grades. Please encourage your child to work hard to complete all tasks and assessments on time and to the highest standard. The Year 10 exams form part of the final grade so it is important that students take the required time to prepare for them.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Following expectations does not go unrewarded. Our Newton Moore students are continually engaging in our four expectations; RESPECT, WELLBEING, RESPONSIBILITY and LEARNING. And for this they are acknowledged and recognised.

Our school uses PBS points as the acknowledgement data. Every term the house with the highest total points for the term gets to enjoy a period off, engaging in some fun activities. Our rewards period is happening in Week Nine.

The graph shows the current standing for the houses, but with some time to go, all houses still have the opportunity to win.

Student Services Update

2021 Brownlow Medal Ball

This year’s ball was held on Saturday 13th March at the Lighthouse Resort. The theme was Brownlow Medal and the evening featured tables that were footy grounds, awards named after AFL medals and a menu of typical Aussie snacks: Footy Franks, Loaded Fries, Meat Pies and Lamingtons.

The Brownlow Medal went to Dave Serino and Nahla Staveley and the Rising Stars were Seth Macdonald and Lara Riley.

Learning Areas


Year 12 BIOLOGY: Biotechnology in action

The Year 12 Biology students have recently christened the new PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) machine. This biotechnology amplifies millions of copies of a small piece of DNA through heating and cooling. They used this real-life technology to better understand how genetically modified foods are developed.


South Regional TAFE 2022 Applications

A message to all current Year 10 students.

It is time to start thinking about your future subject selections and career pathways.

TAFE applications for 2022 will open on 26th July, 2021. There are some exciting and innovative courses and pre-apprenticeships available for you to apply for. You will attend school Monday-Wednesday, and then go to TAFE Thursday and Friday to complete your Certificate course.

Certificate II Kitchen Operations students

If you would like more information, please come and see Ms Read-Smith or Mrs Potter in the VET Office.


Materials Design and Technology

After a late start Materials, Design and Technology classes got under way.

Year 12 Senior School Design and Technology classes started on their first project: a chessboard with a laminated timber border, completing design tasks and initial practical processes. Most have nearly finished and students discovered that though it is a simple project, preparation is very important. Next students will be starting preparations for their dressing table mirror and the EST in Week 14.

Year 10’s are half-way through the design and construction of a Duchess mirror, and they are showing plenty of creative ideas and enthusiasm for this project. We’re looking forward to the end results, and students should be happy with their efforts so far.

The Year 9 Engagement class have produced a mug stand that incorporates a wide range of hand skills including wood turning. There are some interesting variations of the turned section with Brayden Matheson, Blaze Saw, Shanon Tarei and Chaise Silver completing some excellent work.

Finally, the Year 8’s are a third of the way through completing a toy car with flashing lights. The project involves cams, electrical circuits, and machine and hand skills. Students have really been engaged with this project so these should be completed at the start of Term 2.


Aboriginal Education


On Thursday 4th of March, the Year 7 Clontarf Academy students travelled to Busselton for an overnight induction camp. The purpose of the camp was to begin developing healthy relationships and identify expectations around high school and the academy. The boys enjoyed many activities including fishing, swimming and beach games, as well as a tour of the Ngilgi caves in Yallingup. Lincoln Browne received the ‘Clontarf spirit’ for his great leadership and participation throughout the camp. It was an enjoyable couple of days for all, and a great foundation for the boys to build on for the rest of the year.

As many of parents would know, feeding teenage boys can be a nightmare and expensive. That's why we are proud to partner with Kellogg's who provide us with cereal to last the year. This year, 15 cartons, or 144kg of cereal, is now at the Academy for the boys to enjoy. Clontarf is 1/3 funded by companies who not only provide valuable funds to run the program, but also invest in workplace opportunities for our boys.

Year 12 Leadership Camp

The 2021 Year 12 Leadership Camp took place in Mandurah and was a great success. 26 of 31 Year 12’s from the region attended and interacted with Clontarf partners from Bunnings (Halls Head), Kmart (Halls Head), Office Works (Mandurah), and the City of Mandurah. The group listened to an exceptional speech by Mayor Rhys Williams about leadership and were privileged to receive a grand tour of the Council Chambers.

The camp had an amazing race theme to it that encompassed team challenges throughout. The group also pledged to work towards four goals:

  1. To achieve 85% school attendance
  2. To obtain all work ready documents
  3. To complete all school assignments on route to completing Year 12
  4. To lead by example

The aim of the camp was to continue building the students’ capacity to transition from school to work, to set some personal goals for the year, and to reinforce the value of employment.

We addressed the challenges they may face as Year 12's this year and the pressure they will be under. They were reassured that they are not alone and that they are well supported.

The group adopted the mantra, GET TO THE NEXT DAY, which should equip them to be resilient, to remain focused, and to stay the course.

Specialist Programs


Synergy Solar Car Challenge

Two Year 8 teams recently competed in the Synergy Solar Car Challenge held at Newton Moore SHS. In a large field both teams performed extremely well with one team, comprising of Jonathan Davis, Lucas Worlley and Toby Walker, taking out First Place in the Year 8 category. These boys will now represent Newton Moore at the finals to be held at the Bob Hawke High school in Perth. It was a wonderful spectacle of excitement for all students who have participated in the program, building and racing their solar cars.

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