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10 March 2022

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Kaya / Hello to our Newton Moore SHS family!

Classrooms are buzzing as students engage in a range of activities in each of their curriculum areas. Already we are seeing a wonderful effort from large numbers of students eager to do their best and to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be. Parents can assist their child by following their progress and assisting with homework where possible.

Please remember that you can find details of your child’s classwork and their course outlines on Connect. If you are having any difficulty in accessing Connect, please contact the school so that we can assist. Can you also make sure that your child knows how to log onto Connect because if they are diagnosed with COVID or deemed a close contact, or if they are in a hot spot, they will need to be able to log onto Connect to access relevant work during their 7 days of isolation.

Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students who have yet to meet the Literacy and Numeracy standards for WACE are currently sitting the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessments with students across the state. We wish them all the best for a successful completion in this round of assessments. Following this, we have the NAPLAN testing for our Year 7 and 9 students. The students will have the opportunity to do some online practice tests for NAPLAN. It is important they participate fully in these practice tests so they do not feel so anxious when they sit the actual test.

By now, all of you should have received information on how your child is progressing via an interim report that was emailed to you. If you did not receive an interim report, please contact the school. If the interim report indicated that teachers would like to speak to you about your child’s progress, can I strongly encourage you to make a time to ring them?

I trust you will enjoy this edition of the e-newsletter.

Kind Regards,

Susan Kerr M.ED.Admin.B.Ed.Dip Teach


I hope you have the opportunity to read our COVID updates when these come out in Connect or via email. If you are not getting these messages, please contact the school administration so someone can assist you. These updates provide valuable information about any adjustments that are happening at the school to try to minimise the chances of a COVID outbreak.

Your support with our strategies is very important so please remind your child:

  • Masks on in class and when in an inside venue (this means masks on properly not under the nose)
  • Students must remain in the designated areas set up for year groups at break-times

If your child is diagnosed positive with a RAT test, it is extremely important that you then follow-up with a PCR test to confirm that it is a positive case. There are two locations in Bunbury where you and your child can get this test. These are the hospital or in Halifax.

If your child is diagnosed positive, it is imperative that you let the school know immediately so we can work with the Health Department to ascertain close contacts and determine who needs to self-isolate and get tested.

Your support with this is much appreciated.

Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin, B.Ed,Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

Lower School Deputy Principals’ Update

2022 Online NAPLAN for Year 7 and 9

NAPLAN will soon be upon us. Practice tests will be running in Week 8-9 of Term 1, starting with the online Writing test on 24th March.

Students and parents can access the public demonstration site to view a sample test from the link below

NAPLAN testing for 2022 runs from 12th May – 24th May. Tests will include:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Conventions of Language
  • Numeracy

More information will be in future newsletters and also emailed home closer to the date.

Senior School Deputy Principals’ Update

Year 11

Students will have received feedback on their first assessment results. It is important to reflect on performance in all areas and identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. Please encourage your child to communicate with their teachers about their current attainment and to discuss ways in which they can improve their results. It is important for students to seek support if they feel they are struggling to keep up with the increased workload. Support and advice can be accessed through the Student Services team and by talking to teachers.

Year 11 & 12

The importance of bringing a laptop to school.

A reminder that all students in Year 11 and 12 should be bringing a computer to school every day to access their work on Connect. This is particularly important as COVID-19 begins to have an impact on attendance at school and some students may need to isolate and work from home. If you need any support with this, please contact the school.

Year 10

Please encourage your child to start thinking about what they would like to study in Year 10. All students will be completing a survey this term to find out what their Year 11 intentions are. Talking with teachers and Heads of Learning Areas is a good place for students to start as they can provide information about the subjects that are being offered and the suitability for that student. If you or your child have any questions about Year 11, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

One of the PBS Expectation at Newton Moore Senior High School is RESPECT. Our focus over the next three weeks will be on this expectation, and particular attention will be placed on ‘using appropriate manners and language.’

‘Appropriate manners and language’ includes how we speak and behave towards teachers, how we behave and speak to our friends at school, and the way we speak to and treat people in the community and at home.

Below are some ways we can start to show more respect:

Admin Report

This link has been included in case you haven't heard that 5 free Rapid Antigen Tests are now available from WA government - one set per household.

Click on the link to order online.

Meet the Team

Welcome our new staff…

James Craven

Area of Teaching:

 Design & Technology

History (past work history):

Australind Senior High School, Corpus Christi College, supply teaching in London.

Philosophy about education:

 My philosophy about education rests on three pillars: identity, investigation, and collaboration. 

Personal Interests:

 I love watching live music and collaborating to create music and art.

Shaun Towers

Area of Teaching: 

Health & Physical Education 

History (past work history): 

2021 Mid-year Graduate from Murdoch University 

2021 Semester 2 - Australind Senior High School 

Philosophy about education: 

My personal philosophy as a teacher is to better prepare students to approach life with a positive mindset and to build healthy and sustainable relationships, with the aim to positively influence the way students process decision making. 

Personal Interests: 

Camping, Fishing, Sport 

Taylar Barbera

Area of Teaching:


History (past work history):

I have taught at a few local Primary schools, including South Bunbury Primary, Bunbury Baptist College and Maidens Park Primary, while completing University placements. 

Philosophy about education:

I believe that each and every child has positive potential that is waiting to be fostered. 

Personal Interests:

 Painting, gardening and music.

Justine Parish

History (past work history):

I have spent the past 3 years as School Business Manager at Zeehan Primary School, Tasmania.

Philosophy about education:

Every student should feel safe and valued at school and always be encouraged to reach their full potential.

Personal Interests:

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places, being out in the sun, trying new restaurants, going to the beach and playing sports, and hanging out with friends and family - and I love cats.

Student Services Update

Career Practitioner

The Department of Education WA has recently released Individual Pathway Planning resources for high school students. Each year group, from Year 7 to Year 12, has a plan to complete.

Pathway planning helps students explore, reflect, identify and evaluate the learning and work pathways available and recognise opportunities, make connections and prepare for transitions.

The plans focus on:

  • self-awareness
  • career exploration
  • action planning.

Careers classes will be using the plans this week.

Plans can be printed or completed on a computer as interactive PDFs. Large print versions are also available.

If you would like to access your year level’s plan Visit the link below

School Nurse

Kidney Health Week, March 7 – 13 2022

  • 1 in 3 Australian adults are at risk of kidney disease.
  • Start young to prevent kidney disease.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Be mindful of food. Eat a balanced diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, proteins and low-fat dairy products.
  • Minimise long periods of sitting, try to be active on most days.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid sodas and fruit juice.
  • Minimise alcohol, less than 2 standard drinks a day.

Learning Areas


Workplace Learning Students – Off to great start!

The Year 11 and 12 VET students have started off the year with enthusiasm, attending many interesting and varied work experience placements over the past three weeks as part of their Workplace Learning Program.

Workplace Learning allows students an opportunity to try out a number of employment industries to get a taste of some of the work they might like to pursue in their future careers, with the added bonus that all hours they perform go towards their school grades. Under the supervision of experienced staff, students are able to observe and participate in real life work situations, learn new skills and build their confidence in a work setting. Some of the industries students are currently performing work experience in include Building and Construction, Automotive, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Animal Care, IT and Administration.

This exposure to workplaces can also lead to further opportunities in employment, with some students securing traineeships, apprenticeships and paid work as a result of successful placements.

Congratulations to our new School based trainees for 2022: Travis Quillerat – Bunbury Coffee; Sheem Albacite – Hungry Jacks; Zarah Calicdan – KFC; Ezabella Martella – WACHS; Lean Obrador – KFC; Teri Pashley – McDonalds; and Rhys Ranghaeata – Doral.

Aboriginal Education

Stars Foundation

Term 1 has been busy with our Stars Foundation girls at Newton Moore. We have been doing sessions with the Year 7s that have allowed us to get to know them, and to go through our school and Stars values and expectations. They have been an amazing bunch of girls to work with. We have also had the opportunity to do some tie dye with them, creating some beautiful, coloured shirts for them to take home.

We have been getting our Year 11s into their work placement with two girls already successfully working in our community and five more nearly set to go.

This term we have had the pleasure of welcoming our newest Stars Mentor, Janene Gray, to our school. She works three days a week and comes with previous experience and knowledge from working with SWAMS and Indigenous students, and from her Mental Health background. She is also very artistic and creative. Janene has started some tie dye activities with our Year 7 girls in the Stars centre.

Our Year 9s have had the opportunity to enjoy some recess snacks which they helped to make before the rest of the girls came in at the end of their session. They enjoyed every bit of it.

One of our Year 12 Stars girls, Lara Riley, had the opportunity to design the Year 12 leavers jacket for 2022. It turned out to be an amazing design with her interpretation of students learning at Newton Moore and travelling on that journey together with family, students, staff and community.

Lara Riley proudly showing off her design.

Ezabella Martella and her Nan, Shirley Woods, catching up with (WACHS) and ATC Worksmart to sign up for her work placement in Admin in the Homemaker Centre in Bunbury.


With the term well and truly flying by, things are looking bright at the Newton Moore Clontarf Academy. We have seen a great return to school from last year’s boys, and many new faces joining the academy as well. With a new director, Kris Plumb, and support from a familiar face, Steve Jas, staff are busy recruiting another team member to join the academy and support our boys.

Already this year we have taken our Year 7 boys on their induction leadership excursion. The induction day aimed to build camaraderie amongst the group, embed the understanding of the Clontarf values, and have fun together. We enjoyed a cultural tour through Ngilgi cave, and lunch at Old Dunsborough in perfect weather!

The Year 12 boys got together with RM Mike Lay & Steve Jas in Week 3 for their leadership excursion, setting a group pledge to achieve in 2022. The leadership day saw the boys set some personal goals and academy goals, build on their leadership, and establish a destination for their Term 4 major trip.

This term we have also started preparing Year 10 and 11 boys for independence by delivering the Keys for Life program, and we have already seen boys getting their learner’s permits and booking in driving lessons. Even with COVID-19 restrictions in place, there is always room to improve through creative planning and facilitation.

We have really enjoyed the support from all school staff as the year has gotten underway. With so many strategies in place to keep students and staff safe, we make a daily effort to keep morael high and to model encouraging and uplifting behaviours to our boys!

Specialist Programs

Science Horizons

Solar Power

Year 8 Science Horizons and Engineering students learning how to maximise the energy from solar panels to power their Synergy solar cars.


Colourful convection, energy flow demonstration in a Year 9 Science lesson.

Feedback Loops

Year 12 Human Biology students using big individual whiteboards to practice drawing feedback loops for endocrine disorders.

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

Canteen Hours

8.00am - 2.30pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

8.30am - 2.30pm


It has been great to see so many teachers & students placing orders.

This makes things much easier for the canteen crew so …

Thank you to everyone!

Our Canteen is seeking volunteers. Master Chefs & Sandwich Experts welcome

Once upon a time there were 60, now we are down to 3.

We would love for new parents/carers & grandparents at the school to come and help out, meet new people, make friends & learn something new.

All that is required is:

  • 1 or 2 free hours
  • Any Mon-Fri between 8.30- 2.30
  • Loads of enthusiasm
    • Working with Children check
    • Only if none of your children or grandchildren attend the school
    • Vaccination Certificate
      • Food Handling Certificate is desirable but not essential.
      • We can get you hooked up with a free course once you sign up as a Volunteer

      We will provide you with a healthy lunch for your valued time (for yourself or a child of your choosing), and all the tea and coffee you can drink.

      Send us an email , or pop in for a cuppa and a chat.

      All volunteers will get a welcome pack with all the info you need to join our happy canteen team


      Please join our P&C Canteen Facebook page to get more specials and news.

      We hope to see you all coming into the canteen more often.

      From the Canteen Crew

      School Board

      Our first School Board meeting is scheduled for week 8 at 5.30 pm. At this Board meeting, we will be reviewing the draft 2021 Annual Report and discussing our most recent Upper School results.

      The Board is still looking for new members: both a parent representative and an industry representative. This is not an onerous commitment as we only meet 5 times a year and we provide the opportunity for members to join us via an online forum.

      If you are interested in being on the School Board or know someone that might be interested, we would very much appreciate you completing the information below or passing it onto the interested party for them to complete.


      As an Independent Public School our School Board plays a key role in the governance and accountability processes we have developed, to continually improve.

      The school Board is to be comprised of the Principal along with community, parent and teacher representatives.

      To nominate for a position on the School Board, please complete the nomination for election form below and return it to the school. Positions are for a duration of 2 years. Please forward your nomination to

      Pease find below a brief overview of the Roles and Responsibilities of School Boards.

      I encourage all interested parents to apply and invite them to contact me should they require any additional information.

      Community Notices


      Sync Calendar

      Upcoming Events

      No Upcoming Events