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17 February 2022

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Kaya, Wanju

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022. The term is already flying by and the added interruptions with COVID restrictions, including mask wearing, has made for a very interesting start to the school year.

We welcomed 120 new students into Year 7, with a further 20 students joining the school across Years 8 – 12. The Year 7 students have settled in well – many of them look like they have been here for a couple of years, rather than a couple of weeks! The number of new students changes daily and the deputies have a number of enrolments coming in each day.

I am looking forward to attending the School Ball on Saturday the 19th February. It is always humbling to see the Year 11 and 12 students looking so well presented – their progression from children to young adults becomes obvious to all. My thanks to Mr Schuttoffel and the team for organising this event. Once the ball is completed, it is timely to remind our Year 12s of the need to work consistently and remain focussed on their academic goals as they only have three terms left to complete their journey through school.

At this stage of the year we usually have a parent BBQ and open night, but because of COVID restrictions, we are changing the format. On the scheduled day of our open night, February 22/2/2022, our staff will be phoning or emailing as many parents as possible between 1-3pm and letting parents know about how their child is progressing. Please note we will be closing early on this day at 1pm. If your child catches public transport and you cannot make other arrangements for them to be collected, your child will do supervised work in the IRC. The importance of the partnership between parents and the School cannot be overstated and is a key to the future success of your child.

Finally, in this edition of the school zine we have a COVID update about some changes to arrangements across the school. It is important you read this information, as well as other information which comes out via Connect or parent emails.

In closing, I look forward - with the support of our wonderful staff - to continuing to support the learning journey of each student.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

COVID-19 communications

Dear Parents

You may have seen the announcement of the increase caseload settings in place across WA as of Tuesday 8 February 2022. As a result, our school is adjusting our practices. This includes having designated areas at lunchtime and recess, having particular days when students can enter certain areas of the school at breaks, and monitoring student access to the canteen. We will be conducting a parent communication afternoon using email, online connections and phone instead of our scheduled face-to-face open day. Our students will only be permitted to attend day excursions and there will no overnight camps until further notice.

In the current settings, parents and carers can no longer enter classrooms, including volunteering. Volunteering in the canteen is still permitted, while following the WA Government mask wearing mandates, and physical distancing from other adults.

You are allowed on school grounds for drop-off and pick-up in outdoor locations, but please physically distance, avoid gathering where possible, and follow mask-wearing requirements as applicable.

We are currently planning and implementing further ways to minimise the risk of COVID-19 entering or being transmitted at our school. We strongly encourage you to ensure your child does not come to school if sick. If your child is sick at school, we will be sending students home and we will be encouraging you to get your child RAT’s tested.

Our focus is to ensure face-to-face curriculum delivery continuity. To do this we are asking students and staff to wear a mask at all times while in classes.

Your support with these adjustments is greatly appreciated.

Susan Kerr

From the Finance Team

Secondary Assistance Scheme Allowance

Would you like up to $350 towards your child’s 2022 school contributions & charges?

Do you hold one of these Centrelink concession cards?

  • Family Health Care Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

Is your student(s) listed on the card?

Is the card valid for Term 1 2022?

You do not receive the Abstudy Supplement Allowance or intend applying for it from Centrelink (Note: If you do receive this, apply for Abstudy Supplement Allowance)

If you answered YES to all 4 questions above, you can apply for the Secondary Assistance Scheme allowance.

You may receive the following allowance, reducing your account at the school:

Up to $235.00 - paid directly to the school towards school contributions & charges
$115.00 clothing allowance - either paid to your bank account or to the school

CLOSING DATE: Last day of Term 1 - Friday 8th April 2022.

Apply at the Accounts office to receive an early payment.

Accounts office is open 8am to 4pm.

Remember to bring your valid concession card and the bank account details where the clothing allowance will be paid to.

If you are unable to get to the Office in school hours or have any further queries, contact Michelle on 9722 2419.

Abstudy Supplement Allowance

If you receive Abstudy from Centrelink or intend applying for Abstudy, you may be eligible for $79 towards your 2022 school contributions & charges!

Do you receive the school fee allowance of $78 or $156 from Centrelink as part of the Abstudy School fee Allowance?


Do you intend applying for the Abstudy Allowance?

Do you hold one of these Centrelink concession cards?

Family Health Care Card
Pensioner Concession Card
Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

Is your student(s) listed on the card?

Is the card valid for Term 1 2022?

If you answered YES to all 4 questions above, apply for the Abstudy Supplement Assistance allowance and $79 may be paid directly to the school towards school contributions & charges.

CLOSING DATE: Last day of term 1 - Friday 8th April 2022

Apply at the Accounts office to receive an early payment.

Accounts office is open 8am to 4pm.

Remember to bring your valid concession card and the bank account details where the clothing allowance will be paid to.

If you are unable to get to the Office in school hours or have any further queries, contact Michelle on 9722 2419.

Lower School Deputy Principals’ Update

A big welcome to the new Year 7s and a welcome back to our Year 8s and 9s. The Year 7s have quickly found their feet and adjusted to the high school life of moving classes, changing teachers and racing to the canteen line.

I would encourage all students to the benefits of being organised with their BYOD device and school equipment, learning their timetable, and maintaining their Good Standing through attendance, following our PBS expectations and staying on top of school assessments and weekly homework.

Wellbeing Coordinators

I would like to introduce the Lower School Wellbeing Coordinators, who work alongside myself in supporting the students within each year group. We encourage all parents/guardians to communicate with us with regards to how best to support your child.

Year 7 Mr Jason Schuttloffel
Year 8 Mrs Amy King
Year 9 Ms Brooke Edwards

School Photos

Please note that school photos scheduled for Week 3 have been cancelled until further notice.

Senior School Deputy Principals’ Update

Study Skills Website

Just to remind you that our school is a subscriber to the study skills website.

This website will help you develop essential skills for academic success. There are units of work on improving time management skills, how to study, research skills, summarizing, technology use, brain and memory and much more. Everything you need to know about becoming a more powerful learner and improving your marks at school can be found on this site.

For example, learn how the colour of your room affects your ability to study, what the best study techniques are for your type of brain, how to improve your handwriting and useful software and Apps to block yourself from technology distractions.

You will also see lots of useful handouts, grids and planners at the bottom of the THINGS TO PRINT page.

To access the handbook, go to the link below and login with these details:





The more of this website you can work through, the more you will set yourself up for academic success.

Year 11 Induction


Round One of OLNA commences in Week 5 of this term. In order to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) students must pass all three components if they have not already pre-qualified in Year 9 NAPLAN (Band 8).

Students who have not passed some, or all of the tests, will need to sit the appropriate test during this time.

OLNA testing will be held at the following times:


Monday 28th February to Wednesday 2nd March

Numeracy and Reading

Monday 28th February to Friday 25th March

In preparation for these tests, teachers will be supporting students to familiarise themselves with the testing format and improve specific literacy and numeracy skills. We recommend that students and parents access the SCSA website below for further information, practice and example tests.

OLNA information links are below:

Years 11 and 12 | Students, Parents and Carers (

Encourage your child to talk to their teachers if they are unsure about any of the work that has been set, and make sure that they have a study timetable organised.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

This year, PBS rewards will be continuing with some new and exciting activities. At the end of Terms One and Three, the house with the most points will be recognised with a reward activity. At the end of Terms Two and Four, individual students from each year will be rewarded with an activity.

At Year Meetings, top point earners will be rewarded with a voucher of their choosing, so all students should follow the expected behaviours on the Matrix and earn their points.

Last year we started using the PBiS Rewards App for assigning points. The PBS team are busy getting ideas for items to be placed in the Store, where students can spend their points on activities at school. This is a work in progress and something to look forward to as the year progresses, making it more important than ever to show those positive behaviours and bank those points!

Admin Report

Bikelinc | powered by Crime Stoppers WA | Connect to protect your bike |

Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Mask Wearing

The start of 2022 has heralded our biggest COVID challenge yet with the requirement for all staff and students to wear a mask. All students should congratulate themselves for taking this up with no issues and getting on with school life while wearing a mask. Parents should also be congratulated for arranging for their children to have a mask. This year we are sticking to the motto “Come to Class, Wear Your Mask”!

Student Executive

Our Student Executive have an interesting year ahead of them. The newly formed group that is comprised of Year 11 and 12 students for the first time did some serious planning at the end of 2021 in preparation for this year. COVID is going to throw us a few curveballs, but this group certainly has the tenacity to work around this.

In Week 2, our School Captains, Elaine and Ashtyn, met up with other student leaders from local schools to network and get some ideas. The breakfast meeting was organised by the City of Bunbury, and the girls had the opportunity to meet the Bunbury Mayor and the Youth Mayor. It was a great morning on Koombana Bay and the girls are excited to bring back some ideas to the rest of the group and put these into action throughout the year.

Meet the Team

Meet the new staff…

Amanda Owen-Tucker

Area of Teaching:

HASS, Japanese and English

History( past work history):

I have taught in Melbourne at various senior colleges and also taught in Japan for 5 years.

Philosophy about education:

I believe in what Dr James Comer said: " No significant learning occurs without significant relationships”.

Personal Interests:

Archery and Racing 550cc Speed Boat

Johana Rogers

Area of Teaching:

Home Economics

History (past work history):

I have taught Kindy through to Year 12 in a variety of positions including class and Art specialist teacher.

I also have 20 years of experience in hospitality, including being a waitress, a cafe supervisor and barista.  

Philosophy about education:

I believe every student has the potential to achieve whatever they want to achieve, and I want to be there to support. Education can open doors to many great experiences and careers. As teachers, I believe our job is to support students in their educational journey in whatever way we can and to try and encourage them to be the best self they can be. 

Personal Interests:

I love spending time with my family and friends, cooking, baking, sewing, crafting and GISHing.  

Elouise Gaylard

Area of Teaching:

Science and Mathematics.

History (past work history):

Science Teacher at Ararat College in Victoria.

Philosophy about education:

Learning will happen when trust is built.

Personal Interests:

Walking my dog, going to the river or beach, and footy.

Christina Brookes

Area of Teaching:


History (past work history):

I worked at South Bunbury Primary School for four years, before teaching the PEAC program at NMSHS and realising how much I love science specialist teaching.

Philosophy about education:

I believe providing students with an authentic, investigative and positive approach to learning is what will give them a sense of belonging in the school community. 

Personal Interests:

I love playing board games, reading fantasy novels and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Brooke Edwards

Area of teaching:

Year 9 and 12 Wellbeing Coordinator in Student Services.

History (past work history):

Champion Bay Senior High School in Geraldton for the last 7 years as a Health and Physical Education Teacher. For the past two years, I was a Year 7-9 Team Leader prior to starting at NMSHS in 2022.

Philosophy about education:

Rapport is key for student success.

Personal Interests:

Being active, out and about in the community.

Spending time with family and friends.

Leah Holmes

Area of teaching:

Career Practitioner & Careers Teacher

History (past work history):

I’ve taught English at Karratha SHS and worked as a Generalist Teacher at the Australian Technical College - Pilbara.

I’ve taught Literacy and Numeracy at the Minurmarghali Mia TAFE campus, in Roebourne.

I worked for the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), developing national financial literacy resources and providing targeted support to stakeholders. More recently I have worked as a Prisoner Education Coordinator at Bunbury Regional Prison.  

Philosophy about education:

To equip students to navigate their life according to their values.

Personal Interests:

Growing food, keeping fit and learning to surf.

Student Services Update

Career Practitioner

By the typical retirement age of 65, a full-time employee will have spent approximately 80,000 hours working.

This fun fact shows that work is a big part of our lives. Important elements for career/life management are:

  • knowing yourself
  • knowing what opportunities are out there, and
  • knowing how to manage your career pathway

Since starting here, I’ve been busy developing a new Careers Program for Year 7s and 8s. Students will participate in either Semester One or Two.

I’m also working closely with other staff, such as VET Coordinator Ms Read-Smith, to map out what career development experiences each year group has while at Newton Moore. From here, we can decide what strategies might be good to add or change.

Watch this space!

Ms Holmes

School Nurse

Learning Areas


Year 11 ATAR Sciences enjoying the new STEM centre

Year 11 Human Biology students started their year learning about the makeup of cells. To do this, we created models using jelly and plasticine to reflect the components of a cell.

Thank you to Lab techs for their preparation of this activity.


Year 10s- Mapping Skills

Year 10s are looking at topographic mapping skills in HASS. Contour lines show land height above sea level. Students drew contour lines on an object to replicate a hill then had a go at drawing the contours onto paper to demonstrate the height of the hill. The Year 10s not only worked out the contour interval but also spot height.


Steeltop Benches

Over the holidays, several benches in our Home Economics room were upgraded to stainless steel. This change allows us to align our senior school courses to industry standards and improve the hygiene, function and aesthetics of these rooms.

Students now get to work with professional resources and experience a simulated kitchen environment.

Below are some of our Year 10 students preparing for their cooking lesson.

Aboriginal Education

Stars Foundation

2022 has started off humming with energy for the Stars Foundation as we saw our Stars return to school with great enthusiasm, spirit and focus, and as we welcomed a large cohort of Year 7 girls to the program. These two weeks have been spent getting to know our new Stars and supporting our girls to set some goals for the Term. We have also been creating some delicious smoothies, pancakes and salads in our kitchen. This year, our Stars will have the opportunity to earn our new NMSHS Stars school shirts which arrived in Week 2 and look fantastic on our girls.

There will be some temporary changes within the Stars program over the coming weeks as Sharleen steps up to the Program Coordinator role and Leandra takes some leave until later this year. Stars are looking forward to introducing their new staff member in the coming weeks. 2022 has already shown us that there may be changes and challenges ahead, but we look forward to embracing these and sharing our Stars’ journey in 2022.

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