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3 June 2021

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Kaya/ Welcome

In Week 6 the school took the time to explore Reconciliation Week.

National Reconciliation Week provided an opportunity for everyone to take the time to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements as Australians. At Newton Moore SHS we saw some of our students and staff take part in the reconciliation walk; we had staff wearing the purple reconciliation flowers; and all of our students had the opportunity to learn a little about Sorry Day. Our new Business Plan has a focus on connectedness and we continue to look at reconciliation as a journey of ‘growth in togetherness.’

One of the most significant projects we have been working on over the last few years has been our Positive Behaviour Program (PBS). Recently, as part of this program, we have been reviewing the school’s ‘Behaviour Matrix’ for our students and staff to work through and commit to. The purpose of the Positive Behaviour Program is to explicitly state and teach expected behaviours of students both in the classroom and in the wider school community. The program works by having teachers teach a specific behaviour and then provide points to students when they display these positive behaviours. These behaviour points are tallied up and recognition is given to students who are working well across the school alongside prizes and/or invitations to special events. The Positive Behaviour Program is an integral tool that we use to provide a more supportive and caring school culture.

We trust you will enjoy reading this edition of the Schoolzine as this newsletter allows us keep you informed about events and activities, as well as to celebrate and acknowledge some of the terrific activities that our students and staff engage in.

Kind regards

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin.B.Ed,Dip Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

C&C Statement and Payment Plans

All year groups have recently been sent a statement of outstanding contributions and charges. A reminder to parents that Newton Moore SHS is happy to accept the payment of your child’s C&C’s in instalments over the school year. If you would like to sign up to a payment plan, please contact the Accounts Office and discuss an arrangement that suits your situation on: 9722 2419.

Lower School Deputy Principal’s Update


If you have a child in Year 6, please remember that Newton Moore Senior High School enrolment packs need to be returned before the end of Week 1 in Term 3.

Enrolment forms are available on the school website:

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers

Re: Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

Every year, all schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). The NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD guidelines (2019).

Information provided about students to the Australian Government for the NCCD includes:

  • year of schooling
  • category of disability: physical, cognitive, sensory or social/emotional
  • level of adjustment provided: support provided within quality differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial or extensive.

This information assists schools to:

  • formally recognise the supports and adjustments provided to students with disability in schools
  • consider how they can strengthen the support of students with disability in schools
  • develop shared practices so that they can review their learning programs in order to improve educational outcomes for students with disability.

The NCCD provides state and federal governments with the information they need to plan more broadly for the support of students with disability.

The NCCD will have no direct impact on your child and your child will not be involved in any testing process. The school will provide data to the Australian Government in such a way that no individual student will be able to be identified – the privacy and confidentiality of all students is ensured. All information is protected by privacy laws that regulate the collection, storage and disclosure of personal information. To find out more about these matters, please refer to the Australian Government’s Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about the NCCD, please contact the school.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

At Newton Moore we are all expected to behave RESPECTFULLY and RESPONSIBLY, and thus positively contribute to our own and our peer’s WELLBEING while striving for excellence through LEARNING.

These four expectations of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, WELLBEING and LEARNING are what guides behaviour and success at Newton Moore.

Staff acknowledge when they can see these expectations being displayed around the school through PBS points.

The current top 10 PBS point earners in each year were identified at our last assembly and the students who had the top points in each year received a voucher.

Congratulations to the following:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Nathan Ison

Chelsealeigh Taylor

Blaze Saw

Derick Clinch

Joshua Snellgrove,

Bailey Moore

Joshua Sciesinski

William Goode

Brayden Matherson

Ethan Deans

Emma Mason

Kiya Gray

Bethwyn Ryder-Hill

Jayla Hanrahan

Violet Cloutman

Cameron McLoed

Abby Burt

Aaron Reed

Jonnothan Bennell

Matilda Batrick

Caleb Holzapfel

Jhon Baria

Jasmin Robinson

Taj Healey

Ayesha Atif

Emily Mortley

Chadia Devlin

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Rhys Rangihaeata

Ryan Baylis

Brodie Jongeling

Jesse Everett

Mitchell Jongeling

Angus James

Marc Guipo

Nicholas Iuculano

Mikayla Farrant

Ocean O’Hara

Cory Colmer

Charity Ryder-Hill

Alvin Garcia

Tyler Chatfield

Shannon Riemers

Ben Dunning

Shania Bennell

Brayden Jones

Caleb Dickson

Tyson Barron

Aaliyah Thomas

Rohan Brown

Benjamin Wilmot

Leroy Pickett

Anton Scibilia

Taya Smythe

Jayman Dann

Admin Report

NMSHS Online Permission Policy Form

All parents will receive an email in the coming week to collect consent information in regards to a range of online services that are used at Newton Moore. Please take the time to respond to this survey as it will enable your child to continue to access these services and support their learning journey at our school.

Meet the Team

Meet the new staff…

Cristy Abbott

Area of Teaching: Learning Support Coordinator

History (past work history): 9 years Early childhood and Primary teaching in the Midwest and Goldfields

Philosophy about education: Every child has the ability to achieve success.

Personal Interests: Watching live sport with my family, slow Sundays, and baking.

Susan Footner

Area of Teaching: School Officer – Admin
History (past work history): Self-Employed – Social Media, Project Manager – Business, Business Owner
Philosophy about education: Young people are our future, and it is imperative they receive an education that fully equips them to transition successfully to their chosen career paths.
Personal Interests:Philosophy, outdoors, nature, kayaking, cycling.

Sharleen Gray and Leandra Healy

Area of Teaching:

Stars Foundation

History (past work history):

I am a Noongar from the South West / Great Southern region. I have family ties in Bunbury through my Grandmother and my Grandfather.

I worked in the Catholic Schools as an Aboriginal Teacher Assistant in both a Mainstream Education school and a CARE School (Curriculum and Reengagement). I have also worked in the mining industry, and worked with horses. Being able to work in a variety of work force areas has given me the skills to adapt and work in an area of employment knowing that I can cope with a new challenge.

Philosophy about education:

Don’t let your circumstances decide your future, you deserve to be here just like everybody else.

Personal Interests:

Swimming, walking, spending time with my kids, camping fishing.

Leandra Healy

Area of Teaching:

Stars Foundation Program Coordinator

History (past work history):

I am an Ngarrindjeri woman from South Australia. I have worked in education specialising in behaviour, engagement and transitions for students at risk. I have also worked in out of home care services, conducted foster care assessment and worked in Aboriginal Health. Prior to moving to Bunbury with my partner and having my two children I lived on the Nullarbor for two years working in a variety of services and living in a remote community.

Philosophy about education:

I am passionate about education particularly as it was an opportunity not available to my own grandmother. Education provides an opportunity to have a voice and make positive changes for our community. It is also a vehicle in which we can truly come together to understand two-way learning in this beautiful country we share. I have chosen to follow the legacy of my grandmother in making choices to continue to improve the outcomes for my family and children as well as continue the journey of generational healing, and I am here to support any young people to do the same.

Personal Interests:

Spending time with my family: we love to go camping on the beach and fishing out on our boat. We try to get back to South Australia where my family is from and New Zealand where my in-laws live as often as we can to connect with country.

Student Services Update

Newton Moore Star

Basil Hart (Year 9) MASH Athlete has just been selected into the State School Boys AFL Under 15’s Team. Basil will compete in Perth during the July School Holidays.

We could not be prouder of all Basil has achieved, and look forward to all the successes headed his way.

School Nurse

Men’s Health Week 14-20 June 2021. AND FAMILIES – Working Together

All this emphasis on the health of boys and men - what's that about? They're alright, aren't they?

In many cases, the answer is no.

A boy born in Australia in 2010 has a life expectancy of 78.0 years while a baby girl born at the same time could expect to live to 82.3 years old. Right from the start, boys suffer more illness, more accidents and die earlier than their female counterparts.

Men take their own lives at four times the rate of women (that's five men a day, on average). Accidents, cancer and heart disease all account for the majority of male deaths.

  • Be active in getting medical help if you don't feel well, have a problem that won't go away or notice unusual symptoms.
  • It's OK to seek help - don't try to do everything on your own or bury problems. Talk to your partner, friends and workmates.
  • Push hard to get the help you need to manage your life, work, family and financial needs.
  • Ladies, be proactive in helping your men and boys get the help they and you need. Use available hotlines, speak with professionals to get the best course of action and be persistent.
  • Don't leave it too late to seek help. Fear is not a killer.

Learning Areas


2021 WA schools Think Tank Challenge

Eight bright and enthusiastic Year 10 HASS students attended the 2021 Think Tank Challenge.

The brief was Water- only use what you need. There were five other schools from the south west competing.

Included in the theme, students were encouraged to consider Aboriginal traditional knowledge to develop their water issue solution.

Firstly, Harley, an Aboriginal Education Officer, introduced the workshop. He talked about song lines to connect rivers, rock holes and creeks so that his ancestors could find water.

The students were excited and ready for their day of learning and problem solving. They learnt that Kep means water, and Wagul is the water spirit.

Jack Retty from the Innovation institute reviewed the design process with the teams.

The students were led through the process of defining a problem, brainstorming and working towards their solution to their water-wise creation over three hours.

Our clever students worked together to brainstorm ideas on saving and recycling toilet water.

They devised a plan and system called KEPWASTE management where the water used in each flush would be filtrated and reused via reverse osmosis for the same purpose. Ebony drew an awesome diagram of their waste water system. Sienna and the rest of the students were busy organising their PowerPoint presentation to pitch to the judges.

I was very proud of our Newton Moore students. Jaya made the audience laugh and each student took to the stage to say their part in their speech.

The judges were impressed with everyone’s pitches and the winners were Bunbury Senior High and Albany Grammar. Personally I think we were an equal second with our brilliant idea, however there were only two finalists.

It was a successful day for the students who worked great together to come up with their water-wise solution.


Community Spirit

Cert II Active Volunteering students worked hard at Milligan House Community Centre this term to improve the gardens and outdoor areas. A fantastic team effort with a great outcome!! Well done everyone.


Year 9 Food Technology

Year 9 Food classes have been busy looking at cuisines from many cultures. The have contributed to cooking a Thai banquet to share with the class. Students investigated selected cultures, created a poster and shared their findings by presenting a two-minute speech to their peers.

Visual Art

Year 10 Visual Art students have been learning about acrylic painting techniques and creating contemporary Australian landscapes. Some landscapes being painted are Lake Hillier, Bay of Fires, Whitehaven Beach and the Blue Mountains.

Year 9 Sculpture students have been challenging Surrealism and Salvador Dali with their surreal long-legged animals, inspired by Dali's painting 'The Elephants'.


Year 9 HASS classes are working on critical thinking skills and are making connections to the major participants in the Australian Economy.


Whole School Athletics 2021

Overall house winners: Lionheart!

During Week 10 of Term 1, Newton Moore SHS held our annual whole school athletics carnival. It was a great day for staff and students, with so many of our Year 7-12 students engaging in track and field events.

Our Champion’s and Runner Up Champion’s medallions will be awarded at our next whole school assembly. Parents are more than welcome to attend. Thank you to all students for supporting our fantastic school and this whole school event!

Year 7 Boys

Year 7 Girls


Cordae Bell

Jaymillah Hansen

Runner Up

Curtis Sands

Kayla Martin

Year 8 Boys

Year 8 Girls


Samuel Cavouto

Nikala Rodd

Runner Up

Nehemiah Brown

Katie Clayton

Year 9 Boys

Year 9 Girls


Basil Hart

Vienna Marshall

Runner Up

Marcus Woods

Renee Millard

Year 10 Boys

Year 10 Girls


Te’Sean Hart

Hannah McNaughton

Runner Up

Kent Placente

Melina Rosa

Open Boys

Open Girls


Brayden Jones

Denise Pickett

Runner Up

Peter Woods

Charity Ryder

Interschool Athletics- Week 3, Term 2

Well done to all of our athletes who represented Newton Moore Senior High School at the Interschool Athletics Carnival with such high regard. Newton Moore Senior High School achieved 5th place overall.

Congratulations to Melina La Rosa who broke the Open Female 100m record from 1973!

Some other stand out performances include:

Daniel Bartlett

1st place Year 10 Boys 100m, 2nd place Year 10 Boys 200m

Brock Kenny

1st place Open Boys Shot Put and Discus, and 2nd Open Boys Javelin

Melina La Rosa

2nd place Open Girls 200m and 400m

Basil Hart

2nd place Year 9 Boys 100m (Heat A), 2nd place Year 9 Boys 200m

Marcus Woods

1st place Year 9 Boys 100m (Heat C)

Kayla Martin

2nd place Year 7 Girls Triple Jump

Grace Michael

1st place Year 7 Girls Shot Put

Querl (Dave) Dahilan

1st place Year 8 Boys Shot Put

Katie Clayton

2nd place Year 8 Girls Triple Jump

Kiya Gray

2nd place Year 9 Girls Shot Put

Hannah McNaughton

2nd place Year 10 Girls High Jump

Country Week 2021Preparation

This year, Newton Moore has seven teams representing us at Country Week, including AFL, Soccer, Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Volleyball, Netball, Boys’ Basketball and Girls’ Basketball. The media team have been busy over the past few weeks taking photos at training and during practise games.

Aboriginal Education

Newton Moore participated in the Reconciliation walk in Bunbury. Such a great event.

Stars Foundation

In Term 2, we have hit the ground running at the Stars Foundation have just started working with our young Indigenous girls at NMSHS. So far it’s been a very busy six weeks with lots of activities. We have been working extra hard and supporting the girls with fun and informative session times, and we continue to welcome all students to use our facilities in the Stars Room.

Our first big event was a very special Mother’s Day Morning tea that was held on Friday 7th of May. The girls took ownership in planning the event and how they wanted the morning to run. The girls chose a beautiful display of pink table cloths with different assortments of foods and flowers to make the room look beautiful for their special guest or guests. The girls also decided that they wanted to do a special painting to present to their mum, aunty or Nan. Beautiful Mother’s Day photos were also taken with family members on the day

The morning turned out to be very successful with an overwhelming amount of guests which paid off for all the hard work that the girls did. Well done, girls!

Our second big event was on Wednesday the 26th May, when we were invited to participate in the National Sorry Day Bridge walk from Koombana Bay (Wadandi Boojah) to the Graham Bricknell music shell in the town centre. It was an eventful day which was very meaningful for some of our girls who have a Grandparent or family member who was a part of the Stolen Generation. Two of our Year 12 students assisted the Elders in the flag raising ceremony. It was a fantastic event and a great day of reflection for all.


Gilmore Clontarf Academy Visit

On Thursday 13th of May, the Gilmore Clontarf Academy teamed up with the Newton Moore Academy for an after-school game of footy. The game was held on the Newton Moore soccer oval with the two schools mixing the teams for a fun filled afternoon. The boys from both academies loved the opportunity to be able to mix with the other school, while also taking on some of the veteran staff. Steve Jas, Michael Lay and Aaron Ballantyne also chucked on the jumpers to show the boys a bit of class when it came to moving the footy. There were plenty of goals, big runs and high marks which made for an exciting afternoon for all the boys involved. Thanks again to the Gilmore Academy for coming in as part of their trip down south. The boys can’t wait to team up again.

Mothers’s Day Morning Tea

On Friday 7th of May the Newton Moore Clontarf Academy held a Mother’s Day Morning Tea. It was a great turnout with many mums, nans, aunties and school staff joining us for the day. In the lead-up to the event, the boys managed to cater a large portion of the food by whipping up a feast in academy times. The Year 8 boys cooked quiches and sausage rolls, while our Year 9 boys made a batch of Anzac biscuits. The food was a hit on the day and it was a great way for the boys to give back to the people who do so much.

The other part of the morning tea consisted of a special video presentation about the boys' mums, aunties and nans. The presentation expressed to the boys’ families what they meant to them. The video was very heartfelt, with a touch of humour, which was well received by all the families.

Thank you to all of the strong women in our boys' lives for coming, and also to those who couldn't. We have a great group of boys at Newton Moore and it's a testament to all the hard work their families and guardians put in.

Specialist Programs

Science Specialist Scholarship winners 2021

Students in the Science Specialist Programs were presented with scholarships at the whole school assembly.

Congratulations to the worthy recipients and a huge thankyou to our Community and Industry partners who kindly provided the scholarships for 2021.

Science Award



Giuliano Cantoni

Outstanding Person Award

Mrs Shelley Cantoni

Violet Cloutman

Year 10 Science Horizons


Ben Arnold

Year 10 Engineering


Phoenix Albrey

Year 11 Science Horizons

Bunbury Leschenault Rotary Club

Elaine Rayco

Year 11 Engineering

Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd

Carl Mitchell

Year 11 Engineering


Anand Purnanand

Year 12 Science Horizons


Amber Mell

Year 10 Science Indigenous


Ashleigh Woods

Year 11 Science Indigenous


Lara Riley

Year 12 Engineering


Byran Billett

F1 in schools National Competition

Congratulations to the five Year 11 students who had the 10th fastest car in the competition. This is our best performance at the National level.

Well done team Powercurve: Joshua Francis, Cameron Stathy, James Pearson, Anand Purnanand and Carl Mitchell.

Thank you to their main sponsors, Australian Federal Government Science and Innovations, Qube and Piancintini and Son.

Science Horizons

Year 8 3D soldering


Engineering Challenge

Year 10 Science Engineering and Science Horizons students competed against other schools in the region in the annual Science Engineering Challenge this week. Each group used the STEM skills they have been developing at school to tackle a range of ‘real-world’ tasks including building turbines, hovercrafts and bridges; and solving problems involving energy supply, creating artificial limbs and digital communication.

Engineering Discovery Day

Year 10 Science Specialist students recently mentored primary students at the Engineering Discovery Day run by Bunbury Leschenault Rotary. They worked closely with industry leaders.

The feedback from all involved, including teachers from other schools, organisers from Newcastle University and industry professionals, was overwhelmingly complimentary.

Congratulations to our students who managed the event with maturity and enthusiasm. They built on their understanding through explanation to the next generation of young scientists.

Choice Programs


News from Parent Bodies


School Board

Welcome to our newest member of the Newton Moore Senior High School Board as a parent representative.

Jasmine Hunter

I have twins in Year 7 and have attended Newton Moore SHS myself. I currently work for the Health Department. I grew up in Gelorup, and only lasted 18 months in Perth before moving back. I currently live in Dalyellup. I enjoy card making, quilting and have recently become a bee keeper.

I am looking forward to being on the School Board and being one of your parent representatives.

Community Notices


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