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2 June 2022

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Principal’s Message


Here we are in the middle of Term 2, and at a really crucial stage of learning, particularly for our Upper School students. Our Year 7 and 9 students have just completed NAPLAN. Other students should be focussing on completing final assessments before the end of term. Please note that all assessment and course outlines are on Connect should you wish to know of any up and coming tasks that need to be completed by your child.

It is great to see so many students already out on work placements in a range of industries, and our Year 10 students preparing for their work experience opportunity in Week 10. Work experience, even if it is an industry your child may not want to do as a future career, helps students develop important employability skills.

At the end of this term, your child will receive the end of semester report and grades. As parents and carers, we often have a tendency to focus on the grades our children have received in each learning area. I would encourage you to focus on two other areas of significance. The first is the section headed Attitude, Behaviour and Effort (for each subject). The attributes include statements such as, “Works to the best of his/her ability”, “Shows self-respect and care”, “Sets goals and works towards them with perseverance” and “Shows confidence in making positive choices and decisions”. The attributes provide you with a great deal of information about the approach your child takes to learning, and are often a much better indicator of future success than the grade they have achieved. Many parents have found that a good conversation can start by asking their child what each attribute means to them.

The second focus area can be found on the last page of the report – Number of half day absences and Percentage attendance. How much absence from school is okay? The answer is none. To give you an idea: If your child is absent for half a day per week (one day per fortnight), they will miss the equivalent of six months of school during their high school years. Missing one day of school each week is the same as skipping a whole year of school. It doesn’t really matter why your child is absent – there is still a huge impact on their results.

At Newton Moore, we strongly encourage parents to keep in touch with us, particularly if your child has an issue that we may need to know about. We welcome emails, phone calls and visits from our parents and encourage you to contact the school if you wish to discuss any issue at any time.

Boorda/ Goodbye
Susan Kerr M.Ed.Admin.B.Ed.Dip.Teach
Newton Moore SHS

Lower School Deputy Principals’ Update

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Join the Adventure!

We encourage you to join us in unlocking the wonderful world of reading for your children. Help them to join the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Will they fly above the clouds, dive into the ocean or jump into a rocket ship?

All WA students from Kindergarten to Year 10 are challenged to read 12 books by 9 September 2022.

At Newton Moore Senior High School, we will be supporting the involvement of all students in the Premier’s Reading Challenge by having English classes visit the library regularly, supporting students to register via the Reading Challenge website, and providing students with a hard copy reading record sheet.

Weekly prizes will be awarded within the Premiers Reading Challenge to students who log a book that week, with major prizes drawn when the challenge ends. In addition to this, NMSHS will also be offering voucher prizes for those students that complete and submit a reading activity for each book they complete. The more books read, the more chances to win!

Please note that the driving purpose of the challenge is that all reading must be the student’s choice to promote reading for enjoyment. Books don’t have to be in English – families are encouraged to read books in their first language or to equally encourage and support the reading in both languages.

Children can sign up on the website to begin their magical journey.

Any further enquiries as to the reading challenge, please contact Deputy Principal, Katie Seghini or call (08) 9722 2400.

Term 2 has seen the commencement of the Newton Moore 90’s Club, recognising those students in Years 7-10 who consistently achieve 90% or greater attendance. Students will be called out in year group assemblies and go into the running to win vouchers, with winners announced in further newsletters and on our Facebook page.

The 90’s club will re-set every term with students having the opportunity to remain in the running for the duration of the term or even the year! Remember, every day counts and 90% is easily achievable – that still allows for an average of 1 day per fortnight to cover any genuine illness or reasonable cause for absence.


NAPLAN is over for another year. Covid obviously had an impact but with the NAPLAN test window being extended for a further week, we manage to schedule over 150 catch up tests to get almost the entire Year 7 and 9 cohorts complete. Job well done by all those involved, especially the students returning from illness who demonstrated a commitment to completing all the scheduled requirements. In 2023, NAPLAN will move forward to Term 1, and we will commence NAPLAN communication and practice tests from the very beginning of the year.

Semester1 Reports and Parent Evening

In the coming weeks, teachers will be completing their Semester One reports for your children. Reports will be emailed out on Friday, 14th June (Week 9, Term 2).

Newton Moore SHS has scheduled the Semester One parent evening for Tuesday, 28th June from 3.30pm – 6pm (Week 10, Term 2). As per usual, we will be scheduling our interview sessions using PTO. A parent/guardian letter with instructions will be sent out in early June and appointments can be scheduled with as many teachers as possible over the course of the afternoon and evening. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Year 7 Enrolments 2023

Enrolment packages have been distributed to all primary schools in the last fortnight alongside a presentation that was held by our Year Coordinator at all feeder primary schools. Enrolment packages are due in by the end of Week 1, Term 3. Science Specialist Program testing and MASH trials for the 2023 cohort are taking place over May and June.

A Year 7 2023 Parent Evening has also been scheduled for Thursday, 9th June 2022 in the IRC if any parent/guardian of incoming students wishes to attend. The evening will commence at 5pm.

Senior School Deputy Principals’ Update

Upper School – High Expectations

As we get into the busiest part of Term Two it is essential to remind all students about the high expectations that we have for them.

Students from Year 10 through to Year 12 will be sitting important exams and tests that give teachers a sound understanding of the progress they have made and the level that they are at. These Semester One grades will be used for Year 10 TAFE applications and as an indicator of suitability to enter Year 11 Courses at school. Make it count!

Please support your child by:

  1. Encouraging them to be prepared for school each day with the correct equipment packed in their bag
  2. Checking that all homework and assessments are completed on time and to a high standard (use Connect to see what your child is working on and when it is due)
  3. Reminding your child that mobile phones are to be switched off and placed in bags - they should not be out in class
  4. Reminding them to devise a suitable revision schedule and to follow it during the exam period

Study Skills Tip: Prioritising using Rock, Pebbles, Sand

What does this mean? It is an analogy for how to make the most of blocks of time. If you do the big tasks first (the rocks), you will find time for the smaller tasks (the pebbles) and you’ll easily sprinkle in the sand (the little fiddly things). So if you deal with the rocks first you’ll still find time for the other tasks to fit around it.

But it doesn’t work the other way. If you deal first with the minutiae, the small things, you end up giving short shrift to the more important tasks and deplete your energy on these little things. And the little things will expand to fill the time available.

If you find this technique too challenging, you can set yourself a strict half-hour or so to knock over as many of the little things as possible before you start. Once time is up, you then use the block of time to work on the big important tasks. So draw up a table with 3 columns and put all your work into these columns

ROCKS are the important and urgent tasks.
PEBBLES are the tasks that may also be important but are not as urgent.
SAND is the little fiddly tasks that you can slot in anywhere.

Do the rocks first, then the pebbles, then the sand.

Another approach you might like to try is the Rule of Three.

Rule of Three Technique

  • Circle the top 3 tasks that need to be done. What is most important and most urgent?
  • Put them in order from 1 to 3.
  • Start at the first task and complete it before moving on to the second.
  • Once all three tasks are completed, look through your list again to choose the new top 3 tasks.
  • Don’t cheat yourself – you have to fully complete the first task before moving to the second.

First, write a list of everything you need to do. Circle the top 3 tasks that need to be done. What is most important and most urgent? Put them in order from 1 to 3. Start at the first task and complete it before moving on to the second. Once all three tasks are completed, look through your list again to choose the new top 3 tasks. Don’t cheat yourself – you have to fully complete the first task before moving to the second.

There are many different methods of prioritising. You need to try different ones and see what works for you. You will find more in the Time Management Skills unit from the link below

Our school’s subscription details to are –






Wellbeing & Program Coordinators Report

Student Executive speaks for Voices against Violence

Voices against Violence is a community campaign to raise awareness for the need to reduce violence in schools.
We cannot reduce violence alone.
We all need to work together to create change.
Newton Moore wants its students to feel safe at school. Our school community want students to stop using violence to resolve arguments.
The Student Executive vow to become changemakers.
The Student Executive encourage you all to become changemakers.
We want you to help by using your voices.
Call out violent behaviour and fights happening on school grounds
Call out to stop the filming and sharing of violence on social media
Voices against Violence is about learning ways to sort out arguments peacefully.
Voices against Violence is about having the courage to stand up and speak out – don’t be a silent bystander.
We ask the students of Newton Moore Senior High School to speak out.
We need your help
With your help we all can have a Voice against Violence.
Thank you for listening

Student Services Update

Career Practitioner

Careers for the Future workshops

JSW Training & Community Services is a community operated Registered Training Organisation, delivering nationally accredited training both on and off the job. They are visiting Newton Moore in Weeks 6 – 10 this term to deliver Careers for the Future workshops to a selected Year 9 class, and Year 7 and 8 Careers classes. Workshops are run by career coaches and provide up-to-date industry information. Students will complete tasks such as personality profiling and creating an education-to-employment toolbox.

School Nurse

If in doubt, get tested, call or visit your Doctor.

Learning Areas


With the excitement of the upcoming election, Year 9s were contributing to Australian Democracy by creating their own Political Party in class. They created their own logos, beliefs and policies. The Political Parties campaigned to their peers, and the class voted on the winning party and were rewarded with their own democracy sausage. Hayden Robins’ party The Classists won the majority vote with him promising to make his generation “more tough by unwrapping the cotton wool”.


In Week 10 of Term 1, we were lucky enough to run our Whole School Athletics Carnival. It was great to see our students dressed in their house colours, and giving it their best in all track and field events. Well done to our overall house winner, Arthur (red), who won by 34 points! Huge congratulations also go to our Champion and Runner Up Champions for each year group.

Year 7


Kordelia Bell (67)

Byron Winder (66)

Runner Ups

Judy Bates (49)

Conor Dickson (61)

Year 8


Kayla Martin (83)

Cordae Bell (67)

Runner Ups

Darci Holdcroft (77)

Jacob Ellis (61)

Year 9


Katie Clayton (77)

Nehemiah Brown (67)

Runner Ups

Nickala Rodd (60)

Sheldon Pickett (66)

Year 10


Jada Kirwan (63)

Basil Hart (51)

Runner Ups

Makayla Hart (59)

Aaron Sands (45)

Open Champions

Amalee Martin (46)

Kent Placente (44)

Open Runner Ups

Melina La Rosa (38)

Te’Sean Hart (42)

Rugby WA

On Thursday, 26th May students in Year 7-10 participated in sessions from Rugby WA. This involved learning strengthening exercises, and correct tackling and passing techniques. There was great engagement and enjoyment from all students, and we thank Rugby WA for coming down from Perth to run these sessions.


Lower School Wood

In the workshop this semester, lower school students have been working on an array of projects which facilitate students to attain ‘hands on’ skills and solutions to solve practical problems of daily life. These transferable skills and experiences will aid students with their chosen field of industry. Students have completed projects such as a toy boat, a toy truck and currently a bespoke passive speaker that amplifies tunes from a phone (perfect for a student’s study desk).

Below are some of the Year 7s Toy Truck projects:

Aboriginal Education


Hi Families

For the last couple of weeks this term, we have been busy organising our special Mother’s Day lunch with our Stars girls.

The girls had an opportunity to treat a special mum in their life with a beautiful lunch on a lovely day with our families at Newton Moore Senior High.

The Eades Family

The Woods, Humphries and Martella families.

The Clinch family

The Dewson family

The Pickett family

Kyiesha Hart and Nan

One of our students, Ashleigh Woods, with Tara Couzens and Jodi Riley, the AIEO.

Our Stars Coordinator Leandra and Bethwyn Ryder-Hill

Our current Stars Staff and Principal, Sue Kerr

AIEO, Tania Hill, and Granddaughter, Kordelia Bell

Principal Sue Kerr and Acting Coordinator for Stars Foundation, Sharleen Gray

The Graham family.

Cianna Bartylak and her mum.

Kassiyah Whitby and family.

We are also very proud of one of our Year 11 Stars girls, Jasmine Batrick, for receiving an award at our very first Assembly for the year. Jasmine is one of our Stars girls who is always achieving her best and trying her hardest to get involved in everything that she can, including doing the Acknowledgement to Country at our assembly, with one of our upcoming Stars leaders in the background, Kiya Gray.


Reconciliation Day Bridge walk

Clontarf Academy Leadership Excursion

The 2022 Reconciliation Day Bridge Walk was hosted by the City of Bunbury and Yaka Dandjoo Events last week, and leaders from the Clontarf Academy were selected to represent Clontarf and Newton Moore Senior High School on this significant occasion for the community.

Year 12 student, Malachai Bell, and Year 10 student, Basil Har,t were invited by the City’s Reconciliation Officer, Max Jetta, to participate in the raising of the flags along with local Indigenous Elders, and City representatives.

Pictured with Malachai is the City of Bunbury CEO, Malcolm Osbourne, and alongside Basil is local Elder and leader, Nan Nora Dan. It is great to see significant members of the community alongside our young men, engaging in reconciliation and supporting the next generation of emerging leaders.

Specialist Programs

Science Horizons

Science Horizons Specialist Scholarships 2022

Congratulations to our recipients who were presented with their scholarships at the whole school assembly this week.

A big thank you and gratitude to our sponsors who support our students and school by providing the highly valued scholarships.




Year 9 Science Horizons


Bailey Khan

Year 10 Science Horizons


Violet Cloutman

Year 11 Science Horizons

Bunbury Leschenault Rotary Club

Bianca Venter

Year 12 Science Horizons

Newton Moore SHS P&C

Elaine Rayco

Year 12 Science



Shania Bennell

Giuliano Cantoni Outstanding

Student Scholarship

Mrs Shelley Cantoni

Charles Porter


Engineering Specialist Scholarships 2022

Congratulations to our recipients who were presented with their scholarships at the whole school assembly this week.

A big thank you and gratitude to our sponsors who support our students and school by providing the highly valued scholarships.




Year 9 Engineering


Jonathan Davis

Year 10 Engineering


James Ison

Year 11 Engineering

Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd

Ashton English

Year 12 Engineering


Ashtyn Deverell

Year 11

Engineering Indigenous


Jasmine Batrick

Year 12 Engineering


Anand Purnanand

Subs in Schools Success at National Competition

Congratulations to our two teams who have just competed virtually with teams from other states attending the competition in Melbourne.

They achieved outstanding results for WA and our school.

The Year 11 students, Zoe Gordon, Phoenix Albury, Jaxon Tait, Britney Locke and Franco Santella as Team Krypton, Level 4 Submarine, received the Chair of Judges Recognition of Achievement, Overall Award.

The Year 10 students, James Ison, Declan Garrett, Kyan Young, Ranielle Eltagonde, Kyan Young and Aleece Cruickshank made a clean sweep and were announced NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in the Development Class ROV. They had Best Engineered ROV, Best Engineered CAD, Best Manufactured CAM and Best Sea Trial.

Thank you to parents, teachers, sponsors and mentors.

Choice Programs


Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 participated in a National Talent Identification process run by Cameron from the Bunbury Rowing Club, and Sam from Maximum Results. The tests were designed to measure students’ cardiovascular and muscular endurance, height, weight, wingspan, and power. The results will be used to see if our students could be successful in the sports of rowing, kayaking or sprint cycling.

An amazing opportunity for our students. Pictured are some of our Year 9 MASH students completing the tests.

Year 8 and 9 Cricket Mentoring

Students in our Years 8 and 9 MASH classes, Year 11 General Physical Education Studies, Living and Leading, and Moore Sports participated in sessions delivered by Tom Scollay from Cricket Mentoring. Teague Wyllie, who is an Australian Under 19 cricketer, and the youngest West Australian cricketer to win a Sheffield Shield in 120 years, was also in attendance.

The focus was on the six pillars of success, and the things athletes can do to be the best version of themselves. This involves building the 6 pillars of success: technical, tactical, physical, emotional, mental and lifestyle. By strengthening these pillars, athletes will be successful in everything they set their mind too.

Tom also gave 8 life rules/values that athletes should live by:

  1. Love Yourself: Focus on your strengths
  2. Chase your Dreams: You only get one life
  3. Learn: Be curious and invest in yourself
  4. Work Hard: Nothing worthwhile comes easy
  5. Use your manners: “Manners cost nothing”
  6. Respect everybody: Everybody has a unique story
  7. Do your best: Perfection doesn’t exist
  8. Have fun: Enjoy the little things

This was an amazing opportunity for our students, and we thank Tom and Teague for coming down to Newton Moore SHS for the day. We look forward to continuing to build this partnership with Cricket Mentoring in the coming years.

News from Parent Bodies

Canteen News

The canteen is open Mon-Fri - from before school until the end of lunch.

At least 2 volunteers are needed every school day.

Morning: 8.30am - 12pm
Afternoon: 12pm - 2pm

* Duties are simple and training is provided.

If you can spare some time, please contact us

School Board

Open School Board Meeting

The Newton Moore Senior High School Board would like to welcome community members and parents to our next Board meeting at 5:30 pm on 15th June, 2022 (Week 8) in the school Conference Room.

The “Annual Open Board” meeting provides the opportunity for community members and parents to view the work of the School Board.

Those visiting can observe how the school Board operates and they will have an opportunity to see first-hand the many tasks and responsibilities of the school Board.

If you wish to attend please RSVP to the

Community Notices


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