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12 May 2022

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Principal’s Message

Kaya, and welcome back to Term 2.

In the last newsletter I talked about how busy Term 1 had been and, as usual, Term 2 looks to be even busier.

COVID, alongside the impact that it is having on some students’ learning and the catch-up that is now required, is particularly demanding for students and teachers. This, factored in with a combination of testing, primary school visits, work experience, NAPLAN testing, and a range of sporting events and excursions, means life at Newton Moore SHS is extremely hectic.

Since the first reported COVID case in early March there have been a number of students who have tested positive for COVID and dozens more have been close contacts. Over half of the close contacts have been family related, but there have also been many that have occurred at school. There have been several positive cases amongst staff.

We have greatly appreciated the efforts of those parents who have kept their children at home if they have shown symptoms, or who have promptly contacted the school if their child has tested positive. This has helped us with our contact tracing and allowed us to inform affected students and their parents as soon as possible. This is probably why we haven’t been too heavily affected so far.

The main issue we face, as with all schools, is teacher supply. Even before the impact of COVID, there was a shortage of secondary teachers and this has only been made worse by the pandemic. Finding relief teachers has been difficult, and sometimes impossible, as we approach the peak. If you know of any teachers, school office administrators and/or other staff seeking employment, please encourage them to review the government Jobs board as our school has a few positions advertised.

In 2018, the school commenced online subject selection processes across most years. In 2022 we will be continuing with this approach for the selection of subjects for students going into Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The first of these groups to see the remodelled Subject Selection Online site are students currently in Year 10 who will be in Year 11 in 2023. It is important that you sit with your child and discuss future options carefully. Support is available at the school should you require any assistance with this.

Once again, I would like to mention the importance of students wearing the correct school uniform. This enables staff to quickly recognise outsiders on the premises and ensures the safety of all students. Also of importance is the sense of belonging and community that wearing the uniform engenders among all students. Your assistance with this is appreciated, especially moving into the cold weather. If you have any items of uniform clothing that are no longer required, then please consider donating them to the school. There are always families in need of a helping hand.

I trust you will enjoy this edition of the School Zine.


Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin.B.Ed.Dip Teach
Newton Moore SHS

From the Finance Team

C&C Statement and Payment Plans

All year groups have recently been sent a statement of outstanding contributions and charges. A reminder to parents that Newton Moore SHS is happy to accept the payment of your child’s C&C’s in instalments over the school year. If you would like to sign up to a payment plan, please contact the Accounts Office and discuss an arrangement that suits your needs on: 9722 2419. We thank you for your ongoing support.

Lower School Deputy Principals’ Update

Term 2 is upon us and as COVID restrictions start to ease, some normality in terms of year group assemblies, guest speakers and excursions resume. As you read this, NAPLAN is taking place for our Year 7 and 9 students. I encourage all students to simply give every NAPLAN test their best. The data NAPLAN provides is valuable for individual education support, classroom placement, and school planning of learning programs and targeted support. For Year 9s, a positive NAPLAN result of Band 8 or above pre-qualifies them for OLNA and entering successful pathways in Year 11 & 12.

Parent Night

Further information will be provided as the term progresses, however due to our inability to run our Term 1 Information Evening, we will be scheduling a Parent Night in Week 10 of Term 2, following the distribution of Semester 1 reports. Parent evenings are always a fantastic opportunity to discuss your child’s academic progress face to face with teachers, and mid-Semester is an ideal time to set improvement goals for the second half of the year. I look forward to seeing you all on the night.

2023 Incoming Year 7 Students

Primary school visits and the distribution of Year 7 enrolment packages will take place in Weeks 4/5 to our feeder primary schools. An electronic version of our enrolment package is also available on our website for completion. Testing for our Science Specialist programs and MASH Sports program will also take place mid-Term 2, and flyers have been distributed to primary schools. Enrolment packages are due in by the end of Week 1, Term 3.

Senior School Deputy Principals’ Update

Year 10 Exams

Year 10 exams will take place in Week 6 of this term.

Attainment in these exams will be used to support teachers to advise students about suitable Pathway and subject choices for Year 11.

Please encourage your child to spend time revising for these important exams.

Year 11 & 12 Exams

Year 11 and 12 ATAR exams will run in Week 6 and 7 of this term, from Monday 30th May through to Tuesday the 7th June.

These exams assess the understanding of the content studied so far and form a significant part of the final semester grade. Please support your child to follow a revision schedule leading up to and during the examination period.

Information for Year 10 students entering Year 11 in 2023

On Wednesday 4th May, a Parent Information Evening was held to explain the WACE requirements and subject offerings at school. A copy of the Power Point is available via the link below and further questions can be directed to Deputy Principal Kate Nightingale.

Study Skills

Starting to write an assignment

1.  Check requirements
So you have done all of your research, collected the information you will need and are ready to start writing your assignment. Before you begin, revisit the requirements, format and criteria for the task. Be very clear on what the assignment is asking you to do and any guidelines you have been given for the assignment. If you are unsure at all, check with your teacher. It can be good to have the assignment questions written on an index card that you keep next to you while working so you stay focused on answering the question and meeting the requirements.

2.  Plan a structure
Your approach will vary depending on the style of your assignment (eg. essay, speech, presentation or report) but regardless of this, unless it is explicitly given to you, you need to decide the structure of your assignment. Have you determined the main points, the headings and sub headings? Have you made sure you have gathered information about all parts of the question? Have you found any diagrams, images, photos, quotes needed to reinforce any points? Before you begin the writing, create a structure for your work listing all of the headings and sub-headings you will write about. Keep checking back with the criteria or requirements to ensure you are answering the assignment questions.

3.  Just start writing
The best thing to do if you have no idea how to begin your writing, is to just start writing. Now this may sound a little strange, but many students do not start writing because they want what they write to be perfect or ‘right’ the first time. Don’t worry whether your writing is up to standard at this stage. Instead concentrate on getting your ideas down onto paper or screen. Choose a section and start putting down ideas on the sorts of things you could include in that section. The hardest part of any writing is starting. Once you start putting down ideas this generates other ideas and before you know it you have some text to work with. So even if you have no idea where to start just write or type ‘I don’t know what to include here’ and even writing this will get your subconscious thinking about what could be included.

4.  Use your notes
Once you have started, you can use your notes from the research you did to build your ideas and arguments for your assignment. This mean that you integrate your own thoughts and ideas with the research you have done using this to help support your ideas. Make sure that you reference correctly, this means that when you use materials you have researched, particularly quotes, you make it clear where this material has been sourced from. You may find holes in your research as you progress and have to then do additional research about those areas.

5.  Be creative
Unlike an essay, you generally have a bit more scope in how you present an assignment. Think about how you can bring the material to life for the reader. Photos (appropriately referenced) are a good start and sometimes diagrams, tables, examples, statistics or flowcharts may be appropriate. You might use lists, bullet points or colour to make the material more user-friendly. Your teacher will be reviewing many assignments on the same topic, so what can you do to make yours stand out or have a unique angle.

6.  Review and review again
Have you ever had that experience where you write something, leave it, come back the next day and read it again and find a whole heap of errors you didn’t see the first time? This is why it is important to space out your work on your assignment over a number of weeks and days. You need time to edit your work and you need space between edits. When you come back with a fresh eye, you will be able to look at your work from a different perspective and get ideas on what you could do to improve your work. As you review your work, look for spelling and grammar errors, possible repetition or unclear areas. Reading your work out loud is surprisingly a great way of locating errors or things that don’t make sense.

You can learn more in the Research Skills unit on and our new unit coming at the end of this year on Assignment Skills.

Our school’s subscription details are –






Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Congratulations to LIONHEART for collecting the most PBS points in Term 1. The faction managed to collect a whopping 2574 points. As Term 2 gets underway we have ARTHUR ahead in the points tally with 141 points. It will be interesting to see if Arthur will maintain the lead.

Our current PBS behaviour expectaion focus is Use appropriate Mannners and Language . This fits under the the broader expectation of Respect.

Admin Report

Meet the Team

Arpana Agrawal

Area of Teaching:


History (past work history):

Completed Masters in Primary Education in 2020. Worked as a relief teacher in ECC, St Joseph’s Primary School and South Bunbury Primary School.

Philosophy about education:

There is no specific age for learning. Everyone can learn something new in everyday life.

Personal Interests:

Cooking, watching movies, socialising and travelling.

Jodie Dyson

Area of Teaching:

Deputy Principal

History (past work history):

Harvey Senior High School – Program Coordinator (Academic)

Dalyellup College – English Teacher

Busselton Senior High School – English Teacher & PLC Coordinator

Adam Road Primary School – Year 4 & PrePrimary

Philosophy about education:

I am committed to providing quality education by leading and working collaboratively to enhance teaching towards excellence. Motivation and engagement are at the cornerstone of my leadership practice, which I believe fosters a culture leading to successful, confident students who become life-long learners.

Personal Interests:

Adventuring, Paddle Boarding, Swimming, quilting and Art.

Wellbeing Coordinators Report


Student Executive members Jasmine Batrick and Amalee Martin with Newton Moore SHS wreath to lay at Bunbury War Memorial.

Student Services Update

Career Practitioner

This week, Year 11 and 12 ATAR students are having a presentation on Health and Medical Science courses and entry pathways at UWA. Presenters are from UWA and the Rural Clinical School.

Interested students and parents were also welcomed to an informal Health and Medical Sciences Information Session held at the ECU Campus in Bunbury on Wednesday, May 11. UWA and the Rural Clinical School, along with current medical students provided information to students and a Q&A session with current medical students was held.

Learning Areas


Athletics Day - Pizza and Muffins

Year 11 and 12 students, Teliesha Phillips, Chloe Hodgkinson, Lara Riley, Lateisha Hewitt and Kody Healy, worked tirelessly to prepare freshly made muffins, pizzas and coffees at the Athletics Carnival last term.

Their fantastic teamwork, cooking and coffee making skills came together to provide delicious treats to the staff during recess and lunch.

Thank you to the staff who supported the day, and Ms Read-Smith, Mrs Potter, Ms Rogers, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Martin, Ms Holmes and Mr Kamp for organising and working with the students. The biggest thank you goes to the students, who were absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, but still had smiles on their faces.

A successful day all round!!


As part of the Active Volunteering class for 2022, students have been working on creating a class garden at school. It has taken some time with lots of weeding, clearing of leaves, selection of suitable plants and preparing the soil. Last week, students planted their first winter crop and we hope to see some broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, strawberries and passionfruit soon.

Aboriginal Education


A big welcome back to our families from our Stars staff. We hope you enjoyed your holidays. We have been busy finishing off Term 1 and starting Term 2. Almost all of our girls participated in the School Sports Carnival events last Term. They thoroughly enjoyed the day, won lots of ribbons, and nearly won best sport person for the Juniors.

We have also been busy preparing for our special Mother’s Day lunch this Term, making gifts for our special mums. We are looking forward to what Term 2 will bring us, and hope to have more photos to show you in the next school magazine.


2022 Clontarf Cup

Newton Moore partnered with Coodanup and Swan View for a clean sweep.

Wrapping up Term 1, the sun shone bright on the 2022 Clontarf Cup at Trinity Playing Fields earlier this year. In the light of increasing community transmission, staff took extra precautions to ensure this year's carnival could still proceed safely, albeit with a reduced number of our fine young men. This meant that teams needed to be formed from multiple academies, and for Newton Moore, this meant partnering with Coodanup, as well as a hand full of last minute inclusions from Swan View making up the 18. The boys warmed to each other in no time, with Kaed Collard (Newton Moore) and Curtis Bennell (Coodanup) forming the captaincy and leading the boys to four straight victories.

As always, competition was fierce, but the focus was on good sportsmanship, camaraderie and inclusion, and many of the boys went above and beyond to model the Clontarf Spirit to each other, and the staff, families and partners looking on. At the end of the day, captains rose to dish out the Spirit Award to the most deserving bloke from each academy, and picking a winner was hard to do. Also on site to watch the action for the day were representatives from some of Clontarf's key partners, including Rio Tinto Australia, Coates and Fulton Hogan. These amazing guys and girls provided important support on the day, volunteering their time to umpire, prepare food and run water, and encourage all the boys to play hard and fair. Fulton Hogan presented the award for Goal of the Day, which went to our very own Te'Sean Hart (pictured bottom right) for a ripper check-side deep in the pocket against the newly formed all-Fremantle superteam. A huge thank you to all of our partners, staff and boys whom made the day possible!

Choice Programs


Year 9 Rowing

As a part of the MASH program, students in Year 9 participated in rowing with Cameron Fowler from the Bunbury Rowing Club. Students developed skills on the ergos, and then had a go on the water. It was great to see our MASH students engaging with local community sporting clubs, and challenging themselves in sports out of their comfort zone.

Jordan Brady

Congratulations to Jordan Brady (Year 10) who was recognised as the Youth Patrol Member of the Year for the City of Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club. An amazing achievement that showcases Jordan’s commitment to keeping our beaches safe over summer.

Jordan is a part of our MASH Sports Program, and is a great representative of our athletes doing great things within the community. Congratulations, Jordan!

Charlotte Mills

Charlotte Mills represented WA at the Under 18 Australian Junior Basketball Championships held in April in Victoria. It was the highest level of basketball Charlotte has experienced playing, showcasing some of the best basketballers in Australia.

This has given her new goals to aspire to and new skillsets to draw on for her introduction as a bottom age U18 player at State WA Basketball League and a signed NBL1 West development player at the age of 16.

Charlotte was a part of our MASH Sports program, and is now working towards achieving her Certificate 2 in Sport and Recreation in Year 11. We are so proud of Charlotte, and can’t wait to see her continue to improve and achieve her goals!

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

Thank you everyone for your support so far this year. Your school canteen is proudly run by the Newton Moore P&C, its staff and volunteers.

Our aim is to provide nutritional drinks and food to students at reasonable prices. Over the next few terms, we will slowly phase out certain items and replace them with yummy healthier options.

Our menu is currently under review by WASCA (WA School Canteen Association) and will hopefully be ready to print out soon.

Please try to get in each morning to place an order or do this through Quickcliq. Some students have been missing out on food as we can only make so much, and they are all super hungry with this cooler weather.

We look forward to seeing you all in the canteen

School Board

The school Board met with Don Punch on Friday 29th April 2022 to discuss some future school planning. I would like to thank the Board for their commitment to take time off work to meet with Don. The school is very lucky to have such a supportive school Board. I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce new 2022 school Board members, Teagan Smith, James Skoda, Amanda Browne and Alicia Nicholls.


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