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28 October 2021

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Kaya - Yes we are back, ready for a very busy Term 4. The Year 12 students are fast approaching the business end of their year with their final assembly, the Year 12 dinner, and then the Year 12 Presentation Evening. I want to take this opportunity to wish our Year 12 students all the best in the future.

Our first day back of this term was a Professional Development Day. The main topics of conversation were about improving our teaching and learning practices, with the focus on developing whole school literacy planning and looking at Individual planning for students. Staff worked collaboratively on developing a greater repertoire of instructional practices and types of questioning to use in the classroom. School Development Days provide a great opportunity for staff to hone their skills and to work on some of our whole school priorities.

At the end of Term 3, we had our Positive Behaviour Reward Activity, the Fun Run and the Battle of the Knights. It was a fun-filled day, and I would like to thank all of those students who participated in the activities. Well done to the staff who were the organisers and helped to make this day such a success.

The Arts Learning Area recently held their special arts showcase. I had the pleasure of attending the event and was yet again impressed by the quality of the show. It was great work by all involved!

During the last week of Term 3, we had our NAIDOC celebrations. This event raises awareness about Indigenous culture and allows students and staff to grow. It also provided an opportunity for our Indigenous students and Aboriginal education team to share valuable learning experiences.

Our Public School Review was held on the 19th October. This day provided a great opportunity for our school to showcase the many projects and initiatives that are taking place at NMSHS. Many of our staff and students met with the reviewers to discuss and validate the wonderful work that happens across this great school.


Susan Kerr
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

Unpaid Specialist Program Charges

If your child is participating in one of the specialist programs at NMSHS, including Horizons, MASH or Engineering, please ensure that you have paid the program’s compulsory charges.

If this is not paid by the time your child chooses their selections for next year, they may be excluded from that program in 2022. Please contact the Accounts office on 9722 2419 regarding payment of these charges.

2022 Secondary Assistance Scheme and Abstudy Supplement Allowance

The Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is to assist low-income families with secondary schooling costs for students in Years 7 to 12. It is made up of two allowances:

  • $235 Education Program Allowance (EPA) paid directly to the school
  • $115 Clothing Allowance (CLA) paid to the applicant or the school.

The $79 Abstudy Supplement is to complement the $156 Centrelink ABSTUDY allowance and is paid to the school to support the student’s contributions and charges.

The forms attached provide more information, and parents/guardians can complete these forms now and return to the accounts office to ensure you do not miss out on applying for this financial assistance for the 2022 school year.

Lower School Deputy Principal’s Update

Term 4 is finally upon us after a fantastic end to Term 3 with the Battle of the Knights. It was great to see the level of enthusiasm and camaraderie throughout the final day of term, with the Battle of the Knights continuing to be the school event of the year.

End of Year Reward Activities

Lower school students are reminded that the end of Term 4 brings another round of reward excursions such as the Golden Knights Award, the Shining Bright Reward excursion, and the final PBS End of Year House Activity. PBS winners will also be announced. Students are encouraged to maintain or work at regaining their good standing and to finish the year at their strongest, to not only secure the reward opportunities, but to also academically place themselves in the best position for 2022.

NAPLAN Results

Apologies for the late distribution, but we have finally sourced the hard copy individual NAPLAN results for all Year 7 and 9 students. These will be distributed to students to go home on Friday 22/10/2021. Please contact the school if you do not receive them as an electronic copy can be provided to you as a replacement.

Mobile Phones

We have had an increasing number of mobile phone infringements within our lower school cohorts. Please remember the departmental policy that mobile phones should be off an away for the duration of the school day. Parents/guardians who need to contact their child may do so through the school office. Continued inappropriate use of a phone will result in Student Services banning those individuals from bringing their phone to school for a period of time. Please see the attached NMSHS Mobile Phone Policy for further explanation.

Senior School Deputy Principal’s Update

Year 10 examinations

The Year 10 exams will be held in Week 6, from Monday 15th to Friday 19th November. In preparation for these important exams, it is essential that your child spends time revising the Semester 1 & 2 content as advised by their teacher. Personalised exam timetables will be provided to all students during Week 4. Please take time to read the information contained on the timetable with your child, to ensure that they have the knowledge and understanding of the conditions and equipment required for the week.

Year 11 examinations

The Year 11 ATAR exams will begin at the end of Week 5, commencing on Friday 12th November through to Friday 19th November.

Students can collect their personalised examination timetable from Tania Martyn in Administration from Monday 1st November. This timetable must be presented to supervisors at every examination. Students are not required to attend school during the examination period – see below for more details.

VET students

Attend the normal school timetable during the examination period

Students studying 4 or more ATAR courses are

- Not required to attend school during the examination period

- To wear school uniform to examinations.

- To bring their personalised examination timetable to all examinations

Students studying 3 or less ATAR courses and VET students

- Attend the normal school timetable during the examination period.

- For morning examinations are not expected to attend school the day prior to and the day of their scheduled examination(s). For afternoon examinations are not expected to attend the day of their scheduled examination(s). 

- Are to attend the Media room in the IRC for study during all timetabled ATAR lessons or Study lessons. 

- Are to wear school uniform to examinations.

- Are to bring their personalised examination timetable to all examinations

If you have any questions about the 2021 Semester Two Examinations please contact Kate Nightingale, Deputy Principal, by phone, 9722 2400 or email

Study Skills Tip for October – Asking For Help

Powerful learners have a number of things in common and one of the most important ones is that they seek help when they need it. If you are struggling in aspect of your life, the best thing you can do is to reach out and ask for assistance. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing or pretend the issue doesn’t exist. For example, if there have been aspects of your learning this year that you have find difficult, or have fallen behind in, this last term of school before the end of the year is the perfect time to reach out for help.

Where can you find help when you are struggling at school?

Personal Issues

If things in your life are upsetting you or stressing you this will affect your ability to learn effectively. Talk to your family, talk to your friends or other people you are close to or teachers you feel comfortable sharing with. However if you need additional support you can approach the counsellor at your school and they can give you some professional help or find someone who can help you with your specific problems. There are also lots of support agencies, for example Kids Helpline, a free confidential service: 1800 55 1800 or use the online service at the link below. It is much better to talk to someone rather than lock it all inside you.

Subject Specific Issues

If you are finding a particular subject difficult, or have fallen behind, the first place you should seek help should be your classroom teacher. Firstly, ask questions in class as problems arise. If you find you have too many questions that it is not practical to ask them all in class, then ask your teacher if you can make a time to discuss the issues you are having outside of classtime. Teachers are happy to help students who do their best and are keen to improve. Other places you might be able to find subject-specific help are: books or extra textbooks in the school or local library, other students in the class, students in older years, other teachers at the school, family members, family friends. If you try all of these options and are still having problems, then you might consider looking for a tutor. Often ex-students from your school who are at university might be interested in doing some tutoring or even teachers at other schools. Your parents could ask your teacher if they can recommend anyone.

Learning Issues

If you aren’t having trouble with a specific subject, but are finding learning for school in general difficult, the first people to talk to are your parents. You might like to write down your feelings or what you are experiencing so you can explain things to them clearly. Your parents can then help you decide what steps to take next. It is probably a good idea for them to talk to your teachers first to get their perspectives. They might make an appointment with one of the pastoral care staff like a Year Coordinator to discuss with you and your parents to talk through the issues you are experiencing. The school might also have learning support staff who can help you work out what your issues are and who the best people are to help you. If the learning support staff can’t help you, they will be able to refer you to outside services who can diagnose and address any learning issues you might have.

Learn more this year about how to improve your results and be more efficient and effective with your schoolwork by working through the units on the link below - our school’s access details are:






Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Throughout the term students earn PBS points for following and engaging in the four PBS expectations of RESPECT, WELLBEING, RESPONSIBILTY and LEARNING.

The faction with the highest total points is rewarded with an activity out on the oval.

On the Last day of Term 3, we celebrated the success of Lionheart collecting the most PBS points for the term. They got to play laser tag and gym ball soccer. All students had a great time and enjoyed their reward for the effort they put in over the term.

The Term 4 reward is an individual reward to be announced later on in the Term.

Admin Report

Student Services Update


On the 1st of September, some Lower School Leadership students attended the Zero2Hero conference in Perth. The first keynote speaker was Karen young who provided strategies for stress and anxiety for teenagers over a Zoom call. After that, we listened to Brian Councillor talk about reconciliation.

We had a quick break then went to the ‘90s dance jam with Nicole Lamb who took us through some awesome ‘90s dance moves. The next breakout session we went to was Good Mood Foods where we learnt which foods to stay away from in order to keep our brain healthy.

In the last breakout session, we listened to Tom Scollay who taught us about having a good mindset while playing sport. Finally, we listened to Olivia Vivian, an Olympic gymnast who became a Ninja Warrior superstar, as she took us through her journey to success. To finish off, we all sang to Frozen on the bus on the way back to school. I think we all had a great time and are excited to go back next year.

Kayla Martin

School Nurse

Learning Areas


Possum Dreys

Year 11 Biology students assisted FAWNA volunteers with the building of possum dreys (habitat conservation). They then shared their knowledge with the rest of the school as part of NAIDOC celebrations. The dreys made by students will be placed in the NMSHS wetlands and the FAWNA possum “finishing school”.


Year 10 is always a busy year, and in the Home Economics Department it has been particularly busy!

Our Year 10 Child Development students have just commenced a 5-week school based playgroup with children aged 1 – 5 years. A big thank you to the wonderful parents and caregivers that allow these students to have a great “real work life” experience, as well as lots of fun. Students are also involved in a unit of work planning and preparing nutritious meals and snacks for young children, focusing on needs at different ages and special dietary requirements of children. Later, these students are hoping to make some Premmie Blankets to be donated to the local hospitals over the festive season.

Our Year 10 Café Culture students are also learning a real work skill. They are gaining experience on the espresso coffee machines, making a variety of coffees and hot drinks in preparation to work as a Barista or in a variety of hospitality settings. During the course, they are also focusing on preparing café meals and a range of cakes, slices and desserts; and garnishing and serving skills are also a focus.


Winter Carnival

In the last week of Term 3, the annual Winter Carnival was held for high schools in the South West. It was a fantastic spring day with the sun shining. Newton Moore took a strong group of students, entering teams in Basketball, Netball, AFL, Soccer, Volleyball and Hockey. The students participated well in their teams and had fun throughout the day.

Our school was successful in a number of sports, taking home trophies in the following:

  • Boys Basketball ‘A’ grade
  • Girls Basketball ‘B’ grade
  • Netball ‘B’ grade
  • Boys AFL ‘B’ grade

A terrific effort by all involved!

Thank you to the teachers who participated for giving up their time to coach their teams. Your time and effort is appreciated.

Aboriginal Education

Stars Foundation

Term 3 was very busy with lots of activities, excursions and special guests coming in to speak with our girls from Stars Foundation. We had the fun and exciting opportunity to take our Year 7s on an excursion to Forrest Adventures South West to do team building and leadership activities.

We also had the pleasure of having Belinda Chandler come in for a session with our Year 9s. Belinda is an Indigenous business owner who currently owns Mandurah Property Management. Belinda also has two other side businesses; one is breeding pure bred Border Collies, and she also owns Augusta Fish and Chips. The girls were very interested to listen and to learn about how to become an Indigenous Business owner.

During the term, we also had SWAMS come in and talk to our Year 10s about healthy relationships and taking care of yourself and your body both mentally and physically.


Fisheries Visit Newton Moore Clontarf

To begin Week 2 of the term, the Clontarf Academy senior boys received a visit from Jen and Martin from the Department of Fisheries. During the session, the boys were taught about the important role that the Fisheries Department plays in their local region and also about some of the rules and regulations of some of the local species in the South West region.

Martin who has been working for the Department of Fisheries for over 11 years spoke to the boys about his journey in the role. It was a great opportunity for the boys to hear of his experiences working in the coastal waters of the Kimberly to his transition to the South West where the boys love to hunt the local Marron.

Jen also demonstrated the dissection of a fish to the boys and explained how the different parts of the hearing could identify if it was male or female, as well as how old the fish was. The boys were very surprised to learn that the age is determined by the Otolith bone in the fish which is a tiny bone located behind the gills. The morning was full of interesting facts and information that the boys can apply going forward in their local regions. We would like to thank Jen and Martin again for taking the time to come in to the academy and sharing their knowledge with the boys.

Specialist Programs

Year 9 Engineering and Science Horizons students showcased the NMSHS Robotics program at the SW Future Jobs & Skills Forum at BREC on Tuesday 28th September. Well done to our students, to Mrs Richman and to Mr Murcott!

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

Board update 2021 Term 4

At this month’s Board meeting, the focus was a debrief following our Independent Public School Review. The Board would like to thank those parents, industry personnel and Board members who attended the School Review meeting.

We also had some administrative tasks to complete such as reviewing the draft budget. The Board also reviewed and endorsed the 2022 Contributions and Charges which will be forwarded to parents early in December.

A strong focus of the School Board is to look at data. This month the Board examined the NAPLAN data and started to review some of the strategies that the school will be looking at implementing as part of our whole school improvement plan.

Being part of the School Board really gives parents and industry an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the workings of the school.

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, 3rd November 2021 at 5:30pm. This is an open board meeting and all parents are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held in the Conference room (entry through the Staff Room).


The Canteen has transitioned to the new summer menu, and we are looking forward to some warm sunny days. We need all the support possible as the Year12s have already finished and the Year11s will be finished soon. We are asking more than ever that you support your Canteen, even if it’s a lunch ordered once a fortnight. Every little bit helps, remembering that your Canteen in return, supports scholarships for Newton Moore students.

We are seeking anyone with any amount of free time to come along and join our team and volunteer some help. Our existing valuable volunteers have been with the Canteen for some time and love it! We supply you with morning tea and lunch for your effort, and a happy time.



Battle of the Knights

Teacher Drenching for MND

$350 raised for Motor Neurone Disease.

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