Mathematics Learning Area


In Mathematics, students learn to invite curiosity and explore ideas used in making decisions and solving problems. All students' abilities in Mathematics are catered for through quality curriculum  delivery using a variety of effective teaching strategies to engage students of all abilities, and providing differentiation at point of need, offering opportunities to maximise individual students' potential.

The Mathematics staff are passionate and skilled in numeracy and supporting students’ learning through innovative and varied ways including providing targeted and extension mathematics classes.

Students are given the opportunity to excel, and extend themselves, in all areas of Mathematics and further prepare for the workforce and further studies. We utilise problem based tasks, collaborative learning, and STEM activities to provide meaningful learning experiences, create critical thinkers and enable the next generation of innovators within our classrooms.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of external competitions, including the Australian Mathematics Competition, the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge and the Mathematics Olympiad.