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16 September 2021

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Kaya Wanju

It is close to the end of a very busy term for our students who have been involved in many extracurricular activities and whole school events. Most recently, this has included the STEM Fair, RU Okay Day and our annual NAIDOC event. All of these events showcase the strength and community spirit of Newton Moore SHS.

It is an extremely busy time for our Year 12 ATAR students who will have virtually no vacation period because they have their mock exams and ATAR practical exams which run throughout the two week break. Our VET students are busy completing final tasks and assessments and ensuring their workplace journals are completed.

I encourage all students (and their family and friends) to remember that your learning journey has occurred over the last 12 years, not just in the last 12 months. If you are feeling pressured or stressed, remember that the exams ahead are only a measure of your ability at a specific point in time.

Many of our lower school students have had the chance to attend a range of excursions throughout the term. These have included the WA Robotics Playoffs, in which the STEM team were finalists, and the Winter Carnival and District Cross Country to name a few. These extracurricular events are a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents.

At the start of Term 4 we have our Public School Review. This is an extremely important day. During the review, parents, staff and students will be involved in a series of conversations with reviewers to validate how we are going as a school, and where we will be going in the future. Following the review, a report is produced which provides us with information about our commendations and areas for improvement.

Term 3 has been another incredibly busy and productive term, as you will see in the coming pages of this newsletter. I congratulate all students for their achievements and thank all staff for supporting students in their endeavours.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin,B.Ed,Dip Teach


From the Finance Team

Country Week Refunds

Most parents have received their refunds from the school now. Thank you to those who have responded promptly.

If you have not yet received your refund, please contact the Accounts Office on 9722 2419 for the application form. Refunds will not be processed unless the form is completed and submitted to the Accounts Office. The form can be collected from the Accounts Office or emailed to you. Please submit your application form by the middle of Week 9 (15th September 2021) to receive your refund before the school holidays. If it is not received by then, your refund won’t be processed until Term 4.

If you wish to allocate the refund value to your contributions and charges, or leave it in credit for use on anything else for this or next year, you still need to complete the application form, selecting the options that best suit you.

For any questions regarding your Country Week refund, please contact the Accounts Office via email at or by phoning 9722 2419.

Lower School Deputy Principal’s Update

Year 7/8 Social – Wednesday 8th September

Wednesday night saw a fantastic turn out of Year 7 and 8 students to their annual social. A great night was had by all the students who had had earned their Good Standing across Term 3. The social was for a good cause and $353 was raised was donated to the Solaris Cancer Care here in Bunbury.

A big thank you to the Student Executive for planning and running the event. It was a demonstration of terrific organisation by our leadership group.

Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following lower school superstars for being the August winners of the Student of the Month. Award nominations were based on the PBS value of taking responsibility for your actions. August winners were:

Year 7

Bailey Johnstone

Year 8

Zayliee Bomford

Year 9

Abbey Rogers

Battle of the Knights

A highlight for the lower school students is our annual Battle of the Knights, held on the final Friday of Week 10. I encourage all of our Year 7s to embrace the school event by coming dressed in their best outfit to represent their Knight (House), and join in what many students claim is “the best day of the year”.

Be prepared to battle as Knights and Knaves, to join in the Knights Fun Run, and, of course, to take part in the teacher drenchings (myself included).

Senior School Deputy Principal’s Update

Year 12 – Finishing on a high

Key tasks and events to complete the school year with success:

  • Maintain high standards of behaviour
  • Hand in all final assessment tasks on time and to a good standard
  • Revise well for ATAR exams
  • Complete the Year 12 clearance form
  • Ask a teacher to complete a school reference for you
  • Attend the final farewell assembly on Wednesday 13th October
  • Attend Presentation Evening at the BREC Thursday 18 November

Study Skills Tips

Students and Sleep

Why is sleep so important?

Quality sleep improves your mental, emotional, and physical performance. It also improves your immune system, balances your hormones, boosts your metabolism, and improves your brain function. Sleep is when your brain files or removes all the clutter that accumulates in a day of learning and thinking so you are refreshed and ready with energy for the next day. Getting good sleep is important for both your mind and body.

How much sleep do I need?

Teenagers need 9-10 hours of sleep per night. Working out how much sleep you need will take a little time and perseverance. Record how you feel during the day based on how much sleep you had during the night and a pattern will start to appear.

Top Tips for getting to sleep / sleep routine / falling asleep

  • Have a regular bed time and wake up time. A regular bed time helps to set your body clock so your body knows it’s time to sleep. Waking up at (or near) the same time each day also helps your body to establish a sleep pattern. Get plenty of sunlight during the day too.
  • Establish a bed time ritual. Doing a series of actions before bed also helps your body to prepare for sleep. Ideas include a warm bath or shower, reading a book, listening to quiet music or doing some gentle stretches.
  • Avoid technology in the hour before bed, including TV, computers and phones.
  • Exercise during the day so that your body is ready for rest at night.
  • Don’t eat big meals at night. Eat as early as possible and try to avoid rich, heavy food close to bed time.
  • Limit your caffeine during the day and don’t drink any caffeine in the afternoon or evening.
  • Don’t have too much liquid in the evening.
  • Worrying about problems at school or with friends often stops you from getting to sleep. Talk to a trusted person about things that are worrying you to find ways to solve your problems. You could also try some relaxation exercises such as meditation or positive visualisation.
  • Have your room as dark as possible when trying to get to sleep. Use a sleep mask if you need to avoid light e.g. from electronic devices, street lights etc.

For more tips, log on to the Study Skills Website





Homework classes – A reminder

Homework classes run every recess time in the STEM centre, and a teacher is present at every session.

This is an ideal opportunity to work on assessment tasks and ask teachers for support with work.

The IRC is also open after school from Monday to Thursday, providing a quiet area for all students to work in.

Please encourage your child to utilise these opportunities where possible.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

At Newton Moore Senior High School we are RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE, we care about our own and each other’s WELLBEING, and we actively engage in LEARNING

Our current focus expectation is to arrive to class on time.

It’s great to see students lining up and ready to learn before the siren goes. Arriving to school on time is a great way to help achieve the expectation we are currently focusing on and ensure your child gets the best out of their school career.

Wellbeing Coordinators Report

Containers for Change


We are so close to achieving our goal of $10k for the year (before 1st Oct), but we need to get your help to get there. Please bring your eligible containers to school and deposit them in our hungry bins.

Funds raised from the Containers program have contributed to the following so far:

  • Free Year 7 social for all students
  • Free Leadership excursions for selected students
  • Upgrade of equipment in student services for all students
  • Free movie, Subway, Gravity, Bakers Delight, and canteen vouchers for PBS winners
  • Free Golden Knights student Fun Days
  • Big Bubble soccer for winning PBS house activity
  • Subsidized Year 12 End of year Activity Day

Learning Areas


Year 12 Biology students simulated an epidemic. A pink colour change indicated the spread of infection.

Year 12 Human Biology students made a print of their footprints to illustrate the two arches that we, as Homo sapiens, have in our feet. This allows us to walk upright more efficiently.

WA Human Powered Vehicle Competition

Newton Moore SHS students participated in a six hour continuous race in the WA Human Powered Vehicle Event at the Bunbury City Kart Track. Unfortunately, our team was reduced to four as many were struck down with illness. Tremaine Carr, Jonah Kenny, Brock Kenny and Thomas Simmonds made a sterling effort to keep the HPV ticking over for the six hours.

Forty-two cars were in the race, most having at least ten riders. Thanks to all the helpers, including Mr Spackman and Mr Murcott, who were kept busy on the lookout for rollovers.

Thank you to Chevron, Powering Careers in Energy, for sponsoring the team.

It was a fun event!


Work of the Future Worksop

UWA visited NMSHS last week to deliver a workshop called “Work of the Future” to Year 11 and 12 students.

The Work of the Future workshop is designed to get students thinking about the changing nature of careers in the 21st century. UWA reviewed what employers look for in high school and university graduates, the various factors that will affect the jobs of tomorrow, and how to prepare for the careers of the future.

The workshop encouraged students to start thinking about enterprise or transferrable skills, and the value of a multidisciplinary background. The students worked together in small groups and were engaged in learning about this very interesting data.


Annual Baking Challenge

Year 11 Food Science and Technology students recently took part in the annual Baking Challenge.

Some great baked products were presented to our lovely judges, Ms Read-Smith, Mrs Sue Footner, and Mr James Skoda.

The results were:

1st Prize

Caleb Cicchillitti and Javan Spry

2nd prize

Shania Bennell and Chloe James

3rd prize

James Balfour-Hornby and Mitchell Jongeling

Thank you to all of the students who participated, and to our Judges for giving up their time.


Year 7 Indonesian Mask (Topeng) Making

In Week 11 of Term 2, many people around the country had to wear a mask at the same time as Year 7 Newton Moore Indonesian students were busy making masks (topeng in Indonesian).

Students were encouraged to blend some of the traditional elements of topeng with their own culture. Most traditional topeng in Indonesia are used in dance dramas based on the Hindu epics like the Ramayana and Mahabarata.

Masks are usually made from lightweight wood, with eye-slits for the dancer to see through, and are worn by holding a leather strap in the teeth of the dancer. Antique masks are becoming harder to find and are highly prized. These old topeng are said to have a spirit or jiwa, and are treated with great respect.

Visual Art

Year 10s are making masks from original designs, movies, and TV shows. They have been learning and practicing different clay techniques and applying them to their ceramic work. After drying and firing, the students will paint their masks.

The Year 8s have been learning about Fremantle artist, Shaun Tan. Using recycled materials, students have been designing and building their own Shaun Tan creatures. After building, the sculptures get sprayed with brass and gold paint to create a metal effect.


Year 8 students have been learning all about the Middle Ages as part of their history studies this term. They studied castles, social structures, wars, everyday life and the Black Death amongst other interesting and sometimes grisly topics.

Students have found this part of history particularly fascinating, especially the comparison between the Black Death and our current pandemic.

Students in Mrs Morrison’s class have been designing family crests and shields. The Design and Technology Department were kind enough to cut out the shields from plywood which students then painted. Students used their creativity to design crests based on their values and interests.


Year 7 & & Lightning Carnival

During Week 5, our Year 7 and 8 students attended the Lightning Carnival. We had teams in Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, AFL, Soccer and Netball. We had over 120 students attend, and saw lots of strong skills and games across the day. Thanks to our helpers in Year 9-12, the carnival ran very smoothly.

Zero2Hero Youth Mental Health Forum

Lower School Leadership students represented Newton Moore SHS at the annual Zero2Hero Youth Mental Health Forum on the 1st September. Engaging in a range of sessions including resilience, 90’s dance jams, good food and mood, and inspirational speakers, students came away from the event with lots of ideas and ways to change not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them. As a leadership group, students are excited about all of the things that they can do and implement within our school going forward.

Aboriginal Education

Monadelphous Shipping Container and NAIDOC

Students in Living and Leading have been working with local artist, Karinda Farrant, to paint a shipping container for Monadelphous as a part of their NAIDOC Art Project. Once completed, the container will be transported around the state to different mine sites run by Monadelphous, showcasing our students’ work. The shipping container will be completed by our NAIDOC Day celebrations on 21st September (Week 10, Tuesday).

Stars Foundation

The Stars Foundation girls recently attended the NAIDOC Basketball Carnival and Career Expo at Busselton Senior High School. The girls had the opportunity to meet with several employers, including Bunnings, SWAMS, KMART and Headspace, to discuss employment pathways and opportunities. Newton Moore Stars Girls also entered two teams into the Basketball Competition, playing off against each other as well as other south west schools. The expo was extremely informative and many of the girls left with new employment opportunities. The Newton Moore Star Girls also took away the Basketball Finalist for 2022.

The Stars Foundation Girls also worked with SWAMS to organise an Elders and Grandmothers morning tea. The morning tea was a great success and was enjoyed by all who attended. It was also an opportunity for our elders and local role models to assist our girls to build stronger connection to community and discuss opportunities to build cross generational partnerships through future programs between SWAMS and NMSHS Stars Foundation.


Year 10/11 Employment, Sport and Leadership Camp

The camp was designed to encourage and engage our senior boys to guide them to the finish line, not only in 2021, but when they reach Year 12. We combined employment outcomes with sport and leadership, as well as a healthy dose of fun. After traveling to our accommodation on Wednesday night, we hit up the Glowing Rooms mini golf. Two teams set out with Steve's boys coming up best to take home the trophy. What an amazing venue, and there were definitely a few laughs!

On Thursday morning we travelled to the Construction Futures Centre in Belmont. This is a new venue built by the construction industry to showcase employment opportunities to students. Boys tried AR and VR, as well as hands on activities, and were shown how the construction industry ticks. The variety of careers and jobs was endless, and definitely inspired our boys to look into this as a career.

Afterwards we went to Skills Training and Engineering Services (STES) to complete White Cards. White Cards are for compulsory safety training and enable people to safely navigate a construction site. 10 out of 10 boys were successful in gaining their White Cards. Well done boys!

On Thursday night we threw the challenge down to the group to give ice skating a crack. For most of the group, this was a foreign idea, but to their credit, every boy stepped up and out onto the ice. Everyone fell over (including the author of this article) and ended up pretty sore. But this was well and truly made up for with the belly laughs had as we saw tumble after tumble. Despite this, every boy improved and was able to skate solo around the rink. A massive achievement and great to watch!

Friday morning was the inaugural Rising Stars Senior Basketball Carnival. We versed teams from Gilmore, Coodanup, Narrogin, Katanning and North Albany. We played with great spirit and teamwork and came out victors on the day. Well done to Elijah Brown for winning the Clontarf Spirit Award. Overall, it was a very satisfying camp with plenty of smiles.

Well done boys, and thanks to all involved in organising it.

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

The Board of a public school works with the school community to achieve the best outcomes for students.

The Board plays an important role in contributing to good school governance so that school resources are used efficiently, and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students. The school board is presently helping us prepare for the next school review which is scheduled for early next term.

Congratulations to the following new members who have joined the School Board.

Industry representative

Joshua Drummond
Plunkett Homes: Building Consultant – South West

As a former student at Newton Moore Senior High School, Joshua Drummond has been fortunate enough to experience a multitude of opportunities. These include multiple degrees at University (graduating as a secondary teacher himself), to both being a member of, and chairing, various committees at state and national level for State Sporting Associations. These days, however, you will find Josh working in the field of his original passion: property. Combining his past experiences with his local knowledge and current profession, Josh looks forward to contributing to the continued growth of the school that set him on his path.

Parent representative

Cathy Mills

As a past NMSHS student now working in overseeing community service programs in the South West, I am looking forward to joining the NMSHS Board to support the best outcomes for Students and the NMSHS community, using input from a professional and personally perspective. I’ve worked in communications and media for ten years before moving to counselling, mental health services and chaplaincy for several years. I have been working with Anglicare WA in the South West for the past 7 years managing the Financial Counselling program, Children’s Contact Service, Parenting Connections, Mums and Dads Forever program, and the newly established homelessness program, Housing First Bunbury. I sit on the Board of another local community organisation, and community capacity building is a passion of mine. I am a proud mother of four children, three of whom will attend NMSHS in 2022, and I look forward to a bright future for the school and all involved.

We would like to congratulate and welcome these new board members to our team.


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