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26 August 2021

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Kaya and welcome

I hope you and your family are enjoying this beautiful time of the year and the fact that the rain has finally stopped - I think.

I would like to begin by reiterating how essential it is for all students to learn to treat others with care and compassion, and to practise this even when times are tough. These skills are critical for long-term relationships and in the workplace. There’s no doubt that skills like disagreeing in an agreeable way can be hard to learn, however they are so important in all our lives. I appreciate support from families in reinforcing the importance of these expectations.

It is really important that we all continue to work together and keep our community safe. Activities at the school are planned around COVID-19 health and hygiene advice, and we continue to emphasise the importance of hand washing, using hand sanitiser and staying home if you are unwell. On behalf of the school, I would like to say thank you to students and parents for their support in this, for caring for each other, and for their diligence in changing habits. I don’t think I can overstate how much we can appreciate our current state of ‘normal’ and the fact that we will never take ‘normal’ for granted again.

Once again, we had a highly successful STEM fair. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Science staff who coordinated this event, the sponsors, the industry and community members who attended, and the students for their enthusiasm - particularly those who submitted a Crest award. A highlight for me is seeing all the primary school students who attend and participate so enthusiastically in the STEM activities.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the activities students have been involved in over the last few weeks when reading this edition of the Schoolzine.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin.B.Ed, Dip Teach

From the Finance Team

Country Week Refunds

Thank you to all parents who have returned their Country Week refund forms. We have commenced the refund process, so if you have not yet returned your form, please complete and forward to the Accounts Office as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will not be processed until the form has been returned.

Forms were emailed to parents and they can also be picked up from the Accounts Office.

Refunds into bank accounts should start to arrive early next week. The refund process will take some time to complete so we ask for your patience as we work through them. Thank you.

Lower School Deputy Principal’s Update

Student Subject Selections for Years 7-9

A reminder that all 2022 student subject selections for Years 7-9 were due by August the 22nd. Late submissions will be accepted and we encourage all students to complete them as soon as possible if they have not already done so. The attached document steps through the process of how to complete the selections.

If any student is having difficulty, recess support sessions will continue to run until the end of this week. Support can also be accessed through our school administration office before school or during lunchtimes.

Year 7/8 Social: Wednesday 8th September 2021

The annual Year 7/8 social will be held on Wednesday 8th September 2021 in the school PAC from 5 to 7pm. This fantastic event is open to all Year 7 and 8 students who have their Good Standing. The entry fee is just $3 which can be paid at the door on the evening. There will also be light refreshments (food and drink) for sale on the night. Come along for a terrific night with all proceeds of the evening going to Bunbury Solaris Cancer Care.

This event is organised by the Student Executive and the Upper School Leadership group and will be fully staffed by NMSHS teachers.

For any further enquiries, please contact me or our Wellbeing Coordinator, Jason Schuttloffel ,at the school.

Senior School Deputy Principal’s Update

Year 10/11 & 12 OLNA Reminder

  • Don’t forget that OLNA tests begin in Week 7.
  • Timetables will be given out during Week 6.
  • Please ensure that you are at school during the testing window as these tests can’t be re-scheduled.

Year 12 – The finishing line is close

Now more than ever, it is essential to stay on track and keep your focus. This includes following the school wide expectations of arriving to school and class on time, wearing the correct uniform and completing all tasks to the best of your ability.

For ATAR students, examinations are just around the corner. Part II of the Year 12 Information Handbook focuses on the examinations and is available to download from the SCSA website: Years 11 and 12 | Year 12 Information Handbook (

Year 12 ATAR Examinations

The 2021 ATAR course written examination period is scheduled from:

  • Monday, 1 November to Friday, 19 November 2021

The ATAR course practical examinations are scheduled from:

  • Saturday, 25 September to Saturday, 17 October 2021

The timetables for these examinations are available on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website at:

Study Skills


How well do you use your time in class? Who do you sit next to? Do you work well together? Do you listen to teachers and fellow students when they were speaking? Do you participate and contribute in your lessons?

What are the main changes you need to make in this area?

Asking for help

If you don’t understand something in class, do you ask a question about it? If you are unsure about an assignment or assessment, do you check in with your teacher? If you are struggling with a topic, do you ask for help?

What are the main changes you need to make in this area?

Time management

Do you do enough schoolwork each afternoon? Do you plan out a timeline to do the work for your assessments? When you are working at home, do you remove all distractions so you can focus?

What are the main changes you need to make in this area?

Preparing for tests

Do you ensure that you are always clear on what you were being tested on? Do you make study notes along the way so you have them ready for test time? Do you test yourself on the content as you are learning it to see if it is in your memory? Do you do lots of questions to practise the skills of the subject?

What are the main changes you need to make in this area?

You and your parents can learn more about how to achieve your personal best at by logging in with the details below and working through some of the units.

Username: newtonmooreshs
Password: 62success

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

At Newton Moore Senior High School, we are RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE. We care about our own and each other’s WELLBEING, and we actively engage in LEARNING.

Our current house points and standings are shown below:

There will be a reward activity at the end of Term 3 for the winning house, so we encourage all students to keep following the Newton Moore Behaviour Expectations.

Admin Report

COVID Update

As you are aware across the nation, states are having to close their borders and go into lockdown. At Newton Moore Senior High School, we pride ourselves on being well prepared. If we go into lockdown, the teachers will be offering a “Connected Learning Experience” which will primarily be online using Connect and some Webex and Teams delivery. We strongly encourage our families to be prepared. You can do this by ensuring your child has:

  • A space in the house to set up for study
  • A laptop or computer available
  • Access to the internet
  • Downloaded the free Office 365 software
  • Their teachers’ email addresses

You also need to ensure that you and your child can access Connect.

Please note that our school has laptops available to purchase at a very cheap price. If you are interested, please contact the front office.

It is important that we are prepared in case of a short-notice lockdown in WA.

School Parking- Information for Parents and Caregivers

The City of Bunbury’s primary concern is the safety of our community, especially our children. We also understand that navigating parking at schools can be quite stressful.

Rangers will be actively patrolling your school with the goal of ensuring the school drop off and pick up times are as safe and stress free as possible. With that in mind, we would like to remind parents and care givers to please abide by local parking laws and assist us with our goal of zero harm.

For the safety of all children please do not stop in no stopping areas or on footpaths as this practice encourages children to enter busy roads, which can have catastrophic results.

Please park in designated parking areas only. Infringements may be issued to motorists who park in an unsafe manner.

Handy tips:

  • Arrive early to secure a parking spot or utilise kiss and drives. Remember the kiss and drive only works if you keep moving forward as other cars leave.
  • Team up with other parents and carpool
  • Walk with your children whenever possible.
  • Encourage older children to walk or ride to school with a friend
  • Arrange to collect your child shortly after the parking rush
  • The safety and care of school children is our priority – if you have any queries please contact the City of Bunbury on 9792 7000.

ICT/Technology Report

Newton Moore Senior High School provides a comprehensive Information Technology Infrastructure to support learning in the digital age. The school provides internet access and extensive wireless coverage across the whole school.

It is our expectation that students from all year groups bring their own device to support learning in our school. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means you can bring an appropriate laptop or tablet to school and use it in classes and for study purposes. It is especially important that Senior School students have a computer which they bring to school and use each day.

To support students and families in financial need, the school is offering used laptop computers for sale to all Year 7 to 12 students for only $50. These computers meet the required technical specifications, and can be connected to the school network.

Please contact the school if you wish to purchase a laptop or require further information.


NMSHS Computer Survey

We are asking all families to complete the Computer Survey sent via SMS to families on 17th August. This will provide us with up-to-date information about students’ access to computers and the internet in their family home. The link is also provided below for easy access. Please complete one survey for every child you currently have enrolled at NMSHS.

Student Services Update

School Nurse

Spring is on its way…

Hay Fever

  • An allergic response causing itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, runny and red nose.
  • Very common in spring and summer
  • Usually self-diagnosable
  • One antihistamine tablet a day can help reduce symptoms. Buy from chemist or supermarket.
  • Chronic: can last for years or be life long
  • Students, parents, carers and staff should be prepared.

Consult a doctor if symptoms do not get better.

Sources: Mayo Clinic and others.

Learning Areas


Hand sanitiser versus hand wash: which is more effective? Year 12 Biology students conducting an investigation to answer this question.


Congratulations to Ben Willmott for being selected to represent Western Australia in the World Skills Championships & Skills Show 2021, held at the Perth Convention Centre from Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th August. Ben has been in training for months now in the Brick and Block laying division, which he is currently studying at South Regional TAFE.

If you’re going to Perth that weekend, head down to the Perth Convention Centre for the National World skills competition where over 50 different trades will be showcasing their talent and skills, and show Ben and the rest of TeamWA your support. There will be an exciting array of interactive events, workshops and activities.

If Ben receives a gold medal, he will be given the opportunity to represent Australia in Shanghai in 2022.

Good luck, Ben, and congratulations on making it to the National Championships!


This semester we welcome Mr Jack Hunter to the Design & Technology area where he has already made his mark with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. His Year 7 Materials classes are flying along, making their first project - a wooden boat - and doing a good job of it too!

The Year 8s have begun designing and cutting out the material for their flashing light car. These are just starting to be assembled and are looking great. Students have to keep in mind that their cars need to look good, but also have enough space to house all the circuitry required for the flashing lights and cams.

Next, the Year 9s are designing and shaping components for their wooden stool projects. Students are now using some of the larger and more complicated machinery such as bandsaws to create some truly original designs. Meanwhile, the Year 9 Engagement group have been creating wooden spoons and small projects ready for their bike project.

This semester, there are 2 groups of Year 10 Materials Design and technology who are making the bases for their Duchess mirror project. Both groups are motivated and enthused with the project so we can look forward to some excellent results.

Lastly, the Year 12s are on the final leg of their Design and Technology ‘Journey’ through high school. They have designed and are constructing framed cabinets to their own specifications. A wide range of design solutions have resulted and the projects themselves will be finished by the end of term.

Overall, some very exciting and engaging projects are underway so the wood work area will be a hive of activity over the remainder of this term.


Indiana Jones made archaeology famous and full of adventure. For our Year 7 HASS class, archaeology was just as exciting as we excavated chocolate chips using little tools, digging through fossilised poo (coprolite) to discover which ancient civilisation belonged to this piece of evidence. We have also created our own terracotta warriors to protect our classrooms. History has come alive and we are understanding the importance of discoveries such as Mungo Man and Otzi and what it means to us today.

Aboriginal Education

Stars Foundation

InTerm 3 we have been doing a lot of work with our Indigenous girls through the Stars Foundation. Two weeks ago, Leandra took some of our Senior girls on an excursion to ECU in Joondalup for a day of finding out what ECU has to offer them once they graduate.

The girls had the opportunity to experience a few different things from Engineering to becoming a teacher. They were so excited to know that the opportunities were endless and that they were able to apply for student accommodation if they were to enrol at ECU Joondalup.

We are also working with our girls preparing for our special NAIDOC Day celebration this year. They want to make NAIDOC bracelets and do some painting to put on display for the day.

Our senior girls are also doing their work placement and Aaliyah Thomas has had a positive start to her chosen employment. Aaliyah has been learning how to handle food and serve customers while taking orders.



Newton Moore Clontarf Academy boys visited new partner, Wren Oil, this week to scope out their operation in Picton, near Bunbury.

Cindy showed the boys around the operation to give them a hands-on experience of the oil recycling industry. Wren Oil collect oil from mines and businesses around the state and recycle it into clean usable oil to use again.

When we arrived, we entered the Board Room and got kitted up into our PPE for a tour. Cindy introduced us to David who is one of the owners of the company. Cindy explained to the boys the process of their operation and how oil is recycled.

From there, we visited the fabrication shed. Everything is made onsite. Every weld, every bin, every storage tank is manufactured on site. From there we moved to mechanical where 43 trucks are maintained.

We then moved through the processing plant. The boys were amazed at the 12,000 degree Celsius processing cylinders. The amount of pipes, buttons and steel to create the heating, cooling, heating, cooling process is incredible. From there we moved through the control room where the boys experienced the self-made computer program running the whole show. It looked complicated for sure.

Afterwards, Cindy explained the employment opportunities available for our boys. There are work experience, traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities for boys while at school and post school. There are opportunities in metal fabrication and welding, heavy diesel mechanics, plant operation and administration. We hope to continue our partnership with Wren Oil and thank them for hosting us today. Hopefully we see some boys take hold of these amazing local opportunities.

Specialist Programs


Annual Community STEM Fair 2021

On Thursday 19th September NMSHS celebrated National Science Week hosting its annual Community STEM Fair.

Highlights included interactive displays from our industry partners GHD, Doral, Monadelphous, Talison Lithium, Marine Industry School Pathways, UWA Quantum Road Trip, ECU and Tronox.

A special mention and thankyou to Maddie Roberts, a scientist with Rio Tinto and ex Newton Moore student, Ben McAllister from UWA, Anand Purnanand and Elaine Rayco, Year 11 students, who were our guest speakers.

Students work on display was of a high standard and the Year 9 Science Horizons and Engineering students and Year 10 students did a marvellous job running the event.

A whiff of delicious donut odours swept in from the PAC where Maths were busy doing the numbers for science week!

Best STEM Fair so far!!!

Choice Programs


Olympics Unleashed

Our Year 7 MASH students got a visit from an Olympic Basketballer last Thursday. They learnt about different aspects of realising a sporting dream and how to achieve it. They are excited for a return visit in a few weeks.

News from Parent Bodies

School Board

What Are the REAL Responsibilities of a School Board?

What Is the School Board’s Purpose?

Put simply, the School Board exists to oversee the activities of the school system so students can have the best possible experience and outcome. The School Board also exists to establish important policies and to make sure they are implemented.

At the next Board meeting at Newton Moore Senior High School on Wednesday 8th September, we will be discussing partnerships that the school has with community, as well as scholarships that the school has obtained and how we can increase these.

We will also be discussing our up and coming public school review. We will take the opportunity to look at our attendance data and what we can do collectively, and what we are currently doing, to improve school attendance.

Just a reminder that if there are any parents out there who would like to join the school board we still have a vacancy and we would love your support.

Susan Kerr


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