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18 November 2021

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Principal’s Message

Classrooms are buzzing as students engage in a range of activities in each of their curriculum areas. We are seeing a wonderful effort from large numbers of students, eager to do their best and to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be, so they can achieve good results for their end of year report. Parents can assist their child by following their progress and assisting with homework where possible. Please remember that CONNECT provides details about student learning and assessments.

The Behaviour Team are currently striving to improve behaviour standards in the school. Our PBS team regularly provide behaviour lessons which are taught to students with the aim of highlighting the expected school behaviours.

Planning is progressing well for the transition of Year 6 and Year 7 students into secondary school next year. Staff have been working for some time now with the primary schools to ensure a smooth transition. The school recently appointed Mrs King as a Health and Wellbeing Coordinator for 2022. Mrs King will be assisting with our transition programs.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our elected leaders for 2022 and to wish them every success for their leadership journey next year. The structure for 2022 has changed slightly with our Student Exec team made up of a mixture of Year 12 and Year 11 students. This leadership team will soon be heading to Perth to engage in a variety of leadership games.

Susan Kerr
Newton Moore SHS

Lower School Deputy Principal’s Update

Senior School Deputy Principal’s Update

Subject selections 2022

By now, all Year 10 and 11 students should have finalised subject selections for 2022. This is always a challenging time for students who may not be 100% sure of what they want to study or even if they have made the right decisions.

If you or your child have any questions about upper school programs and expectations, please contact Kate Nightingale, (Deputy Principal) or Jaqueline Read-Smith (Vet Coordinator) at school.

Year 10 and 11 exams.

A reminder that the Year 10 exams and Year 11 ATAR exams begin in Week 6. Please encourage your child to commit to a study plan so that they can achieve their best results.

Study Skills Tip - Making the Most of Classtime

There are many advantages, apart from deeper learning and improved results, to making the most of class time. By completing more work in class, you will have less to do at home, your teacher will be pleased with your application and so will your parents when they read your report, and of course, you will learn more! And if you don’t use class time efficiently? Well, you will have to do more work at home, you will find that you don’t always understand the work, your teachers will have to continually follow up with you, and you may even make it harder for other people in your class to learn. It’s a no-brainer!

What does working effectively in class mean?

  1. Sit next to someone who will help you stay on task rather than someone who distracts you.
  2. Ask questions whenever you are unsure or do not understand something.
  3. Be polite and respectful towards your teacher and your classmates at all times.
  4. Come prepared to the lesson with all the books, technology and equipment you will need.
  5. Contribute your thoughts and ideas at the appropriate times.
  6. If you find yourself day-dreaming, ask yourself questions about what is going on or take notes about what is being discussed so you regain your focus.
  7. Try at all times to stay on task and be engaged in the work you are doing.

Learn more this year about how to work effectively at home and at school by working through the units at the link below. Our school’s access details are:






Regular attendance at school is fundamental to your child’s learning. Consistent attendance and participation are essential for your child’s social and academic learning. As parents or legal guardians of an enrolled child, you are responsible under the School Education Act (1999) to ensure the attendance of your child at school every day. It is important to assist your child’s achievement and learning by making regular school attendance a priority in your child’s life.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Students earn PBS points throughout the term for following and engaging in the four PBS expectations of RESPECT, WELLBEING, RESPONSIBILTY and LEARNING.

As our students sit down to prepare for tests and exams, NMSHS is focusing on the PBS expectation of ‘Persist with Challenging Tasks’.

Our students know this means that they need to work to the best of their ability at all times, and most importantly, that they need to not give up when things get hard.

Staff at NMSHS are always reminding our students to persist with challenging tasks.

Bradley King and Jack Espinos of Year 8, are the joint PBS champions for Week 5.

Both students have been following the Wellbeing PBS Expectation, ‘Act in a safe manner’, by following and demonstrating safe behaviours while working on their Metal and Woodwork projects.

Well done!

Admin Report

2022 Resource List for Years 7-12 Now Available

Next year’s booklists have been published and are available to parents in the attachments. The online ordering cut-off date for FREE home delivery will be Thursday 16th December 2021 with a view to deliveries being made during the week of 14th January 2022. Orders can also be dropped off at the school and we will forward them to our preferred supplier, Campion Education, on your behalf, but they must be prepaid. Campion also have retail stores in Malaga and Willetton for families who regularly travel to the metro area.

Wellbeing Coordinators Report

Newton Moore Star

Congratulations to Ben Willmont on winning a Silver medal at the Wordskills Competition, 2021.

Aboriginal Education

Stars Foundation

Our senior Stars had the opportunity to attend a worksite visit at QUBE and the Bunbury Port operations. QUBE Programmed Training Services are working with Stars to create school-based traineeship opportunities in various areas of operations, beginning with Logistics and Business in 2022. Our Stars were lucky enough to get to experience the depth of operations within the QUBE offices as well as explore the Bunbury Port. We are excited for the opportunities that are arising for ours Stars in our region.

Our Year 12 Stars headed south for a Southwest Adventure and Pamper session to celebrate their completion of school. Pamper packs for the girls were put together with the help of our Stars corporate partners, MECCA and Dermalogica. The girls began their trip by joining a cultural immersion tour with Josh from Koomal Dreaming. Congratulations, girls. You deserve it!


Year 12 Major Trip 2021

For their first week of Freedom Beyond School, the Year 12 boys from Newton Moore SHS celebrated in Perth and Rottenest Island as a way of signalling the end of a long journey to school completion.

Rebehl Coomer and Jaymen Dann were successful in completing the school journey in 2021. To acknowledge this exceptional feat, we headed off to Perth and Rottenest Island with the Collie boys for our major trip. For the Collie boys, this was the first group of Year 12s to complete school with Clontarf.

The camp had several parts to it. On our first day, we visited the delivery centre of Australia Post at the Perth airport. This was a fascinating opportunity for our boys to see the process behind mail delivery, and in particular, the automation involved these days. This was followed up with a safe driver training course, similar to the one posties receive when they begin work there. Thanks to Australia Post for hosting us and for investing in our boys, and for the lunch.

That night, as a special treat and celebration, we dressed up and went to the Atrium for dinner. The boys enjoyed the buffet dinner and dessert.

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of touring Optus Stadium and walking the Matagarup Bridge. The boys visited the Eagles’ and Dockers’ change rooms, commentary and coaches boxes, dugouts and the best seats in the house. That afternoon and evening’ we travelled to Fremantle for an escape room, dinner and Fremantle Prison torchlight tour.

On Thursday, we jumped on the Rottnest Ferry to Wadjemup. Here we hired bikes and set off to the barracks and war ruins on the east side of the island. We learnt about the history of the island, had lunch with the quokkas, and a hit of mini golf before returning to the mainland.

On Friday, the final day, we spent some time at Murdoch University. The boys engaged in a computer animation activity, e-sports tour, and chatted to the Murdoch staff about university entry and lifestyle. Who knows where this might lead?

Overall, there were plenty of laughs, and plenty of time to reflect on school and to look ahead to the future of what life may bring.

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

It is a sad but celebratory time of the year when we have to say good-bye to our Year 12 students, with the Year 11s soon to follow, after watching them grow into strong young adults. Their support in the canteen over the years has been tremendous and will be sadly missed, along with their smiling faces.

With upper school students leaving, the canteen need as much support from students and teachers until the end of the year so the canteen can continue to run and support your school.

Chef John’s take home meal specials have returned! We currently have Chicken Carbonara at $12.00 available, and the next special, Vegetarian Lasagne at $12.00, will be available on 23rd November. Buy a dinner special and let us do all of the hard thinking and work for you.

School Board

The Newton Moore SHS School Board is a vibrant and active body focused on school programs and the needs of students. The School Board plays an important role in establishing the directions of the school, endorsing the school budget, and evaluating school performance. Our most recent board meeting was an open meeting which meant any community member on notice could attend.

Tasks of the Board include:

  • Taking part in establishing and reviewing the School’s Business Plan and general policy direction.
  • Taking part in the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund these objectives, priorities and policies.
  • Taking part in evaluating the School’s performance in achieving these objectives, priorities and policies.
  • Taking part in formulating codes of conduct for students at the School (Uniform)
  • Sanctioning changes and contributions.
  • Promoting the School in a positive light to the wide community.


The Board Membership consists of representatives from across the school community.

Current Board Members

  • Susan Kerr, Principal
  • Kylie Cattaway, Associate Principal
  • Karen Davies, Executive Officer
  • Andrew Templeman, Board Chair
  • Craige Sell, Deputy Chair
  • Tish Kneuker, Industry Representative
  • Josh Drummond, Community Member
  • Cathy Mills, Parent
  • Jasmin Hunter, Parent
  • Jodie Falconbridge, Teacher
  • Jacqui Read-Smith, Teacher
  • Byron Engelbrecht, Teacher

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